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When it comes to the NFL draft (and Hawaii players), you never know. After playing only one season at offensive tackle for UH, Wayne Hunter departs early, gets picked in the third round, and enjoys a 10-year NFL career. Then UH’s 2007 receivers — who were so good the WAC created a “Unit of the Year’ category for them — all go undrafted.

Entering the 2013 season, offensive tackle Mike Milovale and defensive end Tavita Woodard were considered UH’s top pro prospects. Milovale, who was steady, decided not to participate in UH’s pro day. Woodard had a strong start, but admittedly slumped because off-field issues, which have since been resolved. He did well at pro day, but will that be enough to be selected in a very deep draft? Meanwhile, quarterback Sean Schroeder and wideout Chris Gant are on the radar, at least as free-agent considerations, following a solid season.

> Charles Clay — He might be this year’s Mana Silva, a former walk-on who made big plays in 2013 and put up surprising numbers (4.44 in the 40; 18 bench-press reps of 225 pounds) at pro day. Silva parlayed his pro-day workouts into a free-agent contract.

Click on: Clay 40 video

> Craig Cofer — Scouts have been cracking down on shortcuts, such as sliding pushoffs on jumps and not locking elbows on lifts, so Cofer’s numbers (35 vertical, 29 reps of 225 pounds) are legit. Cofer wants to play tight end, but his best individual drill was at rush end. He has an 81-inch reach.

> Brenden Daley — Scouts like his size (6-2 1/4, 245 pounds) and strength (27 reps of 225). They would have been impressed with his speed (for his size), but back-to-back hamstring injuries kept him running at pro day. He needs a private workout to get his speed on record.

> Clark Evans — Sometimes it’s best to present selective evidence. His assets are pass-catching and route-running, which he displayed during field drills. As a former quarterback, he did not have an extensive background in heavy lifting. He wisely decided to skip the bench press, and instead focus on his field work.

> Chris Gant — He also could stand on videos of his 2013 season, in which he showed he could gain separation on routes and make tough catches, particularly in the fourth quarter. Of his 59 catches, 39 percent were in the fourth quarter, including seven for at least 25 yards. He still is recovering from a groin injury, which factored in his surprising 40 (4.68 seconds) at pro day. He had been running sub-4.5 40s prior to the injury.

> Tony Grimes — He did well in field drills, and his 14 bench-press reps were good for a 175-pound corner. He did not play the second half of the season to focus on academics, leading to a dearth of game video.

> John Hardy-Tuliau — At pro day, his best test probably was the Wonderlic. He has a high football IQ, and can play corner, safety and nickel. He’ll need to improve his speed (4.53 in 40) to play corner or gain weight (182) to play safety.

> Marcus Langkilde — To get more reps, Langkilde was used as a running back early in 2013. His strengths are his blocking and pass-catching — he did both, despite playing virtually one-handed (because of an injury) the second half of the season.

> Daniel Masifilo — He tested well at pro day (18 bench reps, 37-inch vertical, 4.57 in the 40), as well as recorded at 6-2, with a 77 5/8-inch wing span. He needed better timing. If he transferred to UH earlier (he arrived in 2013) and moved to defense sooner (a week after going from wideout to corner he was in the defensive rotation), he probably would have rated higher.

> Sean Schroeder — He entered pro day playing on house money after his performance in the 2014 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl (13-of-17 for 138 yards and a TD), and his workouts former USC tight end Xavier Grimble  and wideout Marqise Lee. Schroeder threw during passing drills for UH and San Diego State, and is scheduled to throw at Duke’s pro day this week. He had been invited to throw at UCLA’s and USC’s pro days before a Pac-12 rule squashed that. Whether he gets a shot or not, at least there’s enough material available.

> Tavita Woodard — As a backup plan, Woodard also had hoped to work out at tight end. But he spent pro day on defense, where he was asked to go through individual drills as a rush end and outside linebacker. His line — 6 feet 3 3/8, 250 pounds, 33 1/2-inch reach, 80 1/8-inch wing span, 4.65 seconds in 40, 9-10 in broad jump, 24 bench reps of 225 pounds.

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    Thanks for the Pro Day Recap. Best wishes, good luck, and good health to the Participants.

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    Maybe a team likes a player and offers a tryout. Maybe not. But it’s good these 11 gave it a shot. They’ll have nothing to regret later in life.

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    Yep, never know what kind of opportunity will present itself. Whatever the future brings embrace it and know that the memories and friendships made will last lifetime.

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    Just wondering why Chow doesn’t ask Dennis McKnight to join his staff since he has offensive line and special teams experience. Besides, McKnight is in the islands and has a passion for the UH program.

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    I thought McKnight had a passion for a uh staffer?

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    Well as of 4:31 pm yesterday chow was able to review and contact candidates.

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    I don’t see any of them being drafted but I can see many of them getting free agent contracts and workouts.
    Hope some of them make a few team’s roster come opening day. Hope for the best for each of them pursuing their dreams.

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    #17 Al,

    There you go again… Another cryptic post! 🙂

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    Seems Dunnachie is will be at the regional combine in Seattle tomorrow. Should be an inspiration to those who don’t get drafted but still train hard in the hopes of playing at the next level.

    By the way, do any of the players have an agent?

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    I hope that Michelle has turned the corner. One day more to go – three behind the leader. She had six birds and one boogie today.

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    17: He’s the boyfriend of Carmen James. UH women’s track coach. McKnight supposedly working for Royal Hawaiian Movers.

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    of the two positions, at least one should be an alumni.o

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    How did Schroeder get all these opportunites? Well, UH, of course. Duke was where he was transferred from. San Diego State had Pro Day same day with UH. He trained with USC receiver and tight end… UCLA too? I hope he get an chance to play in the NFL, he suffered so much for UH… started, got beat up with sacks, demoted, started on and off, beaten up with sacks, started again and eventually got us wins. He is a tough kid!! Maybe M Lee will help him out when he gets drafted and put in more good words for him.

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    the rainbow warrior baseball team…well, they are exciting to watch. nothing like a come from behind win.
    pitching improves by the week, especially with the return of the two local boys, arakawa and torres-costa.

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