Wily to rest

It appears that running back Faga Wily, who continues to experience problems from a concussion, will be shut down for the rest of the season.

Wily provided a boost to the power running game in Joey Iosefa’s absence in the first two games. But he hasn’t played or practiced since suffering  a concussion during a bye-week scrimmage.

Steven Lakalaka, Diocemy Saint Juste, Marcus Langkilde and Willis Wilson will split reps, with the hope that Iosefa will join the rotation in the near future. Also, Jason Muraoka, who played well in last week’s scrimmage, could be an option, too.

* * * * *

The Rainbow Warriors are at the halfway point of the season, with six games in six weeks remaining. Here are the goals:

• Wipe the slate. The Warriors need to go at least 4-2 in the second half if it wants any sort of momentum entering the offseason. (Of course, for the truly diehard, 6-0 would mean a berth in the Hawaii Bowl.)

• Defensive end Tavita Woodard entered 2013 as the Warriors’ top pro prospect. He has the speed, reach and frame to be effective on the edge in a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme. But he has been lukewarm-and-cool since a strong start. A consistently good second half for Woodard would help both the Warriors and his draft stock.

• Ditto for middle linebacker Brenden Daley, wideout Chris Gant, offensive lineman Mike Milovale and safety John Hardy-Tuliau.

• It’s never too late to create an in-season marketing campaign. As long as there are three home games remaining, there are three opportunities to generate money. There already are pre-conceived obvious promotions: Homecoming for the Colorado State game, retro night for San Diego State, and senior night for Army. It’s time for UH to do more. Also, the student fees already are in the bank. It’s a shame that students who essentially paid for season tickets aren’t making use of them. So, it’s time for more giveaways. Free tuition? Free parking? Kegs? Once they’re in the stadium, they might even enjoy the game.

• People love to complain … for free. How about setting up a mic in the Campus Center. Then have Norm Chow, Ben Jay, Tom Apple and the lowest-rated professor on Ratemyprofessor.com sit in the front row. For a dollar a second, people can take turns griping, making suggestions or primal screaming. Cash only. (Wait a minute, maybe I can charge people for complaining on this widely read blog.)

* * * * *

Congratulations to Princess Leila, who today begins her new job as communications director at UH-West Oahu.


  1. azwarrior22 October 21, 2013 5:56 am


  2. boolakanaka October 21, 2013 6:04 am

    #2 is just #1 with a chip on the shoulder.

  3. Buffoman October 21, 2013 6:04 am

    What about the students from the community colleges? They are a part of the system. How about free buses for them to and from their respective campuses to the stadium and CHEAP tickets if they are not already assessed a fee.

  4. Inyoface October 21, 2013 6:06 am


  5. oneseason October 21, 2013 6:07 am

    I like the free tuition idea a lot. Have student-parent teams compete for prizes with the grand prize at the end of the season being a free year of tuition.

  6. Stephen Tsai October 21, 2013 6:12 am

    I think UH should take advantage of rage.
    Set up a pinata (filled with cash or RainBowtique coupons) and let people swing away.

  7. 3-Prong October 21, 2013 6:19 am

    Standby is great, when you”re in the plane! Cheee!

  8. Loa October 21, 2013 6:20 am

    morning gang!

    how about going old skool – dunking booth, kissing booth, …

    or give away a car like the OIA playoffs

  9. Loa October 21, 2013 6:29 am

    pre-game concert rave in the lot could attract the students. if the waterpark and kakaako can do it then why not.

  10. Stephen Tsai October 21, 2013 6:30 am

    Sometimes you get good seats on stand-by because of the ones vacated when somebody gets bumped to first class.

  11. Loa October 21, 2013 6:32 am

    congratulations Princess Leila ..

  12. Stephen Tsai October 21, 2013 6:32 am

    That’s a great idea.
    Those events attract thousands.

  13. PolyMom October 21, 2013 6:35 am

    I kinda like that idea ST. But it needs to be ten bucks a minute to really make some money. Please book BJ for 120 minutes for me.

  14. Loa October 21, 2013 6:37 am

    what about lady’s night? or kid’s eat free?

    i was going to suggest some dark side promos but this is a family blog 🙂

    and i’m sure there are more experts here 😆

  15. PolyMom October 21, 2013 6:44 am

    I wanted to mention…all this BS about Condy Rice being appointed to the BCS play off committee…and hearing men complain that women don’t know SHYT about football is a crock. Geez the way men are coming off on the radio…it sounds like you want SUFFERAGE back! It’s so shocking to me how men are behaving. Where is this anger coming from? Have these men looked at the growing number of demographic’s lately? Get over it already.

  16. mo808 October 21, 2013 7:09 am

    Good Morning!
    Best Wishes to Princess Leila!
    Hey, it’s Game Week! Let’s Go Bows!

  17. cocobean October 21, 2013 7:40 am

    Joey – is medical redhirt a possibility?

  18. UHfan808 October 21, 2013 7:43 am

    Good morning, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers! 😀

  19. kapakahi October 21, 2013 7:46 am

    Since hasn’t played after the 2nd game (against OSU), medical redshirt for Faga?

  20. Ipu Man October 21, 2013 7:47 am

    How about everyone under the age of 12 allowed in free?

  21. cocobean October 21, 2013 7:56 am

    PM – Football, one of the last bastions of male chauvanism. What kind of reaction did you expect?

    My only expectation of the “committee” is their individual vote is made public.

  22. 808WarriorFan October 21, 2013 8:02 am

    Give Jason Muraoka a shot at RB

  23. al October 21, 2013 8:11 am

    online ticket purchase only…buy one get one free.
    bogo works.

  24. PolyMom October 21, 2013 8:28 am


  25. tom mui October 21, 2013 8:32 am


    In windy and cold Chicago and on the way home to my K-Drama (thanks Gil) and people like A-House want to go see the OSU and Michigan games in the next couple of years when we play them? Brrr!

  26. kifi October 21, 2013 8:36 am

    Congratulations Leila.

  27. NotNasti October 21, 2013 8:37 am

    15. PolyMom, I agree with you 100%! I’m tired of hearing the naysayers blah blah about Condy Rice.

  28. Cincodemayonnaise October 21, 2013 8:49 am

    Shucks….by that understanding, use put a collection box at the front gates of aloha stadium to get Chow removed as HC. After some of the conversations I’ve heard around the general community?….

    A dollar for every time I heard they want the HC fired?

    We’d have millions….lol…..

  29. Da Punchbowl Kid October 21, 2013 8:50 am

    All hail Princess Leila! Congrats to her!

    Condy can! She once mentioned that a dream job for her post politics, would be to serve as MLB commissioner. Smart lady who knows her sports. Reminds me of GmaHoney! 😆

  30. Cincodemayonnaise October 21, 2013 8:50 am

    Use= JUST

  31. (Jesse)James October 21, 2013 8:53 am

    Good morning Tsaikos!!!!

    Hope all have a good day. Sorry to hear about Wily but health comes first and better to be safe than sorry.

    Love the idea of a concert/rave in the parking lot at least get students to come out and probably make some additional kala for the program.

    Congrats to our Princess…. 🙂

  32. NotNasti October 21, 2013 9:01 am

    Lower the drinking age to 18 . . . in the stadium. Garans you fill up the student section.

  33. Slugger October 21, 2013 9:10 am

    Congratulations, Princess Leila!

    Has she had her baby yet?

    Good morning, gang!

    Good decision to let Wily take the remainder of the season off to recuperate. His life is more important than football.

  34. fan October 21, 2013 9:25 am

    15……polymom is right on. In general I find the leadership in college football to be rather pathetic. If you look carefully most places our culture that are still encumbered by unbalanced patriarchal values are out of step and more and more dysfunctional (congress comes to mind). I say bravo to Condi Rice!

  35. rage777 October 21, 2013 9:33 am

    What about we do Adopt a Player, like we do for Adopt a Highway. Your money goes to help support the player of your choice for study sessions, scholarship money, etc. In return your player will send you a letter of appreciation and a meet and greet.

  36. PolyMom October 21, 2013 9:51 am

    Listening to ESPN this morning was like men want SUFFERAGE back. GAWD it was amazing. And bring her race into it…I can’t believe ESPN would air that. She is one Akamai lady. Give me a break!

  37. Andrew October 21, 2013 10:01 am

    12. ST

    I agree those events do draw really well and would be a good idea but do you think UH would be willing to deal with that type of event? I mean we all know what goes on at raves. If they are they could also take advantage of holding events at the SSC. Since the wonderland/ lovefest raves are banned from holding events at Kakkako park, they have moved it to blaisdell instead. UH could really bank on that if they were willing to do it.

  38. SteveM October 21, 2013 10:19 am

    Good morning everyone!

    Congrats to Princess Leila!

    Best wishes for Faga Wily. Take care!

  39. Former UH Athlete October 21, 2013 10:31 am

    This team will start winning once we have a few players step up and become vocal leaders. That will solve most of the mental mistakes as leaders will hold their peers to a higher standard. Coaches yelling only goes so far and doesn’t’ fix everything. Having a teammate scold you and/or pick you up is more powerful than a coach doing the same.

    This team has talent, it’s all about the players finding direction from within to eliminate the little errors. You don’t average 453yds and 34pts the last 3 games because you’re bad. Hanging tough vs clearly more talented teams (USC and OSU) doesn’t happen with really bad teams.

  40. koakane ® October 21, 2013 10:40 am

    howzit tsaikettes, tsaikos, rainbow wahines and warriors

    morning 808 nice one it is too, listening to C&K good night and good morning how appropriate yea

    congrats to coach bud and wahine soccer a win and tie on da road, hard to come by for UH needless to say

    no comments on warrior fball cause you go games you can see whats going on. pau

    saw da princess last night and looking beeeg she’s due in a few weeks. hope the office she will be in is AC cause its hot on the wessai, so mistah Fretias make it happen.

    have a good day peeps, play nice now

  41. tom mui October 21, 2013 10:45 am

    Condi Rice is one smart lady and the guys calling her out probably suffer from an overabundance of raging hormones.

    I never agreed necessarily with her (foreign) policies, but I never was smart enough to be a Secretary of State. The male callers probably never got beyond seventh grade – or if they did, it was from grade inflation.

    Former UH Athlete in #39 – got it right! The team got talent and just needs leadership.

  42. Old Diver October 21, 2013 10:50 am

    The best marketing campaign there is. Win a few games.

  43. PolyMom October 21, 2013 10:57 am

    Princess Leila have a great first day as Communications Director. It’s a hot seat job. Hang tuff! Don’t let the media and others beat you up!

  44. OrtKapolei October 21, 2013 11:16 am

    One thing I told my daughter to do since she is an UHM student a few years ago is to go at least 1 game a year – Homecoming game. She has been doing that. We should get many of current students and former students of all UH campuses to come to this Saturday game. I am also worry about this game. CSU went to Wyoming and beat up WYO 52-22. They can score (4 rushing TD & 3 passing TD). I hope our D get enough rest during the bye week.

  45. Brad October 21, 2013 11:26 am

    They should do more themed nights like the students do at the Stan sheriff center. The Star Wars night was great. I just hope the UH marching band doesn’t play the same Star Wars theme at halftime for the third time!(that was odd)

  46. Andrew October 21, 2013 11:27 am

    45. They only repeat halftime shows because there were two home games back to back. Too difficult to learn an entire new show in one week.

  47. Don Weir October 21, 2013 11:34 am

    While we are discussing this topic can I bring in the issues of BOR and President’s selection committee?
    Is there gender equity in these two groups?

    How was the bean soup??

  48. SteveM October 21, 2013 11:58 am

    Welcome back (to land) tom mui!
    Bye week cruising Canada/New England is a great idea. You didn’t miss much… 🙂

  49. d1shima October 21, 2013 12:13 pm

    Hope Wily is able to make it back eventually. I recall that he has already toted the rock a lot for Kahuku since his Sophomore year with a really forceful running style that produced a lot of huge collisions.

  50. Leron October 21, 2013 12:13 pm

    Don’t know if I missed it, but is Kirkwood gone? He tweeted that he was back home over the weekend. Was it just a visit or is he back here?

  51. d1shima October 21, 2013 12:13 pm

    Congratulations to the Princess Leila!

  52. d1shima October 21, 2013 12:16 pm

    I’d love to see some of the folks here step up to an open mic and verbalize stuff.

    …especially with BJ, NC and various players in the front row.

  53. d1shima October 21, 2013 12:18 pm

    Be a fan.

  54. SPISSKYHRAD October 21, 2013 12:56 pm

    Really not much can be said. Worst record in Hawaii football history. UNLV was one of the few wins from last season. Uh oh…… 6 more games to go and the clock just keeps on ticking away for Chow time.

  55. 3-Prong October 21, 2013 1:18 pm

    ST: You were right, we had 2 up front together. Oregon is nice but no place like home in Paradise!

  56. jimmy the lock October 21, 2013 1:26 pm

    Hard to market to people who are not interested in UH football. One thing that will bring people to the game is to promote something bigger than UH football, like Bruno Mars.

  57. d1shima October 21, 2013 1:31 pm

    People have warned about this here before.

    Loose lips sink ships.

    Whitworth starting Quarterback Bryan Perterson was injured early against Willamette the week prior, and his status was questionable headed into this past weekend against the ‘Cats. Well, it was questionable because that’s what Whitworth was telling people all week long that it was going to be a game time decision on Peterson. However, it looked like Whitworth made their call on the starting QB early in the week….or at least according to a friend of Rat QB Ian Kolste’s (who started on Saturday) twitter feed.

    Click on the link and scroll down the “The Ugly” section of the article to see the tweet.


  58. A-House October 21, 2013 1:40 pm

    Princess Leila:

    is it protocol for “assistant” to leave when the BOR secretary leaves or totally unrelated.?

  59. PolyMom October 21, 2013 2:38 pm

    Don Wier…yes we should be discussing gender equality. We have Marilyn Moniz Kahoohanohano who was over looked for the AD position.

    The black bean soup was excellent. Added low sodium chicken broth…served with a dash of sour cream and cilantro. Thanks for that cooking lesson.

    Come back soon. Love having you at the beach house.

  60. cocobean October 21, 2013 2:39 pm

    To balance the budget the UHAD is going to have to rely more on their Corp. sponsors and other donors to make up for lagging ticket sales. They should be more proactive in this area.

    I’d donate tickets to the donors. Start with Na Koa and Koa Anuenue. Give each member(those that want them) two comps for each of the remaining games. Contact their Corp sponsors and offer 10-250 comps that they can distribute as they seefit -to their employees and employee family members, to their customers, to their vendors,etc.

    The purpose is two fold. First is positive public relations with the people/entities you will be soliciting donations and sponsorship from in the future. Second, hopefully the comps will be distributed to people who don’t ordinarily go to UH games or people who have never been to a UH game. These are the people who may buy ticketsin the future if they enjoyed the experience and the team starts winning.

    Just a thought.

  61. Buffoman October 21, 2013 2:49 pm

    Wily was my favorite RB when he played. He had such an effortless style that maybe lulled defenders to think he was not running that fast or was that powerful, until it was too late.

    I hope he gets better and is absolutely cleared to play. If not, I would hope he would not risk his future health and be a winner in the classroom and after college.

  62. jimmy the lock October 21, 2013 2:53 pm

    Great ideas, but I don’t think students are going to come en masse just for incentives. Parents aren’t going to come in groves just because their 12 and under can get in free. Same with old school games and attractions, not going work.

    There are many more things to do nowadays. UH football isn’t bringing an exciting game to the table so naturally those who crave excitement are bored watching them play. Bring the excitement, win a few games here and there would be a good start.

    Still can’t believe the USC game was not a sellout, I don’t think not more than 40,000 showed up…that in itself shows the interest in UH football.

  63. Manoa Mist October 21, 2013 2:54 pm

    Woodward might be a pro prospect but, especially last season, they consistently ran around his end by faking him out. There is nobody on Hawaii’s defense that impresses me. Nobody. Hawaii’s defense could not stop Guy Hagi and Augie T. from getting to the Cheap Eats counter. And Hawaii has absolutely no pass rush.
    Chow’s play calling is not the problem, the fact is that Hawaii cannot run the ball or stop the run. And our receivers are terrible. Gant and Stutzman are good, but so many passes are dropped it’s not even funny. St. Louis high school receivers have better hands.
    But like the sucker I am, I’ll still be cheering for the boys this weekend.

  64. 3-Prong October 21, 2013 3:02 pm

    ST: You were right, we had 2 up front together. Oregon is nice but no place like home in Paradise! Oh, and I think the Mariota clan was returning on the same flight that we were on.

  65. jimmy the lock October 21, 2013 3:11 pm

    I should have written, I think not more than 40,000 showed up… 😳

  66. NotNasti October 21, 2013 3:13 pm

    62. Jimmy the Lock
    Have you been going to the home games in person? Have you been watching them on pay-per-view? The games, Fresno, San Jose & Vegas, have been plenty exciting. 25 plays of 20+ yards. The team is just not winning.

  67. jimmy the lock October 21, 2013 3:27 pm

    Yeah, I’ve been going. I admit I get bored and sometimes frustrated because there is no consistency on O and D. Many of my friends, coworkers, and family tell me that they have lost interest in the game and don’t go anymore or watch on the big screen.

    They say it’s all hype, smoke and mirrors, prove it, show me, and for them the record speaks volume. Somehow their mindset needs to change and like I said, bring the excitement and win a few games. Then maybe, fans will start coming back.

  68. primo123 October 21, 2013 3:41 pm

    Win or lose, I’m at the game.

    Sometimes, its not just about the game, but about friends and good times.

  69. primo123 October 21, 2013 3:44 pm

    Said this in an earlier blog……

    I think season subscription drop can be tied directly to the price of big screen tvs dropping as well.

    Then as pay-per-view subscribers went up, season ticket holders went down.

    Blame the big screen HD TV’s.

  70. NotNasti October 21, 2013 4:13 pm

    69. My take on attendance drop:
    1. Not enough wins.
    2. Not enough home games. We used to play 8-9 home games. Not enough home games = not enough interest.
    3. Moving the start time to 6:05 p.m. It used to be 7:35, then 7:05 p.m. While I like getting home at an earlier time, some people work on Saturdays, and their children have sporting activities that make it harder to get to the stadium on time. The earlier start time also curtailed tailgating activities.

  71. LizKauai (mbp) October 21, 2013 4:16 pm

    Healing energy to Mr. Wily. Love your brain.

    Watching tv to see if the Giants can find a W. 0-6… hmmmm. sounds familiar…

    So this Sat. will be awesome. Special TG on Kauai next weekend. It will be loud. For sure.

  72. (Jesse)James October 21, 2013 4:18 pm

    #70 Not Nasti….I agree about the wins issue, but then again, we never sold out a game even during the 12-0 season… 🙂

  73. NotNasti October 21, 2013 4:28 pm

    72. See my #2 & #3.

  74. tom mui October 21, 2013 4:39 pm

    Best wishes to the Princess!

  75. oldwarrior October 21, 2013 4:53 pm

    Poly Mom and others,

    Isn’t it because Condi is a. . .Republican that she’s being denigrated?

  76. primo123 October 21, 2013 5:24 pm


    All good points.

    From a true fan perspective.

    1. Win or lose, they’ll go to the game.
    2. One home game, or ten, they’ll go all of them.
    3. Whatever time they make it, they’ll go.
    4. Work, well, when there were 40k showing up, people still had to go work. but they planned and adjusted accordingly.
    5. Same with kid’s events.

    What’s different from then to now?


    One big screen TV can take away, how many people from the stands? 4…..to 10….to 20?…or more?….

    In this fast paced world….smart phones, tablets….etc etc….peeps forgetting or not caring what its like to being at the stadium live.

  77. primo123 October 21, 2013 5:26 pm

    A True Fan would Go……….jus like Eddie………..

  78. Moocher October 21, 2013 6:00 pm

    to me i think for one thing the crowd needs to be a younger crowd

    if students arent coming, then go younger

    kids who show up in their pop warner or football uniforms get in free.
    Adults who wear something UH get in half price

    yeah, some season ticket holders might not like that but other ways to appease them can be created

    bottom line IS the bottom line and seat filled paid for at half price is better an empty seat making no money

    the problem then becomes once yew have people in the stands at discounted prices, how does UH then get more money out of them

    and theres the other problem, re-do the contacts for food and other things in and around the stadium

    a filled seat that drinks and eats makes up for lost revenue of an empty seat.

  79. jeezy33 October 21, 2013 6:08 pm

    76. Don’t know if it would make a big difference but Aloha Stadium is just old and not a great football atmosphere. Part of the reason fans like attending games is the experience. UNLV’s home stadium is such a better place to watch a football game and it’s not even close. I know Hawaii isn’t getting a new stadium anytime soon so nothing can be done about it.

    Money, space, and commitment to winning are reasons why Hawaii will never be a consistent winning program that attracts fans to the stadium.

  80. oneseason October 21, 2013 6:18 pm

    Like team names and mascots, I can see kickoff time being something fans get attached to. Back in the 1980’s most of the games for my college started around noon. For a college student, as opposed to somebody working a Saturday job, that worked out really well. I know season ticket holders were, but I don’t know if the students have been asked what time of day they would most want a game.

  81. Moocher October 21, 2013 6:43 pm

    meant contracts not contacts

    the state is its own cancer and sleeping in bed with unions and allowing union control over construction projects is another problem.

    example, once upon a time i was a union electrician. at that time i was $25 per hour union rate. non-union was paying maybe $18 an hour. non-union companies were dead on arrival when it came to state jobs, only union companies would get state jobs.

    might not seem like much but for a 1 year project, for an individual this is what it looked like:
    at that time difference was $7 an hour between union and non-union

    40 hour work week with that $7 per hour difference is 40 x 7 or $280 per week
    times 52 weeks for a construction project lasting a year is $14,500. keep in mind this is not even counting all the fringe benefits that a union worker gets. His company may be paying him $25 per hour, but the state is really paying his company much more to cover fringe benefits…never forget that.

    anyway, suppose the work force was 5 journeyman electricians times that $14,500 and its now $70,000 per year…lots of soap that can buy 🙂

    multiply this by the many state jobs construction jobs and its practice of hiring only union and we are easily into the millions if not hundreds of millions. this scenario was over 20 years ago.

    already you can see where this is going. with the state going union all the time i’m not saying they are wasting money, but surely they can be saving money by not going union all the time.

    ive been away from the 808 for a while so yes i dont know how things are now.

  82. SteveM October 21, 2013 6:51 pm

    It’s been 4 decades since I was a student–but I recall UH games at Honolulu stadium and at Aloha stadium… as a UH student and young graduate, my friends and I would eat dinner and tailgate before the 7:30 pm game and then head off to our favorite night club or watering hole after the game to complete our Saturday night.

    At Honolulu stadium, we would eat dinner at UH Hemingway hall or park and “tailgate” at a friend’s house–a friend who lived near Honolulu stadium… like hawnstln and a few others. 🙂 Then after the game, jump in our cars and head to a late night snack or bar, depending on your drinking habits.

    At Aloha stadium, we carpooled and drove– no free buses from the UH back then. Maybe we joined aunty’s tailgate for dinner if invited–then, when it got dark, headed into the stadium for the 7:30 pm game. It was a carnival atmosphere back then…and food was somewhat affordable if you didn’t have a tailgate. Drinker would save their beer money for the nightclubbing after–11:00 pm was a good time to go. 👿

    I think the key was the 7:30 pm game time. Dinner and clubbing revolved around that.
    2:00 – 5:00 pm game time in the 90˚F Hawaiian sun… not so much. No umbrellas allowed in the stadium sent a lot of elderly season ticket holders to PPV… I sat there and was able to get 50 yard line seats in a few years as they vacated. 🙁

    But students now– what time for them is an interesting question.

  83. Moocher October 21, 2013 6:54 pm

    we basically threw away the gift JJ and to mid2000 teams gave us. in my opinion that’s really where all the anger lies.

    in the end, reality always wins. we are 0-6. the reality also is that there is still half a season to be played.

    go bows!

  84. jeezy33 October 21, 2013 7:09 pm

    82. PPV and bars def impact crowds now days. You have the elderly who want to avoid drunk fans and can watch the game at home. Then you have the drunk fans who probably rather get drunk at a bar then waste money at Aloha Stadium where the football experience just isn’t great.

    NFL is the same way. Lot more fans prefer NFL League pass versus going to games. The market is just so much bigger in those cities that fans will still go to games.

    One thing you cannot replace is college atmospheres at schools in the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, and so on. Everything leading up to those games are a great experience.

    Aloha Stadium is just not a college football atmosphere friendly place period.

    It will never happen but if a Stadium was ever built in a location where bars, restaurants, and other venues were within walking distance, you would attract a bigger crowd..

    College football at Hawaii is basically a 4 hour experience versus full day and night like other schools.

  85. Southern Nevada Resident October 21, 2013 8:07 pm

    79: I believe an overwhelming majority in Clark County would probably disagree with your statement about Sam Boyd Stadium being a good place to watch football. This is why UNLV and local businesses here have been trying, for the longest time, to fund and build a new stadium as part of a plan to rejuvenate the football program.

  86. jeezy33 October 21, 2013 8:14 pm

    85. It is so much better than Aloha Stadium…. Maybe location a little out of the way but Stadium was nice in my opinion.

  87. kev-1 October 21, 2013 8:22 pm

    RE: Gameday at the stadium experience . . .

    I once attended an Oregon St. @ Washington game at UW. Attended a family event in the morning, then hit the town pre-partying before the game. People were everywhere. All of a sudden, loads of people began to make their way to campus. Cars everywhere had flags on them. Parking was tough, but then again, that just increased the different places that people were partying. It really was a somewhat football party for blocks. By the time we got to the game, we were pretty much pau drink already, aside for the must have first beer and run at the half. Otherwise, just focused on the game. It really was a good time.

    I guess after that long winded memory, what I am trying to say is that I agree with what Jeezy mentioned regarding location. UW is close enough to a surrounding atmosphere that we actually had time to chill and mingle around town before heading to the game. You go to a UH game, if you wanna party you gotta do it at the stadium hours before so you can (1) get in, and (2) beat the traffic.

  88. kev-1 October 21, 2013 8:24 pm

    Sorry Aiea and Pearlridge. You just don’t have that party atmosphere.

  89. 3-Prong October 21, 2013 8:41 pm

    I have experienced an NFL game where the drinks flow and it is one big party. An NFL game to me is not fily friendly. I just went to the Oregon game this weekend and the beer stayed outside the stadium. Families with young children were all over the place and it was a festive event. I have always been a proponent of drinking in the stadium, but after this weekend I’m sold on the Pac12 model. Allow and even sell outside, but leave it outside. The “knuclehead effect” would be reduced. You know, those guys who don’t know when to say when, get into fights, spill beer on people. Didn’t see any of that, whereas you always see something at the UH games. Just my opinion.

  90. d1shima October 21, 2013 9:01 pm

    Agreed there 3-Prong. Seen it up in Boise as well. No liquor sales in the stadium but they do allow it at tailgating in the parking lot.

    The interesting thing is that they allow people to go outside at halftime and back in for the 2nd half. It’s kinda funny watching the mass exodus out the open end of the stadium and the rush back in at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. (I wonder how they’ve adjusted it since the stadium renovation?)

    Anyway, it is a raucous crowd but no mo “knuckle-headedness.”

  91. kev-1 October 21, 2013 9:09 pm

    3-Prong . . . I would be ok with a no liquor “in” the stadium policy. The thing with UH is the fear of sending away many fans that DO attend the game and drink. You take an Oregon or Boise, who don’t have trouble filling the stadium, and they can cope with those that defect due to no booze. UH, on the other hand, doesn’t have that luxury.

  92. 3-Prong October 21, 2013 9:12 pm

    d1, at least the halftime exodus takes care of the spilling problem…hehe

  93. cocobean October 21, 2013 9:27 pm

    SteveM. We’re contempararies. Games at the old stadium were played in a much more “mellow” time. Life back then was played at 33 1/2 speed on a Kenwood turntable. Games at the Termite P was the social event of the week. A good % of the student body – frat boys, sorority girls, dormers, same year high school grads attended. Students from Kap, Lee and HNL CC and other young people added to the mix. I suspect 65-70% of the crowd back then was under 30. The coziness and location of the old stadium made meeting people of the opposite sex as easy as fishing in a barrel.

    Fast forward to today. Many season ticket holders like you and me were part of, to use an adjective of that time, that”scene.” For whatever reason there’s been a growing disconnect between college students(here) and young people in general to UH games. The UHAD has recognized this trend from the 90s but still can’t stem the tide of disconnect. Maybe it’s the location, maybe it’s because the team is not winning or maybe the young people of today have a point of view that we loyal fans and the UHAD are blind to.

  94. d1shima October 21, 2013 9:27 pm

    It would be worthwhile to see how many families with kids would return to the stadium if booze were left outside…

    at least the ones in the stadium would actually notice what was going on!

    Speaking of the kids, if you eliminate the drunks it may be OK to let fans on the field after the game. That’s a nice scene in many mainland venues that do allow for enough time for keiki to step on their “field of dreams”

  95. d1shima October 21, 2013 9:29 pm

    Be a fan.

  96. 3-Prong October 21, 2013 9:30 pm

    kev-1, UH would have to hope that for every knucklehead that stays home, some other guy might choose to bring his whole family, and that the net gate would increase over time. Maybe d-1s idea of a halftime exodus would be some form of compromise.

  97. 3-Prong October 21, 2013 9:32 pm

    I was reading the Autzen Stadium (Oregon) info and they allow fans on the field after the visiting team leaves.

  98. kev-1 October 21, 2013 9:38 pm

    Then again, you may not lose as many if you create more of a pre-game environment outside the stadium that allowed drinking – beyond tailgating. Who knows. Would it be crazy to segment the stadium into drinking, non drinking sections to start?

  99. 3-Prong October 21, 2013 10:26 pm

    kev-1, kinda wish I checked out the “beer garden” area that night to see how they handled it.

  100. Warrior Dave October 22, 2013 12:14 am


    Get well soon Warrior Wiley!!! Your long term health is more important.

  101. Maddog50 October 22, 2013 3:27 am

    Start winning first worry about all that other stuff later….just FYI….in the “border war” CSU vs Wyoming…..attendanece about 23K…..if you have been to FT. Collins not much there except for the scenery. I will get a first hand look at Laramie in Nov…..for now just winning will boost attendance. Also, no marquee player on either side of the ball. Takes time to rebuild and I’m in it for the longhaul——-Go Warriors—–

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