Punt returner ailing

Samson Anguay said he has a tear in his right ACL. Despite the diagnosis, he said he is walking normally.

At the end of the Warrior Bowl, UH head coach Greg McMackin said Anguay was the No. 1 punt returner. Anguy, a 2010 Campbell High graduate, was a part-time UH student during the 2010 fall semester. He joined the Warriors in January. He also is competing as a slotback.

* * * * *

UH release this photo of the new Sheriff Center scoreboard:


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Add another completion for former UH receiver Davone Bess of the Miami Dolphins.

Bess said his Web site is finally complete. Here’s the link: Davone Bess.

The site contains information about his charitable organization, Da Bess Route Foundation, and programs such as Bess Friends, a student mentoring program in South Florida. He will honor a “student of the week.”

Between training and raising his two children, Bess has spent a lot of the lockout working with his foundation.

“Just trying to be productive, man,” he said.  “I’m not a big materialistic person. I have a lot. I feel blessed. I want to help others.”


* * * * *

The UH football Skills Camp showed there’s a lot of talent in Hawaii. One player who attracted attention was quarterback Keanu Yamamoto of Hawaii Prep Academy. Yamamoto, who said he is 5 feet 11, stood out with his powerful throws. Yamamoto will be a senior this year.

* * * * *

Athletic director Jim Donovan watched his son, Josh, a Pac-Five linebacker.


* * * * *

In his closing speech, Greg McMackin reminded the campers to take care of academics. He also said: “You’re now all part of our Warrior family.”



  1. koakane June 20, 2011 7:40 am


  2. koakane June 20, 2011 7:42 am

    morning ST and rest of the tsaiko ohana

    beginning another sun filled day in the 808

    good info on dbess and his Route Foundation.

  3. haka June 20, 2011 7:44 am

    He da Bessest!

    Go Warriors!

  4. cheepono June 20, 2011 7:44 am

    Atta boy D. Bess! You are da man!

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  6. al June 20, 2011 7:52 am

    davone bess…awesome example to others.

  7. Bugaz June 20, 2011 7:52 am

    Awesome of Mr. Bess

  8. Bugaz June 20, 2011 7:55 am

    It’s a great thing to become the better person when given a second chance.

  9. mctruck June 20, 2011 7:56 am

    Just got back in from fuuuud shopping.

    Hoping JD directs his son to UH if he got the skills!?

    Have a beautiful day Tsaikos.

    Lunch time fo-me…..out.

  10. mctruck June 20, 2011 7:57 am

    Who are those people in cap-n-gown??

  11. Wes'side Warrior June 20, 2011 7:58 am

    Morning, everyone!

    First big day for us.

    Hope you all have a great day!

  12. Bugaz June 20, 2011 7:59 am

    Hopefully Coach Mack and crew can keep a few more of our top local boys home this coming up recruiting class.

  13. Wes'side Warrior June 20, 2011 7:59 am

    Only one way to do it… Da(vone) Bess way!

  14. tommui June 20, 2011 8:00 am

    Top Twenty – no prize?


    Good morning AL and DPK

    Aloha TSAIKOS!

  15. anklebiters June 20, 2011 8:00 am

    ST & Avis:

    Received the omiyage package over the weekend….thanks again ❗

  16. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 8:14 am

    Will JD’s son, Josh, become a Warrior?

    Hi, everyone!

  17. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 8:17 am

    Per yesterday’s discussion:

    There’s a scene in “The Office” where Pam decides to give herself a new title without seeking permission. An HR person discovers there is no paperwork to show she has the new job. He calls her in. She’s about to fess up, but then says: Tell me I’m a liar. Tell me I lied or I’m gong back to work. The HR guy won’t call her a liar, so she gets to keep her new job.

    If UH wants to offer McMackin less money in his next contract and hold the line on Arnold’s pay, then it has to come up with a more compelling reason than “we don’t have the money,” or it has to explain how a department with no extra money is able to add a sport (sand volleyball) and agree to travel subsidies.

    The football program is operating in the black, its players are graduating and the head coach initiated the UnderArmour deal that brings in millions to the department. Arnold’s (buff and blue) backers pay for 1.5 coaching positions. His team went to the postseason.

    So UH has to come out and say, “We think we’re overpaying for those positions.” If not, everybody should just go back to work.You can’t claim poverty if you keep using the charge card.

  18. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 8:30 am

    Or, suppose you have a regular mechanic.

    You have car trouble. He says it will cost $1,100 to fix.

    If you think the job is worth $700, then say that’s all you’re willing to pay.

    But don’t say, sorry, I only have $700, and then go out and buy an iPad.

  19. Old Diver June 20, 2011 8:39 am


    While I believe Title IX has been a good thing, isn’t the message from the Title IX court rulings telling universities to keep using the charge card or face sanctions?

  20. BG June 20, 2011 8:40 am

    Thanks Stephen…for the other side of the story. Not looking for right or wrong, but getting different perspectives and making my own decision.

    Awesome link to Davone’s website! Incredible role model that should be invited back often.

  21. Da Punchbowl Kid June 20, 2011 8:42 am

    Good Morning Gangeez! 🙂

    Haven’t both Mack and Gib been coaching well enough to avoid “takebacks”? I’m not understanding why we’re having this discussion.

    Go Bess!

    Howzit Tom and al!

  22. BG June 20, 2011 8:42 am

    After a rainy night that cleaned the air, the sun is peeking out from the clouds and making it all beautiful again. Enjoying the moment.


  23. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 8:46 am

    Hubby has the day off and will be painting the patio table and the garage ceiling.

    My grandson is here, too.

    Blogging on the Warrior Beat.

    Looks like it’s going to be a nice day!

  24. Old School Dave June 20, 2011 8:51 am

    Josh Donovan looks like a player. Good size – 6.0 210 lb. Very active linebacker.


  25. papajoe2 June 20, 2011 8:53 am

    I think Coach Mac is moving Warrior football in the right direction. I don’t think that JD should say that we will give you a 3 year contract and that’s it for you as stated in yesterday’s blog. Look what happened with the basketball program when the fumbler did it with Coach Wallace, although he should of had a new coach before Wallace’s deadline. As long as the Warrior program is moving in a positive direction, sign Coach Mac. Head football coaches can coach for a long time if they are successful. They have to have a staff that buys into his scheme of things and the HC more or less organize the coaches. Buyout clause and something like attendance minimum or bowl games or conference championships or even player graduations, should be rewarded as bonuses. I too wasn’t sure about Coach Mac after his first season but I’m very satisfied right now about the Warriors progress. That’s part of the reason for a 3/4/5 year contract but also a buyout clause. An “embarrassment” clause or ethics clause should also be written into the contract. As for how much we pay Coach Mac, that’s what negotiations are about but I hope we make an genuine effort to keep him around. Just my $.05 opionion.

  26. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 8:56 am


    What I don’t like about incentives is there’s an underlying implication that a worker needs a carrot.

    I don’t think coaches are going to coach harder or smarter because they can make more money. The original intent of the bowl bonus was that the coaches were working an additional job — preparing for a game — during a time when they would be focusing on recruiting.

    I think all coaches and athletes play to win. The fear of failure is the biggest incentive.

  27. papajoe2 June 20, 2011 8:58 am

    ooopps, #25, opionion=opinion

  28. rage777 June 20, 2011 8:58 am

    I’m not bashing him, but wasn’t part of the reason for hiring J.D. because he was such a good marketing person and could bring in a lot of money? Those aren’t skills that you can lose is it? I thought he could bring all the money from donors and get a good marketing campaign to get people to buy UH stuff.

  29. papajoe2 June 20, 2011 8:59 am

    #26 ST, good point.

  30. warriorsun June 20, 2011 9:04 am

    let’s be realistic, economic downturns notwithstanding.

    football, men’s basketball and women’s vb produce revenue.

    they support the uh athletics ohana.

    football has been steady, mac is winning and we are headed for a better conference with bigger payoff opportuniies and national exposure.

    it appears arnold has basketball on a fast track to recovery and more revenues can be reasonably forecast.

    shoji’s program is as reliable as uncle ben’s clock

    in mac’s case, there is enuff moving parts in the equation to make the formula work:

    a salary cut buffered by incentives is workable. mac has enuff fat on the hoof to trim and still can make it up with good results on the field.

    arnold is different. we risk losing him if he succeeds. his recruiting over two years strongly indicate his stock will rise like facebook.

    donovan must be aggressive here. we cannot afford to see this program lose momentum again.

    donovan, uh administration and the state powers-at-large cannot expect to starve the cow while asking for more milk.

    its simple math.—no entitlement here. you pay those that produce revenues that feed the ohana.

  31. papajoe2 June 20, 2011 9:07 am

    rage777, yup, but changing the way we have been doing it for years, may take time. JD did get us into the Big West and MWC and hired some pretty good coaches along the way. Needs to get better on the marketing aspect part, but like I said, it will take time. Trip to China, although may have mostly been Coach Gibs’ decision, is a start. JD and commitee did interview all candidates for the coaching positions. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Coach Gib got the job, envisioning where he can take the basketball program and more importantly, the University of Hawaii as a whole with innovative ideas.

  32. Manoa Mist June 20, 2011 9:10 am

    Interesting topic regarding Coach Mack.

    I like Mac but he got to take a pay cut. Ault did, Hill did, Mac can too. Why the heck we adding sand volleyball if we broke? I agree we shouldn’t do that. But to say we adding travel subsidies to MWC and Big West “because we want to” is not exactly accurate.

    We’re doing that because we have to, or we go back to the WAC, and nobody wants that.

    As for Arnold, man, it’s a stretch to say he went to postseason play. He played in a post season tournament sure enough, but if Riley wasn’t involved, UH probably suck wind once again.

    That said, Arnold deserves more cash for the job he’s done.

    Just my humble opinion…

  33. Slugger June 20, 2011 9:16 am

    Good morning, gang!

    Davone is a wonderful example of being a stand-up guy. A great Warrior!

  34. haka June 20, 2011 9:18 am


    maybe he should be on incentives. 🙂

  35. haka June 20, 2011 9:19 am

    maybe it’s not just jd’s decision to make.

  36. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 9:23 am

    No. 35:

    Yep, Upper Campus backed JD into a tight corner.

    That’s what happens when an agreement is reached before the details are worked out.

    Upper Campus led the way in the MWC application, but didn’t figure out exactly how to pay for subsidies.

  37. jm2375 June 20, 2011 9:37 am

    Good morning Tsaikos!!

    Hope all you dads had a great Father’s Day!

    DPK – watch any GoT lately? 😀 Do we really have to wait a year for the next season? At least the vampires, werewolves and witches will be back on Sunday!!

  38. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 9:39 am


    I never understood why Hinshaw changed the way the HC’s salary was paid.

    Wasn’t half of JJ’s salary paid by private donors and half by UH?

    Why isn’t Mack’s salary paid that way?

  39. d1shima (Aria'd) June 20, 2011 9:43 am

    Nice work by DBess!

  40. jm2375 June 20, 2011 9:44 am

    re: sand volleyball – I think Shoji wants to use it as a recruiting tool… Not saying that’s a good enough reason for adding the sport, but if the players are already on scholarship for indoor vb and the coaches are the same, then it’s not that much more money, is it?

    Don’t forget, baseball made $$ this year too.

  41. d1shima (Aria'd) June 20, 2011 9:46 am

    re: 36.

    Ready, Fire, Aim?

  42. Randy F June 20, 2011 9:47 am


    DO you know if Davone is coming to visit the islands this summer? He has done so the last two summers.

  43. Old Diver June 20, 2011 10:07 am


    I guess the Board of Regents directive to JD to run the athletic department more like a business never got higher on the totem pole.

  44. A-House June 20, 2011 10:09 am

    Maybe, Gov A will use the $4 million saved from the NFL to pay for UH travel subsidies!

    Unfortunately, it was “upper campus” who negotiated Coach Mack’s salary, and it’s all UH money, and they did a poor job in offering $1 million to a coach who had NO head coach experience and left out NO buy out clause.

    That being the case, should not Coach Mack’s salary be tied in with upper campus budget rather than UHAD’S? Perhpas a little creative accounting, such as using Coach Mack’s annual salary as a “credit” against the $10 million debt, can continue to lower what the UHAD owes upper campus.

    I support those who advocate what Coach Mack has accomplished in recruiting, academics, and generally moving the football program in the right direction. Extend his contract for another 3 years at the same salary with a 2-year extension clause at the UHAD’s option and concentrate all salary increases to the assistant coach positions.

    Perhaps someday, when I am long gone, UH will use the West Oahu campus for all under graduate classes (more land for expansion) and Manoa for grad classes only. Build an “on-campus” 45-50,000 seat stadium plus luxury box seats. Afterall, the general population on Oahu is continually moving “west”. Forget the single family dwellings and go all highrise!

    What about Aloha Stadium? (silence)

    Many have stated that UH is a “commuter” campus/school. Can someone describe what a “non-commute” college campus/school is? Do they have enough dorm space to handle 20,000 or 30,000 or 40,000 students? I know that certain universities have “frat or sorority” houses with rooms, but where do the other students live? Are you telling me that USC, Ohio State, Florida, Texas, etc all have sufficient housing “on-campus” for all students?

    USC is in “downtown” LA, next to Watts, and I have never been to their campus, but they have dorm space on campus for all its students?

  45. Da Punchbowl Kid June 20, 2011 10:11 am

    jm#### –

    Watched the season finale for GOT last night. I predicted early on that it might end with “The Dragon” ascending. What a dramtic ending with such a magnificent set up, no? Literally arising out of tragedy from the ashes of her former life. Great writing.

    Unfortunately, we will have to wait til next spring to watch the second season based on the second book in the series: “A Clash of Kings”. Ya know who’s got a shot at it all? The bastard son of the original king, the armorer who is protecting the little princess…

    IMHO GOT is the best show on television and is better that 90% of what the movies offer.

  46. LizKauai June 20, 2011 10:21 am

    A-House – Mom used to live next to USC. She, as a senior citizen, was attacked at least on two occasions in her parking lot and almost raped if not for a neighbor with a gun. Drive-by shootings were normal in the neighborhood… including the streets with the frat and sorority houses. This was back in the 80s and 90s.

    Thanks for the #17 and #18 comments, ST… I totally agree. But I am just a fan… Hope UH does not end up fumbling this one.


  47. LizKauai June 20, 2011 10:22 am

    DPK- Watched GOT for the first time last night… so I’m slow to catch on… nothing new! 🙂

  48. mctruck June 20, 2011 10:23 am

    DPK, agree wit u on ur#45.

    Everything just excellent entertainment….can’t wait for 2012 installment.

  49. Dennis Halloran June 20, 2011 10:46 am

    Mac was a head FB coach at Oregon Tech back in the day

  50. bigislandkurt June 20, 2011 10:47 am

    Plain and simple. We need to pay Mac and his assistants. They have the program just where it needs to be — poised to take it to the next level. The program makes money and his players graduate. The recruiting action is also at a level that it needs to be going. PAY MAC.


  51. Old Diver June 20, 2011 10:49 am


    “Maybe, Gov A will use the $4 million saved from the NFL to pay for UH travel subsidies!”

    UH has autonomy which means no matter how much money (currently $360 million) the State gives them, UH can spent it any way it wants to with no input from the legislature or the governors office. If the State gave UH a billion dollars a year the athletic department would still have a budget in the red with no obligation from upper campus to make up the difference.

  52. haka June 20, 2011 10:53 am

    MHO…again! 🙂

    All of this is obviously not what the academia administration wants to even hear about, but hey, I’m a sports fan who believes in the intangible impact of UH athletics on the economy, community and my frontal labotomy.

    Reducing salaries would obviously save money, but it is not the preferred answer unless initiated by the coaches themselves. Though it would be admirable, it is certainly not and shouldn’t be expected of the coaches. We made the deal, we should keep it. If coaches want to leave because we cannot pay them what they want then that’s the way it is…aloha. If incentives need to be applied then, though not quite a voice of confidence, that has to be an open economic option. I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today kind of love.

    Reality is a b…..ummer. What has to be done has to be done. Upper campus made a decision, one that was good for us fans, now ALL parties concerned need to face reality, be reasonable and make it work! Pleeeeeze…did you hear that upper campus? Not-in-the-know opinions like mine are way easier said than done!

  53. jm2375 June 20, 2011 11:10 am

    Liz – you gotta watch GoT from the beginning!! HBO Go for us Dish subscribers. 😀

  54. LizKauai June 20, 2011 11:20 am

    okok… will watch… 😉

    reminds me of my daughter who wouldn’t let me watch Serenity until I watched every Firefly episode on dvd!


  55. LizKauai June 20, 2011 11:25 am

    Bottom line- Love and Unity. It’s what the world needs now…

    Anything can be accomplished and the means will be there.

  56. Old Diver June 20, 2011 11:27 am

    Liz, you a Firefly fan too?

  57. rage777 June 20, 2011 11:28 am

    Why all the concentration on Mac’s salary? I know he is the highest paid, but at least he brings in the money. Imagine what everybody would be saying if Von Appen was coaching during a recession. Maybe we should be looking at the coaches who don’t bring in any money to UH. I know those coaches don’t make a whole lot of money, but still they make a lot more then they take in. Would it really make a difference if instead of paying $40k to pay the tennis coach, we instead pay $20k to a college dropout semi-pro looking for a part time job? If nobody is watching UH tennis anyway, does it really matter if we are good or bad? I’m not advocating it, I’m just saying maybe everybody is looking in the wrong direction.

  58. rage777 June 20, 2011 11:28 am

    Sorry to the UH tennis coach for the example, whoever that may be.

  59. Couch potato June 20, 2011 11:38 am

    let’s not forget coach Mac also got a second chance.

  60. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 11:38 am

    Rage 777:

    I think this is a reaction to a column yesterday about how Mack and Arnold should expect to take hits.

    I can understand a reduction in salary if the money were going to be recirculated, meaning giving it assistant coaches or projects related to that sport.

    But who are we kidding? All of the savings will be going to other schools or paying down a deficit.

    I’m not even sure how the deficit got to be so out of hand. It can’t just be salaries.

    The department was in the black for the first two years when JJ was being paid $320,000 annually. Even when he got his bump to $800,000, UH’s share only went up $80,000, to $400,000. If you multiply that by six years, that’s $480,000. Let’s suppose it increases to $600,000 when you factor in benefits. That doesn’t equate to the $6 million deficit when JJ left. Say the UH budget was $25 million. How is it possible it was spending $26 million to $27 million a year?

    And this was during a time when pay-per-view was added.


  61. Pomai June 20, 2011 11:41 am

    It’s one thing to tell JD to run UHAD as a business and another to let him………..

  62. jm2375 June 20, 2011 11:41 am

    rage – #1 requirement for a coaching position at the collegiate level is a college degree. Plus the coaches of the non-revenue sports do a lot more than just coach, like travel planning, etc…

  63. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 11:42 am

    I’m not saying the expenses aren’t legit. It just seems really hard to be that over budget.

  64. Stretch June 20, 2011 11:45 am

    Ah, come on ST, I don’t want to start going off on HF again…

  65. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 11:50 am

    so why isn’t JD going after private donors to pay 1/2 of Mack’s salary?

    is he doing ANY soliciting at all?!

  66. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 11:52 am

    I think if UH is to be treated like a business, it should:

    • Make the pharmacy program part of the Burns School of Medicine. (And turn part of the med school into a clinic.)

    • Build a hotel on campus. The Travel Industry Management school can run it.

    • … And the engineering school can help design it.

    • Have the fashion design program create its own clothing line that can be sold on campus or online.

    • Redesign the logo. What? Didn’t UH do that 10 years ago? Redesign the local to make it an athletic logo. This time, though, pay the creator a flat fee, but UH gets to keep the rights. Then negotiate a better marketing deal with RainBowTique. And if there’s a manufacturing problem, then call the fashion design program. There was a slight boo-boo the last time and the H logo creator got the rights.

  67. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 11:54 am

    JD is doing a lot of soliciting. That pretty much takes up most of his time.

    If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that supposed to be Koa Anuenue’s job?

  68. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 11:56 am

    The most I have donated is $100 to the American Red Cross, so I definitely do not have deep pockets.

    However, look how private donors have resurrected the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra!!!

    Surely, there are people out there who could donate substantially to the UHAD… That’s where JD’s efforts should be directed.

    just saying…

  69. rage777 June 20, 2011 11:57 am

    Engineers don’t design hotels, that the job of the architects. They could layout the HVAC system, electrical/network outlets, etc.

  70. Waikiki Warrior June 20, 2011 11:58 am

    Is the Tate Forceir stuff done?

  71. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 11:58 am

    I would also have ROTC in charge of campus security.

    And the parking people? Use the School of Business.

  72. rage777 June 20, 2011 12:00 pm

    I think JD needs to layout a better marketing plan. You can’t tell the public we are in the red one million dollars, because then they will think well my $10 won’t help them much then. But if JD said that if all 30,000 people that come to a UH game donated $20, that would take us 60% closer to closing the budget.

  73. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 12:00 pm


    Whooops. My bad. Thanks.

  74. rage777 June 20, 2011 12:01 pm


    That was cold hearted. Why not the band? 😉

  75. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 12:04 pm

    I can understand the fans’ side, too.

    When you go into Jamba Juice, you don’t think about the rent or the guy with the pierced eyebrow’s health-care plan.

    Sometimes you just want a 16-ounce Fruity Pebbles, and to go on with the rest of your day.

  76. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 12:06 pm


    I suppose the band could play outside Macy’s with a large donation pot …

  77. jeezy33 June 20, 2011 12:07 pm

    bad news.. looks like samson anguay might be done for season..

  78. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:08 pm


    yep, thats the thing about unfunded mandates. whether you got the money or not, you still gotta pay for it. float bonds, borrow borrow borrow, visa amex for everything, mastercard.

    the next one is that secondary waste water treatment facility that the EPA ruled against Honolulu’s waiver. $6-9 Billion for the plant.

  79. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 12:09 pm

    Then again, I’m not sure why I’m even thinking about negotiations between someone who makes 3.5 times more than me and someone who makes 14 times more.

  80. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:09 pm


    Word is the Pharmacy school is battling several issues regarding accreditation.

  81. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 12:10 pm


    $6-9 billion? That’s a s–t load of money.

  82. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 12:15 pm


    I thought Advertiser reporters make over $100,000.

    If so, that’s way more than hubby makes.

  83. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:16 pm


    A non-commuter campus doesn’t mean dorms for every single student or even dorms for the majority of students.

    Most have dorms or living places like apartments housing etc both public and private within very close proximity to the college.

    The best way and least scientific way of describing a non-commuter campus is having a large amount of people/activities on/around campus after the school day is done because so many basically live around that area. Businesses, restaurants, clubs, bars, shopping etc is almost like an extension of the school.

  84. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 12:17 pm

    Too bad about the pharmacy school, if what you say is true.

    Pharmacists at Kapiolani Med Ctr make over $130K.

    I think Long’s pays even more.

  85. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:19 pm


    Sorry huge brain fart. I was thinking of the total rail project costs. lol.

    2nd treatment is anywhere from $1B upwards of $2/3B from people I have spoken with.

  86. d1shima June 20, 2011 12:22 pm

    iwwthm talks s–t? 😯

  87. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:24 pm

    ST mentioned that upper campus didn’t want boosters paying for a portion of Mack’s salary.

    I am wondering how many boosters JJ brought with him (and eventually took with him)…Weren’t the Maloof brothers donating some money to the program?

    Anyway, I would like to see if the big time boosters could come up with 20% of Mack’s salary. In exchange they can call 4 plays per game. lol

  88. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:25 pm


    Yea yea yea was a mistake lol. 2ndary treatment is $1-$B.

  89. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 12:27 pm


    Hmmm. That’s a lot to treat raw sewage.

    Then again, my kids and their friends like to surf, and I do like sashimi, so, yeah, I’m in favor of a functioning raw-sewage plant.

  90. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:30 pm


    And if you were wondering about my accreditation comments on the UHH campus the link is below. Basically they don’t have full accreditation yet.

    Basically they don’t have full accreditation yet, and there are several issues that remain which leave some in the pharmacy community a bit concerned about gaining that status.


  91. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 12:31 pm

    When it comes to treating raw sewage, third, fourth, fifth, even sixth treatments would be good, too.

  92. MysteryPerson June 20, 2011 12:32 pm

    Gigi, is your grandson old enough to go to any of Mack’s camps yet.

  93. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 12:33 pm


    No doubts about your pharmacy reference.

    I just hear about so many people who want to get into pharmacy or PT programs, and there aren’t any on Oahu.

  94. Bowwar June 20, 2011 12:33 pm

    If you do the job expected and meet all of the criteria set, I don’t think you should be taking a pay cut especially if part of the criteria was bringing in revenue…Coach Mac deserves to keep his salary (maybe no increase), but definitely does not warrant a decrease in pay.

    Gib knew what he was getting into when he accepted the salary given…He has ONE good season with the “potential” for more. I think the “jury” is still out on him as to whether he has truly turned the corner with his program…Give him a year before considering any increase, etc.

  95. A-House June 20, 2011 12:33 pm


    I guess I need to visit more college campuses on the mainland to see your explanation in para 3.

    Visited Florida and perhpas our tour group took a most direct route to the stadium, but I cannot recall any that you mention above. Florida, like many mainland schools, have mucho space to build such things and we get to see only a microcasm of their campus. I know UNLV has many “apratment like buldings” around the campus and they actively bid for students.

    Nite life on campus- I lived at Atherton YMCA across campus and when the sun went down, only people moving around was to and from the library. Most of us were hunkered down in our rooms studying.

    I need to visit Stanford – it was known, way back when, as a “party school” and thus the drinking song – oh it’s beer, beer, beer that makes you want to cheer, on the farm…….”

    Colorado was also spread out, but many businesses across the street from campus and I will presume many apartment buildings.

    For sure, I will make a very mental note of what Udub is like as game will be played on campus..

  96. A-House June 20, 2011 12:36 pm

    Does UH-Hilo have a Pharmacy program and will soon be offering a PHD program?

  97. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:38 pm

    ST can you check my comments, for some reason they are awaiting moderation.

  98. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 12:39 pm

    MP, my grandson is only 1 yr old.

    But, he is very athletic. Loves to throw the ball and ride his tricycle.

  99. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:39 pm

    This is a link to the 2ndard treatment facility cost/analysis.


  100. MysteryPerson June 20, 2011 12:43 pm

    Guess uhfan808 is still in hybernation. Must still be to cold for her. Cannot feel the heat from frenzied Warrior fans, yet. Most likely will awaken and come out mid to late July, I am thinking.

  101. MysteryPerson June 20, 2011 12:44 pm

    Gigi, could be another Colt Brennan in the making then.

  102. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:44 pm


    Yea, we need that Pharmacy school here in Hawaii. All the pharmacy guys I hang out with have had to go away to UW, Pacific etc. All of them would have wanted the choice to stay back here.

    Even with WICHE/WUE programs they would have liked to stay back here.

    Pharmacist make good money but since the State went with a mail order drug plan and not HMSA places like CVS etc are getting real slow and losing money.

    As many of you know the pharmacy division of HMSA was contracted out to Health Ways because HMSA’s biggest group (State) went with the mainland company.

  103. jeezy33 June 20, 2011 12:50 pm

    Anguay tore ACL

  104. jm2375 June 20, 2011 12:53 pm

    iwwthm – your link on the Pharmacy school doesn’t tell me anything. The first class graduated last month and I’m not hearing anything to the contrary about accreditation.

  105. jm2375 June 20, 2011 12:54 pm

    iwwthm – #102 – that’s not why I got outsourced.

  106. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 12:57 pm


    I dunno. I go to Longs for my meds, and the line is really long.

  107. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:57 pm


    I just had dinner with someone who told me otherwise and I can message you in private if you would like to know more. I have no reason to not believe this person.

  108. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 12:58 pm


    Well what they are telling you and the chair of a senate committee that deals with such subject matter must be different.

    again, from the horses mouth. if you want to more i can talk to u in private.

  109. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:02 pm

    Second day helicopters searching the Koolaus. Must be more missing hikers.

  110. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 1:04 pm

    too bad about Samson.

    what is the treatment for a torn ACL?

  111. LizKauai June 20, 2011 1:06 pm

    GET WELL, Samson!!!

  112. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:07 pm

    Re: ACL

    Depends on the severity. Usually, it’s surgery. Rehab is about eight months.

    Jordan Gomes had ACL surgery and he’s back.

    Hogan Rosehill had ACL surgery in October. He’s back, sort of, although for some reason he has not been placed on the active roster yet.

  113. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:08 pm

    I think fans would have liked Samson.

    Plays hard. Just a really good attitude.

  114. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 1:11 pm


    sent you a message.

  115. LizKauai June 20, 2011 1:12 pm

    Old Diver- I am now! (picture Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange getting an “eyeful”)… nah… I am… really…

    ST- I love the ideas about letting the various schools provide hands-on experience to students by putting them in charge of various services. Best kind of education for today’s kids!

  116. Couch potato June 20, 2011 1:12 pm

    amazing that Hines Ward has no ACL in his left knee.

    my thoughts on GOT: i like the female nude scenes.

    hahahaha, i feel like i just wrote on my fb wall.

  117. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 1:12 pm

    hubby has been complaining of tingling in his fingers.

    probably carpal tunnel syndrome.

    i had surgery for it and could not drive my car for weeks afterwards.

    difficulty releasing the brakes and changing gears.

  118. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 1:16 pm


    I am simply amazed that all these years the football team has never been delayed at the airport.

    My inlaws flew in from Boston last night 7 hrs late because of a plane malfunction.

    Would hate to see that happen to the Warriors.

  119. Couch potato June 20, 2011 1:19 pm

    watched Samson play in high school via oc16. exciting player, runs hard, no fear, hits top gear in a few steps, and is cat-quick. i don’t think an ACL injury heals on its own. do whatever it takes to heal up Samson.

  120. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:21 pm

    Congrats to PP!!!

  121. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:22 pm


    Football team gets delayed all of the time.

  122. Couch potato June 20, 2011 1:22 pm

    gigi-hawaii. you sure have a lot of related stories to tell. let’s segway.

  123. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:23 pm


    If he has tingling in his fingers, he’d better get to a doctor. Could be a stroke, TIA or heart attack.

  124. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:24 pm

    I think carpal tunnel is manifested in pain, not tingling.

  125. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 1:24 pm

    What did PP do?

  126. Couch potato June 20, 2011 1:25 pm

    maybe he put on that tingling sensation gel from ky.

  127. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 1:25 pm


    he’s been experiencing tingling for at least a month.

    so probably not heart related.

  128. Couch potato June 20, 2011 1:26 pm

    hole in one.

  129. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 1:28 pm

    whoa! congrats, PP!

  130. LizKauai June 20, 2011 1:30 pm

    PP- awesome!!! REPRESENT!!!

  131. Couch potato June 20, 2011 1:32 pm

    i’m guessing.

  132. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 1:33 pm


  133. Couch potato June 20, 2011 1:33 pm

    gotta have something to do with football.

  134. SteveM June 20, 2011 1:36 pm

    Old Diver — another FireFly/Serenity fan here.

    RE: #117

    gigi — your car has a manual transmission?

    Congrats to PowderPuff (I think)! 🙂

    In any event, she’ll do great!

  135. Da Punchbowl Kid June 20, 2011 1:41 pm

    Get well soon, Samson!

  136. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:43 pm

    Powder Pufff is now a board member of Na Koa.

  137. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:44 pm

    R.I.P Herb Greenhut.

  138. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 1:45 pm

    Hi SteveM,

    no it is automatic, but I could not press the button to release the hand brake or move the gear shaft.

  139. d1shima (Aria'd) June 20, 2011 1:47 pm

    Best wishes to Samson Anguay.

    WooHoo PowderPuff!

  140. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 1:47 pm


    haha. not as awesome as a hole in one.

    nevertheless, PP, congrats.

  141. A-House June 20, 2011 1:50 pm


    tingling and numbness in the armsfingers may be related to a spine problem where the disc is pushing against a nerve in the neck/shoulder areas.

  142. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 1:55 pm



    these diagnoses are getting worser and worser!

    which doctor should he see then?


    orthopedic surgeon



  143. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:57 pm

    Since we’re not medically trained, and IWWTHM cautions that our drug coverage might be under scrutiny, perhaps “hubby” should head to the doc’s now.

    Since you have a reverse mortgage, you don’t want them to have to cross off a name on the board.

  144. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 1:58 pm


    I’d suggest he Google it, but then again, that might be problematic, especially with the tingling fingers …

  145. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 2:00 pm

    he complained about it when he was driving.

    tingling and numbness.

    he had to place his hand in his lap for awhile.

  146. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 2:00 pm

    that happened to me.

    orthopedic surgeon said it was carpal tunnel.

    since surgery, i am okay.

  147. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 2:02 pm

    Which hand?

  148. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 2:03 pm


    Don’t mix my words up ST…It’s still $5 copay for the male enhancement drugs. All will be fine. lol.

  149. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 2:05 pm


    it was my right hand.

    for hubby, it’s both hands.

  150. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 2:05 pm


    I would say go see your primary care doctor and let him decide where its best to go.

  151. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 2:08 pm

    Sounds like it could be a possible TIA.

    I’d say go to a doctor or be prepared to take care of him for a long time.

    Or you could just stay here and write about it while he walks around with Winnie The Pooh hands.

    Your call.

  152. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 2:11 pm

    I really don’t think it is life threatening at this point.

    He has been painting the garage ceiling and the patio table.

    Just finished, so he is now taking a shower

    and intends to go for a haircut.

    then at 5:20 he will drive us to the Willows for dinner with inlaws.


  153. Couch potato June 20, 2011 2:13 pm

    i always thought you’d get hairy hands not tingling. lol

  154. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 2:14 pm


    I doubt you are too busy for a phone call.

    So maybe you can call your primary care doctor, tell him/the nurse the symptoms and have them decide on whether a visit is needed.

    It’s probably worth the 4.5 minutes.

  155. Couch potato June 20, 2011 2:14 pm

    congrats PP. Na Koa board member!

  156. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 2:15 pm

    I just spoke to hubby about this.

    He said it happens when he grabs things like the steering wheel or the computer mouse.

    Already seeing the dentist tomorrow so can’t take anymore time off from work.

    He will request tests from his internist next week perhaps or after his company switches med plan next month.

  157. Couch potato June 20, 2011 2:21 pm

    looks like a low priority. would hate for something to happen and the Dr. says this has been going on for months and you didn’t bother to schedule an appointment asap? doh.

  158. warriorsun June 20, 2011 2:21 pm

    tough break for samson. the kid has a future, but his knees are to cutting and changing direction as healthy elbows are to a pitcher that throws hard-sliders. all he can is rest then rehab. he’ll be back. best wishes to anguay.

  159. bigislandkurt June 20, 2011 2:27 pm

    tingling in the fingertips might also be a result of too much salt in the diet. Not enough water.


  160. bigislandkurt June 20, 2011 2:31 pm


    But please do not get hurt during summer workouts! 🙁


  161. lava June 20, 2011 2:32 pm

    Best to Samson. He is a difference maker when healthy, somewhat in the Chad Owens mold, but more elusive, better speed, and better judgment, and that is saying something. Hopefully we are treated to his talents upon his recovery.

  162. Slugger June 20, 2011 2:34 pm

    Congratulations, PowderPuff! You’ll be a great board member!

    Hope Samson gets his knee taken care of and heals well & fast. Can he get a medical redshirt this year?

  163. LizKauai June 20, 2011 2:34 pm

    ST- what a roll this blog is on today!

    Good time for a good laugh!!!

    Take care, hubby!!!

  164. PowderPuff June 20, 2011 2:42 pm

    Hello, everyone. Thanks for the congrats…hope I don’t disappoint since I am some lofty company here. The yelling and screaming will be a lot louder from this end when I do make a hole in one. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about Samson…and wow, Davone…that is awesome. Glad to see his work getting noticed. Hopefully the NFL comes to some sort of agreement so the guys can get back to work.

  165. BG June 20, 2011 2:43 pm

    ST #26…I agree 10000%…esme again

  166. BG June 20, 2011 2:45 pm

    WOW! A rep at the Na Koa board! Congrats PP!!!


  167. Couch potato June 20, 2011 2:46 pm

    don’t know about anyone else but I get a tingling sensation after i pau make shishi. i should google to see what could be the cause.

  168. Couch potato June 20, 2011 2:48 pm

    wth, i have uti!

  169. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 2:49 pm


    If the incentive is big enough money, i’m pretty sure it’ll be bigger than the fear of losing.

  170. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 2:51 pm



  171. Da Punchbowl Kid June 20, 2011 2:52 pm

    Congrats Powder Puff!

  172. Da Punchbowl Kid June 20, 2011 2:53 pm

    Some things are best shared with Tsaikos…


    This song goes out to all of the Tsaikos, especially KM.

  173. seasider June 20, 2011 2:56 pm


    Problem is the Pharmacy school is located in Hilo. First class just graduated this past May, and according to my son, who’ll be graduating with his PharmD next May, accreditation is expected soon.

  174. tommui June 20, 2011 2:58 pm

    POWERPUFF – give them hell! Congrats!

  175. Koa-mahu June 20, 2011 3:21 pm

    DPK – Mahalo! U kno us kanaka maoli gotta stick together.

  176. Couch potato June 20, 2011 3:26 pm

    Koa-mahu get Hawaiian DNA. that narrows it down to a few hundred.

  177. Couch potato June 20, 2011 3:33 pm

    revise that count, should be a few couple.

  178. wafan June 20, 2011 3:51 pm

    Good afternoon, everyone!

  179. wafan June 20, 2011 3:52 pm

    Good conversation about coach pay/contract.

  180. wafan June 20, 2011 3:54 pm

    Best thing for Anguay is to get 100% healed. Definitely going to need him next year in the MWC!

    Just another Warrior weapon!!!

  181. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 3:55 pm



  182. Derek June 20, 2011 4:00 pm

    So, who’s the back up punt returner now?

  183. whitey June 20, 2011 4:07 pm

    pp, congratualtions on your appt and now comes the “fun” part. no porget, i on fixed income.

  184. whitey June 20, 2011 4:10 pm

    ok, samson, no porget, start documenting your most recent injury, so if you need a medicala redshirt you will have all the necessary paperwork. we have had warriors granted or denied an extra year of eligibility because of medical reasons with the paperwork.

  185. wafan June 20, 2011 4:29 pm

    iWonder . . .

    Must be the new math.

    Either my blog post numbers are off or you need to check your eyesight.

  186. wafan June 20, 2011 4:32 pm

    PP . . .


    Remember us . . . the (not so) little people.

  187. wafan June 20, 2011 4:35 pm

    Mr. Tsai . . .

    Is that Bess and mom in the first photo?

  188. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 4:45 pm

    #188, Wafan

    What do you mean? This is the post I was agreeing with. It comes out as 183 on mine.

    “Best thing for Anguay is to get 100% healed. Definitely going to need him next year in the MWC!

    Just another Warrior weapon!!!”

  189. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 4:59 pm

    #180 on mine!

  190. wafan June 20, 2011 5:03 pm

    iWonder . . .

    Hmmm. Do you have two posts that are under moderation? Your last post was #188.

    HA! Gets kinda confusing for one under moderation.

    In any case — no problem.

  191. wafan June 20, 2011 5:07 pm

    Most of my seniors graduated. Those who did not graduate are not coming to school. Too bad for them. They had a chance to earn additional points to pass their failing classes.

    Either their attitude or their laziness is getting in the way.

    Maybe both?

  192. wafan June 20, 2011 5:10 pm

    Found an interesting article on Monster.com about why a lot of kids are not able to find and keep jobs. According to the author is all boils down to one work — attitude.

    I tend to agree. The kids are really different from kid 5+ years ago. Most feel a huge sense of entitlement. It is going to be quite the shock for them once they try to make it on their own.

  193. wafan June 20, 2011 5:11 pm


  194. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 5:11 pm


    Yes thats exactly it. Didn’t realize the mods would be counted in total post. Haha.

  195. Jason June 20, 2011 5:20 pm

    iWonder . . .

    Hmmm. Do you have two posts that are under moderation? Your last post was #188.

    HA! Gets kinda confusing for one under moderation.

    In any case — no problem.

    And this is why I recommend using blockquotes. 🙂

  196. whitey June 20, 2011 5:30 pm

    Jordan Calhoun, College of the Desert, wr, offered by da warriors. i get brain lock, but what was the name of our qb who is from the same school.

  197. koakane June 20, 2011 5:36 pm


  198. koakane June 20, 2011 5:37 pm

    see lwwthm still on a role

  199. koakane June 20, 2011 5:38 pm

    getting everyone closer to the 2 puka puka

  200. koakane June 20, 2011 5:38 pm

    ha me

  201. koakane June 20, 2011 5:39 pm

    now everyone can relax and post normally again

  202. koakane June 20, 2011 5:42 pm

    kden I’m outta hea so the late nighters can take over

  203. Ralph June 20, 2011 5:43 pm

    Whitey Rausch

  204. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 5:51 pm

    Brent Rausch

  205. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 5:53 pm

    Not sure who the backup punt returner is.

    It could be Allen Sampson.

    Or Miah Ostrowski.

    Maybe Promise Amadi?

  206. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 5:53 pm

    I’m thinking Royce Pollard is the kick returner.

  207. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 5:55 pm

    Whoops. Just checked my charts.

    Tank Hopkins is the backup to Anguy as punt returner.

  208. Kevin June 20, 2011 5:56 pm

    If kids are feeling “entitled”, sorry… BLAME “progressive” mommy and daddy.

    I’m 28 and no kids, but it doesn’t take a “parenting” expert to realize a stupid 3 disc DVD set won’t help you “straighten” up your kids.

  209. whitey June 20, 2011 6:05 pm

    kevin, get the cheap one, b e l t. hahahahahahaaa

  210. whitey June 20, 2011 6:06 pm

    ralph and st, thanks.

  211. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 6:11 pm

    Not so “irrelevant” anymore:


  212. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc June 20, 2011 6:49 pm

    From Derrick DePledge’s blog above:

    Gov. Neil Abercrombie issued a statement today on his request to 28 members of state boards and commissions that he has asked to resign to give him more flexibility to enact his “A New Day in Hawaii” plan.

    Our administration needs to be able to work collaboratively with our boards and commissions to get work done in the public’s best interest. This includes a new approach to maintaining our public housing units so residents can live safely and with dignity; developing a statewide vision for our sporting events and venues; and changing our policies for managing and utilizing our limited resources and land.

    As with the Board of Education, it’s important that all boards and commissions have the opportunity to have a fresh start, so they can work in alignment with other state agencies and move quickly on important issues.

    My request for individuals to voluntarily resign is not a reflection of their service nor an issue of personalities. The people of Hawaii voted for a change in direction; a New Day. I need the opportunity to move forward with a team dedicated to that proposition.

    Okay, Boys & Girls: Assuming that all nine members of the Stadium Authority resign, whom do you want to see appointed to it? I’m not just asking you to come up with folks who post regularly here but anyone in the state who shares Neil’s vision.

    What do you want to see happen statewide?

    Should we be pushing for UH-Hilo to move into D-1?

    Move the entire Department of Athletics out to West O`ahu so that the new football stadium can be built out there? What about softball/baseball/all the court sports?


    What did Powder Puff do or win?

  213. whitey June 20, 2011 7:01 pm

    wassup, no disrespect for the gov, but the flying finger response would be mine of choice.

  214. whitey June 20, 2011 7:05 pm

    my question is, do i want a new day in hawaii or do i want the old days. me, i truly miss the simple things of old because lots of “outside” thinking has screwed up hawaii where we have lost much of our cultural practices and traditions. i don’t need the mainland change. i love the old hawaii.

  215. whitey June 20, 2011 7:07 pm

    plus there are some who think he will be only a one term gov and 2012 is just around the corner.

  216. whitey June 20, 2011 7:08 pm

    mistake, 2014 is not far away

  217. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc June 20, 2011 7:15 pm


    Fortunately, that ain’t gonna happen. We are in the second decade of the 21st century – and do you really want to return to the Good Old Days which includes giving up stuff like laptop computers and cellphones and microwave ovens and solar water heaters and having to live with a judicial system which said it was okay to discriminate against women & people of color?

    Life in Hawai`i 75 years ago or even 50 years ago wasn’t that great if you weren’t a white, well-educated male.

    We are at a crossroads here with respect to what will happen to Hawai`i over the next three-plus years and beyond. We can either sit here and complain OR we can get up and Do The Right Thing. Up to us – all of us.

  218. Old School Dave June 20, 2011 7:31 pm

    I actually like the Halawa Location for a new-rebuilt Stadium. Central location with quick access to the freeways.

    Building an on-campus stadium of about 50,000 (without a track and with luxury boxes) UH may not be possible or advised due to the traffic issues.

    I still like the idea of building a new 65,000 stadium on the Ala Wai Golf course. Close access to Waikiki, UH, and water access (water taxis).

    I say make all seats bleacher style, except between the 30 yard lines. You can save money in construction and maintenance costs. You also need luxury boxes made available for corporate rental/purchase.

    The “other” UH athletic program and their new football stadium plans:


  219. Ralph June 20, 2011 7:38 pm

    Houston gets a new stadium for $160 million and all we get for that moola is maintenance up keep and a new coat of paint.

  220. al June 20, 2011 8:11 pm

    this leaves me out…


    June 20th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    DPK – Mahalo! U kno us kanaka maoli gotta stick together.

    Couch potato:

    June 20th, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Koa-mahu get Hawaiian DNA. that narrows it down to a few hundred.

  221. d1shima June 20, 2011 8:29 pm

    Some accused Carpenter of bending the rules to favor Abercrombie during last year’s Democrat Party convention.

    Governor Abercrombie signed two bills that would authorize up to $140 million in special purpose revenue bonds for two companies in which Democrat Party Chairman, Dante Carpenter, has major interests. $100 million was allocated to assist BioEnergy Hawaii, and an additional $40 million for Carbon Bio-Engineers.

    Getting priorities straight? 🙄

    $140M = 35 Pro Bowls


  222. d1shima June 20, 2011 8:34 pm


    $120M for the stadium in Houston; $40M to upgrade basketball facility.

  223. Slugger June 20, 2011 8:41 pm

    Nice scoreboard… finally!

  224. Old Diver June 20, 2011 8:48 pm

    Difference between the Houston stadium and one built in Ewa is infrastructure. Also the Houston Stadium is a University Stadium which means it won’t come with all the bells and whistles.

  225. Ralph June 20, 2011 8:53 pm

    do we have bells and whistles at Aloha Stadium other than Powder Puff screeming.

  226. Ralph June 20, 2011 8:54 pm

    screaming, not screeming. I should have noticed the red line spell checker taunting me!

  227. d1shima June 20, 2011 8:55 pm

    Bells = rusted beams

    Whistles = faded seats

  228. jm2375 June 20, 2011 8:57 pm

    Please join in saying Aloha to Curveball as he relocates to the Mainland.

    Date: Thurs, June 23rd

    Time: Noon (?)

    Place: Hale Ikena, Ft Shafter

    RSVP here on blog

  229. jm2375 June 20, 2011 9:09 pm

    😳 #228 – change time to 11:00 (buffet is from 1100-1300)

  230. Jason June 20, 2011 9:14 pm

    I’m in for Thursday.

  231. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2011 9:25 pm

    Curveball is leaving?

  232. d1shima June 20, 2011 9:27 pm


    The Blog Host is not his “friend”?

  233. d1shima June 20, 2011 9:29 pm

    (Did I mention that I’m off on Friday? 🙁 )

  234. jm2375 June 20, 2011 9:33 pm

    sorry d1. curveball picked thursday. plus do you really wanna compete with dem senior citizens over the Friday Hawaiian buffet? 🙄

  235. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 9:43 pm

    Old School Dave,

    I’ve always wondered how bleacher type seats worked in terms of reserved seating.

    If you had someone of size with a rear end that would stretch beyond the designated area of the bleacher what would happen? I am sure this happens more often than not at several of the BCS schools like Cal and Wisconsin etc.

    I think part of having regular seats is that it is more of a “pro-style” stadium. However with Abercrombie not so enthusiastic about supporting the Pro Bowl maybe it doesn’t matter anymore.

    If we keep this stadium, I hope they will at least convert the lodge areas to full on box seating for corporate purchase.

  236. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc June 20, 2011 9:45 pm

    Where is the facility located in Fort Shafter? Where is the entrance? I’ve never been on the base before. What’s required in the way of ID to enter? Do we need to provide a (real) name as a contact?


  237. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc June 20, 2011 9:51 pm

    Special Purpose Revenue Bonds are not the same as issuing a check. Each year, the Legislature, not the Governor, approves close to a half a billion buckos in SPRBs to local businesses, to private schools, to high tech investors. They can literally take them to the bank and get low-interest loans.

    If you Google the term, you’ll find that these are used all across the country by state & local governments.

  238. jm2375 June 20, 2011 9:52 pm

    WDoc – #236


    You will need a valid ID to enter the front gate. However, be prepared with your no-fault & registration (don’t ask, I have no idea why).

  239. iwonderwhytheyhateme June 20, 2011 9:52 pm


    you should throw your hat into the pool for stadium authority.

  240. d1shima June 20, 2011 9:54 pm


  241. d1shima June 20, 2011 9:54 pm

    and Safety Inspection Certificate.

  242. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 9:57 pm

    JM, sorry, have to babysit.

  243. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 9:58 pm

    Buffet at the Willows is $35.

    Expensive if you ate one entree and 2 ice creams like me tonight.

  244. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 9:59 pm

    It is unnerving to NOT notice Jason lurking

    and then boom

    he says he will attend a function.


  245. d1shima June 20, 2011 10:01 pm

    Go to the Na Koa lunches…$15 for buffet plus you could win a prize. (Hopefully they will continue to be held at The Willows.)

  246. gigi-hawaii June 20, 2011 10:01 pm


    I thought they were held at the Maple Garden.

  247. SteveM June 20, 2011 10:02 pm

    I’m in for curveball’s Aloha Cattle Call.

    I reminisce to when we first met him:


    The first year LizKauai. Jam, and I shared season ticket pairs together. I could not make it so gave my tix to Long Time UH Fan. Liz came to Hono solo that game so offered her 2nd ticket to ST as a prize. Curveball won. That was the start…it seems so long ago,

  248. d1shima June 20, 2011 10:03 pm

    Na Koa

  249. d1shima June 20, 2011 10:04 pm

    Na Ti Nai-t

  250. al June 20, 2011 10:20 pm

    245…is for qb club.

  251. al June 20, 2011 10:24 pm

    curveball…we hate to see you go. however, knowing that it is spread joy to the grandchildren is a wonderful reason to depart from these islands.

    wishing you a safe trip brother.

    God bless you.

    note; sorry i’ll miss your cc due to previous engagement that requires attention.

  252. whitey June 20, 2011 10:24 pm

    Tiffany’s is priceless!! hahahahahahaa

  253. whitey June 20, 2011 10:26 pm

    have a great party curveball and enjoy your new adventure.

  254. Jason June 20, 2011 10:31 pm

    It is unnerving to NOT notice Jason lurking

    and then boom

    he says he will attend a function.


    I’m actually on the blog all day during the summer. Most of the things I’m doing (for work or fun) are on the computer. I switch between Google Reader Facebook, Twitter, and the blog.

    I’ve been so sedentary, I’m starting to gain a little weight. Thursday will give me a chance to get out of the house, for once … only to eat more. 😉

  255. Slugger June 20, 2011 10:34 pm


    You will be missed. Will see you on the mainland if I get up there. I know the feeling, missing family. You’ll have to make it to some of the away games to meet up with the Tsaikos.

  256. al June 20, 2011 10:41 pm


  257. LizKauai -iPad June 20, 2011 10:46 pm

    Curveball, our T-Gate buddy… Will miss you so much! No homemade supah hot chili peppah watah and watermelon to cool down…. 🙁

    But it will be good for you to be closer to the moopuna. Pls stay in touch on fb.

  258. bigislandkurt June 20, 2011 10:53 pm

    Houston’s stadium? Everything’s cheaper in Texas! Don’t mess with Texas. Got plenty good Mexican labor too! CHEAP!


  259. Kamaaina94547 June 20, 2011 10:54 pm

    Speedy recovery Samson!

  260. Da Punchbowl Kid June 20, 2011 10:58 pm

    Best wishes and God’s grace to you, curveball.

  261. Curt June 20, 2011 11:42 pm


    You must have Hubby see the doctor ASAP. This is potentially life threatening.

    One morning, my uncle summoned me as I was leaving for work. He said he didn’t feel well and his fingers were tingling. He’s someone who never complains about anything. I immediately took him to the hospital. Doctor determined he had heart problems. During the angiogram, he suffered a heart attack.

    So gigi. Best not to mess around on this. Get it checked ASAP.

  262. Bowwar June 20, 2011 11:58 pm

    New beginning…Let’s elect another governor! Boy, did he have me fooled!

  263. Ralph June 21, 2011 12:26 am

    I’ll be at Hale Ikena. There goes my watermelon dessert!

  264. Ralph June 21, 2011 1:02 am

    OT just read Abercrombie’s request for resignation from the boards and there is a message line from the SA to me that “The site has blocked you from posting new comments”. Wow.

    I guess since most of the comments have been blasting the governor the SA must want to restrict any further abuse of the governor. And I didn’t post any comments today on any news or features except for the Warrior Beat.

  265. Ralph June 21, 2011 1:02 am

    What happened to free speech!

  266. SteveM June 21, 2011 1:16 am

    RE: #264

    Ralph — I not 100% sure, but I think you have to be registered to post. Remember when the blog was supposed to be shifted to Star-Advertiser servers and we had to register–or try and register our blog names (mine was taken)? But we never needed it because the old server with this blog was retained and things continued as usual.

    I see LizKauai comment there once in a while– maybe she can tell us if she uses a registered account or not.

  267. Bulla June 21, 2011 2:31 am


    Going to miss you buddy, but family comes first. Still in DC so I won’t be able to make it for your CC,our apologies mynfriend. Stay in touch,and best wishes with the Lord’s blessing for you and your ohana.

  268. wafan June 21, 2011 2:56 am

    Good morning, everyone!

  269. wafan June 21, 2011 3:03 am

    Best wishes, Curveball! Biological family always comes first . . . then your Tsai-ko family.

    Geez. Cannot make your Aloha CC — have a plate or two for me (surely Jason will be able to help you as he slowly makes his way to the more “mature” Tsai-ko size).

  270. wafan June 21, 2011 3:03 am

    Welcome to the first full day of summer!


  271. wafan June 21, 2011 3:07 am

    Glad the Stan is finally catching up with a new scoreboard. A lot easier to sell arena recruits if a UH highlights video is playing and can actually be seen.

  272. wafan June 21, 2011 3:21 am

    Three wake ups to go!!!

  273. Pomai June 21, 2011 4:50 am

    #228 – I’ll be there.

  274. whitey June 21, 2011 5:09 am

    good morning tsaikos.

  275. whitey June 21, 2011 5:09 am

    d1, this is your wakeup call

  276. Lopaka June 21, 2011 5:19 am


    you can probably tell us more than anyone else. is there really a plan to build a stadium in west oahu? aloha needs to be replaced but why not just build the new one where aloha sits. it would be a great asset if uh had an on-campus stadium, but i can see the problems with traffic and parking.

  277. whitey June 21, 2011 5:47 am

    morning lopaka. there was some discussion about the present aloha site that the land is owned by the navy with the intent that it be used for recreational purposes. till the navy turns the land completely over to the state, it looks like it will be difficult to do much with the land except continue as is.

  278. LizKauai -iPad June 21, 2011 5:53 am

    Ralph- I am registered with Disqus to post on SA articles.

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Have a great Tuesday, all!

  279. LizKauai -iPad June 21, 2011 5:57 am

    Gigi- I agree with curt. Have hubby get checked out.

    Just spent last week finding and burying a dear friend who passed unexpectedly. Not the most pleasant thing in the world.


  280. Lopaka June 21, 2011 6:06 am


    i kind of like the central location for the fans. plus we’d always use the pearl harbor backdrop as defending the aina. now that i’m at sum, i see the benefits of having the stadium at school. but there would have to be a lot of infrastructure for traffic and parking to make it happen. i also think that all of the sports should stay on manna and not west oahu.

  281. Lopaka June 21, 2011 6:07 am


  282. Lopaka June 21, 2011 6:07 am


  283. Lopaka June 21, 2011 6:09 am


    i hope your hubby is doing better

  284. 702WarriorFan June 21, 2011 6:14 am

    Offically it’s now summer in 702……. Happy Summer to all.

    Can’t wait to feel that 108 on Thurs.

    Hope the drought in Tx is over soon.

    Keep safe from tornados TDs.

  285. d1shima June 21, 2011 6:26 am

    Great Morning All!

    Have a Happy Summah Erryboddy!


  286. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc June 21, 2011 6:31 am

    Have to leave for town in about 30 minutes, but here’s the situation with any new stadium.


    No decision as to whether a new one will be built to replace the Aloha Stadium has been made.

    If the decision is to replace it, then the next decision will be its location.

    If the decision is to defer making that decision, then it is likely but not definite that the current Stadium will be used for a few more years until the decision is made.

    Once that’s done, then the next decision is how to raise the fundingif the decision is to replace it.

    When will the new stadium be completed? Best guestimate – about 2025.

    Have to go.

  287. bugaz June 21, 2011 7:42 am

    #286 = Nothing New

  288. sjmacro June 21, 2011 7:50 am

    Curveball: we’ll see you on Thursday–sj & myki

  289. koakane June 21, 2011 7:59 am

    new post up

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