Avis has ruled …

. . . And the winner of a pair of tickets to the Hawaii Bowl is Curveball.

E-mail me at sstsai@hawaii.edu.

Thanks again for playing. Thanks again to Stretch for donating the tickets. Thanks to Avis for selecting another winner.

* * * * *

John Cooper Pelluer, a linebacker from Skyline High in Washington state, has accepted a football scholarship offer from the Warriors.

Pelleur, who is 6 feet 3 1/2 and 225 pounds, had 10 sacks in 13 games in 2009. He played defensive end at Skyline. He projects to play d-end or outside linebacker for the Warriors.

His father, Scott, was a linebacker with the New Orleans Saints for five years. His uncle, Steve, was a quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos.

Scott Pelluer and and Steve Pelluer both attended Washington State, which also made an offer to Cooper Pelluer. But Cooper Pelluer, who visited Hawai‘i a week ago, said UH was a better fit for  him.

* * * * *

Left wideout Rodney Bradley is back in Texas for the holidays. He’s recovering nicely from a broken fibula and tibia. He likely will sit out spring practice, giving him enough time to fully heal for the start of training camp. That also should provide enough spring work for the young guys, like Billy Ray Stutzmann.

* * * * *

Bryant Moniz will enter the spring as the No. 1 quarterback, but each of the quarterbacks will get the same amount of work.


  1. HiFlyer December 20, 2009 2:00 am

    Welcome to the Warrior John Cooper Pelluer

    congrats to madeinhawaii

  2. G (China) December 20, 2009 2:53 am

    Great news on the new recruit!

  3. HiFlyer December 20, 2009 3:06 am

    I wonder if this is the one al was talking about?

  4. Kekoa (iPhone) December 20, 2009 4:43 am

    Aloha ka kou to the Pelleur family. Hele mai!

    Welcome to the Warrior ohana JC! I agree with you. This is the place to be, and you fit very nicely into our little corner of the world. Thank you for making UH your top choice!

  5. Kekoa (iPhone) December 20, 2009 4:53 am

    Good Sunday morning Tsaiko nation. What great news so far on the new recruits! It certainly is nice to have some NFL bloodline coursing thru our veins.

    CRW ~ Do a Tom Sawyer and hire some kids to dig out your car while you supervise.

  6. bighilofan2 December 20, 2009 5:15 am

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    John Cooper Pelluer
    Really great news for Warrior Nation,
    Welcome welcome.

  7. Garret December 20, 2009 5:28 am

    Welcome to the Warriors John Cooper Pelluer!

  8. bighilofan2 December 20, 2009 5:34 am

    Okay, I read the news.

    Cooper, welcome welcome.

  9. bighilofan2 December 20, 2009 5:35 am

    Yup, we really want Cooper. And his friend Daniel too. 😀

    Pretty please.

  10. duffer (iPhone) December 20, 2009 5:46 am

    Good morning TSAIKOS!

    Rain and lightning here at the golf course.

  11. Committed Road Warrior December 20, 2009 5:57 am

    Time to go dig my car out…..after I’m finished eating.

    Gotta make up for yesterday.

  12. bighilofan2 December 20, 2009 6:00 am

    o boy, i feel so honored Scott chose to become a Warrior. da bugga get big time pedigree, and get big time credentials. kinda reminds me of
    Pride. dis bugga gonna be a big help for us in years to come.

    must be Coach Tormey and some odda coaches wen give dis young man da shaka vibes. plus Jake wen corral him in. 😀

  13. duffer (iPhone) December 20, 2009 6:00 am

    Golfers gotta be the most optimistic people. It’s raining cats and dogs with lightning and I’m thinking still get chance to play. 🙂

  14. bighilofan2 December 20, 2009 6:07 am

    Thunder…. lightning…. RAIN….

    da bugga still happening here in Pepeekeo. yesterday da light show
    was really going off in lower Puna. usually can see Cape Kumukahi from
    down the street. Thats the most eastern point of big island, about 20 air miles away. i’m up at the 600 foot elevation. but yesterday, had dark clouds hanging so low could not even see bayfront. or Keaukaha. but the light show was chicken skin making kind. awesome.

    and da noise… wuz like full on K A A B OOOOOOOMMM!

    yup, nuttin beats da Hawaii noise maykahz when da skyh is going off.

  15. bighilofan2 December 20, 2009 6:16 am

    Good morning Duffer

    let me put dis delicately….


    you gots to be nutz. 😆

  16. bighilofan2 December 20, 2009 6:22 am

    we getting all dis high profile kinda D peeps.
    what about our O?
    Stutz1 went away. Ron, Nick and Brian are here.
    kinda seems like a visible mismatch, all da D muscle versus
    da O muscle. maybe its just me, but our right arm get big tryz and byez, and da left arm is skin an bones. 😯

    c’mon coach, get it togedda! D pretty please. :mrgreen:

  17. bighilofan2 December 20, 2009 6:25 am

    wow. da sky is clearing.. da sky is clearing. get chance fo gold dis morning Hilo Muni. but its lightning and thunda hamakua dis a.m.

  18. bighilofan2 December 20, 2009 6:33 am

    have a great day, Tsaikos.

    again, welcome to Warrior Nation, Scott. work hard. play hard. 😀

  19. d1島 December 20, 2009 6:34 am

    Great Morning All!

    Welcome to the Warrior Ohana Mr. Pelleur! 🙂

  20. Pomai December 20, 2009 6:35 am

    Good morning BHF2, all cloudy kine over here, no more sun peaking thru da clouds en da wind stay picking up, looks like one good day to go back an get 40 more winks.

  21. Kazz December 20, 2009 6:40 am


    LAS VEGAS – Outscoring the Wildcats 49-25 in the second half, the University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Wahine basketball team (4-5) came back to beat Kansas State (4-6) 71-61 in the first round of the Duel in the Desert at Cox Arena Saturday.

    Dita Liepkalne had 15 points and eight assists to lead UH, while Julita Bungaite had her first career double-double with 11 points and 12 rebounds. Breanna Arbuckle added 12 points and six boards while Leilani Galdones had 13 points.

    Kansas State came out with a barrage of three-point bombs, hitting eight from deep in the first 13 minutes of the game to go ahead 30-10. Hawai‘i responded with a big 9-0 run later in the half, cutting it back to 33-22. The Wildcats kept hitting from deep throughout the half, holding a 36-22 lead at the end of the half on the strength of 10 three-pointers.

    The Rainbow Wahine came out running to start the second half, using a 15-4 run out of the gates to cut the deficit back to 40-37. A six-point UH run later tied it up at 43-43, only to see a 6-0 K-State run get it back up to 49-43. Galdones led the charge to give Hawai‘i its first lead of the game, hitting a layup and a three to give them their first lead at 50-49 with 8:07 left. Galdones added another three in the midst of a 13-0 run that put the Rainbow Wahine ahead 56-49.

    Hawai‘i was able to close it out down the stretch, thanks in part to clutch free throws by Liepkalne, Keisha Kanekoa, Arbuckle and Galdones, making the final score 71-61.

    UH will play host UNLV in the Duel in the Desert semifinal game tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. (5:30 p.m. HT).

  22. Kekoa (iPhone) December 20, 2009 6:45 am

    CRW ~ Good luck with digging your car out. It’s gonna be your cardio workout for the day!

  23. protector December 20, 2009 6:52 am

    Congrats to ‘madeinhawaii’.

    Also, a hearty welcome to new Warrior John Cooper Pelluer!

    What a great job of recruiting by Coach Tormey & the other coaches.
    To be able to convince this kid to come here and shun his legacy status at WSU, that’s huge in terms of credibility and future recruiting in that area. Again, Coach Tormey’s hire is yielding more dividends.

  24. Bulla December 20, 2009 6:55 am

    happy sunday to all the Tsaikos,

    have a blessed day, watch out for the crowds at the mall……and the maniac drivers….be safe out there!

  25. whitey December 20, 2009 7:53 am

    Good morning Tsaikos.

    Welcome to the ohana, John Cooper Pelleur

  26. whitey December 20, 2009 7:54 am

    duffer, not a drop down here in god’s country. in fact, my friend sunshine is starting to show.

  27. haka December 20, 2009 8:02 am

    cooper makes a katoosh sack on the quarterback and the aloha stadium crowd in baritone unison yells, “coooooooooooooooooooooooo…”

  28. koakane™ December 20, 2009 8:06 am

    howzit, good morning and have a nice sunday everyone.

    if you are going to finish up your shopping be nice, take your time, enjoy the moment then be thankful.

  29. whitey December 20, 2009 8:38 am

    ST forgot to mention that Cooper comes from the 3 time Washington h.s. championship team in the highest class.. His qb is the top rated qb in the nation, Heaps. Cooper is exactly the kind of player the Warriors need and if he can be a speed rusher, this is what they need right now.

  30. djmitcho December 20, 2009 8:43 am

    Good Morning All! Hope everyone has a good and blessed Sunday.

  31. Stephen Tsai December 20, 2009 8:45 am

    You guys are right. Chris Tormey is doing a great job recruiting.

  32. tommui December 20, 2009 9:09 am

    Good morning Hawaii!

  33. NYUH December 20, 2009 9:17 am

    Got my cardio pulling my daughter through the streets on a sled. Now its J-E-T-S time. Don’t know why ST spaces the name out like that with hyphens but looks OK to me.

    I wonder how Zorn’s imminent departure will impact Colt?

  34. Kazz December 20, 2009 9:19 am

    Yesterday afternoon on the HD Smithsonian channel, they aired a one hour program called “Aerial Hawaii”.

    It was a BEAUTIFUL documentary filled with wonderful aerial shots of all the major Hawaiian islands with commentary of the various landmarks.

    The music, the images… My God… I’ve lived here all my life and I have never seen our home in such a way.

    If the UH athletic department can get a DVD of that thing and run it in that lounge area in those HD tv’s, I think recruits would get a nice visual history lesson of what Hawaii is all about.

  35. Hank December 20, 2009 9:20 am

    …i can’t wait for football already…

    …Cooper is a huge get!


    Do you know if he is one who could play next year?

  36. Stephen Tsai December 20, 2009 9:27 am

    Second half is starting.
    Can I get a J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!

  37. lava December 20, 2009 9:36 am

    I hope we don’t ignore DT. There are promising guys at Aiea and Iolani, but only one has been offered, and his initial attention was drawn to UW.

  38. Stephen Tsai December 20, 2009 9:36 am

    I thought Aeriel Hawaii was the Colt Brennan Story?

  39. jm2375 December 20, 2009 9:45 am

    Good morning Tsai-kos!

    Welcome to the Warrior ohana, JC Pelleur!

    Congrats to mih!

    bhf – so da KABOOM sounded like one Blaze hit? :mrgreen:

  40. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 9:47 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    OK… I started the roids to get rid of the itching til I can see a regular doctor…
    I’m not responsible for anything I may say or try to spell today…


    And Mahalo, ST for the articles about Coach Jones. GO MUSTANGS!

  41. jm2375 December 20, 2009 9:49 am

    Liz – wat da itching from? ok, hipaa violation. never mind.

  42. Rog December 20, 2009 9:52 am

    I hope Tormey gets promoted to DC. We need to make sure to keep him

  43. Slugger December 20, 2009 10:01 am


    Welcome to the Warrior ‘ohana, Cooper!

    Congratulations to Made In Hawaii!

    ST ~ Liked the article about June. Are they having open practices? Are either of the two teams practicing at UH?

  44. Stephen Tsai December 20, 2009 10:07 am

    Nevada’s practices are closed.
    I think SMU’s practices are open, but it’s complicated because it means negotiating past Aloha Stadium security.
    There was a guy who tried to charge me $10 to “tour” Aloha Stadium’s field yesterday. I told the guy: “Nice try.”

  45. Stephen Tsai December 20, 2009 10:10 am

    Both schools are pretty accommodating in terms of interviews.
    Well, except when they want you to go to events to do interviews.
    Yeah, going into Waikiki on Christmas week. That’s why we have the Associated Press.

  46. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 10:13 am

    Wow… can’t believe I won another pair of tickets. Man I gotta go find me a lottery to play …. Thanks Stephen.. Thanks Avis…

    John Cooper Pelluer sounds like a great addition to the Warriors. Doesn’t his father also coach at Washington State? Or does that Coach Scott Pelluer just happen to have a son named Cooper, too?

  47. Slugger December 20, 2009 10:16 am

    #34 ~ Kazz, that’s a GREAT idea! You should send it in to JD & Coach Mack.

  48. d1島 December 20, 2009 10:19 am

    Forgot that Wayne Hunter was still with the J-E-T-S…

  49. whitey December 20, 2009 10:34 am

    congrats to mih

  50. Committed Road Warrior December 20, 2009 10:34 am

    Took me an hour-and-a-half to dig my car out of my parking spot…..then I went to the grocery store.

    Luckily my parking spot was vacant when I returned…..I would have gone ballistic if someone poached it!

  51. d1島 December 20, 2009 10:36 am


  52. Committed Road Warrior December 20, 2009 10:37 am

    I should preface that I since I didn’t have a snow-shovel on hand, I ended up using a wastebasket I had in the loo. It ended up cracking.

    Oh well.

  53. d1島 December 20, 2009 10:37 am



    Don Quijote selling Duck Brand….no tell nobody….mofoyu…mofomi…

  54. A-House December 20, 2009 10:40 am

    Belated congratulations to Coach Dana and the Wahine Basketball team for upsetting Kansas St in Vegas!! Keep the streak going and beat UNLV!!!!

  55. d1島 December 20, 2009 10:41 am


    You really are a Southerner in D.C. 😆

    My last trip to OR….I pick up my RAC and the guy tells me, “there’s a scraper in the driver’s door pocket.”
    I say, OK and give it no further thought.
    Did I mention it was real early in the morning and it was below 30 overnight? 🙁

  56. d1島 December 20, 2009 10:42 am


    Sorry Stephen….

    Niners up next!

  57. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 10:43 am

    every year they say that this might be the last year of fireworks… every year…
    next year they’ll say the same too..
    and, no doubt, the next year… even Mayan predictions will point that way, too.

  58. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 10:47 am

    When you say that all the quarterbacks will get equal time in spring practice.. does that include.. ALL as in.. seven?

    Kevin Spain
    Cayman Shutter
    Corey Nielsen
    David Graves
    Bryant Moniz
    Shane Austin
    Brent Rausch

    Phew… lots of QBacks…

  59. A-House December 20, 2009 10:47 am

    Congrats to UH football coaching staff on their recruiting effort this year and especially to Coach Tormey for his success in the Pacific Northwest.

    OK, al, my self appointed Warrior “guru” – does this make 2 of 3 or 2 of 4 from the PNW? Fingers crossed for the OL to see his way to UH rather than Wyoming. Is Cooper’s high school QB a senior also? Is UH interested in him or has he already committed to a school?

    Waiting for news that one Aiea DL will choose UH over UDub! com ‘on, ST, when do you post the good news?

  60. A-House December 20, 2009 10:49 am


    Is Spain an early enrollee at UH? Did he grad from HS this winter?

  61. A-House December 20, 2009 10:51 am


    Are you home already? any interest in going to the Hawaii Bowl? got extra ticket.

    Send me an email – believe you still got it.

  62. Slugger December 20, 2009 10:54 am


    You might look for a small, wide-head plastic shovel that folds at the handle and keep it in your car. The metal ones (US Army surplus) would scratch your car if you ever had to use it to clear your car. Do you have a snow brush? It used to drive me crazy to see students driving on campus with little tiny patches cleared of snow to allow them to drive, but the rest of the windows all covered with snow. They would use credit cards to scrape the window. Aiyah!

    The J-E-T-S QB Sanchez appeared to have a ‘defeated’ body language after ATL made their last TD. Definitely a rookie.

    GO AZ Cardinals!

  63. d1島 December 20, 2009 11:00 am

    It’s raining/snowing in Philly….beer, that is!

  64. d1島 December 20, 2009 11:02 am


    If the shovel is in your car when you gotta shovel it out….. 😈

  65. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 11:04 am


    Oops… iX-nay Spain’s name from the spring list… I just scooped all the names from the incoming roster… forgot he’s still in highschool.

    Still six QBacks in spring…

    hopefully they’ll come up with a plan that will allow them all to get ample throws in and the receivers enough opportunities to work on their routes and catches.

    Wonder if we’ll have a walk-on QB in fall as well?

  66. Hilo Moon December 20, 2009 11:04 am

    re: #34

    Kazz- the Oceanic HD channel 1000 has a very similar “Scenic Hawaii” that is on continuously. It is very similar to the “Aerial Hawaii” show — maybe shot by the same people? Try give it a looksee.

  67. d1島 December 20, 2009 11:09 am

    Santa’s in the stands in Philly; will they Boo him again?

  68. al December 20, 2009 11:09 am

    nice catch.
    two out of the three washingtonians is a good percentage.

    now, if we can get the oregon db we be sitting pretty.

    i think peuller is twenty five pounds away from seeing the field.

  69. SteveM December 20, 2009 11:13 am

    Good morning everyone!

    ST — good story on JJ. Bureaucracies need a crisis to change the staus quo. JJ provided the crisis that mobilized the UH, got rid of HF, shook up the politicians and brought active thinkers like Rep. Takai to the forefront.

    I agree that without those crisis-changes (or any change at all), it would be improbable to sustain championships. I can understand the appeal and personal challenge of building from scratch again in SMU but with big $$$ and facilities.

    I never bought his book after he announced he was leaving. Should have. I admit I will be cheering for his newly resurrected team and program this Thursday…. since my favorite team won’t be there this year.

  70. whitey December 20, 2009 11:18 am

    col A House, Cooper’s qb is the #1 rated qb in the nation and he committed early to BYU. Name is Jake Heaps.

  71. whitey December 20, 2009 11:22 am

    I truly like the way recruiting is going this year for the warriors. Great teams are built with a strong defense and we got some good ones already in school and with this class, the foundation is solid. I also like the idea of recruiting outside of HI and it truly helps when the Warriors are on the road in their player’s “backyard”. Each recruit is special, but a couple of things stand out, lineman are huge, and the rest got speed.

  72. ai-eee-soos December 20, 2009 11:29 am

    Kevin Spain: wasn’t he grayshirting and

    enrolling in Spring 2011 ?

    ST – what’s the scoops ?

  73. whitey December 20, 2009 11:29 am

    The Warriors are on track to finish most of their recruiting for 2010 by the end of this year. Coach Mc and his staff have done their job and now can concentrate on keeping those committments and the few left to commit. I think more was offered scholies, but by thinking that they want to keep their options open, they might lose thier offer from the Warriors even tho it is against Coach Mc’s philosophy. To those who go away or miss out on UH, I still want to wish you the best in the future.

  74. postmanke December 20, 2009 11:52 am

    Great pick up on John Cooper! I thought for sure is uncle Steve attended U of Washington

  75. Kazz December 20, 2009 12:03 pm

    Hilo Moon:

    December 20th, 2009 at 11:04 am
    re: #34

    Kazz- the Oceanic HD channel 1000 has a very similar “Scenic Hawaii” that is on continuously. It is very similar to the “Aerial Hawaii” show — maybe shot by the same people? Try give it a looksee.

    Oh yeah I’ve seen the Scenic Hawaii channel. Only thing is, it’s just a slew of great footage, but nothing like what I saw yesterday.

    The “Aerial Hawaii” special feature on the Smithsonian Channel was a full on narrated show in which the narrator is describing the history of certain sites on each of the major Hawaiian Islands (i.e. Hale O Pi’ilani Heiau, Haleakala, Pearl Harbor, the northwestern ocean cliffs on Molokai, Kilauea volcano, the North Shore, etc….) while a complete aerial view of that certain site or area is being shown.

    The footage was 100% shot from the air and is freakin’ stunning!!! The narrator also did a great job with his pronounciations!!!! 😎

    I mean it ends with a chicken skin kine moment with Braddah IZ’s cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” with even more shots of all of Hawaii…

    It was something else. I mean the way they got those shots from a helicopter or whatever made me feel like a tourist.

  76. A-House December 20, 2009 12:08 pm

    With 11 Warriors graduating in December, how will this affect the numer of scholarships available to Coach Mack? I know some were not on scholarship.

    Will this allow Coaches to use the “extra” to offer more than the 25 max each year or the 25 a FIXED number?

  77. A-House December 20, 2009 12:10 pm

    thanks, whitey!

    just means 2 years for the Warrior D to smack his ass when we play BYU.

    same goes for the long haired RB who must now trim his hair length!

  78. A-House December 20, 2009 12:12 pm

    Have not heard from ragasu bagasu, Truegreen, Sum Ting Wong, the Pateks, etc for a while.

    To all of you, a very best Holiday Season and may your new year be blessed with good health and happiness!

  79. el guapo December 20, 2009 12:12 pm

    I recall something about Rausch possibly being eligible for a 6th year since he didn’t play this season. Does he have to wait until after next season to petition for it?

  80. Committed Road Warrior December 20, 2009 12:29 pm

    d1 and Slugger:

    Thanks for the thoughts and advice!

    With most of the transportation infrastructure still down in the D.C. area, I figured the Office of Personnel Management was gonna go Scrooge on us until I delightedly saw this:

    Federal Government Operating Status in the Washington, DC, Area

    the following message applies only to Monday, December 21, 2009

    Status – Closed Federal agencies in the Washington, DC, area are CLOSED.

  81. Committed Road Warrior December 20, 2009 12:29 pm

    Link for my above reference:


  82. d1島 December 20, 2009 12:31 pm

    Tough watching Issako; he doesn’t seem to be as explosive as before. Wonder if it’s due to injury?

    It’ll be interesting to see the guy coming off redshirt on the DL; he could be another Isaako-type.

  83. d1島 December 20, 2009 12:32 pm


    …to the chagrin of Nancy and Harry. 👿

  84. TYaiea December 20, 2009 12:48 pm

    D1, email me at: terumaru32@hotmail.com

  85. d1島 December 20, 2009 1:09 pm



  86. Kekoa December 20, 2009 1:09 pm

    CRW ~ Feds giving up a snow day tomorrow?? 😯

    Breaking out the X-country skis would be fun!…or maybe riding a Ghetto sled (Mickey Dee’s food tray) down a park hill. Whatever you decide, post the video or stills!

  87. al December 20, 2009 1:24 pm

    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

  88. ai-eee-soos December 20, 2009 1:27 pm

    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

  89. LizKauai (iPhone) December 20, 2009 1:43 pm

    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

  90. d1島 December 20, 2009 2:15 pm

    Niners… 👿 🙄 🙁

    GO Middle Tennessee State!

  91. CheeHoo December 20, 2009 2:24 pm

    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

  92. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 2:28 pm

    Doris updated the Pacific Athletic Alliance list of Hawaii players in the JuCos.


    Hmm… maybe we should all write Santa Coach our Xmas list?

  93. Justin December 20, 2009 2:37 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  94. Garret December 20, 2009 2:39 pm


    That QB Heaps is not only a BYU commit, he actively recruited Josh Quezada and was credited by Quezada as one of the big reasons that the RB chose to commit to BYU. Heaps is also credited for several other BYU recruits and is a big reason why they are having such a good recruiting class.

    UH commits can do a similar thing–call other recruits that UH is going after to try to convince them to enter UH at the same time as them. The bonding between commits and constant communication between them is also a way to prevent late decommits. I hope that this type of thing goes on, but I never hear UH recruits talk about it and we never hear of UH commits saying that one reason they committed was that other UH commits were recruiting them.

  95. Garret December 20, 2009 2:40 pm

    I also just read that the big OL from Washington decided on Wyoming instead of UH…announced shortly after Wyoming beat Fresno State yesterday.

  96. Garret December 20, 2009 2:42 pm

    Remember how UH got $4.3 million from their Sugar Bowl appearance? The WAC changed the rule after that to cap the payout to a WAC team that makes a BCS bowl to $3 million. After expenses, BSU will get $1.5 million and UH would get much less due to higher travel costs. So, even making a BCS bowl would be no big payday for UH anymore!

    Didn’t the Broncos get more money for playing in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl?

    Yes. The Broncos received $4.3 million when they qualified for the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. That’s partly because the Broncos earned the automatic berth available to teams from non-Bowl Championship Series conferences, which carries a larger payout, and partly because the WAC has changed its payout structure.

    Boise State (2007 Fiesta) and Hawaii (2008 Sugar) received the $4.3 million payout. After that, the WAC capped the participating team’s share at $3 million.

  97. Garret December 20, 2009 2:44 pm

    BSU is also required to sell 19,000 tickets to their fans, and whatever they don’t sell comes from their $1.5 million profit.

    How do ticket sales affect Boise State’s payout?

    A large portion of Boise State’s payout comes in the form of Fiesta Bowl tickets, parking passes and tailgate-party passes. Boise State must sell all of those to get the full $3 million in cash.

    If 1,000 tickets go unsold, that’s a $135,000 hit to the school’s payout (the school had 1,700 tickets left Friday). Boise State also could get stuck with 2,000 parking passes – a potential $65,000 liability.

  98. Garret December 20, 2009 2:46 pm

    I didn’t realize that the $9.6 million each year that the BCS gives to the non-AQ conferences is split up based on performance of the different conferences. So, the MWC gets more than the WAC, and the WAC gets more than C-USA, Sun Belt, and the MAC. It looks like the WAC gets $357k from the BCS *not* counting their portion of the BCS money from BSU’s appearance.

    What other money does Boise State receive from the BCS?

    The BCS sets aside $9.6 million in guaranteed revenue for the five non-BCS conferences. Half of that money is divided among the leagues equally; the other half is divided based on performance, with the better leagues getting a larger share. The WAC usually ranks second – behind the Mountain West.

    Of the $9.6 million earned by TCU’s Fiesta Bowl berth, $3.6 million is distributed to the five conferences – also based on performance.

    Boise State is expected to get $356,666 from those three sources – including $106,666 because TCU received a BCS berth.

  99. Garret December 20, 2009 2:51 pm

    It is also interesting to note that TCU’s BCS spot is worth $9.6 million, but BSU’s BCS spot is worth $4.5 million. The BCS treats the non-AQ conferences like they are an AQ conference. For example, the second team that the Big 10 gets into a BCS bowl earns $4.5 million for their conference, just like the second non-AQ team earns $4.5 million.

  100. Garret December 20, 2009 2:53 pm

    If BSU was rated higher than TCU, then they would have earned $9.6 million for the WAC and only would have been able to keep $3 million of that. So, the other $6.6 million would have been split up by the other WAC teams and UH would have gotten a nice check. But since BSU was rated below TCU, the WAC teams are splitting $1.5 million instead of $6.6 million…a huge difference!

  101. bstunna2002 December 20, 2009 3:04 pm

    I didn’t know that using a recruit to openly recruit another was legal. I can understand teamates talking about recruiting visits but not players from different teams and not toention totally different states…something about that smells fishy!

  102. LizKauai (iPhone) December 20, 2009 3:08 pm

    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

    Steelers. Wow.

  103. LizKauai (iPhone) December 20, 2009 3:10 pm

    Steelers. Wow
    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

  104. Garret December 20, 2009 3:26 pm


    The NCAA limits when *coaches* can visit with or call recruits. The NCAA does *not* limit when recruits can call other recruits. There is nothing fishy about that.

  105. kailuaboys December 20, 2009 3:32 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule

  106. klo December 20, 2009 3:32 pm

    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

  107. PIAA DS December 20, 2009 3:49 pm

    Post 101 & 104, for bstunna2002 & garrett:

    Enrolled student-athletes or other enrolled students shall not make or participate in telephone calls to prospective student-athletes at the direction of a coaching staff member or financed by the institution or a representative of its athletics interests; however, they may receive telephone calls at the expense of the prospect on or after July 1 following the completion of the prospect’s junior year in high school. An enrolled student-athlete may receive telephone calls made at the expenses of a prospective student-athlete prior to July 1 following the completion of the prospect’s junior year in high school, provided there is no direct or indirect involvement by athletics department staff (NCAA Bylaw

  108. LizKauai (iPhone) December 20, 2009 3:57 pm

    Thanks, Doris!
    Stretch and Avis rule

  109. bstunna2002 December 20, 2009 3:59 pm

    When they say enrolled Student are they speaking as if Heaps was enrolled at BYU or just a student in general?

  110. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 4:02 pm

    PIAA DS:

    Problem is.. how do you prove when a student has been nudged to make contact by the coach? Do the rules say anything about the enrolled student initiating contact each time?

  111. el guapo December 20, 2009 4:13 pm


    December 20th, 2009 at 2:42 pm
    Remember how UH got $4.3 million from their Sugar Bowl appearance? The WAC changed the rule after that to cap the payout to a WAC team that makes a BCS bowl to $3 million. After expenses, BSU will get $1.5 million and UH would get much less due to higher travel costs. So, even making a BCS bowl would be no big payday for UH anymore!

    note that the payout is “capped” at $3 million. no forget that Karl Benson going take his cut and he could reduce the payout to less than that amount. what he and/or “the WAC” does with this money is an interesting question.

  112. Garret December 20, 2009 4:14 pm


    We are talking about recruits that are still in high school right now…not players that are part of a team in college.

  113. Garret December 20, 2009 4:17 pm

    el guapo,

    The WAC split the BCS leftover money evenly between the member schools before without taking a cut. I’m guessing when we see the money that UH actually gets from BSU’s BCS money, we’ll see that the WAC did not take any cut from it. Of course, $1.5 million divided by the number of teams in the WAC will not come to much…

  114. Garret December 20, 2009 4:19 pm

    The “big” payday for UH that had been talked about all season for BSU making a BCS game turns out to be less than $200k.

  115. PIAA DS December 20, 2009 4:30 pm

    Garrett, I know…I should have kept typing…elaborated… but my phone rang and I hit send!. Wanted to continue and say the bylaw quoted is the only bylaw that relates in any way shape or form to student recruits, there is nothing written prohibiting recruits from calling recruits as you said.

    $200k is better than nothing though.

  116. PIAA DS December 20, 2009 4:32 pm

    # 110, madeinhawaii: guess its the honesty factor and self reporting if a conflict takes place because if a student makes the call at the urging of a coach, and that student gets the shaft somehow, you know hes going to tell the NCAA about it. Nothing new there. Enrolled students are absolutely prohibited from calling recruits, but recruits can call them, thats not an issue.

  117. Pomai December 20, 2009 4:33 pm

    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

  118. PIAA DS December 20, 2009 4:35 pm

    #109 bstunna2002, If Heapes is a recruit then he and the other recruits can call eachother as they wish. Once Heapes starts classes in college he (or any other student) may not call any other recruits who may possibly be in the next recruiting class.

    Students who are friends of recruits of course are going to call and tell them to come play. Thats not an issue. Students calling recruits begging them to come play is not allowed. Like a booster or alumni, same thing. Not allowed.

  119. Slugger December 20, 2009 4:39 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

    I think a lot of people forget that the reason for the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl game is for the STUDENT-ATHLETES to play football. It’ll be a shame that people will be booing SMU > Coach Jones when they take the field and when they play. What a poor impression both teams and their families & friends will get of Hawai’i. Yes, there is baggage associated with June Jones, but as Ferd pointed out, he took the program back to winning seasons. I just wish people would show some class.

  120. Slugger December 20, 2009 4:55 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  121. Stephen Tsai December 20, 2009 4:59 pm

    25 is a fixed number.
    Sort of.
    It’s fixed for an academic year. But a mid-year, such as a grayshirt, can count toward the 2009 class or the 2010 class.

  122. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 4:59 pm

    eh.. I dunno.. I think I’m going there to cheer SMU on… What the heck.. the better JJ does the more credibility and weight all his former requests will have for our current coaches and future coaching staff.

  123. Tai December 20, 2009 5:07 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  124. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc December 20, 2009 5:13 pm

    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

    Avis will draw the winning name tonight….doesn’t that poor woman ever get any time off?

  125. Garret December 20, 2009 5:15 pm


    Heaps is in high school right now. In fact, NLI day isn’t even until February so as of right now he’s just a verbal commit to BYU…though his commitment is obviously strong since he’s actively recruiting for BYU.

  126. Garret December 20, 2009 5:20 pm


    I agree, the $150k to $200k UH will get from BSU’s BCS game plus the $107k that UH will get from TCU’s BCS game will be nice. The total that UH will get from all 4 sources of BCS money (BSU, TCU, even split of $4.8 million between non-AQ conferences, and split of $4.8 million based on performance of non-AQ conferences) comes out to over $500k.

    The fact that BCS money is split between non-AQ Conferences based on performance gives UH fans a reason to cheer for every WAC team in nonconference games. I didn’t realize that UH’s budget situation could be affected by NMSU and Utah State’s nonconference games!

  127. Da Punchbowl Kid December 20, 2009 5:22 pm

    Stretch and Avis Rule!

    Great news about John Cooper Pelluer, best of luck to him!

    Prayers for Rodney Bradley.

  128. guiltypleasure December 20, 2009 5:22 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule

  129. Kazz December 20, 2009 5:23 pm


    If I didn’t work, I’d ponder the Hawaii Bowl.

    Even if I went… I’d sit on my hands and hope both teams beat the ____ out of each other. 😆

    Speaking of, it appears that Nevada will be really not as explosive on the turf… Thought originally only Taua was not gonna play, now Lippincott?

    Oh well, Nevada by 10 then instead of 30.

  130. Slugger December 20, 2009 5:30 pm

    I think the blog clock is slow.

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  131. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 5:47 pm


    audio and game tracker for tonight’s WBB game is available through UNLV website.

    Currently… UNLV lead the Wahine…12-7

  132. generic lasix December 20, 2009 5:50 pm

    I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

  133. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 5:58 pm

    Like DPK says:

    Stretch and Avis Rule

    Prayers for Rodney Bradley. See you next season!!!

  134. jm2375 December 20, 2009 6:03 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

    If I win, a certain educator residing in the PNW can have the tickets. 😀

    Go Wahine!!

  135. 4UHFAN December 20, 2009 6:14 pm

    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

  136. Lopaka43 December 20, 2009 6:32 pm

    Aloha, Tsaikos!!

    I wasn’t able to watch Texas – Penn State live yesterday, so watched it on tape this morning. Amazing volleyball was played by both sides with some great rallies. No shame for the Wahine in going down 3-1 against Penn State.

    Both the Thursday and Saturday matches made me appreciate the quality of the broadcasts of UH matches we get here in Honolulu.

    The commentary was pathetic. How many times did they have to tell us that Karch Kiraly was a three time NCAA champion or show us the Penn State girls rushing the floor for their previous two championships. They talked story about the personalities while missing the substitutions and the changes in strategy.

    And the camera angle selection was atrocious. The director obviously knows nothing about volleyball, alternating side court view shots with shots from behind the server. That end court view completely blocked any understanding of what was happening on the other end of the net.

    ESPN should import Jim and Chris and the K5 crew for next years championship and then people on the Mainland might begin to understand why the Wahine fill the Stan Sheriff year after year.

    Mele Kalikimaka, Tsaikos!!

    Esme and whoosh!!

  137. tommui December 20, 2009 6:48 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  138. curveball December 20, 2009 7:04 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  139. Slugger December 20, 2009 7:14 pm


    I bought a knit cap today described as a Curveball Knit…it’s named after you!

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  140. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 7:15 pm

    Hawaii 54… UNLV 67.. Wahine just couldn’t make up the deficit they had going into halftime.

  141. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 7:23 pm

    Lopaka43, totally agree with you on the camera angles. K5 RULES!!!
    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

  142. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 7:24 pm

    curveball- so will I get to see you again before next football season? yer sunset pix on fb are cool!

  143. Ralph December 20, 2009 7:31 pm

    Na Wahine lost by 13 but their troubles was in the first half, only scored 12 points. They came back and scored 42 in the second half. Yesterday against K State they started slow and did the same thing, and K State faltered in the second half scoring about 23 points. If Na Wahine and come out strong from the first whistle, they can be very competitive with the teams they are playing. Maybe by the time the WAC starts up they will play both halves with the same intensity. Coach Dana needs to bring out the boys again this week and scrimmage for 40 minutes of intense basketball.

  144. dubs December 20, 2009 7:33 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule

  145. jm2375 December 20, 2009 7:34 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  146. curveball December 20, 2009 7:45 pm

    Slugger, I am the one that needs a knit hat.

    Liz, our paths will cross before then. Actually I will be in Kauai in 2 weeks with the boat.

  147. Slugger December 20, 2009 7:45 pm


    Merry Christmas to you and Barb! Did your son figure out where he’s going to school?


    I think I’ll go to the game and cheer whenever a TD is made, whoever makes one. Should be interesting to see what JJ has done with SMU.

    Stretch and Avis rule.

    If I win, wafan & LizK get the tickets.

  148. elum December 20, 2009 8:24 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  149. PowderPuff December 20, 2009 8:45 pm

    Welcome, John Cooper! Glad to hear Rodney Bradley is recovering as well. Spent some R&R time in Waikiki over the weekend and saw lots of players from both SMU and Nevada…too bad UH wasn’t part of the excitement. They just had a pep rally on the beach with fireworks.

    Stretch and Avis rule

  150. wafan December 20, 2009 8:47 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule!

  151. dusting December 20, 2009 8:50 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule. Woot.

  152. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 8:57 pm


    Good idea.. just cheer.. enjoy… eat.. watch.. eat… watch.. cheer.. enjoy… Hopefully it will be a good game.. Not too lopsided one way or the other.

  153. DoubleB December 20, 2009 8:57 pm

    “Stretch and Avis Rule.”

  154. Slugger December 20, 2009 9:08 pm

    Stretch and Avis rules.

  155. Garret December 20, 2009 9:12 pm

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    Swedish Dad who spent the last few months trying to produce milk has given up, with nothing more than “sore breasts” to show for his attempt. He used a breast pump at three-hour intervals and said that his attempt was to free his wife from her nursing duties.

  156. Garret December 20, 2009 9:12 pm

    Study found that toddlers with symptoms of autism can have dramatic improvement if they are given early, intensive therapy. The 18- to 30-month-old kids experienced significant increases in their IQ and a significant number of them were not considered autistic anymore, a big difference from the group of autistic kids that did not get that specific therapy.

  157. Garret December 20, 2009 9:12 pm

    Drinking red wine helps rinse teeth clean of bacteria and can prevent cavities.

  158. Garret December 20, 2009 9:13 pm

    With all the publicity that the Salahis got for getting pass the Secret Service, the Washington Post found out that at people have gotten around the Secret Service at least 91 times since 1980.

  159. Garret December 20, 2009 9:14 pm

    Truck driver in China said that he was too busy to fix his broken windshield, so he drove *400* miles with a sheet of cardboard where his glass windshield was supposed to be! He looked through tiny holes in the cardboard and stuck his head out of the side window (in freezing temperatures) to be able to see where he was driving:

  160. Garret December 20, 2009 9:14 pm

    Free play links pau.

  161. Kazz December 20, 2009 9:22 pm

    Bittersweet week for the Wahine b-ballers I guess.

    Again, I’m liking the fight I see in this team.

    A Jim Bolla-led team would of been killed by 50+ points against Kansas State and would have lost by at least 20 tonight.

    Coach Dana is already showing us the differences she and her coaching staff are making thus far. I always believed that the talent we’ve had over the last 3 seasons were MUCH better than what the past win-loss records showed.

    Now, if everything goes to plan, Megan Tinin should be returning to Manoa next month. Should add to the 3pt threat alongside Galdones.

  162. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hawaii Warriors Buzz, Don Wilson. Don Wilson said: The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics … http://bit.ly/6y5lHf […]

  163. #2 December 20, 2009 9:31 pm

    Stretch and Avis rules.

  164. RainbowCliff December 20, 2009 9:31 pm

    Good evening Tsaiko Nation, My journey of laying my mom to rest will come to an end as I fiy off to San Francisco to bring back her urn and ashes from her surprising death that took place Tuesday evening 9-08-09

    With the waiting process of coronary report bringing a final cause to her passing and Walnut Creek Trident Society not operating on the weekends it made better sense to take care of the paper work and financial responseability here in Sherman Oaks where the Main building is located and stay in touch with ALL process and personal until the cremation stage has been completed.

    Monday morning I and Mrs. RainbowCliff will take the “FINAL” journey as we fly SouthWest Airlines to SFO and then drive to San Raphiel for her personal belongings and then to Walnut Creek for her ashes and urn.

    Mahalo to ALL of you for your condolences, prayers and support as 14 days has been the length of time to finally come to terms, closure and appreciation for a “GREAT” women and Mother who cared for “EVERYBODY” !

    I am ruuning the FINAL lap as I am so “PROUD” that I carried out her wishes as she has prepped me many times on how she wanted her passing to go. and put me in charge of her final calling.

    Traveling prayers Tsaiko Nation will be GREATLY appreciated as I may have the focus, wisdom and strength to lead by her example and comfort many love ones along the way who just ADORE Mother Sanchez and respected her kindness and generosity.

    Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Makahiki Hou !

  165. Ralph December 20, 2009 9:40 pm

    The Na Wahines turn over rate has gone done, with a little more ball control the Na Wahine will have more scoring opportunities. The BYU game woke the coaches and players up quickly, thanks to coach Dana foresight and willingness to bring in the PE boys and gym rats to take on the girls the team’s performance has gone up.

  166. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 9:43 pm

    Rainbow Cliff and Rhonda – God Bless and Godspeed!

    No doubt Mom is so proud of her ohana!

  167. al December 20, 2009 9:45 pm

    interestingly….davone bess as of yesterday was second in the nfl with 30 3rd down catches.

  168. Slugger December 20, 2009 9:46 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.


    Now I have another reason to drink red wine. 🙂 And I’ve heard about men producing milk. Things that make you go, “Hmmm…”

  169. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 9:55 pm

    Go Davone- but ryan says he is sorry for the loss today.

    HTTR- Monday night, baybee!

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  170. Ralph December 20, 2009 10:01 pm

    Safe journey Cliff and Rhonda! Your mom will always be with you.

  171. RainbowCliff December 20, 2009 10:02 pm

    Thank you Liz Kauai for your spiritual words and “INSPIRATION” to my heartfelt lost. I will continue her “LEGACY” and make her passing my “CRUSADE” to further aid and empower God’s people with words of encouragement, kindness, wealth and sincerity.

    RIP Grace Sanchez “My Best Friend and Hero!”

  172. RainbowCliff December 20, 2009 10:08 pm

    Mahalo Ralph for your safe words as I and Rhonda are ready to bring Mother Sanchez “HOME” !

    We have had prayer blessings throughout this tragedy from many angelinos and tsiakos. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH !

  173. protector December 20, 2009 10:09 pm

    “Stretch and Avis rule.”

  174. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 10:10 pm


    I would think that any alcoholic beverage would kill bacteria that can cause cavities. After all.. a lot of those hand santizers use ethyl alcohol. Same type of alcohol that’s in wine and vodka.

  175. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 10:11 pm


    Here’s wishing you and your party a very, very safe journey.

  176. RainbowCliff December 20, 2009 10:12 pm

    Good Night as I get needed sleep for the most important flight I ever made in my “LIFE” !

    I pray for composure and comfort through out the process. Mahalo Nui Loa Tsaiko Nation !

  177. Garret December 20, 2009 10:12 pm


    Best wishes to Rhonda and you on your journey.

  178. RainbowCliff December 20, 2009 10:14 pm

    Love you madeinhawaii just GREAT LOVE to you !

  179. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc December 20, 2009 10:15 pm

    Too late? Stretch and Avis rule.

  180. RainbowCliff December 20, 2009 10:19 pm

    Garret my kind friend as all I can say to you “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart !

  181. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc December 20, 2009 10:22 pm

    Time for another round of translation. What does HTTR mean? See #169 above

  182. madeinhawaii December 20, 2009 10:33 pm

    Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Since it’s from LizK

    I’d assume it was..


  183. jm2375 December 20, 2009 10:38 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.
    or is it
    Avis and Stretch rule.

    Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!
    Run or pass and score — we want a lot more!
    Beat ’em, Swamp ’em,
    Touchdown! — Let the points soar!
    Fight on, fight on ‘Til you have won
    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!

    Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!

    Beat dem midgets!

  184. Kekoa December 20, 2009 10:38 pm


    December 20th, 2009 at 6:32 pm
    Aloha, Tsaikos!!

    Both the Thursday and Saturday matches made me appreciate the quality of the broadcasts of UH matches we get here in Honolulu.

    The commentary was pathetic. How many times did they have to tell us that Karch Kiraly was a three time NCAA champion or show us the Penn State girls rushing the floor for their previous two championships. They talked story about the personalities while missing the substitutions and the changes in strategy.

    And the camera angle selection was atrocious. The director obviously knows nothing about volleyball, alternating side court view shots with shots from behind the server. That end court view completely blocked any understanding of what was happening on the other end of the net.

    I agree with you Lopaka. I finally made this woman SHUT UP by muting the sound. She had already reminded us for the 25th time that Penn State had won in ’07 & ’08. Karch had some very technical comments to make that were drowned out by Betty Boop and her incessant jibber jabber.

    Again, Congrats to our Women for hanging tuff with 1 of the great teams of our time.

  185. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 10:41 pm

    Doc: mih and jm2375 are right- HTTR!

  186. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 10:43 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

    Kekoa- I listened to the game in the car on the way to Kapaa… the radio announcing was so much better- especially with Charlie Wade doing the color!

  187. Slugger December 20, 2009 10:44 pm

    RainbowCliff & Rhonda,

    Hope your journey is smooth & safe. Your Mother will be in good hands. Peace to her and to your ‘ohana. My honey said that the Bay Area weather has eased up from the cold they were experiencing. Drive safe.

    Mele Kalikimaka e Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

  188. Slugger December 20, 2009 10:45 pm

    And again…Stretch and Avis rule.

  189. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 10:57 pm

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  190. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 10:57 pm

    Click on my name to see my baby feesh…

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  191. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 10:58 pm

    c’,mon at least make 200 😆

  192. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 10:59 pm



    Rasu Begasu? any jokes?

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  193. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 10:59 pm

    Maui’s getting a minor leage BB team!


  194. protector December 20, 2009 11:00 pm

    To ‘madeinhawaii’ on # 58,

    I would hope that Moniz would be given minimal snaps since he’s # 1 because I’d like to see the other QBs have a chance to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. I honestly can’t see Austin or Rausch dropping below # 2 or # 3, although Rausch still has me scratching my head. Every time he seems ready for prime-time he seems to flake-out or get injured. Still these 2 have the most experience with the Offense. Hopefully they will be as generous in their mentoring as Inoke Funaki was.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Nielsen (will he be a Junior?) or one of the freshmen could ascend the depth chart?

    I think all the newbies need to take a page from Moniz’s book as they have to be able to really learn what they can from mental reps (as much as physical reps). Not knowing this bunch, I kind of like Nielsen’s and Schutter’s moxie (they’re not afraid of competition) and I’ve heard Nielsen is quite poised in the pocket. Could he be a budding ‘Moniz’ type?

  195. Slugger December 20, 2009 11:05 pm

    Some of the younger QBs will be working on the scout team. Graves, I believe, was on the scout team when I attended practice. I haven’t had time to look at the roster to figure out what class each of them were in. Moniz is a Junior. From what y’all have said, the system we run takes a while to learn, so the younguns need time to develop.

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  196. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 11:05 pm

    Can’t beat the original tho:

    Stretch and Avis rule.

  197. Kekoa December 20, 2009 11:07 pm

    jm2375 ~ Settle down there Squaw woman…this is a family blog. There will be no show of favortisim for *Braves.* We have many NFL teams represented by the Tsaiko Nation.

    Besides, the only kind of hail there was around here fell in Hilo town today according to the KITV weather report.

  198. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 11:07 pm

    Congrats, CURVEBALL!!

    Nitey nite and sweet WARRIOR/WAHINE/BOWS Dreams!

  199. LizKauai [iMac] Happy Holidays! December 20, 2009 11:08 pm

    200! yahoo!

  200. Slugger December 20, 2009 11:08 pm

    Congratulations, Curveball!

    I’m finally getting to watch a tape of the UH Wahine VB vs. USC. Had to get it from my bro. Gotta go sit & watch. Pretty exciting! The Wahine are exceptional!

  201. Slugger December 20, 2009 11:10 pm


    I think Nielsen’s going to be a Sophmore.

  202. Kekoa December 20, 2009 11:24 pm

    Congratulations to Curveball (and also MIH – yesterday’s winner).

    Hope you folks enjoy the game at the stadium. Don’t really care who wins, I just wish our Warriors could have been the opponent that SMU would be playing against.

  203. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 1:56 am

    I read the other paper. I read the article on June Jones. I’m a team player. Go WAC.

    Looking back, I realize that the fumbler’s ego made for problems. But it wasn’t only Herman Frazier. UH didn’t support Athletics. And I can understand JJ’s feeling about not feeling right about a big salary when so many other parts of the UH system are in need of the moolah, and them offering him a pile of dough at the last minute.

    Looking back, and looking at the economy, the reality is that UH athletics is prolly gonna face da gun. But we, the State, got no choice. Takes money to make money. A competitive and scrappy Warrior football team is a necessity for Hawaii. Thats our face on the national stage. The US Senators didn’t even know who Dan Akaka was, and dats a fact. As great as Coach Shoji is, and he does bring us pride for the State, on the national stage, volleyball is a space filler on tv, and not that often either. BYU, Fresno State, La Tech, Boise State, Washington, Wisconsin, Army, Florida, when we play these guyz we gotta show up. We gotta seek em out, and when we play em, we gotta show up.

    And for that I gotta thank June Jones. when he was here, he showed up. i’m still mad at JJ because when he left he wasn’t straight with us, but i’d like to say i do understand why he left and sincerely wish him good luck. Keep making your family proud and the fans of SMU happy, Mr. Jones. Your friends and staff are counting on you. Like I counted on you. Thats why I’m mad at you. but i’m getting over it, slowly. Because bottom line, even though our legislature is slow, inept sometimes, when I look in Rep. Takai’s eyes, all is good cuz I then know we got some great people trying fo cover my back. And when i look at
    Chancellor Hinshaw, I know we got a peep who is trying fo make a positive difference for our Warrior team. Bottom line, I’m for Hawaii.
    And I can see JJ trying for justify he was for Hawaii too. Just hard for me to believe the words when i remember the pain.

  204. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 2:54 am

    something for the recuits and Warrior coaches to think about…
    for people who relate to things a certain way
    For bruddaz who look a little different, but its all same thing

    Merry Christmas Tsaikos.

  205. Kekoa (iPhone) December 21, 2009 3:08 am

    Eh, bhf2. Just say you like UH fb and nevah mine da excess baggage. No need ‘splain why.

    Jones who? Coach Mack, and ALL his staff…that’s my operating system now days.

    …and what about dat hail storm up Hilo side? What brought that on? You bettah get one bottle Jack Daniels over to the Volcano today. CYA!

  206. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 3:08 am

    Cooper Pelleur,

    i gotta feeling Coaches are gonna take care of you and you’re gonna play in the bigs. I know you can play like this guy can sing, and rock on the national stage.


    plus, you got alot more going for you. Glad you chose to become
    a Warrior. thank you thank you.

    Dee Maggitt, same goes for you. thank you thank you!

    sure like how you talk nice about our coaches. i just love the positive

    Go Warriors.

  207. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 3:10 am

    good morning Kekoa.

    i’m all in da Christmas spirit this morning. itsa chilly ova here. just gotta find me sumtin warm to rap my lips around. 😀

  208. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 3:12 am

    bulla lives kapolei heights? must be nice to get da upgrade. 😀
    brings new meaning to having good help in da neighborhood.

  209. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 3:15 am

    and you’re right about dat. sorry. no more feeling sorry for myself.
    I won’t be seeing red anymo. :mrgreen:

  210. Pomai December 21, 2009 3:29 am

    One reason I think we as fans should go to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl is the TV. OK I’m a recruit sitting watching the game, “wow I say to myself, the place is empty, how come, don’t they like football over there, man I wouldn’t want a play there”. I know that example is a simple one but what is one of the biggest thing in recruiting?? Perception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do Warrior fans really like football??????????

  211. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 3:51 am

    okay, you’re right. I’ll make the effort to see you at the game, Pomai.

  212. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 3:52 am

    but $450 to fly, rent a car, stay over to watch the game. sheeshhh.
    thats alotta crab cakes. 😆

  213. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 4:02 am

    I hope da Aloha Stadium Wacahutz no hassle just befo da half and at da enda da game, coupla Wacahuts coming down an try block da view by da tunnel, make like TSA, make big chess to kids? arrest Santa Claus.

    I wonda which team gonna use da UH tunnel under CC?

  214. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 4:05 am


    gonna try fo bring my cuz and Issa (MP) to da game. cry togedda cuz we neva get in da dance. wish me luck.

  215. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 4:06 am

    okay, see you in a few……..zzzzzzzzzzzzz………

  216. Garret December 21, 2009 4:50 am


    Nielsen will be one of the 3 redshirt freshmen QBs fighting for their place in the depth chart in Spring Practice. He’s not a sophomore or junior.

  217. Garret December 21, 2009 4:56 am

    I know that this will never happen, but since it has been proven that UH Athletics actually did not make a profit during one year under HF (due to a “math error” that they fixed), I wish that HF would feel it on his conscience to return the bonus money he got for UH Athletics having a balanced budget that year. Given all the buyout money he took awhile after he took that “mistaken” bonus, I guess he won’t have a problem keeping that money.

  218. Pomai December 21, 2009 4:57 am

    bhf2 I wasn’t meaning you guys, but da guys who live on Oahu, your right that’s alot of kala to come over to catch da game. But da guys who live here only cost da ticket, parking en da gas. I know some guys no can afford da extra kala but a lot can an don’t.

    We need to show da mainland guys dat we are nutz about football and even nutz’er about da Warriors. But that’s just my opinion.

    I know that when I was living back in da hills of WV, en had a chance to see a game at Aloha stadium en it was half empty it didn’t look so good.

    I was talking to a friend who lives back there an he said he caught the Navy game en that it sounded like the whole stadium was coming down there was so much noise en it looked packed. I guess that’s what I am getting at. What da heck it’s 5:00 AM an I am just rambling LOL.

  219. Garret December 21, 2009 5:01 am

    Unless Kaepernick has to miss the game also, I think that Nevada’s running game will control the ball and lead them to victory. Nevada has excellent backup RBs (that Ball guy put up some excellent stats when he had to enter due to injury earlier this season), but Kaepernick is a freak of nature. I wish he’d graduate and UH wouldn’t have to face him anymore!

    One thing to consider is that Nevada’s key QB recruit last year was David Graves, who was the QB they had as their big commit until he decided he wanted to go to UH instead. Nevada’s coaches obviously picked well with Kaepernick, so I’m curious to hear how Graves is learning UH’s offense in the spring.

  220. Garret December 21, 2009 5:06 am

    This is an interesting article to me since it is about a player from Hawaii who went to U-Dub and decided to transfer. UH has gotten a lot of players this way before, and has several players that will be suiting up next season that should contribute after sitting out a year transferring. However, what is notable about this player is that instead of transferring to UH like many other local players, he went from U-Dub to walk-on to SMU.

    Angotti is one of three Hawaiians on the SMU roster. He transferred to SMU from Washington last season after June Jones took over as coach.

    Angotti, who has contributed mostly on special teams, walked on at SMU, he said, enticed by Jones’ style of coaching and the desire to study economics on the Hilltop.

    Coincidentally, he was on the sideline for Jones’ last game at Aloha Stadium. It was when Washington visited in 2007, a game in which Jones’ Hawaii team came from 21 points behind to win, 35-28, clinching a 12-0 regular season.

    “The first game here was against Coach Jones,” Angotti said, “now I’m with Coach Jones.”

  221. Kekoa (iPhone) December 21, 2009 5:09 am

    Garret ~ Fumbler reminds of a con artist. He took the money and was even CONfident enuff to take his sweet time leaving! He was using his office and staff car to secure a new job long after he should have been escorted to the airport!

    On a positive note, the QB that can demonstrate a full menu of pass completions on a variety of pass routes will be a serious contender. Bryant Moniz will have to be able to throw the long ball. His job security depends on it. We need that deep threat.

  222. Pomai December 21, 2009 5:21 am

    While going to UH practices I kept an eye on Graves, out of all of the QB’s I like his throws the best. The big question is how well he has learned the system. This is going to be an interesting spring.

  223. Garret December 21, 2009 5:34 am


    I do not think that Graves/Shutter/Nielsen will be able to beat out Moniz this spring. However, they will have 2 seasons of eligibility after Moniz is done at UH.

    The big battle will be for the #2 and #3 QB spots. Rausch the senior and Austin the junior have a chance to beat out Moniz…and they also have a chance to be beaten out by the freshmen for the 2/3 spots. As we have seen year after year, UH will need to have at least 2 QBs ready to play and 3 QBs will probably get playing time in games.

    The nice thing about having freshmen QBs in the season is that the had their redshirt year to watch the offense. They will have a year or two more to really get comfortable in the offense. So, when they need to play as a Junior or Senior, they will have spent a lot of years in the offense. If they play before they are a Junior, then UH will be able to have them play for even more years, but the key is as Pomai says how well they have learned the system.

  224. Garret December 21, 2009 5:38 am

    I also agree with Kekoa that UH needs that deep threat. Moniz didn’t have many reps to develop timing with the WRs before he was thrown in the games to play, but the QBs and WRs have all offseason and the Spring Practices to get that timing down.

    The bad thing is that Bradley is the best deep threat UH has had under Mack and he will need to sit out the spring and won’t be ready until Fall. So, the QBs will need to get chemistry with the other WRs, but none of the QBs will get to work on the timing with Bradley until he enters Fall camp.

  225. NYUH December 21, 2009 5:55 am

    it is all up to Gordy Shaw.

  226. LizKauai (iPhone) December 21, 2009 6:06 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Colin might be a freak of nature but what i’m looking for is a team that “Believes” and plays for each other. That’s what I love about football and what I live Coach Jones for establishing in Hawaii.

    It will be good to see him and sungod and all the other guys at work again. A good thing is a hood thing and Hawaii wad lucky to experience it when we had it. I will always be grateful for that perfect season.

  227. LizKauai (iPhone) December 21, 2009 6:08 am

    Sorry fit the typos.

    NYUH- how’s da weather? Did you get a white Christmas too?

    Have a GREAT DAY!!!

  228. d1島 December 21, 2009 6:12 am

    Great Morning All!

    I wanna go to the Hawaii Bowl because once that’s done it’s 252 days until CFB is played again in Hawaii Nei!

  229. d1島 December 21, 2009 6:16 am


    More kope! 😆

  230. Kekoa (iPhone) December 21, 2009 6:32 am

    No doubt that Moniz will be hard to beat. He brings a lot of poise and moxey to a very complicated offense. His emergence to the #1 spot was no fluke, he earned it. I just hope he can stretch the field with Jovante or Salas until Bradley is back.

    That’ll open up the middle for some of those crossing patterns that our slots like to run. Meanwhile Green can keep the defense busy when Moniz pumps a long pass and throws him a shuttle pass!

  231. Kekoa (iPhone) December 21, 2009 6:37 am

    D-1 ~ Any hail forecasted at the Tony Group Complex today? Hey if it can happen in Big Hilo’s backyard…ok, sleet maybe?

  232. d1島 December 21, 2009 6:45 am


    Only if someone starts singing HTTR! 😆

  233. d1島 December 21, 2009 6:47 am

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!

    (even you Stretch…and the grumpy airline people 🙁 )


  234. Bulla December 21, 2009 7:18 am

    Merry Christmas to one and all, when you take the Christ out of Christmas, you’re left with just a ‘mess’….so Merry Christmas.

    Let us all be thankful for our Tsaiko ohana, and all of our blessings that surround us. This time of year gives us a chance to reflect on this past year and embrace the memories we have all made.

    We’ve lost some of our ohana, and let us remember them during the holidays, but let us all focus on ‘positive thinking’ in 2010, ‘believe to achieve’ and we shall continue to be the barometer for Warrior football. I look forward to our next Warrior season……it will be Spring ball sooner than we think.


  235. protector December 21, 2009 7:20 am

    bhf2 on # 206 & # 208,

    Thanks for those beautiful excerpts!


    Thanks for the clarification on Nielsen’s status.Maybe he’s the one from Gahr High then? I don’t trust my memory as I once did. I believe he had a wide-out in the same team who’s coming here, though; can’t remember his name.

    I’m not worried about Bradley if his rehab goes well. I hope Malcolm Lane comes back ready to hit the ground running. I’ve said before that I felt Lane & Taylor were inconsistent although they’ve showed flashes of brilliance. And they both are among the fastest on the team, yet haven’t helped stretch the field as much as Bradley due to that inconsistency . Let’s hope they’re ready to bring it as well as Pilares who can be brilliant, but seemed to take a walkabout in the middle third of the past season, for
    whatever the reason.

  236. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 7:26 am

    John Cooper Pelluer

    sorry about my earlier typo, Pelleur insteada Pelluer.

    anyway, you get the idea, you and Maggitt, welcome to Warrior Nation.

  237. protector December 21, 2009 7:37 am

    I still want that kicker from Kahuku for a Christmas present. Anybody know / hear about any further development? Okay, I want some of the recruits on the fence to fall in line, too.

    Like Bulla, I also am brimming with optimism for the coming year athough the challenge is daunting with USC on the horizon (followed by Army & Colorado?). And we still must play Boise State & Fresno Stateon the mainland, too. It’s imperative they shore up the O-Line & D-Line, but at least Paipai & Geordan should be healthy by then and here’s hoping there aren’t any snags on the 6th year guys coming back.

  238. TYaiea December 21, 2009 7:42 am

    Got 4 tix to Hawaii Bowl. North End Zone, general admission, means it’s anywhere in the red, brown or yellow. Not the best…but its free. email me: elks616@hawaiiantel.net with your snail mail addie and I’ll mail it to you.

  239. Slugger December 21, 2009 7:44 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

  240. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 7:46 am

    kinda strange for the UH quarterbacks to have to take so many tests before they can be considered good enough to play. all deze extra tests, qualifications… sheessshhh

    kinda reminds me of the UH Admissions… all the SATs, vocals, extras,
    compliance checkoff to get into UH for the Aussie, Okie and anybody else who lika cumma here. 😀 they must all be related….
    😆 :mrgreen:

    I betcha even HTTR Jason Campbell would have to sit awhile befo he
    could lead da Warriors. 😆

    j/k j/k ?????? 😆

  241. duffer (iPhone) December 21, 2009 7:47 am

    @ 235

    Even the retired ones?


  242. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 7:52 am

    all i’d like to know is if da qb can hit da 50 yard marker at da left hash if he was standing on da 5, like a speedy but floatah kinda pass, let da ball fly afta he waited 3.09 seconds. 😆 and he looked GORGEOUS.

    Mo can do dat? den he’s da guy.

  243. Kekoa (iPhone) December 21, 2009 7:56 am

    Bhf2 ~ He gotta trow ’em in da trash can from 60 yards out wit Blaze chazen him!

  244. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 8:10 am

    yup, if he like my respect. 😆

  245. bighilofan2 December 21, 2009 8:12 am

    have a great day everybody.

    gotta go, hi ho hi ho.

  246. Pomai December 21, 2009 8:29 am

    Has anyone heard when the parking gates open?

  247. d1島 December 21, 2009 8:48 am


    Lower lots open at 10:00 am. Main lot opens at 11:00 am.
    Turnstiles open at 12:00 pm.
    People may start leaving the stadium at 12:01 pm. 😆


  248. d1島 December 21, 2009 8:52 am

    From da “Wow! Laulau” Dept.:

    Gate 1: Parking in Sections 1-7 are for PASSES ONLY.
    Gate 2: Parking in Sections 8-14 are for Public Parking.

  249. Pomai December 21, 2009 8:56 am

    Mahalo d1

    But I’m staying for the whole thing, I bought my tix’s so I want my money’s worth. LOL

    I do think it will be a good game. It would be nice to see a shootout.

  250. UH lands linebacker club university December 21, 2009 11:59 pm

    […] here to read the rest: UH lands linebacker By admin | category: University of HAWAII | tags: cooper, cooper-pelluer, department, […]

  251. Pet Society Help December 26, 2009 1:21 am

    Congrats to John Cooper Pelluer and the Bows for their signing. Go bows 2010-2011!

  252. Laramie River December 27, 2009 4:29 pm

    Dude… good post! I might actually even listen to what you are saying. Overall your whole blog is intense… I am digging it. Peace!

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