Warriors land D-end

Manoa to Manoa.

David Manoa, a defensive end from Aragon High School in San Mateo, Calif., has accepted a football scholarship from the Warriors.

Manoa is 6 feet 4 and 225 pounds.

He’s the nephew of former Kahuku High and Penn State running back Tim Manoa.

Manoa was under the radar because he had to sit out half the 2011 season after transferring from Hayward High.

“He’s freakishly athletic,” Aragon coach Steve Sell told the Star-Advertiser. “He probably could gain another 50 pounds and still be as athletic. Hawaii is getting a great one.”

* * * * *

Item: Tight end Josh Long of Riverside Community College accepts scholarship offer from Warriors.

Due date: January 2013. He will be allowed to sign a letter of intent in December, enroll for the 2013 spring semester, and participate in the offseason conditioning program and spring training.

Background: He was a four-year letterman in basketball and football in high school. He initially was an offensive tackle who caught the attention of coaches as a receiver when he was playing catch during warmups. He was used at wideout for a couple of games before the coaches decided he would be of better use as a receiver/blocker, which, of course, is the tight end. He was gaining notice when he suffered a broken collarbone in the third game of his senior season. He rebounded in six weeks, and caught a TD pass in his return game. He was a qualifier, but he went to Riverside, where his team went 11-0 in 2011 and 7-1 (so far) this year.

Impact: In UH’s multiple schemes, the tight end is actually two positions: An on-line guy and a motion guy. The intent is to become more flexible, meaning the on-line guy needs to be more of a pass-catching threat. In an ideal situation, the tight ends could be used as large slotbacks, much the way the Patriots use their tight ends, while still providing the edge blocking that is needed for the running game or pass protection. There currently are five tight ends on the roster. In 2013, Craig Cofer, Ryan Hall and Clark Evans will be seniors, and Harold Moleni will be a sophomore. Ethan Watanabe, a freshman, is redshirting this year.

Highlight video: Long video.

* * * * *

There are indications Darius Bright, thought to be AWOL last week, will be reinstated.

Bright reportedly was ill when he missed two practices last week, although that message was not relayed to the coaches, who thought he was AWOL.

Bright met with Chow this morning.


  1. wowlaulau October 29, 2012 7:48 am


  2. WarriorNY October 29, 2012 7:51 am

    Damn you wowlaulau! hahaha, I was so close..!

  3. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 7:54 am


    Survived the pseunami . . . again.

    Be safe WarriorNY, and to all our EastCoast pals!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. WarriorNY October 29, 2012 7:54 am

    wowlaulau (I’m kidding of course)

    I actually really liked some of things you posted yesterday against one of the trolls… Good Job, Sir…

  5. Braddah Kimo October 29, 2012 7:56 am


    Norm, da grass not greena on da odda side, brah. Too bad you was on the mainland fo’ too long to undastand da, my braddah. All the talent you need to win in right hea in the islands, brah.

  6. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 7:56 am

    Long is the kind of player that Chow needs to implement what he (Coach) wants to do in the long (really, really pardon the pun) run (pardon that pun, too) ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  7. Braddah Kimo October 29, 2012 7:56 am

    oh, fit, not turd.

  8. Braddah Kimo October 29, 2012 7:57 am

    Ok. Neva mind.

  9. WarriorNY October 29, 2012 7:59 am

    Chicken Grease,

    I appreciate that. We may not agree on things politically but I respect that you don’t put down those who disagree with you… Anyway everyone have a great day!

  10. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 7:59 am


    October 29th, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Damn you wowlaulau! hahaha, I was so close..!

    Here’s to your good luck — missed in being ichiban on the board today — will be found by you, and other East Coasters, later today/today$

  11. gigi-hawaii October 29, 2012 8:04 am

    ST: your report about Bright puzzles me. Is he in or out or maybe? What’s going on? Geez!

  12. gigi-hawaii October 29, 2012 8:05 am

    WarriorNY: my thoughts and prayers are with you and others on the East Coast!

  13. gigi-hawaii October 29, 2012 8:06 am

    Everybody: Have a great day!

  14. iwonderwhytheyhateme October 29, 2012 8:07 am

    I thought the comments on Darius Bright yesterday was just some trolling…

    He reminded me of that Nebraska RB transfer we had. Lots of promise and potential but always getting injured. Wasn’t he also the guy that got into some drama in Waikiki?

    I hope he is OK and just not showing up to practice. He didn’t completely disappear did he?

  15. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 8:09 am

    Bruddah Kimo, you are 5th, 7th, and 8th.

    Haven’t seen anything reported about Bright on the “breaking news” of the ‘site.

  16. Hawaiianbod October 29, 2012 8:12 am

    Top 20!

    Good morning erryboddy!!! Hi gigi…enjoy your trip to India!

    (returning a shout out to DPK, KK and Whitey)


  17. WarriorNY October 29, 2012 8:16 am

    Thank you Gigi,

    I hope you and your hb enjoy your trip to India…

    Try the different types of food… You’ll be blown away..!

  18. Independent Thinker October 29, 2012 8:17 am

    Ok. These are the facts. Chow is stubborn and does not care what anyone thinks, including what fans, the team, and alums think. He also cares very little about winning. His primary care is about being right, even if proving his theory will result in the worst losing season since Fred. These being the facts, I say it is time to start looking for a replacement, someone who does care about winning, the program, the team, the players, the fans, and alums.

    If you care about winning, you make adjustments after each loss, and sometimes, during the game itself. If A is not working, try B. If B does not work, try C. Chow refuses to do anything except keep using A. He does this because he does not want to admit he might have been wrong about Shroeder. The sad thing is that he is willing to sacrifice the entire team, the entire season, to prove his point. Unncessary, I say. A fool’s errand. They say a fool will do the same thing over and over and expect a different result each time even though experience teaches him if you do A, you get B. Sad to say but this is Chow.

  19. Capitolist/WassupDoc October 29, 2012 8:18 am

    Re Darius Bright – Pg. C8 – the Stephen Tsai article in the (real) paper headlined “Hawaii gets a win off the field with another commitment.” It’s the second of three mini-stories about the Warriors.

  20. postmanke October 29, 2012 8:19 am

    Wonder if we see more leaving. I can see some players getting fustrated when a system is not set or flip flops. The game is tough alone as it is to win, but when you add tweaking here, tweaking there in your system stress is gonna build. Most of these guys want to get to the next level. Maybe not the best way to prepare them for that. Hard to buy into something that you dont know what you’re buying into. Not saying this is the case but i can see it happening. Hard to stay the course when its crumbling. If you truly have a vision then you gotta stay the course of that vision. Come Back! =)

  21. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 8:22 am

    # 18, Independent Thinker. A Grease thinks (is this a day of puns, or what? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) that you assume too much. “The keenest eye is the one that looks inward.” — Kim Arashikage, G.I. Joe: The Movie (animated)

    Geez. Just saw a pic’ of a snapped building crane on the Jersey shore side. Look out, Snooky. Freeport, NY seems to have flooding in the streets.

  22. Shoko October 29, 2012 8:24 am

    “Hard to stay the course when its crumbling. If you truly have a vision then you gotta stay the course of that vision.”

    A very profound statement. I find that fitting for Coach Chow as well.

  23. imuagrad October 29, 2012 8:25 am

    bright is not on the team cause he sees no future for him with this over rated head coach.

  24. Shoko October 29, 2012 8:27 am

    Oh, forgot to say good luck to Darius, whatever his endeavors may be.

  25. Stephen Tsai October 29, 2012 8:30 am

    The way I see it is 100 percent of the players who play are happy.

    And 100 percent of the grumblers are not playing.

    It doesn’t mean if you’re not playing you’re unhappy. It just means that if you’re grumbling, you’re likely not playing or not on the team anymore. Or you’re the parent of a player not playing or not on the team anymore.

  26. Independent Thinker October 29, 2012 8:30 am

    Grease, after reading your posts in the past, my conclusions is that posterior munching is the sum of your presence here, ma’am. I suggest you stick to the shallow end of the pool. You don’t want to wade into the deeper waters if you don’t know how to swim. Put on your life preserver, little one, and keep treading water. Good boy.

  27. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 8:31 am

    Independent Thinker:

    October 29th, 2012 at 8:17 am

    Ok. These are the facts. Chow is stubborn and does not care what anyone thinks, including what fans, the team, and alums think.

    Sir. If you’re going to present this as fact, you better da(n well prove it. You pretty mich have to have Chow himself admit to being what’s said here. Start with proving this first part and then proving the rest. Hope you have at least an entire month to do this, a Grease guesses.

    # 20. Let ’em leave. That makes it quicker for Coach Chow to get the players he needs (this he has said, yes?).

  28. Former UH Athlete October 29, 2012 8:31 am

    I got to watch most of the UH v CSU replay late last night. The offensive line did a nice job at run blocking. They were able to get to the 2nd level of the defense and UH cracked several very nice runs. Nice to see Iosefa back! He’s a beast, but he looks a little heavy coming off of injury.

    Regarding Sean’s play. It was a very nice 1st quarter, but he was off on several throws. Again, the WR’s had problems getting open (but that’s not going to change in 2012). I see Chow is getting Lister more involved in the passing game because the WR’s aren’t getting the job done.

    Schroeder’s stats were ugly. No two ways around that, but the 1st pick 6, which was the back breaker, actually wasn’t his fault…. I’ll explain

    On that play, CSU was showing heavy blitz and Schroeder correctly audibles to a quick 3-step pass. It was a twins left formation, Harding split wide and I think Miah was in the slot. The TE Moleni ran a quick out to the flat, Miah ran a quick slant to clear and Harding ran what looked like a hitch (WHICH WAS THE MISTAKE). As the Schroeder threw the ball, it was too high for Moleni and Moleni actually pulled his hands down as he thought it wasn’t for him. The CSU CB stepped in front of Harding and the rest is history.

    After looking at this play several times, I truly think Harding screwed this play up… 1. The ball placement was perfect for a slant/in-route. 2. Harding didn’t come back for the ball. He waited for the ball to get to him. 3. After the play, the cameras were pointed at Chow and he was screaming at somebody(ies) and was making hand gestures indicating that the routes weren’t run properly.

    At first glance, I thought Schroeder made a horrible throw, but after review and looking at Chow’s reaction, Harding messed this one up. Some blame goes to Schroeder because he chose the wrong receiver (Moleni was open on the out route), but had Harding ran the right route, at worst it’s an incomplete pass.

    As far as the rest of the team… I didn’t see anything else that we didn’t already know. The WRs are still awful. There were 2 more dropped TD passes (I think that’s 5 or 6 for this year). Both were in critical situations. Stutz TD was overturned by replay (counts as drop), but that was a horrible call, caz there wasn’t CLEAR, INDISPUTABLE evidence to overturn the TD catch.

  29. Stephen Tsai October 29, 2012 8:33 am


    I was just making an observation.

  30. WarriorNY October 29, 2012 8:37 am


    Huh??? I’m confused… I don’t think I said anything bad directed at ya…

  31. Shoko October 29, 2012 8:41 am

    In the video, it says Long is number 80. Either my vision is failing or I didn’t see that jersey on the field.

  32. Stephen Tsai October 29, 2012 8:41 am


    Oh, no, no, no. Sorry for the confusion. I was just commenting on how I came about making my comments yesterday.

  33. WarriorMojo October 29, 2012 8:42 am

    Hey, Indolent Thinker, do you even read your stuff? How does Chow prove he’s “right” if the team keeps losing?

  34. Stephen Tsai October 29, 2012 8:42 am


    Prayers with you and your family. Hope the storm avoids your path.

  35. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 8:43 am


    October 29th, 2012 at 8:37 am


    Huh??? I’m confused… I don’t think I said anything bad directed at ya…

    Ultimately, Mr. Tsai refers to your praising of wowlaulau.

  36. Former UH Athlete October 29, 2012 8:43 am

    The Dline is undersized and is getting pushed around, but we knew that already. What drives me nuts when I watch the defense is that Yap and Falemalu both get out of position or get sealed on many outside run plays. They constantly lose their outside shoulder and lose contain.

    The silver lining is that many of the defenses problems are experience or size related problems. Because of the injuries, too many freshmen are playing this year. Under normal circumstances, most of Chow’s freshmen would be redshirting their 1st year to get bigger/stronger. Next year, these same freshmen will get a full offseason weight training program, and add a couple of large Dlinemen commits in next year’s class (Tua’au: 6’3″ 270 DE; Moala: 6’2″ 305 DT) and the line gets more stout.

    I really like Murrell Jackson and Jerrol Garcia-Williams. Jackson is an aggressive safety and if Garcia-Williams can get to 230lbs, he’s going to be excellent. Both guys have speed. Enough can’t be said about Mike Edwards, he’s great.

    My only wish is that Chow use Edwards on some offensive sets, using him on fly sweeps or screen passes and/or use him as a decoy. He’s the most explosive player UH has.

  37. jeezy33 October 29, 2012 8:43 am

    So we get a commit from a back up TE? Little hard to get overly excited. On the season 106 yards and 2 Tds. I mean, I havent seen him play but it looks like we need a TE who can catch balls and production wise, not exactly wowing anyone. Much rather make a hard push at Brandon Vandenberg at this point.

  38. WarriorMojo October 29, 2012 8:44 am

    Oh, and one sign of improvement: earlier this season lava and others were questioning the play of the safetys. Well, Jackson looked pretty damn good there against CSU in his first start, I’d say.

  39. tommui October 29, 2012 8:46 am


    #28 Former UH Athlete. Thank you for your observation. Great to have someone who knows what he is talking about rather than some people who think they know but don’t.

  40. jeezy33 October 29, 2012 8:48 am

    I’ve been praising Marrell and JGW since fall camp.

    I still have no idea why Chris Gant isn’t starting. I was right on the 1st 2. I don’t see how I can be wrong again when it is clear that Gant knows how to get open.

    I know Norm will never give up on Schroeder after hearing the same quotes every week.

    But honestly, at no point last year did David Graves look half as bad as Schroder looks right now.

  41. Haleakala October 29, 2012 8:49 am

    Warrior NY and all others in tne east that may be affected by the hurricane: we pray and hope for your safety as well as your loved ones.

  42. WarriorNY October 29, 2012 8:50 am


    Oh haha… I understand you now… Sorry for the misunderstanding…

    Your comments yesterday were absolutely appropriate towards trolls who aren’t adding anything to the conversation…

  43. PurpleMaple October 29, 2012 8:51 am

    In the last two series that ended in pic-6s, the Warriors had Joey as the single-set back. This told the defense that the Warriors are passing. Why tip the hand? Why not put Lister as the single-set back where is ia an option receiver? Or, why not make the defense think pass, then run? Otherwise, Warriors played a good game; good enough to win. “Former UH Athlete.” your explanation is really appreciated. I would have never known/seen that Harding could have/should have came back for the ball.

  44. Manoa Mist October 29, 2012 8:52 am

    Have to agree with Independent Thinker. Been saying this from day one. Chow could give a rip about this season. It’s a throw away year, and he don’t care if we get killed every game. This is a rebuilding year, and things going be done his way. He gets a pass this year. But we better be good next year, or at least show huge improvement, or he’s out. And he said if he had better QBs, maybe he’d try another guy besides SS. What is he scared of? That another QB might, dare we say it, lose the game?

  45. WarriorNY October 29, 2012 8:58 am

    ST, Haleakala and all others,

    Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers… But don’t worry, my family and I will be fine… But I appreciate so much the thoughts of everyone…


    I hope you can show Mrs. Haleakala my featured member article on the Na Koa website…

  46. NEO October 29, 2012 8:58 am

    I hope ebrybody survived the TsuNOTmi this weekend… I am mad at all the people on the radio who are saying BENCH SCHROEDER and FIRE CHOW… so I came up w/ a poem to express my thoughts…

    At the start of the season

    we said we’d support him,

    and now that they’re struggling

    you say it’s time to abort him?

    You say you’re a fan,

    as Tom Jackson would say.

    “COME ON, MAN!”

    The team still has fight,

    so don your green and white

    Cheer on the Warriors




    and show ’em HOW!

  47. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 9:01 am

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!! Stick around; don’t leave. But, if you do, know that Coach Chow will have to find other(s) for your position ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  48. Stephen Tsai October 29, 2012 9:04 am

    It would be fair to question Chow’s decisions.

    It would be inaccurate to say he doesn’t care about winning or losing.

  49. Stephen Tsai October 29, 2012 9:07 am

    All I know is one day there will be a real tsunami and nobody will believe it because of the hysteria of the past two.

    I think it’s apparent that there really isn’t way to predict the effects of a tsunami, so weather people quit pretending they know.

    Also, why a run on toilet paper? If it’s a real tsunami, you might want to get Wet Ones instead. The plumbing won’t work.

  50. HawaiiMongoose October 29, 2012 9:11 am

    Former UH Athlete, I’m another reader who really appreciates your insights and explanations. Please keep sharing when you can. Mahalo!

  51. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 9:14 am

    Stephen Tsai:

    October 29th, 2012 at 9:04 am

    It would be fair to question Chow’s decisions.

    It would be inaccurate to say he doesn’t care about winning or losing. [emphasis added.]

    See that, # 18 and # 44?

  52. Old School Dave October 29, 2012 9:15 am

    ST: I heard that yesterday a lot of the lolos who hoarded TP and bottled water were back at the stores returning these items.

  53. Payday Loans from the smellybinman October 29, 2012 9:15 am

    Somebody necessarily lend a hand to make significantly posts I’d state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and to this point? I surprised with the research you made to create this particular publish incredible. Fantastic activity!

  54. HawaiiMongoose October 29, 2012 9:17 am

    ST, it’s good to know that the grumblers reside mainly among the ranks of players who aren’t playing and their kin. Not surprising, but good to know.

    Now if the players who are playing and their kin begin to express dissatisfaction and doubt, I think the team has a much bigger problem.

  55. wowlaulau October 29, 2012 9:18 am

    18 & 44, same person

  56. jeezy33 October 29, 2012 9:18 am

    I definitely know Chow cares about winning.

    But I also question decisions.

    I know offensive minds have certain philosophies. But at some point, when you don’t have the players around you to run what you’re used to, a good offensive coach needs to know how to adapt his system in order to give his team the best chance to win.

    Dropping back and throwing 40+ times a game isn’t going to win games if you have a QB that doesn’t complete 60+ % of his passes at the collegiate level. Just a fact.

    Identifying your best players has to be the key at this point. Offensively, I think our top 4 weapons are Iosefa, Gregory, Lister, and Gant. Stutz 5th. Why not simplify something such as getting graves in the game to run some zone read options. We all know Graves is a good athlete. Give the defense something to think about. Graves isn’t that accurate, but accurate enough. Completed 57% of his passes last year which is an upgrade from 51% of Schroder. Threat to run also gives us some mobility to avoid sacks.

    At some point when you havent won a D1 FBS football game yet, something has to be fixed. And saying “were gonna work hard, thats the only thing I can do at this point” isn’t going to be good enough for most of the fans.

    I will still be attending the Boise game, but I can understand why a lot of Hawaii fans have better things to do then watch a poorly assembled offense take the field.

  57. Old School Dave October 29, 2012 9:20 am

    Anyone remember that old local TV commercial with the angry father tearing into his son (who’s in tears) because he fumbled the ball on the goal line, causing his pop warner team to lose the game. The father ends his tirade by saying “YOU”RE NOT MY SON!!” After realizing what he’s said, the father says “Eh, you’re my son.”

    I felt like that father watching UH play, but in the end, as much as it hurts to watch, UH is still my team/school.

  58. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 9:21 am

    Hahhahaahahahah, thanks # 55, wowlaulau. A Grease should’ve guessed.

    Will make a note. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. jeezy33 October 29, 2012 9:21 am

    By the way, Hawaii supposedly just got commitment from OLB/ DE David Manoa from Aragon High

  60. Ayako Sawinski October 29, 2012 9:22 am

    Here: http://www.martekwatch.com

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  62. Pauoa Boy October 29, 2012 9:30 am


    You really take anything I say way out of context my man. I am not mad either. Anyway, never have I said that you all don’t have any football knowledge. Nor do I care if someone agrees or disagrees with what I post. I am not here for the popularity contest at all. I post here because I love Warrior football and want to see them succeed but when things are said like with the QB situation with SS being the guy and everyone else around him is the cause for his mediocrity, that’s ridiculous. I am not one to claim that I am the guru or anything like that. Yes I have played many years, yes I have coached many years, yes I have actually emailed the coaches and talked to them face to face before about the game. I’ve many a times emailed the coaches on certain prospects from the areas I’ve lived in as well for them to take a look. I’ve been to the practices , been to the Pro Days in Carson. Believe me I eat, sleep, and breathe Warrior football just as much as the next person. We all have our opinions, we all don’t agree either but who cares. All of us debate about certain things that we are passionate about. I for one like some others think that this team is way better than what we see, have talent and everything needed to put some wins on the board. Again no one is expecting miracles this year just some respectable football. All we want to see is a team that puts out a good product on the field. Honestly I could care less about the wins or losses but it is the way we’ve been losing that is frustrating. Why, its the same mistakes, the same problems. Chow has changed positions for just about everyone but the QB which is the main ingredient on offense. Would it hurt to try someone else, frikk we already seen enough of Schroeder to know he ain’t it. In any case I could care less about what anyone thinks of me or anything I say, to each his own. It’s a football blog, we talk football, yeah things get repeated a lot from everyone , not just me, but like I said before if you don’t like it don’t agree with it, then buddy move on to the next nobody asking you to respond. Anyway, you have a good one wowlaulau, maybe one day soon ill catch you at a game and we can talk football in person, take it easy…

  63. Shoko October 29, 2012 9:31 am

    Boise State has always drawn well in terms of attendence whever they visit. Its the Temple game that supposedly is scheduled that I’m concerned about.

  64. d1shima October 29, 2012 9:34 am


    Nicely stated…appreciate the tone (and restraint). ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 9:36 am

    Recent Rainbow Wahine vs. Long Beach volleyball game re-showing on Oceanic digital channel 228, FOX SPORTS Prime Ticket right now!!!!! 2nd half just started!!!!

    Announcers sliiiiiiiiightly more biased toward Long Beach.

    But, Wahine looking good (we know how this ends)

  66. Will-I-Am October 29, 2012 9:36 am

    Loving former UH athlete comments. It is nice to have insight instead.

    All the people that are calling for Chow to go are living in a dream world. June Jones had the best turnaround inNCAA history. Do not expect it to happen again, especially here. I think everyone wanted a better year but NC entered the perfect storm. Aren’t the facts something like this:

    under 10 seniors on road trips

    7 weeks with one home game

    Head of the department is fired and a ridiculous investigation is happening

    Open at USC

    The rest of the schedule…

    New system

  67. Bigislandkurt October 29, 2012 9:37 am

    @ Tsai #25

    that equation for grumbling is standard on most teams across the college football landscape.

    However, there has been more grumbling at UH this season than usual. Even from the ones who are playing. This is known. Of course, the longest loosing streak in modern UH memory does not help things.

    Like I said from the beginning — Chow will stay the course and get folks to leave, quit, not want to be here, or whatever. He wants his boys, his team. Not Mack’s boys or Mack’s team. This is known too. It is a belief that is very present amongst the player ranks.

    Based on your posts’ logic, one can easily assume that Coach Chow has lost a significant part of his locker room, a significant part of alumni, parents, fans, etc. Mike Lafa’ele was on the L&L show saying things that one could easily point out as grumbling. But he was just being honest. Coach Chow is who he is. And he will stay the course until those dissenting players are gone. Sad. But he’s the coach. His way or da highway.


  68. Will-I-Am October 29, 2012 9:38 am

    I am excited about the coming years. I can see some really great things happening to the team. When everyone is on the same page and our starters are juniors and seniors, not freshmen and sophomore. We are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

  69. Shoko October 29, 2012 9:39 am

    Don’t forget, this is Chow’s first time as a head coach. I’m sure its still huge learning process for him.

  70. d1shima October 29, 2012 9:39 am


    Always Right! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  71. A-House October 29, 2012 9:40 am

    as for 2012 UH football season, I am resigned to a possible 2 win and 10 loss season – if I’m wrong only way to go is UP!

    Like many, I was very hopeful that the start of the game would be a positive sign and it was throughout the 1st quarter – then CSU began to make adjustments and shut down the running game which led to more pass plays – unfortunate on the 2 pic-6s.

    yet, UH had a golden opportunity with 4 turnovers by CSU in the 3rd qtr, but, alas, they could not convert them into TDs which led to the ultimate score – then, the tide changed and UH could not stop CSU – how important is mental discipline to play the game or don’t drink and do drugs?

    rather than wager against UH, I will no longer place a wager even if the “bookies in LV” have Fresno giving 37.5 points – I must wait till 2013.

  72. Stephen Tsai October 29, 2012 9:41 am

    I disagree about not wanting Mack’s players.

    The brightest stars this year were Mack recruits: Ben Clarke, Joey Iosefa, Will Gregory, Billy Ray Stutzmann, Paipai Falemalu, Beau Yap, Mike Edwards, etc.

  73. Former UH Athlete October 29, 2012 9:41 am

    Hey don’t forget, UH Basketball vs UNLV December 1 in LAS VEGAS!!!

    UNLV got shafted by the pre-season polls and is a legit top 10 team. UHBB has a lot of potential this year so this should be a lot of fun. This game will probably be a sellout… no more lower bowl tickets on unlvtickets.com. 19,000 at the Thomas and Mack… it will be rocking! Hope the UH fans bring is strong.

    UNLV will be heavy favorite, but UH has the size and depth to give the Rebels a good fight.

    Go BOWS!

  74. Stephen Tsai October 29, 2012 9:42 am


    How do you like my new setup?

    My kids rearranged the house, so my home office now faces the street.

  75. Shoko October 29, 2012 9:44 am

    Laurel and JHT not part of list?

  76. A-House October 29, 2012 9:44 am


    #70 – not really as Mrs -House will always say, “challenge him” -but, then again, we have been married a long time and it comes with the territory.

    so, I confidently speak with conviction and hopefully she will not hear what I say – ha, going get busted again!!!

  77. Former UH Athlete October 29, 2012 9:46 am

    #66 … to add to your comment, June Jones went (1-11) his 1st year at SMU and (3-9) his 2nd year at UH.

    What Jones did in 1999 was an anomaly may never be repeated again.

  78. jeezy33 October 29, 2012 9:48 am

    72. That statement doesn’t make a lot of sense. Isn’t it obvious that a football team SHOULD have most of its best players from the previous coach? I mean I wouldn’t expect a bunch of Freshmen which would be Norm Chow’s recruits to have the most stars.

    And calling guys stars on a 0 win football team vs D1 opponents isn’t saying much. But when Marrell Jackson is your top safety and JErrol Garcia Williams is your best LB, that also tell you a little about big holes we missed in recruiting.

    Kind of like stating Fresno St stars are Pat Hill recruits. Which is another obvious statement.

  79. A-House October 29, 2012 9:48 am


    been leaving the house before 5 am so your house is always dark – however, I will make a special note to look today when I go home – when was the change made? several times I see you working on your lap top facing up the street.

    this gives you a very good view of our street, your cross street neighbors, and the beautiful Koolau range – can you also see Mt Olomana?

  80. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 9:48 am

    Pauoa Boy:

    October 29th, 2012 at 9:30 am

    I post here because I love Warrior football and want to see them succeed

    This is really difficult to accept. Have seen, well, a Grease sees it as “not so much ‘love’ post-UH football game comments” made by you, yes?

    From yesterday?

    Pauoa Boy:

    October 28th, 2012 at 8:03 am

    LMFAO…is all you can do cause our team is the laughing stock of NCAA football this year. South Alabama is thinking hey at least we can go kick Hawaii’s ass this year cause they are playing at a high school level.

    This is love? This is indicative of wanting “to see them succeed”? Explain.

  81. d1shima October 29, 2012 9:50 am

    Former UH Athlete,

    Are you a LV resident? If so, just wondering how you got game film/TV recording to watch?

  82. jeezy33 October 29, 2012 9:50 am

    People comparing teams to what June Jones did is pretty ridiculous.

    The only question people should be asking is if Hawaii has made improvements or has Hawaii took steps back so far? I think answer is pretty clear.

    I will say that I tip my cap to special teams coach because that unit turned around a lot.

  83. Bigislandkurt October 29, 2012 9:50 am


    you mention 7 Mack-era players by default, not disregarding whoever “etc” is. Those are the stars of the team who were primed to be on the field this year. Let’s look at the second and third teamers…..the ones who were supposed to make contributions, but have not. From QB’s, to linemen, to linebackers, to receivers, there are many of Mack’s recruits who are no longer a part of the mix.

    Now I’m not trying to start some some bad rumor. Just stating the facts from what I get from players. I’m not a reporter like you, so i just might be in a position to hear more of the negative stuff….or I just might be interacting with “negative” players. I don’t believe this to be so, but that could certainly be a point worth considering. The ship is not pono at UH. And for now, i feel that is ok, and somewhat expected. Let’s just hope that this transition leads to great harvest in the future.


  84. kifi October 29, 2012 9:50 am

    System +

    People +

    Leadership = Success


    I think the system is pretty solid. System could always use some tweaking, but I think the system itself is good. I like the fact that the current system utilizes a balanced attack betwee the run and passing game. When team practices the offense will present both expertise at running and passing the ball. That should benefit the defense who should be more adept at defending both type of offenses. In a predominantly run or pass system like the “run and shoot” or the flexbone”, the defense is handicapped by not facing one or the other type of system on a daily basis.

    The defensive system looked pretty decent against Colorado State for a good part of the game. During the first half of the season, I observed a defense that appeared to be solid from a system standpoint, but came up short in the area of excecution. Excecution of course is on the backs of the people (players) and the coaches. Excecution loooked a lot better for parts of the CSU game. By excecution I mean not being disciplined about gap responsibilities and poor tackling.

    Special teams again has some bright spots for the most part. I think in time it may be the strength of the team and program. Blocked punts and returned kicks for touchdowns are always exciting. Tweaks here and there, and I think we’ll be fine in this department.


    As a whole the players are young. They are young in age and experience. No it is not an excuse, it is a fact. Trust what you see, not what you wish you could see. If you go through the starting lineup of our Warriors, there are good ballplayers who have potential. It’s just that they are learning on the job. It would be like the 2006 Warriors lining up and playing against the scout team. The scout team would have lost ten out of ten times. Well, this year’s Warriors are like your scout team. Very motivated, very spirited, but they are still cubs. Little bear cubs going up against grown lions. The only opponent that was close to as young as our Warriors might have been the Trojans of USC. However as young as USC was, most of their guys were still top notch NFL talent. We still need to get faster, bigger, and more athletic. That’ll take time.


    So far I like what I see from the head coach. He has a plan and is working his plan. He has a system and is working his system. Success in leadership will be measured over time. I see progress in the program in a positive direction. I’m not saying that the head coach is good or bad. Good or bad will be measured over time. If we are still losing like we are today in years three, four, and five, then I will say leadership was ineffective. But like I said, I like what I see so far.

    Go Warriors!

  85. d1shima October 29, 2012 9:53 am


    Will you folks be visiting MasaBoy this week?

  86. Shoko October 29, 2012 9:58 am

    For the mainland folks. Coach Chow Inside Access Show.


    Hope I didn’t break the rules for posting this. Delete if necessary.

  87. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 9:59 am


    October 29th, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Don’t forget, this is Chow’s first time as a head coach. I’m sure its still huge learning process for him.

    Indeed. Why won’t most consider this?

    The Lord our God sayeth that thou must have the poverty and newness of a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Make the analogy.

    And we ALL become “freshman” at many times in our life; the most, oddly, enough, in our later life.


  88. A-House October 29, 2012 10:00 am

    If UH has “grumblers” on the football team, just imagine what the “mighty” BCS teams must go through with so many 5* and 4* players – only 11 can play at any give time – and the mix gets worse if “walk-ons” do really well and “jump over” the *** players! yikes!!!

    the reality is that at any given time at any given school – there will come players who are bigger, stronger, faster and perhaps smarter then those currently on the roster – yet, so many 5* and 4* and 3* players “trend” to those schools hoping that they are better and can crack the starting line up.

    I would be satisfied with a team that plays its heart out – even if they lose.

  89. A-House October 29, 2012 10:03 am


    no, we were there after the San Diego game and saw him for 4 days – therefore, we cannot make the Fresno game – gotta start saving $$ for our 2 trips next year to Annapolis and Oregon St

    however, he will be vacationing with us mid December through early january 2013.

  90. android tablet October 29, 2012 10:06 am

    Normally I do not learn post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, quite great article.

  91. masteruke October 29, 2012 10:08 am

    Pauoa Boy, your response to wowlaulau is right on. This is a blog not a one way street for people who only agree with what you say. Right now SS isn’t doing the job and Chow is not doing it either. Maybe one of the coaches needs to get in Chows ear and say hey, we’ve changed everything except at QB maybe its time we try something there.

  92. d1shima October 29, 2012 10:09 am


    Got it.

    BTW, No need just lay ’em down on the spread. Always get the O/U.

  93. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 10:17 am


    October 29th, 2012 at 10:08 am

    Pauoa Boy, your response to wowlaulau is right on. This is a blog not a one way street for people who only agree with what you say. Right now SS isn’t doing the job and Chow is not doing it either. Maybe one of the coaches needs to get in Chows ear and say hey, we’ve changed everything except at QB maybe its time we try something there.

    Think if Pauoa had the same gumption and heart of the greats, or close to them, who have played and coached, he’d be more understanding and supportive. He played and coached, he says? I really don’t see that by his posts that hve the air of, well, let’s call it, the player and coach equivalent of Obama’s and Biden’s instances of being unpresidential and un-vice presidential in their recent debates.

    I bet he reached a level of playing and coaching . . . and couldn’t go any further. Does he wonder why? Just asking.

    See also # 80, above, 10/29/2012.

  94. Pauoa Boy October 29, 2012 10:18 am

    Chicken Grease,

    Again you are taking my post out of context. Didn’t know I had to explain everything I say to you but let me break it down. I give credit where credit is due, I give praise when warranted, give criticism as well. I was being sarcastic because it kills me to see and hear the same problems from game to game. Bad decisions, mediocre play from the QB, defense not stopping the run, etc… It’s called tough love and well if you or anyone can’t take it then its a personal problem. The fact that this team has been literally getting killed from the bottom dwellers of NCAA football is to me unacceptable. The only legit team that should have given us rub is USC. But they aren’t even that good either like previous years. Nevada is good but we’ve beat them, BYU is tough but we’ve beat them, Lamar is a joke, SDSU is a joke, CSU is a joke, etc… Did I expect this team to be undefeated, nope. Did I expect to beat everyone besides USC, nope. The way we’ve been losing is an embarrassment to say the least. We’ve made these mediocre teams look far superior than what they really are. We’ve had backup QB’s, 3rd stringers, freshmen killing us, almost every running back have a field day, faced some of the weakest defenses in all of college football yet we can’t get the ball consistently in the endzone and continue to get spanked. Yeah I am frustrated and yup I do give tough love but never will I ever stop watching or supporting our Warrior boys. So sorry again if you have a thing for anything I say but like wowlaulau, hope to catch you at a game so we can talk football, take it easy…

  95. Pauoa Boy October 29, 2012 10:22 am

    Chicken Grease,

    Nuff already killer, you obviously have a thing about what I say do you? Thanks I appreciate the fact that you care so much about me to respond to every little thing I say here. Much mahalos

  96. PolyMom October 29, 2012 10:24 am

    Are they canceling flights out of Hawaii?

    14,000 flights canceled due to storms on east coast.

    To all the haters, GO WARRIORS!

  97. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 10:25 am

    Again, Pauoa, this is out of context?

    Pauoa Boy:

    October 28th, 2012 at 8:03 am

    LMFAO…is all you can do cause our team is the laughing stock of NCAA football this year. South Alabama is thinking hey at least we can go kick Hawaii’s ass this year cause they are playing at a high school level.

    You’d email or say face to face to a coach before the game THESE sentiments?

    Will give the benefit of the doubt for your future posts. A Grease bets he’ll see more of the derogatory same from you, though, unless you can internalize how “first year” this is for Coach Chow.

    Pick up a copy of one of Batman’s “year one” comics. After all his esaoteric investigative and martial arts training, he still ends up falling from buildings, his batarangs ewnds up hitting him in the face. His first year or so.

    Happens in real life, too.

  98. d1shima October 29, 2012 10:25 am


    Having met Pauoa Boy I can say that he is a true bleeder (believer) of Green and White…AND he is very passionate about it!

    He’s not a flamer/troll.

  99. WarriorNY October 29, 2012 10:28 am

    Just gotta say again… I disagree with Chicken Grease politically…

    But when it comes to UH Football, I back Chicken Grease completely on almost every issue…

  100. Slugger October 29, 2012 10:30 am

    Darius Bright’s family lives in NC. Hope they are ok & safe. Mahalo Ke Akua, my son moved out of NC in Aug.

    Hope Darius is ok & succeeds in whatever he does. Hope he comes back to the team to play. He gives us a huge target on the outside.

  101. SteveM October 29, 2012 10:38 am

    Good morning everyone!


    ST — Remember in the days of shipping strikes, or even threats, there would be a run on toilet paper and rice? These goods are brought in 99.99999% by ship. Large tsunamis could do great damage to the ports and hinder/prevent unloading.

  102. Former UH Athlete October 29, 2012 10:41 am

    #81 d1shima… Yes I live in Las Vegas. I couldn’t watch live because apparently 16,000 attendance isn’t enough to lift the blackout. LOL

    #78 jeezy23… ouch, but true. 2012 is exposing the poor recruiting by McMackin over 4 years. His best recruits were mainly JC transfers and there have been few quality prep recruits.

    Not to mention Mack and Rolo completely misused Alex Green while he was here. He was the 2nd best player (1st = Greg Salas) on the 2009 and 2010 rosters. UH went 12-4 when Alex Green got at least 9 touches during 2009-2010. Three of those losses were to USC, Boise and UNR w/Kaepernick.

    How many of McMackin’s first two full recruiting classes (2009 & 2010) recruits are playing significant minutes this year? I counted only NINE… two of which are Dunnachie (P) and Hadden (K). So that means 7 position players, which equates to a meager (13%), of his 1st two classes are playing significant minutes….. That’s horrendous by any measure.

  103. Pauoa Boy October 29, 2012 10:42 am

    Chicken Grease,

    You do you my man and I’ll do me. I don’t feel the need to explain anything to you. Read what you want and believe what you want, I really don’t care. The fact that you give so much care in the world about me and the things I say is really starting to creep me out.

  104. Derek October 29, 2012 10:44 am

    As usual, Jeezy makes the most sense. Very insightful, and very good evaluations of talent.

    To have a good football team, you have to be good at the “point” of attack, both on offense and on defense. On offense, we don’t have the QB. On defense we don’t have the top grade defensive linemen right up the middle. Our middle linebacker play has been inconsistent. Our center is a freshman. All of the problems is not Chow’s fault. He needs to recruit the impact players in those key positions and a few more. I will guarantee Schroeder will not the be starter next year. It will be Taylor Graham, or maybe even the incoming freshman, Aaron Zwahlen. Schroeder can’t throw the ball with enough pace to it. His reads are slow. He’s slow afoot. He panics when the pocket starts to break down. The result: he gets sacked, or he throws an interception. Passing accuracy won’t do it. And this is against Colorado State. Now, we are coming against Fresno, Boise, and Air Force.

    Pomai, let me make the first prediction for this Saturday: Fresno State – 66, Hawaii 10.

  105. lava October 29, 2012 10:51 am

    Re #25, you might add this to the statistics. 100% of the players getting playing time are not happy.

    Re Former UH Athlete, don’t fault Mack for who is playing and who isn’t. There has never been a greater misuse of talent than what we are seeing right now under Chow.

    32 + point underdogs to Fresno State. That says it all.

  106. niho mano October 29, 2012 10:53 am

    Former UH Athlete mahalo for the insight, much appreciated…

  107. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 10:57 am

    You know, uh, [a Grease adjusts tie], we, uh — now, this is every single one of us. Regardless of religious affiliation, political affiliation, jailed, free, single, married, whatnot — we, uh, have two wolves in us. Two fighting wolves.

    You know which one ends up winning?

    The wolf that ends up winning . . . is the one we feed.

    Ah heh, heard that from Dr. Laura Schlessinger when she was still on terrestrial radio, heh.

    It’s good, but, yeah? Applicable.


  108. (Jesse) James October 29, 2012 10:58 am

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!!

    Welcome to Mr. Manoa!!!

    Hope all have a great day!!!

  109. iwonderwhytheyhateme October 29, 2012 10:59 am

    Does anyone have insight into why Shroeder is thought to be so superior to the rest of the guys?

    Arm Strength

    Foot work

    Knowledge of offense




  110. wafan October 29, 2012 11:02 am

    Exactly what we need more Manoa Warriors!

  111. Jeezy33 October 29, 2012 11:03 am

    104. Thanks Derek . Glad some fans see same thing as me .. And it’s not even being a hater.. Just pointing out obvious issues..

    Il be the first to praise a play or individual when they stand out..

  112. Pauoa Boy October 29, 2012 11:03 am

    Chicken Grease,

    Have I ever said anything about Chow needing to be replaced??? I know this is his first year as a head coach, I know there will be growing pains, that’s a given. Again, don’t read too much into it buddy, I was being sarcastic. Since you’re an avid reader try looking up the term it’ll explain. What you’re not getting is that we all know these issues already. Still its no excuse for the same mistakes happening on the field, the same mediocre product of football from week to week. All of us just want to see respectable football, guys going balls to the wall, adjustments made when needed, etc… When you see the same issues from game to game happening yet the Coach is still clueless… I mean it makes you wonder where all those years of coaching experience is at? The main issue we all talk about and ask for a shot at is another QB to get in the mix and make something happen. Are we really going to be any worse than what we already are? Maybe Schroeder needs to observe the field from the sidelines for a few see what’s happening then apply it to his game when he gets back in there. I mean everybody is saying Graham is the holy grail and all that for next year anyway and Schroeder has already had half the season to prove he’s not the guy so why not try another QB. They all have eligibility after this year so maybe a light bulb will go on during the game if given the chance? Who knows we may something but if we don’t play them we’ll never know. I understand that you’re going to give the practice guy doing all the right things the ball but if he ain’t producing it doesn’t hurt to try someone else. I mean really a 3rd string Duke transfer is light years ahead of every QB on the roster…I highly doubt that.

  113. wafan October 29, 2012 11:05 am

    PB . . .

    Thanks for the calmer demeanor today. You have good stuff and you definitely bleed a dark green. Just when the other side comes out folks dunno how to read you.

    You still in AZ or back in CA?

  114. iwonderwhytheyhateme October 29, 2012 11:05 am

    If we can muster 3 more wins this season, the Temple idea could work. If we lose every single game, it will probably be a horrible idea. Too bad UHAD can’t tell the future haha.

    I’m leaning to just leaving it at 12 and focus on recruiting the players we need, healing the players that are injured and everyone just getting their minds off this season for a bit. Nuff already.

    I guess if they want that extra week of practice they should do it, but I doubt one week of additional practice is going to do much.

  115. Kekoa October 29, 2012 11:20 am

    A Grease ~ I’m in total agreement with D-1 @#98 above. I’ve known how passionate PB can be over UH FB for several years. He is always brutally honest about his views of the team, but just like being the good father that he is, he cares alot about the Warriors representing Hawaii.

    As far as his invitation to talk FB…if you could sit with him at one of our gatherings, you would get a much better idea of where his heart is. First, you have to learn all the latest street slang terms he has acquired over the years so you can appreciate his word pictures of each of the player/positions. Final word, hilarious!

  116. Derek October 29, 2012 11:21 am

    #114 I know you are dreaming, which is okay, but trust your eyes. Do you really think we can even win 1 more game. Be real. We will get blown out at Fresno and at Air Force. We will be mince meat at home against Boise St. UNLV is a better team than given credit for. They beat Air Force and they played hard and tough at Boise and at San Diego State. We will not beat UNLV. If we’re lucky, because we are at home we might win against South Alabama, but these players down South are good football players so I would say it’s 50-50.

    It’s either 2-10 or 1-11. Forget the 13th game. Mercy. Bottom 10 for sure. Like I said, trust your eyes.

    And if you want to look forward to next season, the first 2 games are against USC at home and at Oregon State. The good, Matt Barkey is gone. It’s still USC and OSU. It’s still the PAC 12. Doesn’t be a good prospect, does it? But spring brings eternal. And hope, and prayer!!!!

  117. iwonderwhytheyhateme October 29, 2012 11:22 am


    Did I say we will win 3 games? Or was I making a statement regarding the pros and cons, if’s and but’s of adding the Temple game?

  118. Kaneohe Resident October 29, 2012 11:25 am

    To those commenters who advocate Coach Chow continually change what he does for future games based on the past game’s results: You must steer your car using your rear view mirror all the time. I know your results will be ALWAYS positive.

  119. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 11:26 am

    62. A+

  120. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 11:26 am

    my allergies are killin’ me ๐Ÿ™

  121. Braddah Kimo October 29, 2012 11:27 am

    Pauoa, I not part of the conversation between you and chicken, but the braddah starting to creep me out too, brah. K Den. Shootz!

  122. Pauoa Boy October 29, 2012 11:40 am


    Right now I bounce around from Texas to Arizona and occasionally stop in Cali and home from time to time. Right now I’m in Texas area where RGIII’s old stomping grounds are. Lots of football talent in this area and some monsters down here. Don’t know what these Texas kids are fed but you can see the difference in size and speed these kids have. Coach Rauscher I know has his sights on a few players down here, but this state has a plethora of ballers, and a huge Polynesian influence in certain areas. Pretty cool to see some of the teams perform their version of the haka too.

  123. RedZone October 29, 2012 11:48 am

    Alright. Manoa to manoa. Welcome David.

    Former UH Athlete that is why I always used to look at June Jones after each offensive play. If it did not go well I could tell who screwed up by just seeing who he was yelling at. A lot of times it would be the receivers. On running plays the olinemen.

  124. Kevin October 29, 2012 11:48 am

    Jane Croson to return Thursday night per Rob DeMello via Twitter.

    “Ready to go but will have to earn her spot” – Dave Shoji

  125. Braddah Kimo October 29, 2012 11:50 am

    Ok, even dough I don’t agree wit him, I going have some fun defending braddah norm. Ok here are all the reasons why fo leave norm alone:

    1. The braddah is old, give the braddah a break;

    2. The cupboard is empty, brah, no mo’ spam;

    3. Wait, try wait, you going see, shroada is the bestest;

    4. he need mo’ time fo’ implement his system;

    5. the braddah is one genius, brah, he wen coach all the heisman guys;

    6. the braddah is one offensive genius, brah, i no mo’ proof, but das wat dey say;

    7. the braddah get plenny fight in him yet, brah;

    8. the braddah part of the punahou click, brah;

    9. the braddah know how evaluate and select talent, brah (i submit shroda as exhibit 1);

    10. eff the fans and the players, brah, chow is da man, das wat he told me last week.

    Tanks, ah.

  126. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 11:51 am

    skimming through yestadayz blog posts, it seems there’s a lot of very petty pent-up frustration, venom, immaturity, and malice exhibited by an unlikely source. deep breath in, hold..hold…EXHALE…. better?

  127. RedZone October 29, 2012 11:52 am

    UH Athlete there are Mac recruits who would be playing but are injured.

  128. RedZone October 29, 2012 11:53 am

    Shoji’s way of saying Jane will play. I am very happy to see that she is back.

  129. PUKA_5 October 29, 2012 11:54 am

    chow is a fluke! too old too stubbern. da ship is sinking fast an da captain must go down wit’em. no moa rebiulding just pain and sorrow for the next yr or 2. no can dis buggah, lose money! all da rejects gotta go! back too da pig pen. pua ting fo da boys, de working de okole’s off.

  130. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 11:55 am

    Pauoa Boy, i for one enjoy reading your posts. no worry about folks that read it the wrong way. keep posting!

  131. jeezy33 October 29, 2012 11:59 am

    anyone listening to Josh Pacheco right now? He might be the most lost person on sports radio I have ever heard. Making excuses for every single coach ever at UH. So blind.

  132. Pauoa Boy October 29, 2012 12:02 pm

    Braddah Kimo,

    It’s all good, I think Chicken Grease means well but is a unique individual with some off the wall things sometimes. Still as long as we talking football then everything is pono.

  133. A-House October 29, 2012 12:02 pm


    my “over/under” skills have a lot to be desired – in reality, it stinks.

    I tried just guessing, taking average stats of points scored and allowed, home or away, grass or synthetic, open or covered stadiums, and still “crap out” – like the Giants and Cowboys yesterday, their average combined score was 14 points less than scored – got the team correct, but lost on the O/U.

  134. Kevin October 29, 2012 12:08 pm


    Having Croson back is good. With her coming back, she did what Shoji asked of her to make up for whatever she did or didnโ€™t do or whatevers so all is good.

    Still can hear some people demanding to know what it was that cause the infraction and saying โ€œthe public has a right to knowโ€โ€ฆ yeah, right. ๐Ÿ™„

  135. mililanimauka October 29, 2012 12:08 pm

    i dont understand people saying give chow time.

    look at these first year coaches. no excuses there:


    new mexico


    just to name a few.

    they are doing good

  136. jeezy33 October 29, 2012 12:10 pm

    135… Completely agree..

    I think Chow does and did need time when he was hired. But time meaning as long as the team is improving and moving in the right direction.

    I am not even mad about our record. I am mad about how poorly prepared we look on the field. Every week other teams expose weaknesses in our team. We never seem to find an identity in ourselves and we dont expose any weaknesses in other teams.

    I am looking to see us progress. And all I have seen so far is regression. Its amazing what Fresno St. has done in a quick coaching change.

  137. John Fitzgerald Byers October 29, 2012 12:17 pm

    It all trickles down from above. Why does Fresno State do well with a first year coach? Just look at the efficiency in which their coach was hired compared to UH. Look at how there is no drama stemming from that hire about conflicting choices between the decision makers at Fresno compared to UH. Look at the Fresno state campus compared to UH manoa. Isnt the economy in California worse? Isnt Fresno State a .. state school? No problems and bickering about their operations as a state entity. Whether it was Chow or someone else, the dysfunction at UH Manoa effects all eventually.

  138. A-House October 29, 2012 12:28 pm

    I observe the UH football coaches and cannot help but think back to Von Oppen and all the excitement of “pro-football” experience, yet it was a complete bust!

    Hope it does not happen again.

    A prevailing decision amongst nearly all the football coaches the past 20 years is the unwillingness to “pull” a player – whether it be after a long pass or run, the same player stays in the game – others pull the player for whatever reason(s) and allows the “back-up” player some field time – certain schools, the player ( RB or WR ) automatically trots off the field and goes back in on the next play.

    perhaps those schools have the luxury of talented players compared to UH – however, those schools have the opportunity to “reload” quickly as many of the skilled players have significant field time compared to UH – I would think that UH needs more time to develop players and thus an immediate need to give them “field time”. one play will not cause the team to lose a game.

  139. greenthumb October 29, 2012 12:31 pm

    137, you are right, night and day in terms of the campus atmosphere and function/dysfunction. Prolonged stress is wearing (think cortisol). It seems like lately the high-profile stuff to do with UH is always stress, sloppiness, conflict.

  140. mililanimauka October 29, 2012 12:35 pm

    mark my words. we are in for Von Appen

  141. mililanimauka October 29, 2012 12:41 pm

    Chow will see how an offense, in this day and age, should be when he sees FRESNO STATE saturday.

  142. LizKauai October 29, 2012 12:54 pm

    flip flip flip

    scroll scroll scroll


    Happy Monday, everyone!


  143. primo888 October 29, 2012 12:54 pm

    every big loss moves us one day closer to coach kenny niumatalolo, the next UH coach.

  144. Ralph 808 October 29, 2012 1:04 pm

    Coaching at UH after coaching Navy would be a step down, not a step up, for Kenny. Makes absolutely no sense. Ain’t gonna happen. Only place for Kenny after Navy is a bigger, badder program like Notre Dame or USC, or the NFL. Moving from Navy to UH would be like moving from a Harley to a moped; like moving from a BMW to a Hyundai; etc., etc.

  145. madeinhawaii October 29, 2012 1:20 pm

    Whomever decided to fix the program when it wasn’t really broken should be taxed on how they came to the conclusion that revamping, rather than tweaking, the Warrior Football was necessary. What made they choose the pro set along with Chow?

  146. Buffoman October 29, 2012 1:40 pm

    #144 very funny…and I have to agree with you.

    I tend to see improvements albeit small ones and I understand that philosophical changes are tough; the head says one thing the body after years of doing it another does not operate on the same level. Change is difficult for some.

    I like Paipai’s whole demeanor as a leader. He is a senior, acts like a leader, plays like a leader and while I am certain there are those who are unhappy, that young man seems to have the ability to push the “noise” aside and play hard all of the time. I liked him as a freshman and think more highly of him at this point: when things are tough.

    I am willing to give our coach more time. Establishing a new base is never easy.

  147. Bigislandkurt October 29, 2012 1:41 pm

    To all thoughtful critics of this UH football team: KEEP POSTING.

    We are NOT haters. As a matter of fact, we got GREAT ALOHA for UH football. Like PB says, it’s not a matter of we losing, it’s a matter of HOW we are losing. There is talent on this team. The cupboard is not bare.

    Based on the body of evidence we have thus far, I will not be surprised if we don’t win another game this season.

    Don’t get it twisted. I still love my Warriors. Yet it’s not about the love. It’s about the body of evidence and some of us fans still like to use this evidence as a basis for our seemingly “negative” postings. The ship is not pono and some of us are just having a harder time accepting that.


  148. Will-I-Am October 29, 2012 1:43 pm

    Kenny makes $1.5 million a year and has great facilities. Explain to me why a guy not even hitting his prime would go chose to leave that to work under Wonder Blunders with under budgeted facilities and a stadium that is out of date.

    Wait I know the answer! He can work half his contract and get paid out when he leaves. Nah, only kidding.

  149. Bowwar October 29, 2012 1:45 pm

    #144: Starting to feel like anything is better than what we’re seeing now…

    I go back to some earlier posts asking “what was the reason we replaced Mac in the first place?” I truly don’t think we would be having a 1-11 season this season if we gave Mac and company their last year.

    Frankly, after sitting through the Von Appen years, I think they were even better than what we’re seeing now. Heck, the fights in the stands back then were better than what we’re seeing. At least they didn’t get creamed every game…In fact, they played ND tough I believe in the winless year.

  150. Bowwar October 29, 2012 1:49 pm

    BIK…I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been a season ticket-holder since ’77 and I never stopped going to games to cheer on the boys. However, this year is the first time I’ve ever given thought to giving up my tickets…Maybe its my current depression, but I’m not happy with the responses we’re getting from Chow and his lack of resourcefulness in improving the team.

    The evidence is clear…Losing isn’t something we want or desire, but there should be improvement from game to game. Problem is, we’re not seeing that improvement. Like you’ve indicated the cupboard wasn’t “bare” and there are still alot of good athletes on the team. Whether the players are being used or coached properly is what we are questioning.

  151. maddog50 October 29, 2012 1:58 pm

    Was at the CSU game…it hurt, like it hurt the players, coaches and fans….that being said, this was self-inflicted wounds by many not just one. Clean it up and you might be surprised. I am sure some of it is growing pains by all parties, fans included. I will support the coaches no matter what. I see what they are trying to do. It will come together sooner than later. I will forever bleed green and white……Go Warriors!!!!!

  152. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 2:12 pm


    October 29th, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    To all thoughtful critics of this UH football team: KEEP POSTING.

    We are NOT haters. As a matter of fact, we got GREAT ALOHA for UH football.

    The “great aloha” part is especially difficult to discern. Seeing the return of the popular 1990s characterization of the Warriors as a “high school football team” (geez; when does the “I left my UH football tickets in the car. Somebody broke into my car, stole everything in it, but left the UH football tickets” joke start coming back?) lately, too.

    This, supposedly, is “aloha” by these “thoughtful critics.” Right?

    Give a Grease a break; he was born in the day, but, a Grease wasn’t born yesterday.

    A Grease is almost done addressing all this, heahahah. A Grease is content w/seeing just how constructive the, uh, “thoughful critics” can be. I mean. That’s their whole point. Riiiiight? We’ll see how much pono and aloha they accord going forward.

  153. Bigislandkurt October 29, 2012 2:12 pm

    Chow Time….Chase Championships…..let’s do this together.

    Seems like eons ago don’t it?

    Winning cures all.


  154. Bigislandkurt October 29, 2012 2:14 pm


    Ok, I get it.

    The world is great…….so long as we look at it through your lens only. Seems like the Grease’s definition of Aloha, thoughtful, and critic is the only definition we should use now.

    Ok, I get it. Thanks!


  155. Bigislandkurt October 29, 2012 2:24 pm

    “You’re either with us or against us.” — GWB

    That template did not work for dubya back then. Yet why some so quick to take this approach with us folks who choose to be a bit more critical of our warriors? Just because all is not nice-nice in our posts does not automatically group us into some monolithic gathering of evil warrior football/chow haters…..or does it? Some fans are just too damn centric and need to be reminded that the world is full of diverse lenses. No different for UH fans. Everybody is entitled to their opinion….or are we?


  156. Stephen Tsai October 29, 2012 2:26 pm

    It appears Bright will be reinstated.

  157. coocbean October 29, 2012 2:28 pm

    I support Coach Chow for one reason only….he’s the current head coach of the Warriors. I’ve always supported whoever held the job, yes even Fred.

    Up till his release I was advocating extending Mack for another two years so we could groom or hand pick his successor.

    The Chow bashers and apologists are welcome to voice their opinions. It shows they still have passion for the program.

  158. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 2:29 pm

    it will be an interesting to see folks score predictions for this weeks game versus FSU. we are 32 point dawgs.

  159. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 2:33 pm

    darn, i wish we had an edit button.

  160. greenthumb October 29, 2012 2:39 pm

    159, thanks for the inspiration. ๐Ÿ™‚


    UH 32-30


  161. greenthumb October 29, 2012 2:40 pm

    … wishing for an edit button too — taking inspiration also from some other dawgs, the huskies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  162. kiipua October 29, 2012 2:46 pm

    Guy gotta be pretty greasy when he refers to himself in 3rd person and then faults prez & vice-prez for being unpresidential and un-vice presidential. At least they know who they are. Not like they saying “We were nice to Mitt; was dem other guys who spanked his okole.” Whereas Mitt would say, “Mitt doesn’t lie. Mitt doesn’t flip-flop. If u say da earth is flat, Mitt says da earth is flat. I am u. U are me. Grease is free for u and me.”

  163. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 2:57 pm

    155. one would think we’re allowed a lil’ leeway to express our opinions critical or not here, but if it doesn’t fit into the social realm of the warrior beat, you may be subject to petty, childish “observations”. just sayin’

  164. Kevin October 29, 2012 3:05 pm

    Jesus Christโ€ฆ if peopleโ€™s comments pop up on here and donโ€™t get deleted then people have said their peace without having their โ€œfreedom of speechโ€ effectedโ€ฆ


    Even then, the people that get deleted.. are for things over the line or just straight up BS since the administrators can track IP addresses from continuing offenders.

    Dunno why people keep harping and thumping their chest about being allowed to say what the want because those comments stick here and are out there for others to read.

    Now, if people are such panties about people accepting their so-called negative or positive opinions, then the problem is you.

    Write what you gotta say and regardless of the response, grow some balls and let it be.

  165. protector October 29, 2012 3:05 pm


    Warriors 35 Bulldogs 31;

    a real “dog” fight (underdog vs. bulldog), heheh.

  166. Shoko October 29, 2012 3:10 pm

    Not that its a big deal, but how come Darius didn’t call the coach himself, or at least leave a message?

  167. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 3:11 pm

    164. who’s talking about deleted posts? deep breath, deep breath…. its all good.

  168. Shoko October 29, 2012 3:16 pm

    ST rarely deletes post, unless your name is steve.

  169. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 3:16 pm

    TD niners!!! 16-0 SF

  170. iwonderwhytheyhateme October 29, 2012 3:17 pm

    Pomai’s Picks:

    59-13 Fresno

  171. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 3:18 pm

    what happened to the dream team, the philly eagles? fired DC, vick being vick..

  172. Shoko October 29, 2012 3:20 pm

    Sometimes I love Alex Smith and sometimes I really hate him. Typical love hate relationship, I guess.

  173. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 3:22 pm

    ‘zona needs kurt warner back

  174. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 3:26 pm

    that is right San Fran has a chance to be NFL champs to go along with their MLB championship.

  175. Annoddah Dave October 29, 2012 3:34 pm

    @174, I think you meant World Series Champion which I believe is the correct title.

  176. Shoko October 29, 2012 3:34 pm

    Don’t jinx! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  177. madeinhawaii October 29, 2012 3:39 pm

    I’ve only seen Tsai delete obvious SPAM and comments from bloggers that deliberately insulted other bloggers.

  178. Kaneohe Knight 61 October 29, 2012 3:45 pm

    #86 Shoko thanks for site. enjoyed the interview

  179. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 3:49 pm

    175. yes, thank you.

    chow’s press conference.


  180. WWF October 29, 2012 3:58 pm

    WWF believes that Chicken Grease would have more credibility if he didn’t refer to himself in the third person or refer to himself as A Grease.

    BIK, No worries, you are not a Hater in my book. (And my book is not the same book as Mr. Grease’s.)

  181. koakane i5 October 29, 2012 3:59 pm

    kifi #84 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  182. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 4:11 pm

    i like a Grease, and not because of his political views, but because of his much different writing style. CG keeps this blog interesting. IMO

  183. Kaneohe Knight 61 October 29, 2012 4:14 pm


  184. RedZone October 29, 2012 4:20 pm

    Get well Darius Bright.

  185. (Jesse) James October 29, 2012 4:25 pm

    Good afternoon Tsaikos~~~

    Just to let everyone know, this year the Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, December the 8th.

    Tsaiko Christmas Party

    Saturday, December the 8th

    6:30 until whenever

    Murphy’s Bar and Grill

    2 Merchant Street Honolulu, HI 96816

    (808) 531-0422

    Come down for food, fun, friends, and football. We always have a good time and gear up for the holidays.

  186. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 4:26 pm

    Just saw this part:

    Manoa to Manoa.

    David Manoa, a defensive end from Aragon High School in San Mateo, Calif., has accepted a football scholarship from the Warriors.

    Manoa is 6 feet 4 and 225 pounds.

    He’s the nephew of former Kahuku High and Penn State running back Tim Manoa.

    Manoa was under the radar because he had to sit out half the 2011 season after transferring from Hayward High.

    “He’s freakishly athletic,” Aragon coach Steve Sell told the Star-Advertiser. “He probably could gain another 50 pounds and still be as athletic. Hawaii is getting a great one.”

    Don’t look now. But, Chow is building. Like how some us believe.

    He’s recruiting some good players.


    October 29th, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    i like a Grease, and not because of his political views, but because of his much different writing style. CG keeps this blog interesting. IMO

    Ah, again, thank you, SAWARRIOR. A Grease is humbled. A Grease is not always humbled, but, he’s humbled enough at times, heh. Learn a lot from SAWARRIOR’s posts as well.

    Folks, a Grease doesn’t claim to be always correct. He only says, “well . . . consider THIS part that doesn’t seem to be being considered.” “Consider THIS part because THAT part is being addressed to the point of it being rubbed raw, for mercy’s sake.”

    Don’t hate a Grease. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And let’s always thank Mr. Stephen Tsai and any The Warrior Beat staff for keeping this ship — with the “H” logo on a flag high atop — on the correct path.

  187. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 4:34 pm

    183. KK your welcome brah!

  188. wafan October 29, 2012 4:34 pm

    PB . . .

    Safe travels where ever you go.

    Sounds like a rough but interesting life. Remember to have fun, too!

  189. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 4:40 pm

    Also, hooray for Bright being reinstated. Thanks for the reference to page C8, # 19. Funny how Coach Chow put it:

    “The guy disappeared on us,” Chow said. “He didn’t show up for practice one day. He’s not part of the team anymore, I guess.” . . . “He’s a young man with unlimited talent,” Chow said.

    [Quoting Mr. Stephen Tsai in Hawaii gets a win off the field with another commitment] Sounds like the situation with Bright hadn’t been settled yet and that, yes, Chow wanted him back anyways.

    This blog, as with many other blogs, is a great thing. We’re discussing. Discourse. Disgust — OK, OK, OK, a Grease is just joking with this one ;).

    We’re not throwing blows (though, a Grease has SEEN, methinks, “ehy come down hea, we settle d’is” posts . . . which is just not good, OK? Don’t do it).

    Discussing. Offering our opinions.

    OK. Let’s all have a good dinner.

    Values. OK? And remember that Warrior players and parents and friends visit this board.

    # # #

  190. Slugger October 29, 2012 4:40 pm

    Yay! Glad Darius is still with the team. We need that tall target.

    Welcome Manoa to Manoa!

  191. wafan October 29, 2012 4:44 pm

    Reverse aloha to Bright!

    Whew, thought we lost you for a while.

    Gotta get better and make strong positive statements on the field.

  192. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 4:49 pm

    189. im surprised at chow’s response to bright “disappearing”. i would be concerned if one of my kids were not at the place they should be.

    welcome back darius, and welcome mr manoa!

  193. Moocher October 29, 2012 4:52 pm

    what’s up with the sai brothers?

    did one quit or both quit… just asking.

  194. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 4:54 pm

    3.1 million folks without power on da east coast. be safe all our warrior folks out there. warriorNY, i hope you guys okay out there.

  195. madeinhawaii October 29, 2012 4:58 pm

    Moocher… I think one is injured and the other red-shirting.

  196. madeinhawaii October 29, 2012 4:58 pm

    I’m not a real BB fan but I can’t wait till Men’s BB starts this season. Go BOWS!

  197. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 5:05 pm

    186. a Grease, eh, no worries… a sawarrior is often misunderstood. it’s probably my lazy writing style where i don’t fully explain my point, or points… and sometimes i have no point, or points. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  198. Kris October 29, 2012 5:10 pm

    Niumatalolo? really? nice thought but would you if you where in his situation? 1.5mil? no way!

    The theory is good though.

    It’s no surprise to me that the only systems that have “so far” had any success at UH is P Johnson’s spread and JJ’ s R&S. Two systems focused in completely opposite directions YET with identical ideas. Practice one thing, running variations in the spread and passing variations in the R&S, and you practice them till you can do them in your sleep. Both utilize smaller, more agile linemen, smaller, quicker skill players and that special QB to run it. IMO both are “all in” type of offenses.

    If they wanted to go in this direction, I say go back to the R&S.

    IMO the key to Chow’s success here is recruiting the top local kids. And therein lies a HUGE problem. The perceived rock craziness of our top local players and their parents. If you are a good student or a good football player the pressure is to go away not stay and play/study for the state.

    Contrast this with someplace like Alabama. If you are one of Alabama’s top HS players there will be tremendous pressure to stay home. Not only on the player but his/her parents, friends and family too.

    The last players that I recall where there was significant public pressure to stay home was Micah Matsuzaki and Leroy Lutu Sr. That was decades ago!

    For NC to have a shot at these players, this has to change. Of course not pressure that will result in NCAA sanctions. More of the local kine style talk story pressure. Everybody knows everybody here, go to the game and do your part to help NC get the kids that will make the program successful.

    I’ve done my share of this myself, talking to the mom of one of the top players in the state. It takes a lot but it’s something everyone can do and it doesn’t cost anything.

    It’s funny you know, how we get what we ask for.

    To all of you who wanted NC-You are getting what you asked for.

    To all of you who wanted Mac to run more-You are getting what you asked for.

    To all of you who wanted to dominate time of possession-You are getting what you asked for.

    To all of you who wanted hard hitting in practice-You are getting what you asked for.

    To all of you who wanted man to man bump and run coverage-You are getting what you asked for.

    To all of you who wanted stern discipline, no excuses coaching-You are getting what you asked for.

    Yea this season has been really hard for me to swallow too. NC wasn’t my first choice, he wasn’t even my second. But the bottom line is I still bleed green. This season hurts bad, really bad. But I still support the team, I will continue to go to the games. NC is the coach and I will support him and do what I can, whatever little or a lot that may be.

    Till the end….

  199. Rodney October 29, 2012 5:12 pm

    Fresno 28 Hawaii 31

    Imua Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 5:14 pm

    if you guys tired of ketchup based BBQ sauce, i highly recommend Cattlemen’s Carolina Tangy Gold BBQ Sauce, it’s great on pork ribs, wings, brisket, pulled pork. da bugga tangy and sweet. mustard based bugga.

  201. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 5:16 pm


    October 29th, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    186. a Grease, eh, no worries… a sawarrior is often misunderstood. it’s probably my lazy writing style where i don’t fully explain my point, or points… and sometimes i have no point, or points.

    Ah, not at all, SAWARRIOR, I certainly wakaru* what your posts are about. Adds to the discussion for sure.

    Let’s give another prayer and “be safe, East Coasters” as severe storm (not a hurricane anymore, at least, yes?) Sandy (name of an ex-GF of a Grease’s, mind you, no wonder this storm is lashing, BWAHAHAHAHAHAA AHAHAHAHA A AHAHA HAHAHAHA AHA HA . . . hahaahahah . . . ahah . . . ha.) goes through the region.

    WarriorNY, others . . . stay safe ’til the proverbial 7am, and beyond.

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!

    * “understand” in the Japanese language.

  202. ai-eee-soos October 29, 2012 5:17 pm

    Niners 24-3. CNNSI called it a “Desert Demolition”.

  203. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 5:21 pm

    i bet there will be a lot of babies named Sandy 9 months from now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  204. Kevin October 29, 2012 5:25 pm

    Oof in a hurricane…

    Add that one to da bucketlist.

  205. Pomai October 29, 2012 5:50 pm

    UH vs CO

    10    –    66    Derek

    13    –    59    IWWTHM

    17    –    49    HiFlyer

    27    –    24    Bugaz

    31    –    28    Rodney

    32    –    30    greenthumb

    35    –    31    protector

    47    –    13    Pomai

    56    –    14    d1shima

  206. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 5:54 pm

    i thought we play FSU this week?

  207. Pauoa Boy October 29, 2012 5:55 pm

    Just saw Coach Chow’s weekly Q and A’s about the game. I’m glad he’s pissed off about what he’s hearing about the team especially about his QB. All I hear is the same thing every week though, bad decision making, bad play-calling, etc… The receivers may not always run the correct routes as he has stated but with that being said, Schroeder needs to be smarter in making the play. Meaning if its the wrong route or whatever, don’t throw the ball to that player. That play that they talk about him getting picked, I believe Harold Moleni was wide open if I’m not mistaken. He may have gotten hit 20 times but again how long does the kid need to release the dayum ball? I know the offensive line is not the greatest but they do hold their own. They obviously did their job for the most part by having both our backs combined gain almost 200yds rushing for the game. If Schroeder is the best option for us to score TD’s and win games then where are the results and improvement??? I believe the CSU game, the defense is what kept the score close, not the offense. If 1-6 is any indication of our best option then dayum might as well clean house with the current QB’s cause they are just wasting space on the sidelines…

  208. Derek October 29, 2012 6:01 pm

    I always felt that the new UH head coach should be a younger person. Personally, I had hoped that Rich Miano would get the job, but he did not. Chow did, so we will see what happens. So far, I don’t like what I am seeing. Seems like we are getting worse rather than getting better. Mind you, the last 2 teams (New Mexico and Colorado St.) aren’t exactly considered even top tier MWC type teams and we played horrible. Chow said he hears the criticism about his QB and he said he is pissed off about it. Well, I think a lot of die hard fans would say to him “ditto”. He won’t change unless Schroeder gets hurt. And Chow boxed himself in a corner by making him a team captain so he would look like an idiot if he admit he made a mistake. Chow can get off the hook if Schroeder does get hurt, by then making a change at QB because of injury. Just a thought. Myself, the are not going to a bowl game and the season has been a big disaster so far, so why not give some other QBs a chance like he is playing a lot of freshmen and sophomores at other positions. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Now is the time to do some experimenting.

  209. amedar consulting group October 29, 2012 6:05 pm

    Rattling wonderful information can be found on weblog.

  210. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 6:11 pm

    Good to see posts from those mentioned by Tsai late last night/early this morning, Kevin (particularly funny, hahaha, # 204) and Derek’s # 208.

  211. Ballpicker October 29, 2012 6:22 pm

    I don’t know what to say but so most of u have jobs, families, other curriculum activities. I like being on the blog, Just shake my head. Repetition is good in some endeavors but…

    Be good in blog terms to each other and don’t use inflammatory wording.

    In other words no try so hard!

    As my judo instructor calvin F. said, Easy dou!

    I leave that to u fellow bloggers.

    Go warriors .

    Dpk text me when u can.

  212. madeinhawaii October 29, 2012 6:35 pm

    Wait a minute.. how is it that Bright goes missing from practice for two days and neither he nor his teammates can relay the message to Coach Chow? TWO DAYS! And Chow doesn’t follow up? Assumes the kid quit? What?????

    Major disconnect.

    That’s been my word for this entire season… “Disconnect”…

  213. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 6:48 pm

    212. SAWARRIOR:

    October 29th, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    189. im surprised at chow’s response to bright “disappearing”. i would be concerned if one of my kids were not at the place they should be.

    that was my concern. to just assume bright quit, is weak IMO.

  214. fo' FREE !!! October 29, 2012 6:49 pm

    … “from now until Nov. 3, 2012 …”

    you can read the on-line SA fo’ FREE !!!

    generous of the SA – I guess trying to generate voter interest by making the political news available through this media.

  215. 3-Prong October 29, 2012 6:54 pm

    Pomai: Put me down for the D1 score except for the dogs. Sorry fellow Warrior fans. Just keeping it real. Dogs are legit and we don’t have Taylor till next year. GO WARRIORS. I still believe.

  216. SAWARRIOR October 29, 2012 6:58 pm

    214. i just tried the SA, still need log-in.

  217. obachan October 29, 2012 7:04 pm

    Quote from Reardon’s column – Chowism: “Yeah, he made some bad decisions. But you can never blame the quarterback.” Huh coach?

  218. KonaBoy October 29, 2012 7:33 pm

    Loving former uh athletes posts. Keep them coming, spot on.

  219. 3-Prong October 29, 2012 7:44 pm

    #200 Grease re: BBQ. Got a Cattleman’s doctored Killah Sause for babybacks or whateva. Cattlemans Original add brown sugar and squeeze in some lemon. Always a hit.

  220. 3-Prong October 29, 2012 7:48 pm

    Sorry s/b for Saw….hehe.

  221. manoa#1 October 29, 2012 8:08 pm

    darius bright got kicked off the team cause he lost his playbook. he must of found it cause he’s back on the team. come on chow tell the truth now.

  222. kev-1 October 29, 2012 8:16 pm

    First and foremost, gotta give prayers to those affected by that beeyatch Sandy. I am definitely thinking of those dealing with that storm.

    Looks like I missed a lively blog today. Unfortunately, two of my favorite reads were involved in a spat.

    Chicken Grease . . . you are fun to read, and insightful, and often test my reading/comprehension abilities. And you’re thoughtful. Remember though, not all criticism comes from the dark side.

    Pauoa Boy . . . I appreciate your perspective too. I agree very strongly with your point about it being fair to be so critical of other position players, but the QB gets a pass, just because it is too easy to blame the QB. If he is the guy, then fine. But that doesn’t mean you can’t yank him from a game where he is obviously struggling and your defensive keeps giving you chance after chance. Give another guy a shot at least in that game. You can always start your guy again the next week.

    Look at what Brian Kelly has done at ND this year. He is dead set on his starter, even though there are many that say Rees should be the guy. Kelly has stuck with Golson over and over (who has played well, but at times has struggled in the passing game), but when he felt he needed to, he has pulled him and put in Rees to either lead them to a win, or preserve a win. Many times. And there is no QB controversy there. Every time he is asked, he says “Golson is my starting QB.” And sure enough, he starts.

  223. kev-1 October 29, 2012 8:17 pm

    And by the way, Kevin . . . you nailed it with your bucket list item. That had me rolling.

  224. PurpleMaple October 29, 2012 8:20 pm

    Schroeder threw two pic-6’s to put the game out of reach in the 4th. So why is it that Chow is angry that the fans want to see another QB? We fans don’t know all the intricacies in grading a quarterback. We just see the results. Whether a receiver ran a wrong route, we usually don’t know or realize it. We do know that sometimes another QB brings different intangibles that works with the team chemistry. The way things are going, it might not be a bad idea to see whether another QB can change the chemistry. What’s to lose? The team is finding so many ways to lose anyway and Schroeder was a big part of that this past game.

  225. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 8:21 pm


    October 29th, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Wait a minute.. how is it that Bright goes missing from practice for two days and neither he nor his teammates can relay the message to Coach Chow? TWO DAYS! And Chow doesn’t follow up? Assumes the kid quit? What?????

    Major disconnect.

    That’s been my word for this entire season… “Disconnect”…

    A Grease’s expression for this season is “fan assumption,” brought to you by the letters “f” and “a”.

    Cannot assume there’s a disconnect. Go again and read what Tsai reported Coach Chow said in terms of the recent Bright situation (a Grease posts this quote above in # 189; ah, a Grease’ll just requote it here):

    “The guy disappeared on us,” Chow said. “He didn’t show up for practice one day. He’s not part of the team anymore, I guess.” . . . “He’s a young man with unlimited talent,” Chow said.

    So, more than an assumption of ‘disconnect, doesn’t it sound like Chow’s trying to call him back? Especially with the “unlimited talent” mention at the end? And that it was set in motion to have Darius back way before this quote was printed?

    The answer is “yes.” Doesn’t sound like a disconnect to a. Grease.

    Right now, the Warrior football team is losing more games than they are winning; this is fact (see post # 27; some hoo hah [yeah. All TWo of ’em; see post # 55] tried to school a Grease on what the heck “fact” is). And . . . we simply cannot assume that the results happening now won’t lead to better things in the long run. Chow will — for starters — get the players (lo and behold, the last two recent recruits mentioned recently, those players Chow needs to get is happening now; yet the naysayers are relatively silent on this matter. Yeah, actually — they would be silent after all that complaining, wouldn’t they?) that he needs to compliment the program that he’s building.

    Youse “I’ve know d’a game foo’ball long time since I was small keed” must know that’s what a coach could be doing; indeed, a first year/first time head coach. You’ll allow that for every team . . . other than the Warriors? Strange.

    So easy to support the team when they’re winning. So willing to stand in line physically or electronically to get those season or individual tickets when they’re winning.

    It’s sad that a lot of youse calling for Chow’s head and/or “change the QB”-class Game of Thrones house (and, an ironic analogy here since no one, like those asking to change the QB here in Warriorland, seems to be happy in Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire) and/or “get that Navy Coach,” etc., used to be the same ones who’d say “it’s easy being a fan when they’re winning.”

    # # #

  226. kev-1 October 29, 2012 8:27 pm

    Chow doesn’t want people blaming one person. Right? Yet on one of the INTs, he blames the receiver, over and over. That doesn’t make sense to me. He doesn’t even give any blame to Schroeder. Actually gives credit to the defense for reading the check, then kind of shoulders the blame by saying they probably ran that check too many times to make it obvious, then blames the receiver several times for not turning into a defender to prevent the INT.

    I am not a Chow hater in the least. I agree that this will take time. I KNOW that Chow knows more than I could ever wish to know about football. And I do believe that our time will come. But guys, that doesn’t make sense. There seems to be a double standard there.

  227. 3-Prong October 29, 2012 8:29 pm

    Try googling Manoa recruit. Load of potential. Hits with attitude!

  228. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 8:31 pm


    October 29th, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    . . .

    Chicken Grease . . . . . . Remember though, not all criticism comes from the dark side.

    It doesn’t?!?!?!

    Ah, $#17. You just ruined my self-persona as Jedi Master on this board. [a Grease goes out to the yard to cry.]

    Bwaaaaahhhhhh, kev-1!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  229. kev-1 October 29, 2012 8:33 pm

    Ahhh, Grease. Jedi master you are. Padawan I be.

  230. Chicken Grease October 29, 2012 8:40 pm

    AHaahaahh, no, no, kev-1 . . . a Grease was just making a joke . . . on your . . . mention . . . of . . . dark side.

  231. kev-1 October 29, 2012 8:59 pm

    To be fair, I should acknowledge that Chow said he questioned Schroeder’s decision making and that he didn’t have a good game. Still, it seems that he is more critical on other players.

    Pau already from me on that.

    Is it too early for me to predict an upset by UH?

    UH will win on Saturday. You watch. Turnovers will continue. Schroeder will come out with something to prove. I will be the first one here to give him credit when he does too.

  232. nanakuli October 29, 2012 9:03 pm

    Pauoa boy is really a man who has been here from the beginning of the blog. I love to read every post everyday. Keep on posting and enjoy both the positive and negative comments. Pauoa boy keep it up. When people don’t make a comment we are not being stimulated on UH football.

  233. madeinhawaii October 29, 2012 9:15 pm

    A Grease,

    I think most will agree that I’ve usually been the optimist when it comes to the Warriors… but from what I’ve seen and heard so far, I’m finding it difficult to be hopeful with the current system. I must be posting less than a tenth what of I have been since the start of 2008 but I feel burnt out because what’s coming out of me isn’t very positive or very hopeful. This season, I feel very disconnected from the team, the program, everything.

  234. Former UH Athlete October 29, 2012 9:39 pm

    Wow… I just watched Charlie Tua’ua’s YouTube highlight video, and he’s going to make an immediate impact when he arrives next season. He is a beast… (6’3″ 270lb DE) quick off the snap, and plays with a nasty streak (which is lacking on the DLine this year). He also shows speed to chase down plays from the back side.

    I read that Nebraska offered him a scholarship but Chow was able to get him to commit to UH. It’s not set in stone until the signature hits the LOi, but it appears that Chow landed an excellent player.

    This Manoa kid looks good too. Very athletic for a DE. He will definitely need to add weight to compete at the D1 level but he appears to have the frame to add weight and not lose too much athleticism.

    DT commit David Moala (6’2″ 305lb DT) sounds like he can contribute. No video that I could find. If nothing else he’s a big body that can plug the middle, which is a major problem this year.

    WR commit Marcus Keml (6’4″ WR) is a nice tall body but doesn’t have much speed. Shows good hands but is a so-so route runner. Could be useful in red zone, but I don’t see him making a major impact. I think he should consider gaining weight and convert to TE.

    OT John Wa’a (6’3″ 280lb) looks pretty good on video. I can’t put too much stock when watching him pancake OIA DEs (D1 is a whole new level of athletes) but what I do like is his mobility. After a year in the strength/conditioning program… a 300-310lb Wa’a looks promising.

    Based on who’s committed and on the radar, Chow is focusing on Defensive line recruits. Which is the biggest area of need for UH along with WR. Again, I think UH has some very nice freshmen playing, but physically aren’t ready for 2012. A full offseason of Tommy’s strength and conditioning will make a world of difference next year.

    I’m going to go ahead and stick my neck out and predict UH competes for a bowl birth in 2013. I predict big improvements on defense with the addition of Tua’ua and Moala along the freshmen gaining experience and getting stronger. The RB corp is the real strength of the offense and UH will actually have one of the best backfields in the west coast. As long as the OLine can keep Taylor Graham on his feet, UH should see big improvement on offense. Believe me when I tell you… You will be very impressed with Graham’s arm if you haven’t seen it yet. He’s got a smooth effortless release and the ball explodes out if his hand.

    The main question marks for 2013 on offense is if the Young OLine improves and if Chow can land a couple playmakers at WR. 2012 is easily the worst WR corp since the Von Appen days (I believe the dropped TD pass tally is at 6; Miah dropped a critical 3rd down pass in the forth quarter, killing a nice drive). Repairing an awful DLine and adding playmakers at WR is a tall task for Chow, and its probably too much to ask for in one year.

    Former UH Athlete’s 2013 prediction: (6-6) and a Hawaii Bowl birth… As long as UH doesn’t get crushed by injuries like this year.

  235. kama krab October 29, 2012 9:43 pm

    Howzit Everybody,

    Gotta jump on the change the QB stance though it is not for the reasons often stated lately. My reason is because of the second half of the game against CSU. It look like the team gave up around SS. The offense just refused to do anything. People look uninterested even though the game was still winnable. It just look like no one wanted to be there after a while. For this reason it would be good to just get some new blood out there to lead the team. Give someone else a chance to see what they can do. I feel that if Chow decides not to do this, then this type of behavior may continue the rest of the season and into the off-season. If it continues into the off-season then Chow is toast.

  236. kama krab October 29, 2012 9:46 pm

    By the way,

    Uncle Kenny will never come. Uncle Rich could not even run a defense let alone a whole team. High School coach uncle Rich can be. College Coach Uncle Rich can not be.

  237. kama krab October 29, 2012 9:51 pm

    Former UH Athlete,

    Charlie Tua’au has been a freak from his high school days. The boy played with my cousin so got to see up close and personal and the boy just has a motor. If we can keep him that would be a steal.

    Oh and if you like Charlie, you’ll love Kennedy Tulimasealii. The boy has the same kind of motor and instincts, just a little bigger weight wise. Lets just hope the boy got grades and chooses UH.

  238. kama krab October 29, 2012 9:58 pm

    Eh and Former UH Athlete,

    I like you insightful post. For the most part I have agreed with most of what you have said. I thoroughly enjoy how your able to breakdown things to the T. And I like how you explain yourself in football terms rather then just saying scheme gotta change or so and so player gotta change without giving a real good reason. I know that most here do not have the extensive background that others have but it is good to have someone here that is willing and knowledgeable enough to go into detail about how they feel about the team while giving solid football explanation with solid football terms. Mahalo much

  239. kama krab October 29, 2012 10:04 pm

    To back my brother Pauoa Boy,

    The braddah is one good braddah but when the braddah get mad the braddah get mad. For the most part he’s been right on with what needs to happen, he just get one nutz way of expressing himself. When comes down to it, my braddah Pauoa Boy will always be one Warrior fan no matter what but just hard for be positive when nothing positive stay happening. Plain and simple

  240. WarriorNY October 29, 2012 10:05 pm

    Any word on Dejon Allen? Will he be Here next year?

    Former UH athlete, I think next year we will be very good… We will add Tepa, Samia, Puu- Robinson and Tachibana on the D-line. Add Edwards(if he comes back) Tuliau, Jackson, Phillips in the secondary and I really think our D will be solid.. Mix in Gregory and Iosefa as running backs with Graham at QB on offense and I really think we could go 9-3 or 8-4.

    I think there are going to be a lot of parallels to SMU’s second year under JJ…

  241. kama krab October 29, 2012 10:06 pm

    Speaking of Nanakuli,

    A fellow Nanakulian in the house. You going be at the game on Friday nanakuli. Golden Hawks forever.

  242. kama krab October 29, 2012 10:09 pm

    I’m quietly optimistic about next year. Could see it going either way. Just gotta see how we end this season to see how we will fare next season.

  243. 3-Prong October 29, 2012 10:11 pm

    No kidding, that Tua’ua kid has a burst off the edge. Lot to look forward to.

  244. 3-Prong October 29, 2012 10:14 pm

    Anybody know who has the stongest arm of the active quarterbacks?

  245. kalani October 29, 2012 10:30 pm



  246. Rodney October 30, 2012 12:16 am


  247. wafan October 30, 2012 1:48 am

    A fine typical PNW Fall Tuesday, to everyone!

  248. wafan October 30, 2012 1:49 am

    100% chance of rain today.

    Not showers.


  249. goji October 30, 2012 1:51 am

    Im thankful for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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  251. d1shima October 30, 2012 3:25 am

    Great Morning All!


    All I can say is, “Ninahz!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  252. alwaysarainbow October 30, 2012 3:38 am

    Meet the new Boss! Here is a kid who will be playing on Sundays in the future. Boss Tagaloa, 6’3 252 Freshman at DeLasalle, Concord. #1 team in California and nationally ranked. First freshman ever to be lifted to varsity. Saw the film link on the Spartanhood blog and realized after a few minutes — he flattens everyone he lines up against and tackles any ball carrier within reach and is sprinting along side wide receivers. This was JV film but he is doing same on varsity now. Would love to keep the Boss in a green jersey.


  253. gagner de l'argent October 30, 2012 5:47 am

    Thanks a lot for the blog.Much thanks again. Cool.

  254. Slugger October 30, 2012 5:52 am

    Morning, krew!

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!

  255. Pomai October 30, 2012 6:02 am

    UH vs CO

    10    –    66    Derek

    13    –    59    IWWTHM

    14    –    56    3-Prong

    17    –    49    HiFlyer

    27    –    24    Bugaz

    31    –    28    Rodney

    32    –    30    greenthumb

    35    –    31    protector

    47    –    13    Pomai

    56    –    14    d1shima

  256. SAWARRIOR October 30, 2012 6:10 am

    Pomai, i give up… who is CO?

  257. 3-Prong October 30, 2012 6:14 am

    Kalani: thanks.

  258. Pomai October 30, 2012 6:30 am

    UH vs Fresno

    10    –    66    Derek

    13    –    59    IWWTHM

    14    –    56    3-Prong

    17    –    49    HiFlyer

    27    –    24    Bugaz

    31    –    28    Rodney

    32    –    30    greenthumb

    35    –    31    protector

    47    –    13    Pomai

    56    –    14    d1shima

  259. Former UH Athlete October 30, 2012 6:47 am

    UH will be in for a long one vs Fresno. Fresno’s offense can put up points and the Fresno fans always get fired up when UH comes to town (screwdrivers and all). The top three RBs all average over 5yds/carry and the QB Carr really runs their high offense efficiently….

    It pains me to say it, because I hate Fresno St, but its a bad matchup for the 2012 UH defense.

    UH loses big: 17-55

    Oh ouch… I just saw the spread on vegasinsider.com and its UH (+33.5)

  260. Quinceanera Gowns October 30, 2012 6:56 am

    Very good post. Really Great.

  261. madeinhawaii October 30, 2012 7:06 am

    The Fresno game will demonstrate whether or not this team has improved some. CSU was not a good indicator.

  262. PurpleMaple October 30, 2012 7:10 am

    Former UH Athlete, you will have to revise your 2013 prediction from 6-6 since there will be 13 games; 5 non-conference and 8 conference games. Also enjoyed your assessment of the current 2013 commitments. UH, however, seems to be recruiting much more heavily towards safeties and corners on defense.

  263. WarriorNY October 30, 2012 7:13 am


    20-10… WarriorNY

  264. PurpleMaple October 30, 2012 7:16 am

    As for this season, I feel for seniors like Pai Pai Falemalu, Haku Correa and Sterling Jackson whom have had to endure this debacle. Perhaps there is a silver lining.

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