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Cindy Luis covers University of Hawaii volleyball for the Star-Advertiser. She began her career as a sports journalist in Hawaii in 1981 with the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and was the sports editor, assistant sports editor, columnist and beat writer during a 31-year span before the paper became the Star-Advertiser. She graduated from UCLA in 1977 with a B.A. in Communication Studies.

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Live from scrimmage in the arena

By Cindy Luis on August 19, 2017

Not shooting video. they got a little late start. It’s 317 and they are just know doing warmups. Only ones not participating are Burns and Ma’afala, both sidelined with knee issues. Greeley cleared to swing but has had sat out some of the week with a back thing. Not sure what to expect other than likely the male coaches will be on one side. they’re supposed to be doing a lot of moving things around. not sure if Maglio stays in the middle. but she should be playing all the way around and doing some 3-meter. Castillo probably going right and middle Koelsch right and setting. Things are going to be very fluid.

Back to Gym 1 Friday

By Cindy Luis on August 19, 2017

(SATURDAY NOTE: oops, sorry, just noticed I had not moved this from drafts yesterday). After a cool practice in the arena Thursday, Wahine were back to Gym 1 for last double sessions. Saturday will be single one that is part of the scrimmage in the arena. Scrimmage is closed except for boosters and family. We should get a better idea, maybe, of what they’ll put out as far as a lineup next Friday. Or maybe not. When speaking with Ah Mow-Santos, she has an idea for the starters but she says it could always change. About the only set positions, no surprise, are Iosia at setter, Kahakai at libero and Maglio in the middle. Ma’afala was taking reps at setter […]

Arena time for Wahine

By Cindy Luis on August 17, 2017

Team photo got shot, originally using white jerseys then switched to dark. We usually piggyback on UH shoot for our volleyball special insert, which will be out on the 25th, the day of first match. Always grateful to coaches and players for being so accommodating for the whims of our sometimes crazy ideas. Team in the arena first time after some pretty hot practices in Gym I and II. AC working, actually feels a little chilly.

Wahine go paddling

By Cindy Luis on August 16, 2017

Today’s team bonding including morning paddle out of Outrigger Canoe Club. Unfortunately no video this year. Aven Lee was supposed to shoot but forgot the waterproof lens Players said they enjoyed it, particularly freshman Sky Williams. They went with one practice that ended late afternoon. A little bit of 6-on-6 beside the skill drills. One front row rotation had Koelsch on the right, Williams in the middle, Sibley on the right. but it’s early as they continue to look at various players. Wahine doing team photo on Thursday and we are doing our photo shoot for next week’s special. should be fun.

Tuesday check in, Hannemann commits to SandBows

By Cindy Luis on August 15, 2017

Photo of Wahine at UH Foundation Meet and Greet Saturday night at College Hill, former UH President’s home. as for the Wahine, practices continue to concentrate on skill drills. nothing exciting about this but the players that I’ve talked to say they are enjoying the intensity and the hands-on individual coaching by the staff. I’ve mentioned that Ljungqvist in particular is very technical down to laying on the floor to discuss footwork and work on slight angles on players’ arms when it comes to platforms. Most of the TV stations came by today, including Lisa Strand-Ma’a from SpectrumOC16. So you might see a lot of what they call ‘B Roll’ for background shots on the stations. Only reporter doing interviews […]

Monday check in

By Cindy Luis on August 14, 2017

New Teraflex getting finishes touches. Part of the reason they’re still in Gym 1. Plus only one court where they usually use 3. May be in arena as early as Tuesday. With summer school over, practices have switched 8:30-11:30 and 4-7. at least for now. Things always subject to change. not much has changed in the routine. three-person rotating triangle trying to keep the ball in play as long as possible. So pass, set, hit one side to the other with players continually rotating positions clockwise so that everyone passes, sets hits. Watched Koelsch in particular. Her footwork has gotten really good, moving to the ball very quickly. If there is an overall improvement from last week, I think it […]

Saturday check in

By Cindy Luis on August 14, 2017

Ma’afala is considered a Utility player and is being used as a DS and S. She is pictured with Iosia and Koelsch above Team went 12-3 then had UH Foundation function at College Hill. Don’t know how many other teams have done this other than Wahine basketball but it was a meet and greet with the players and coaches, a Q&A session moderated by Ryan Tsuji. Food done by Ah Mow-Santos’ relatives. good seafood, sushi bar and deserts among the meal offerings Shoji and wife Mary came about 6 p.m. you may have noticed that UH’s social media is active. currently done by former Ka Leo sports Editor Katie A. Ka Leo has dropped its sports section so she is […]

Friday update

By Cindy Luis on August 12, 2017

Just one practice today, readjusted time 5-8 p.m. They will go 6-9 a.m. and noon-3 p.m. Saturday. Still a little banged up. Not cleared to practice still Greeley, Burns, Lipscomb and Guinasso. Now also Ma’afala who apparently tweaked knee. Still mostly drills but they got into some jumping and hitting in second hour. first part no jumping then they added that after water break. Think I mentioned I like how Ljungqvist is working with the players, sometimes getting down on the floor to make a point about feet placement. And Baxter is adding a third voice which keeps everything in balance. Will check in Saturday. sorry things have been kind of sparse. working on our tab and there really isn’t […]