UH football: Back in session

Well, that was quick.

Ten days after the spring semester’s last final exam, UH is back in session.

That means the Warriors’ spring-roster players are back on campus today for the first of two summer sessions.

Meanwhile, the incoming freshmen will begin attending classes next month. They are enrolled in the so-called bridge program — two three-credit courses that begin June 27.

Summer scholarships — which are funded by Na Koa largely through a perpetual annual donation from the Alexander Waterhouse Foundation — serve these purposes:

> They enable players to accumulate more credits toward an on-time or earlier graduation. Case in point: Starting left guard Leo Koloamatangi earned a bachelor’s degree a week ago and will play his senior season as a graduate student.

> They provide a head start to freshmen, as well as enabling the newcomers to acclimate earlier to college life and the football program.

> They allow the players to train together on campus this summer. Greg McMackin initiated — and Norm Chow and Rolovich maintained — a program that allows scholarships to be allotted during the summer. Before the McMackin initiative, several players trained on the mainland during the summer, following itinerary from a UH-issued strength/conditioning guidebook. In addition, the summer scholarships increase participation in the player-run unsupervised workouts. There are two stipulations: 1) A player must be enrolled in summer session to receive the summer scholarship; and 2) A player must pass the course or refund the tuition cost. A player quit the team last season in dispute over the repayment edict.


  1. leron May 23, 2016 8:13 am

    First? And that pkayer’s named rhymed with “Duke Crawley.”

  2. Da Punchbowl Kid May 23, 2016 9:14 am

    Hit the books, hit the weights, hit the field. Hit ’em hard. Summer time in Priderock.

    Good morning leron!


  3. Da Punchbowl Kid May 23, 2016 9:17 am

    This might be a dumb question, but do scholarship and/or walk-ons get a training table for meals?

  4. NorthShoreFan May 23, 2016 9:45 am

    Guud Morning Tsaikos…Bootiful Day!

    me thinks scholies get but not walk ons…den again…wat i know?…

    I know getting closer to kick off 2016! I know football season don’t end. The scholar athletes is all year, 24-7. You commit, you study, you train, you carry and honor yourself as a Warrior Athelete….24-7.

  5. NorthShoreFan May 23, 2016 9:48 am

    I know the tailgate crew is fantastic. I know we almost half way through the year…

  6. turfwar May 23, 2016 10:07 am

    Walkons included now.

  7. Da Punchbowl Kid May 23, 2016 10:24 am

    Mahalo, turfwar!

  8. NorthShoreFan May 23, 2016 10:50 am

    Great news…Mahalo Turfwar

  9. Pomai May 23, 2016 10:55 am

    I think the tailgate crew needs a training table also!!!!!

  10. H-Man May 23, 2016 11:11 am

    There must have been other reasons for Luke to quit the team. Was it pay now or you cannot play?

  11. Derek May 23, 2016 11:17 am

    If I may ask, who is Hicks who is supposedly coming in as a walk-on, per Scout. Looks like a DB per the tape. I also saw a tape of a terrific kick returned, receiver that is being recruited for next year. Who’s that? Thanks.

  12. NorthShoreFan May 23, 2016 11:41 am

    #9…we go try to take care of dat….ooda guys/trainees like sit at the table gotta come early.

  13. BigFan May 23, 2016 12:28 pm

    If I remember correctly, Luke couldn’t afford to pay it back. I believe it was in the thousands so maybe it was for 2 courses. Usually it 3 credits per course or about $1000 and two courses would be about $2,000.

    Derek, if you read the Jackson Moore article on Scout on Kalen Hicks, it was pretty complete article. Don’t know who the receiver for next year is.

  14. H-Man May 23, 2016 1:10 pm

    Now why would Santa Clarita (Calif.) College of the Canyons defensive lineman Leroy Mealancon Jr. walk-on at Hawaii? If there are no scholarships currently available from 2016, can’t UH offer one from the 2017 season?

  15. Stephen Tsai May 23, 2016 1:11 pm

    Hicks is from Bishop Gorman. He was injured last year. UH is getting a steal. Several years ago, a knee injury reduced offers to a Washington state linebacker. That guy was Adam Leonard.

  16. Stephen Tsai May 23, 2016 1:16 pm

    Pushing forward a scholarship — blue shirting — can only be done, at the earliest, on the first day of training camp. That’s what happened last year with Cameron Hayes and the year before with Kaiwi Chung.

  17. H-Man May 23, 2016 3:22 pm

    ST, thank you for the update !!! I forgot that it was called blue shirting. I am hoping that he will be offered a scholarship on the first day of training camp and that he is still available. How often do you find an experienced 6-5/270 DE who claims he can run a 4.9 40 and is itching to buss up some running backs who come his way Even some QBs who venture too far from home.

  18. Jason Valentin May 23, 2016 4:41 pm

    It states that the DL from college of the canyons is committed to cal poly! We need another JC DL to help with depth. DT kind of thin with Kennedy and Gifford out

  19. H-Man May 23, 2016 6:31 pm

    Thin is an understatement. It was reported by ST previously that Zeno Choi played the NT position every snap for the spring fling. That is thin. Help!

  20. Derek May 23, 2016 7:29 pm

    Did anyone on the coaching staff scouted Baldwin DB and track star Anthony Laa’kea Kahoo’hanohano Davis. He was an All State 1st team DB this past season? Maybe a preferred walk-on? I think he’s got good size for a DB and broke long standing records in the long jump and triple jump in the recent State Track and Field meet and won 4 gold medals, including relays.

  21. Paniolo May 23, 2016 9:24 pm

    I hope there are more Warrior football participating in an unsupervised summer training. A lot of incoming freshman. I’m wondering if our Warrior football team will have more than just a few “true freshman” starting on the offensive and defensive line.

  22. seewhy May 23, 2016 11:38 pm

    RE: #20

    He can play. He has that track speed too. Watched him return a kickoff against Mission Viejo in a preseason game.

  23. Stephen Tsai May 24, 2016 8:45 am

    New post: http://hawaiiwarriorworld.com/?p=37606

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