Hawaii women’s basketball: Wahine conditioned to succeed

Hawaii junior center Lauren Rewers had the stamina to go 32 minutes in the UH season opener Tuesday. She recorded a double-double with three blocks in the win. / Photo by Jamm Aquino, Star-Advertiser

Something underpinned the well-executed Xs and Os and effective late-game execution for the Hawaii women’s basketball team on Tuesday night.


It was an important factor for a team that can’t lean into its bench much to start a season the way many can, because of some offseason and preseason injuries.

Here’s what coach Laura Beeman said on the subject after Tuesday night’s 61-58 win over San Diego State, the program’s first win in an opener since 2015.

“This one right here,” Beeman said, nodding at junior center Lauren Rewers next to her on the postgame interview table. Rewers, who played 32 of 40 possible minutes and shot 6-for-10 from the field for 16 points, 10 rebounds and three blocks, gave her permission for her coach to say how much weight she’d lost since she arrived two years ago. “Fifty-five?” Beeman asked.

“Sixty,” Rewers said.


“Sixty pounds since she’s shown up as a freshman,” Beeman said. “Julissa Tago’s probably down 25. Barb (Rangel) is down 25. They come in and think, ‘oh, it’s an extension of my high school or an extension of my travel ball.’ They realize they can’t do what they need to do on either side of the ball. And you just don’t lose that kind of weight, and get strong, overnight. And so they’ve committed to it. And it paid off. Three blocks (for Rewers), one was down the stretch. Getting big boards. Julissa didn’t have her best game, but her drive to the basket, when she drew Adams and went over the top of her and was able to lay it in, that wouldn’t have happened last year. It would have been a turnover. So the conditioning is absolutely huge. And what’s more important to me, is the example that these guys are laying for their freshmen. You have to be in shape and play at this level.

“And so now when you look at our freshman class, you’ve got now Makayla Edwards, who’s lost close to 20, and she’s still going hard. Conditioning for women is very different than conditioning for men. And these guys have bought in. … You want to be a champion, you gotta look like one. And I think these guys have bought into that.”

Beeman said a series of “honest conversations” helped lead to that progress and credited team athletic trainer Erin Tillman, in addition to a team nutritionist, and their strength coach.

“The girls we’ve recruited and brought in have a different mentality. They want to win. And you win when you’re in shape,” Beeman said. “That’s the biggest thing that we’ve changed.”


  1. 808 November 6, 2019 3:56 pm

    Good to hear. Sounds like Robyn’s assessment of this year’s WVB team: better conditioned than in the past. I was thinking t would at Lauren looked pretty sleek, Amy was more active on both ends of the court and that Julissa seemed to be gliding on air. Hope this bodes well for the season. Disappointed to see Olivia with a brace and on crutches; hope for a quick recovery for her.

  2. Ray Cruz November 6, 2019 6:22 pm

    I have been waiting for a breakout from Lauren for the past two years. Losing weight does make you a better player instantly, you have to learn to use your “new” body and then build muscle to go with losing that weight. IMO she has an excellent jump shot and is a better than average free throw shooter. Her upside on the mental toughness of the game is what she needs to work on. You don’t teach 6’4″ Getting rebounds and positioning is all about mental toughness and wanting it more than your opponent. Amy’s game has always been there but players who come from other countries have to learn to play in a system. They play club ball and in Coach Beeman’s system you stay in your lane and execute. This is Div. 1 B-Ball. This team will do well once they get in a offensive rhythm and get those opportunities from the field to drop. Go Bows!

  3. K-Bay November 7, 2019 7:17 am

    Hawaii women’s basketball: Wahine conditioned to succeed – Hawaii Warrior World


    One Win… but with Visible, Notable Differences…So Much More Watchable… Single-Digit Turnovers, Crisp, smart passes, obvious clearly better two-way communication, three girls (Athens same time (!), beating the other team to 50-50 loose balls, ALL GIRLS, BODY- ON – Opponent (looking Exactly like how Coach Laura demonstrates during time-outs, finally) and of course UH consistently getting the rebounds, even if the ball drops to the floor, because their opposite is boxed out; finishing plays all the way to the rim, not just one or two players, the whole team (?), bought in…this article explains why, what’s goin’ on…Vive lé Difference ! Mahalo Na Wahine for All that Hard Work… so DESERVING Of Increased Fan Support…

  4. nomu1001 November 7, 2019 12:18 pm

    Like Rewers and Rangel. Rewers will be a force in the BW this year. Rangel together with Rewers, wow.

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