Patek gets CFL deal; brakes on car program

Former UH safety Jake Patek is set to receive a two-year contract from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League.
Patek, who completed his UH eligibility at the end of the 2008 Sugar Bowl, participated in last week’s Pro Day in Carson, Calif. It was there where he met Richard Wade, an area scout for the Tiger-Cats.
Patek then learned the Tiger-Cats were  holding tryouts the past Saturday in Dallas. With the help of former UH coaches June Jones and Jeff Reinebold, Patek secured an invitation to the tryout.
“I didn’t run my 40, but I did position drills, did a little one-on-ones,” Patek said. “I was a little rusty in one-on-ones, but they liked my footwork.”
Patek received encouragement at the end of the tryout.
“Today, (a Tiger-Cat official) called me and told me they would offer me a contract,” Patek said. “I’m blown away. I’m ready to play some football.”
He reports to training camp in June.

In case you forgot how hard Patek hits, here’s  a reminder:

* * *

In a coinkydink, UH sent out this announcement:

HAMILTON – Former University of Hawai‘i offensive lineman James Mills is one of five new members of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame class of 2009. Mills will be officially inducted along with Tony Anselmo, Alondra Johnson, Rudy Phillips, and Glen Weir during induction weekend 2009 to be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba from Sept. 24-26.
“This is a very deserving class, these gentlemen played at a high level very rarely in the spotlight but are very deserving of this honour especially being voted in by their peers,”  said Mark DeNobile, the Hall of Fame’s Executive-Director. “These men personify what’s great about Canadian football, from electrifying plays on the field while working to make our game and our communities stronger off the field.”
A Vancouver native, Mills played for UH from 1979-82 before being drafted in the ninth round of the 1983 NFL draft by the Baltimore Colts. At UH, Mills also played tight end and was second-team all-Western Athletic Conference at the offensive tackle position during his senior year. Mills was also a two-time Warrior Club honoree, the football program’s most prestigious award.
After a brief career in the NFL, Mills signed as free agent with the British Columbia Lions in August 1986 and played the final nine games that season. In 1988, he missed the last seven games of the season due to a knee injury but was still named an All-Western and an All-Canadian All-Star that season. In 1991, Mills anchored an offensive line that allowed a league-low 30 sacks and was won the Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman award for the second year in a row.
In 1993, Mills was named a Western All-Star for the fourth straight year and fifth time overall. Mills was signed to Ottawa as a free agent in 1994. After one year with the Rough Riders, he returned to Vancouver to finish his career with the BC Lions in 1995.
During his career, Mills was a Western All-Star at the offensive tackle position in 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993.  He was All-Canadian in 1988, 1990, 1991. He also voted the league’s Most Outstanding Lineman two years in a row 1990, 1991. In addition, he was named to the BC Lions Wall of Fame and was voted as a member of the BC Lions’ 50th Season Dream Team.

* * *

Times are hard on the boulevard.
One of the car dealerships is ending its practicie of extending courtesy cars to UH  coaches. Five members of the UH staff, including basketball head coach Bob Nash and associate athletic director Carl Clapp, are getting cut. Yes, I did not  know that an associate AD gets a courtesy car. But he does count it as income (thus paying taxes on it) and he covers the maintenance and repair.

* * *

Associate head coach Rich Miano is today’s  guest on the Warrior Beat Show. Miano also coordinates the Warriors’ walk-on program and Pro Day. You may post questions for Miano here or on the show’s comment section. The show starts at noon. Please join us.

* * *

Know how coaches sometimes insist there are lessons to be learned from losses? From last year’s Cincinnati game, the Warriors have borrowed a pass play, which worked to perfection yesterday, and two special-team coverages.

* * *

In the current Pro Football Weekly’s draft rankings, three Hawaii‘i players are in the top 101:
No. 97: Kaluka Maiava, USC.
No. 98: David Veikune, UH
No. 101: Ryan Mouton, UH


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    Coach Miano- Do you think the players that had a long break between playing active college football (ie: Jacob Patek) and Pro Day had an advantage or disadvantage?

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    Thx for reminding me about the $ I could be saving at GEICO…

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    Coach Miano:

    How are Lewis Walker and Steven Christian progressing, will both be solid contributors in the upcoming season?

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    Q for Coach Miano:

    Are there really different “levels” of walk-ons? Aren’t they all “invited”?

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    Question for Coach Miano: Can we expect to see more blitzing from the secondary this year or will it depend on how quickly the new guys pick up the packages??

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    d1..didn’t Cincy run a halfback pass play that froze the safeties and left the TE (or a very big receiver) wide open for a TD??? I seem to recall that play….maybe that was the Nevada game…but with Funaki in the back field, that option comes to mind….

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    Question for Coach:

    Do you see RS freshmen: Lewis Walker, Steven Christian, and Steve Stepter contributing this season?

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    Aloha Coach Miano can we expect to see a more agressive secondary in terms of playing the ball and going for ints or will we be a give them the short pass n don’t get beat deep secondary. Also which of the walk ons will most likely have the biggest impact this season.


  29. Garret April 7, 2009 8:47 am

    Coach Miano,

    How are things organized between Coach Tormey and you? Does he coach the safeties and you coach the cornerbacks or do you set the plan for the secondary and Coach Tormey teaches that plan to the safeties?

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    Da weather is beautiful today. Sunny and looking for a high of 67. I left the house without a sweatshirt of jacket this morning. It’s awesome.

  31. Garret April 7, 2009 8:50 am

    Coach Miano,

    We’re all read about the Pro Day performances of David Veikune, Ryan Mouton, Jake Ingram, and Josh Leonard. Could you talk about any less heralded Warriors that surprised the scouts with their performance during Pro Day?

  32. Garret April 7, 2009 8:55 am

    The latest way for football teams to raise money is to get a sponsor for their Spring Game. Auburn got Navy to sponsor their spring game…I hope that in the future JD can find someone to sponsor the Warrior Bowl! Since the Navy is already seeing this as a sponsorship opportunity, I’d give them a call first considering all the ties between the Navy and Hawaii. “The Warrior Bowl, Presented by the U.S. Navy” sounds great to me! Of course, any other sponsor that wanted to step up would be welcome too!

    Auburn’s A-Day Game has a sponsor. Your United States Navy has grabbed the naming rights for the game.

    Officially, you’ll be attending A-Day, Presented by the U.S. Navy. Consider it the way of the sports world.

  33. Garret April 7, 2009 8:56 am

    It isn’t like Auburn really needs the sponsorship money from the Navy and I doubt they have ships or bases near their campus like the Navy has on Oahu…

  34. Garret April 7, 2009 8:59 am

    All of the money flowing into the richest schools has created such a disparity in funds. I remember how UH went toe-to-toe with Alabama in 2006–Alabama is now spending more on 10 football coaches than a lot of non-BCS conference teams are spending on their ENTIRE football program!

    Want proof there really are two different worlds in Division I-A? Just consider that last week trustees at the University of Alabama approved $6.5 million for football coaches next season. The Tide will spend more on 10 football coaches this fall than 32 non-BCS schools spent on their entire football programs in 2007-08 (the most recent data available — see chart below).

    Alabama, one of the richest athletic departments in America, certainly can afford to employ the college football’s highest paid coaching staff. The Tide football program generated $57.3 million in revenue in 2007-08.

    Those numbers demonstrate a gap that seems likely to grow wider in this flailing economy. The rich might not necessarily get richer, but the poor will undoubtedly grow poorer. Cuts in budgets will disproportionally affect those already operating in the red.

    Perhaps we’ll see another bowl added, or a spot guaranteed for the highest-ranked team from outside the six leagues with automatic bids. The big schools probably will throw a little more cash at the non-BCS schools, buying their silence and calling their bluff. Ultimately, it will not fundamentally change much at all.

    Just remember as the discussion heats up: No matter how many times you hear the words “national championship” spoken, this is not about who plays for No. 1.

    This is, and always has been, about money.

    The richest conferences don’t want to share their loot; the poorest ones are more desperate for it than ever. That means two agendas that cannot coexist as current economic trends go.

  35. BigWave96744 April 7, 2009 9:00 am

    Stephen, I think CC & KK should be times noted on your new timecard system at the Tiser…

  36. Garret April 7, 2009 9:03 am

    I wonder if this is specific to Wisconsin or if this is a widespread practice that also is being done by the Warriors…but housing prices are much higher in Hawaii than Wisconsin, so maybe there isn’t any scholarship money left over for the Warriors.

    UW football players used scholarship funds earmarked for housing and food to purchase mopeds, and in some cases, cars.

    “Once you get to your second, third year, you start learning what’s cheap (housing), what’s expensive. Maybe live with somebody and split the rent. And hopefully you can get a moped, or maybe even a car. Some people got cars.”

    Casillas told 27 News he bought his moped from a housing scholarship stipend. Casillas was also arrested on that moped for alleged first offense drunk driving.

    UW Athletic Department officials said the room and board stipend for full scholarship athletes living off-campus for the current school year is $8,986 (housing: $6,028; food: $2,958). The monthly average is $1,009.

    Officials said the stipend amount is derived using a formula provided by the NCAA which factors in the listed, average costs of on-campus housing and food for all students.

    Off campus room and board subsidies provided to full scholarship student athletes at several other Big Ten schools surveyed by 27 News were consistent with stipend amounts at UW. At Ohio State, officials said full scholarship athletes received $15,988 for room and board to cover four academic quarters, with a monthly average of $1,332.

  37. Garret April 7, 2009 9:09 am

    One player at Wisconsin actually bought his moped from the head coach’s wife shortly after he began his freshman year…that seems quite questionable to me–I wonder if that player paid full price or if he got a “discount” from the coach’s wife. This player also was evicted twice and had his driver’s license suspended, but remains on their team so I’m guessing he’s a star player (bench players normally do not get this type of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances). This player will probably play against UH this season…

    UW athletic department officials released a copy of a cancelled check to 27 News as verification the transfer of a moped from Cindy Alvarez to a football player was a sale, and not a gift, but the copy deletes the name of the check writer.

    27 News had made repeated requests for a copy of the cancelled check without redaction of the check writer’s name, after a moped dealer told 27 News the moped had been a gift from UW athletic director Barry Alvarez’s wife to the player. A UW official acknowledged such a gift would be a violation of NCAA rules, but said the transaction was a sale.

    A source informed 27 News the player received the moped shortly after beginning his freshman season with the team. Records show since acquiring the moped, eviction proceedings were started against the player by two separate landlords over unpaid rent, and the player’s driver’s license was suspended. The player remains on the team.

  38. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 9:10 am

    well, if we are thinking of a US branch of service to sponsor our Spring game–look deeper into Uncle Sam’s pocket–How about the Hawaii-TARP Bowl to bail out UHADs subprime loans from upper campus.

  39. madeinhawaii April 7, 2009 9:17 am

    Hmm.. aren’t we playing Wisconsin next season?

  40. Garret April 7, 2009 9:19 am

    Pretty funny that the official standings on the website for the Big 12 has Texas at #1 and Oklahoma at #2 in the Big 12 South for last season. That is the official conference website!

  41. Garret April 7, 2009 9:26 am

    Time for me to get back to work–I’ll catch the WB show on the replay later. I get poke and sashimi for lunch today…I love working at home!

  42. al ™ April 7, 2009 9:27 am

    coach miano

    there must be at least a dozen invited walk-ons that will be arriving for the fall camp. are you able to comment about this group or any individuals that you feel will make an immediate impact on our program?

  43. al ™ April 7, 2009 9:29 am

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    whoa brah you just when sell out.

  44. (Jesse)James April 7, 2009 9:35 am

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    Just catching up on the blog. Reading the analyses of football positions & plays still goes over my head, but I figure someday I’ll understand more. Mahalo for the edumaction. I just know that it’s a shovel pass, a CD player has a shuffle play setting, and a loom uses a shuttle to weave cloth.

    Prayers for Fonoti’s Mom.

    Esme & out…

  48. Tommy April 7, 2009 9:49 am

    Hey which other coaches got the boot regarding the cars?

  49. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 10:06 am

    Here are a few questions tsaikos can ask Miano:

    1. discuss DB redshirt-frosh progress: lewis walker, steven christian, steve stepter, kawika ornellas and soph Richard Torres.

    2. name DB candidate-players, including incoming, he projects in a 2.0 rotation going into camp.

    3. what significant changes or plans have been discussed for STs and what reponsibilities will coach miano assume under coach tormey.
    coach tormey has a reputation as a trickster on STs–no need to go into detail–but wink if it is coming.

    4. with the addition of coach Tormey on the backside what if anything is different in schemes, technique, drill or chemistry–discuss.

    5. what improvement in our secondary does coach Miano forecast given his 2009 personnel–please discuss in particular if we have a CB w physical ability and speed who has shut down potential or a safety with all-wac potential.

    6. what are his expectations of mana silva and kenny estes.
    they are in their junior seasons.

    7. what about jr Spencer Smith—is the former JG recruit ready to lead our secondary and does he have the toughness and durability to sustain a 13 game season, barring extraordinary injury.

    8. what collective goals for the secondary has coach miano and coach tormey set for 2009.
    Discuss specific numbers they hope to achieve that define satisfactory performance.

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    EH! GEEEV ‘EM!!!


  51. Kazz April 7, 2009 10:13 am


    Can you confirm that the Warrior Volleyball game is on TV this weekend (Friday and Saturday nights)? For some reason, I checked the K-5 listing as well as the online TV guide listing and they show “Women’s Volleyball Pacific vs HPU”.

    It doesn’t make sense because it’s not the women’s volleyball season and since when did K-5 show other local collegiate sports other than UH during UH’s seasons?

    It must be an error right? I mean UH is playing Pacific so… yeah.

  52. Stephen Tsai April 7, 2009 10:17 am

    I can’t be specific because UH is going to bust out that play against Washington State.

  53. roysan16 April 7, 2009 10:20 am

    Re-Pro Football Weekly’s draft rankings

    Where’s Max Unger?

    Top 100 ranking translates to 3-4 round, which is pretty good.

    Read yesterday where sports illustrated. com has Mouton moving up in the draft, saying his stock is rising–which I agree

    can’t think of any questions right now for coach miano, but soon after the show I’ll have many which is always the case

    …anyway have a good day.

  54. MeiLing April 7, 2009 10:24 am

    Congratulations to Jake Patek!

  55. al ™ April 7, 2009 10:24 am

    congratulations jake!

    truly a lesson in second chances. i am sure that beowulf is delighted.

  56. HawaiianKiko(Chief Lurker) April 7, 2009 10:29 am

    Aloha from the tropical islands of Hawaii on the coconut wireless in digital paradise…

    Good Morning TsaiKo Ohana….

    Congratulations to J Patek on his contract….

    Back to the Future(of Lurking)…….

  57. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 10:40 am

    Kazz – Oceanic lists the UH/Pacific game on Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m. Must be a typo on K5’s site. They must be busy trying to get HD working.

  58. Da Punchbowl Kid April 7, 2009 10:40 am

    Good for Jake! The ‘Cats are getting a great player and a quality person.

    Good luck to the Hawaii hopefuls on draft day.

  59. (Jesse)James April 7, 2009 10:41 am

    I gotta agree….Mouton help his stock tremendously at pro day…let’s hope he is able to let that hammy heal….and prep for some fall ball….

  60. Da Punchbowl Kid April 7, 2009 10:42 am

    Is TC still with the ‘Cats?

  61. Piper's son April 7, 2009 10:49 am

    Great news – very happy for Jake and the Patek family!

  62. Stephen Tsai April 7, 2009 10:53 am

    Chang was cut.

  63. wafan April 7, 2009 10:54 am

    Bravo for Jake! Too bad it is not with the Lions — We get more of their games than those of the ‘cats.

  64. ewagirl808 April 7, 2009 11:02 am

    Patek was on of my favorite players.

  65. djmitcho April 7, 2009 11:37 am

    congrats to J.Patek

  66. mctruck April 7, 2009 11:51 am


    o.k.den…..will wait till then.

  67. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 12:00 pm

    Technical difficulties?

  68. Stretch April 7, 2009 12:15 pm

    what’s up with the commercial breaks??

  69. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 12:16 pm

    Now ST has a flower on his head.

  70. Committed Road Warrior April 7, 2009 12:22 pm

    Thousand viewers watching live! Everything going well, for the most part.

  71. jojo ® April 7, 2009 12:22 pm

    Whatsup with the flower hat that ST has? I’ve never seen that color hibiscus before.

  72. Stretch April 7, 2009 12:24 pm

    ST is using the gray hibiscus to match his shirt

  73. Rob25 April 7, 2009 12:25 pm

    At least his shirt matches his flower.

  74. Rob25 April 7, 2009 12:26 pm

    Stop reading my mind Stretch…it’s too complex for you!

  75. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 12:27 pm

    Plus that hibiscus is huge. Almost the size of ST’s head so you know it’s huge.

  76. LizKauai [Believer] April 7, 2009 12:27 pm

    Congrats to Jacob.

    Coach Miano- please look at the camera or at Leila or Stephen… well, ok… Leila…

  77. Stretch April 7, 2009 12:28 pm

    rob25 – no feel bad that my mind processes faster than yours

  78. LizKauai [Believer] April 7, 2009 12:29 pm

    Hey- where did the flower go?

  79. Rob25 April 7, 2009 12:29 pm

    What happened to ST’s flower?

  80. Stretch April 7, 2009 12:29 pm

    eh, they took the hibiscus out

  81. Rob25 April 7, 2009 12:31 pm

    It’s not your mind Stretch…it’s my internet connection. See LizK had the same observation!

  82. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 12:31 pm

    PL has a pink one on her head.

  83. Rob25 April 7, 2009 12:32 pm

    See you slow too…lunch too big?

  84. LizKauai [Believer] April 7, 2009 12:34 pm

    I get a tingle when I hear coach mention Kenny Estes repeatedly. He is such a great kid!!!

  85. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 12:36 pm

    MLiz – Good to see you still tingle.

  86. LizKauai [Believer] April 7, 2009 12:38 pm

    m-homey- yeah.. good to have SOMETHING, eh? Da odda stuff…I forget already!

  87. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 12:41 pm

    MLiz – Better than me, nowadays I can only picture it. 🙁

  88. LizKauai [Believer] April 7, 2009 12:43 pm

    Mahalo, Coach!
    Nice interview information!

  89. LizKauai [Believer] April 7, 2009 12:44 pm

    Ok. pau lunch… gotta crank the work!

    Hi Ho!

  90. d1島 April 7, 2009 12:46 pm

    Whoa! Kinda abrupt ending, eh?

    Good show, although I missed the first few minutes.

  91. Kazz April 7, 2009 12:53 pm


    Per H-Mail –

    Current season ticket holders for UH football will have their renewal forms mailed out on Monday April 13th.

  92. Stephen Tsai April 7, 2009 1:17 pm

    I’ll give Miano a list of the questions we didn’t have time to read. We’ll post his answers tomorrow.

  93. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 1:23 pm

    There was some minor glitches but overall the show ran smoothly this week. There were moments after returning from a video or commercial break Leila and ST were staring at the camera.

  94. Stephen Tsai April 7, 2009 1:38 pm

    Hey, who stole my hibiscus?

  95. Stephen Tsai April 7, 2009 1:39 pm

    I think they were running out of tape. They told me to wrap it up.

  96. HawaiianKiko(Chief Lurker) April 7, 2009 1:47 pm

    u only a get a Hibiscus if ur a virgin

  97. Sansei Customer April 7, 2009 1:49 pm

    Question for Rich Miano

    What happened to those tickets to the Cincy game you promised the nice lady over sushi at Sansei the night before the game?

  98. jm2375 April 7, 2009 1:52 pm

    HawaiianKiko – you gotta change dat blog handle. You not one lurker anymore!

  99. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 2:12 pm

    jm#### – Yeah, he comes to more KK’s than you do! Okay, I only saw him at one but still yet.

    Sansei Customer – I would say those tickets are in the landfill now.

  100. Ralph April 7, 2009 2:26 pm

    homey did you watch ST video using chrome? I’m having lots of stoppages with chrome, switched to firefox without as many pauses…

  101. Sansei Customer April 7, 2009 2:27 pm

    homey – you are not saying that his word is like the current situation of the tickets, all rubbish??

  102. Kazz April 7, 2009 2:30 pm

    Sansei get good sushi. I never would of thought to put spicy ahi inside of a shrimp chip before.

  103. Kazz April 7, 2009 2:32 pm

    Like I said. Sansei get good sushi, but it seems the Kool Aid is now bitter and tastes like bilat.

  104. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 2:35 pm

    ralph – I use Firefox 3.0.8

    Sansei Customer – Not saying that. I figured whatever tickets were left ended up in the landfill, that’s all.

    Kazz – OMG, you just wrote the “b” word!

  105. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 2:39 pm

    Miano says the same thing every year like a replay.
    The fact is he hasnt produced any NFL players in the secondary….hopefully Ryan Mouton will be the first to make the cut and stick.
    His secondary is only warrior unit in the JJ era that hasnt produced an NFL player.

    Interview Chris Tormey and see what his perspectives are on our secondary.

  106. Stretch April 7, 2009 2:45 pm

    ST & Leila – you two are getting this video thing down!!

  107. Kazz April 7, 2009 2:53 pm


    What “B” word? Nothing wrong right? I used to park there a few seasons ago. Me and my friends always parked in the “B” lot at Aloha Stadium. 😆

  108. jojo ® April 7, 2009 2:55 pm

    haha Kazz, I never did get that joke until recently

  109. letsgowarriors April 7, 2009 2:57 pm

    miano say anything interesting?

  110. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 2:57 pm

    Kazz – I’m just thinking that it could be construed as a sexist remark. You know how Rob25 gets all hissy-fits about things like that.

  111. midori7 April 7, 2009 2:57 pm

    Afternoon Tsaikos!

    Great news about Jacob Patek!

    Good luck to the Baseball Bows at Santa Clara!

  112. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 2:58 pm

    jojo – Boy are you sloooow. So what? You and Loa on Thursday?

  113. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 3:07 pm

    Interesting comment about 5 9″ 165 lb, Safety, Melvin “Tank” Hopkins being underweight.
    Hitting is God-given nature and if true to form “tank” will be an immediate hit, weight gain or not.

    How many folks recall our 1999 team with a string-beaned safety that stood 6′ and weighed-in at 160 lbs after a Waianae luau with his boots on and soak n wet?
    He was the among the greatest hammers in UH history and laid out former SLHS QB Jason G on the UH sidelines once when WSU came calling.
    This dude had a tryout with the Titans and nearly made the team.

  114. homey ℞ April 7, 2009 3:13 pm

    wf2 – Don’t know about a 6′ 160 lb. safety but do a know a 5’10” with cleats @ a soaking 154 lbs. whacking opponents by the name of Nate Jackson.

  115. maukaman808 April 7, 2009 3:16 pm

    Jim Mills?!!! Oh man I am getting old. I remember seeing him play when he was a tight end. In one came he caught a bunch of balls, but he was a little slow so he couldn’t get up field much after the catch. He seemed to have good hands. Next thing I knew he was an playing tackle. Congrats to big Jim!

  116. Kazz April 7, 2009 3:27 pm


    Nah, not sexist. Just trying to as descriptive as I can. 😈

  117. Colomaohana April 7, 2009 3:34 pm





    Buwahahahahaha…hehehehe…..I had to read that twice!! hahaha…And would be homey to mention it first! hahahahaha…

  118. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 3:38 pm

    homey, yep, ur prolly correct about his height and weight.
    Nate was a good bsbl player, too.

    BTW, baseball bowz jumped out with 4r and 4 hits in top of 1st at SC, Garcia, MCD, Wong and Van Doornuum w hits.
    Santa Clara 10-16, 0-6 in WCC have lost nine-straight.
    USD scored 53 runs on them over the weekend.

    UH leads 4-1 top 2nd.
    Alex Capaul, 6 3″, So., RHP, throwing for Hawaii.

  119. Kazz April 7, 2009 3:51 pm

    Go BOWS! Yeah yeah yeah yeah…. dey u go.. DEY-U-GO!!!… YEAH! YEAH!

  120. SteveM April 7, 2009 3:57 pm

    Tsai-kos in Las Vegas September 18-19, 2009 &
    Tsai-kos who might be Las Vegas September 18-19, 2009

    Tsai-ko LAS Survey 4 is now online to collect RSVPs for the events arranged by las vegas

    1. Friday night Tsai-ko Get-Together Party
    2. Saturday Tailgate at buffet restaurant
    3. Saturday OPTIONAL bus between tailgate restaurant and stadium

    Survey 4 also collects ETA and hotel location info, so you can locate others who might be staying nearby…or at your hotel. 🙂

    Current status and info is listed at:

    If you cannot get into the survey or have questions, please email me at: stevem.hnl (at)

  121. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 4:02 pm

    Haw 4-1 top 3rd.
    McD with 2 RBIs, Catricala KO twice–whiffing at off-speed stuff. lol.
    HAW 4-4-0, SC 1-3-2.

    Kolten Wong leads off top of 3rd w 2bagger, his second hit.

  122. Pauoa Boy April 7, 2009 4:05 pm

    Auryte Jake Patek, good job and good luck in the CFL.

  123. Pauoa Boy April 7, 2009 4:10 pm

    ST and Princess Leila great interview today with Coach Miano! Lots of good info. Very excited about our secondary and the fact that we’re going back to laying the smack down on defense! Hawaii Football is known for Tunderous Hits, Pounding Opposition into Poi, and simply making QB’s, RB’s, WR’s and anybody not wearing Warrior Green… shee shee pants when they walk on the field!

  124. Pauoa Boy April 7, 2009 4:16 pm

    Thinking of Pro-Day and what Coach Miano said, I do hope that Adam and Solly get their chance in the NFL. I’m not sure if they’ll get drafted but could possibly land a free agent deal and tryouts somewhere. David Veikune, Ryan Mouton, and Josh Leonard should definitely get drafted…each improved their stock tremendously at Pro-Day. Francis Maka should also get a shot and he looked really good during LB drills too. In my opinion, I also feel Calvin Roberts could get a few tryouts somewhere too. Anyway, I hope all our former Warrior Boys will fulfill the dream of playing professional football be it in the NFL, CFL, AFL, or wherever!

  125. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 4:17 pm

    Haw 5-1 bottom 3.
    Wong scored on RBI SF by Sean Montplaisir.
    Coach Trapasso playing small ball with lead.Attempying bunts w leadoff batters and w 2 outs.
    Dunno Y, Reno series will be decided by light-air shots.

    Capaul has 9 plus era and is getting hit but hanging.
    he is throwing batting practice stuff.
    SC has a decent hitting team with a teeball pitching staff.

  126. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 4:26 pm

    Bottom 4, 5-2 Haw.
    Catricala just did the mexican hat trick–3 KOs.
    garcia out with leadoff bunt attempt.

  127. Committed Road Warrior April 7, 2009 4:41 pm

    Santa Clara coach stay ejected in the first inning! :wow: 😈

    That seems like a sign of frustration or whatever other internal issues for the SCU team, especially after they got whacked around real bad against USD and LMU.

    Unfortunate for them…..

  128. Committed Road Warrior April 7, 2009 4:42 pm

    You can watch the UH-Santa Clara game here for free:

  129. Committed Road Warrior April 7, 2009 4:44 pm

    That feed in my above post looks like a stationary camera with some radio dude calling the game. Oh well.

  130. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 4:50 pm

    top of 6.
    Haw 5-3.
    Capaul has dished out 6 hits, but 3 doubles and 2 triples.
    eh, Alex needs the work, like i said SC is a decent hitting team.
    Hawaii has attempted 4 bunts–2 leadoff one w 2 outs and another to push up runners. Small ball, eh, not sedcond guessing but i would like to see da boyz cut loose swingin’.

  131. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 5:06 pm

    bowz playing sloopy smallball, garcia picked off at 1st.
    5-3 bottom 6—look out da broncs want to break their 9 game losing streak.
    Capaul getting into a groove and mixing his pitches and hitting his spots. Good job coach trap. Haw 5-3, top 7th.

  132. d1島 April 7, 2009 5:13 pm

    Yay, MacDonald’s 3rd RBI makes it 6-3! 1 out in 7th…

  133. wafan April 7, 2009 5:21 pm

    Dang. M’s gave up 3-straight walks in the top of the 9th. They all scored. Twins win 6-5.

  134. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 5:25 pm

    McD singles to drive in a run n has 3 RBIs, team high #29 for the season. Bowz, 6-3, w 1 out, top 7.
    Morford scores from second after leadoff BB and SB.
    Kolten KO. Hernandez 2 out HR to left– #5 for Landon, 2 RBIs, Haw, 8-3, bottom 7.

  135. d1島 April 7, 2009 5:25 pm

    Hernandez cuts loose, now 8-3… 🙂

  136. Jason April 7, 2009 5:32 pm

    Wow, what’s with the sound in that video. And I love how you can see reflections in the glass window … 😛

  137. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 5:35 pm

    Good to see Josh Slats—he needs more work.
    The 6 5″ Soph maybe our de facto closer w 3 saves and 2-1 record.
    Kolten Wong with f-8 and throw to 1st for double play. outstanding catch n throw by our frosh!
    8-3 Hawaii, top 8.

  138. wafan April 7, 2009 5:42 pm

    wf2 . . .

    Thanks for the updates.

    I hope I did not just jinx them with that 1-2-3 top of the inning. Looks like I cannot watch them either. Not that the feed was all that great anyhow.

    Jason. Maybe they were using two cans and some string?

  139. Jason April 7, 2009 5:45 pm

    Is he whistling during the timeout? Wow …

  140. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 5:45 pm

    warriorball is in full bloom tonite.
    Smallball, clutch hitting, HRs, SBs, key performance by little used pitchers and strong closing.

    Top 9, Haw 8-3.

  141. Committed Road Warrior April 7, 2009 5:46 pm

    Santa Clara feed = Not that good.

    OTOH, Don Robbs has been doing the game via telephone.

  142. Kazz April 7, 2009 5:48 pm

    Via telephone? That’s ghetto…

    I remember listening to a Wahine Basketball game and it sounded like Kevin Hashiro was calling action via cell phone. It must have been considering they lost the live feed for about five minutes before that.

  143. chawan_cut April 7, 2009 5:50 pm

    here’s my schedule of schedule thing

    its a listing of UH’s opponents and their own schedules. that way you can see if they’re playing easy or have a bye before our game, etc.

    hopefully all the schedules are final.

  144. jm2375 April 7, 2009 6:00 pm

    Kazz – didn’t Scott Robbs do a Wahine vball game at NaMaSU via cell phone? I think it was when they were using a HS gym. Wait… is that the game that ended the streak. ughhh.

    Congrats to the bball team on the win.

  145. warriorfanny2 April 7, 2009 6:02 pm

    get out of here!
    HAW, 8-4.
    #23 Bowz r 20-10 and bus to Reno tomorrow for 4 games starting THURS at 4,593′.

  146. Kekoa April 7, 2009 6:02 pm

    Tanks for the schedule C_C ~ Listened to bb game to the end. Another great win!

  147. Kekoa April 7, 2009 6:04 pm

    Hiya jm2375! Are you in training for your cruise trip?

  148. labrat April 7, 2009 6:05 pm

    Good luck Jacob Patek.

  149. madeinhawaii April 7, 2009 6:09 pm

    Nice to see the Bows fill the stadium again. It would be nice to end the school year with the Baseball Bows in the Black.

  150. Committed Road Warrior April 7, 2009 6:09 pm

    Was it last year at that tourney in Arizona where Don Robbs either couldn’t call the BaseBow game because the field they were playing at didn’t have any electrical hookups, or they opted to call it via cell phone?

    Memory is fuzzy.

  151. jm2375 April 7, 2009 6:17 pm

    Howzit Kekoa – um sort of. I still gotta find the passports. Then I gotta talk to SteveM and others about what to take, what to do, etc…..

  152. Kazz April 7, 2009 6:27 pm


    Even if Les Murakami Stadium sells out every home game from now until the end of the season it wouldn’t place the team in the black off of ticket sales alone.

    Even if they they sold out every single game from the beginning of the year.

    What I did was take the average of $8.00 (lower and mid level seats) and $6.00 (upper level seats) = $7.00 X 4,312 (wikipedia’s count of the seating capacity at Les Murakami) I got $30,184.00 (approx revenue off ticket sales for one sold out home game).

    30,184 X 32 (home games in 2009) = $965,888.00

    ***This is not taking into account the promo/complimentary tickets given out through radio contests and the discounts to little league teams or the promotional discounts for current season ticket holders, etc… not to mention the discounted price season ticket holders get per individual game ticket.***

    Last reported, the UH baseball team is spending over a million dollars a season, so unfortunately this won’t do the trick, but it would look A LOT better in the books.

    I guess a price increase in the baseball ticket price will do the trick if they want to have UH baseball become a money maker like UH football or Wahine Volleyball based on ticket sales alone.

  153. Jason April 7, 2009 6:30 pm

    chawan_cut: Check out Kelli’s blog for a response to my #38, in response to her #34. It’s just for you! 😀

  154. Jason April 7, 2009 6:32 pm

    Kazz: Don’t forget concessions. They must make a killing off Warrior Dogs. It looks so appetizing when you see someone else with it … then you’re through half, and you end up finishing just the dry bun and the chili that you loaded with onions and jalapeños.

  155. Kekoa April 7, 2009 6:36 pm

    jm ~ You need to prepare yourself for eating constantly. You’re out of practice since last T-gate in that category. Then you have to schedule all your other shipboard activities around the eating frenzy. By the time you get back on land, they’ll have to roll you down the gangplank!

  156. Jason April 7, 2009 6:37 pm

    I meant my post (#38), in response to her #34.

    Hmm, I wonder if anybody decided to go to that Parsons talk that I was planning on going to. Well, I’m at home instead. I better start doing some of that work I said I needed to catch up on …

  157. koakane iphone April 7, 2009 6:39 pm

    Howdie Tsai-ko’s heading home now man long day. Congrats to bball warriors winning at Santa Clara. Heard another food game by Wongie go go giv’um local boys.

  158. koakane iphone April 7, 2009 6:40 pm


  159. Kazz April 7, 2009 6:40 pm


    Brah, you also gotta try the Chili Frank plate (5.00 sans tax) with onions and jalapenos.

    This past weekend, I had a friend come to his first Rainbow Baseball game and he’s got season tix for football with the rest of us and he usually comes to the basketball games also, but he swears the food at Les Murakami is better than the SSC.

    I keep trying to convince him it’s the same concession company.

    But we both agree, the SSC should also have the Warrior Dog and Les Murakami should also have the Bumbucha Nachos.

  160. jm2375 April 7, 2009 7:55 pm

    did Kazz scare everyone away?

  161. Garret April 7, 2009 7:59 pm

    Congratulations to Jake Patek for his CFL contract! I’m so happy for him and am sure that he’ll do well. The beowulfs must be so proud and happy…Jake got his degree and he’ll have a chance to extend his playing career.

    It is a numbers game in the CFL because each team can only have a limited number of players from the US. However, that is a pass-heavy contract and Jake will show that he can make the WRs think twice before going over the middle…

  162. Garret April 7, 2009 8:01 pm

    J.J. McDermott was at NMSU when Colt played for UH. I like what he had to say about Colt. I’ll bet most of the WAC QBs loved watching tapes with Colt and were envious of how he was able to run the offense so effectively.

    McDermott saw Jones’ Hawaii Warriors and Colt Brennan up close while at NMSU. “Everybody’s familiar with that guy,” McDermott said of Brennan. “You see somebody throw 60 touchdowns, or whatever he did, it’s pretty fun to watch and something you’d like to do, I guess.”

  163. Garret April 7, 2009 8:09 pm

    We got an offer in the mail today that we could refuse…two nights free at Palace Station plus $25 meal credit and $25 gambling voucher. So, they basically will pay us $50 for going there. The catch is that we have to go this spring and all of our weekends are taken.

    However, they said we could go this week–I guess this isn’t Spring Break for most people. So, we’re going to pick up my kids from their gymnastics camp tomorrow and go to Vegas! The nice thing is that the gym is 20 minutes north on the 15 freeway, so it right on our way to Vegas.

    This is so last minute that I figure we don’t have time to set up a CC. I’ve got my eye on the Buffet at Asai ($8.95 weekday lunch), but don’t know which day that would be since we haven’t made any plans yet.

  164. Garret April 7, 2009 8:10 pm

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want the off-topic stuff.

    DARPA wants a building material made out of solar cells.

  165. Garret April 7, 2009 8:11 pm

    Scientists discovered pentagonal ice, which could lead to new materials for seeding clouds and causing rain.

  166. Garret April 7, 2009 8:12 pm

    A salmonella scare could devastate the entire pistachio industry even though the problem was only found at one processing plant. This is really bad for California’s $540 million pistachio industry, where 96% of pistachios grown in the US are grown in California.

  167. Garret April 7, 2009 8:12 pm

    Pepsi is coming out with environmentally-friendly vending machines.

  168. Garret April 7, 2009 8:12 pm

    Former pastor in NY is accused of stealing $84,537 to pay for plastic surgery, botox, and prescription drugs.

  169. Garret April 7, 2009 8:13 pm

    Free play links pau.

  170. Garret April 7, 2009 8:22 pm

    I’m glad that UH beat SCU, but am sad that SCU is struggling so badly this year (10 losses in a row?). It is hard for expensive private schools to be only able to offer partial scholarships.

    I had an engineering senior once get on SCU’s baseball team during an open tryout. I think he tried every year, but finally made the team in his final undergrad year. That was so important to him that he actually dropped my class so that he could focus on baseball…he was close to graduation and was a very seldom-used relief pitcher. But he lived his dream that year and had a lot of fun. I was shocked when he dropped my class, but his mind was made up.

    The bad thing is that my class was in the area of Engineering he wanted to work in after he graduated. So, he didn’t have the background he needed for the jobs he was trying to interview for…and the students who took my class got the jobs instead of him.

    Sometimes I wonder how he’s doing now. I hope that he has a nice, stable job now and that he can look upon his year of playing baseball with fond memories.

  171. Justin April 7, 2009 8:32 pm


    Is it difficult to transfer within the schools at Santa Clara? I’m currently admitted to the college of arts & sci, but I may want to switch to the leavy school of business if I attend SCU.

  172. duffer April 7, 2009 8:37 pm

    Off Topic,

    I’m interested in purchasing a ASUS Eee 900HA. Anyone have one or have a recommendation?

  173. Garret April 7, 2009 8:47 pm


    It is pretty easy to transfer between the schools. If you are there, you just go to the new college and ask about the procedure. You do have to worry about prerequisites, but the academic advisors are really good about working around that.

    The school of business is pretty highly ranked, so you need good grades to transfer in. However, if you haven’t even started yet you should be able to call them to make the request…you don’t have to worry if your arts & sci credits will transfer to business.

  174. Garret April 7, 2009 8:49 pm

    Jervis isn’t going to get any jail time.

    Prosecutors on Tuesday asked that former Bishop Estate Trustee Gerard Jervis be sent to jail for an incident in which he chased down a group of boys who egged his Lanikai home.

    Judge Randall Lee said that the drunken driving and petty misdemeanors with which Jervis was charged were serious, but Jervis was provoked by the boys’ actions and had otherwise led a law-abiding life and was unlikely to reoffend.

    Lee pointed out that Jervis accepted responsibility and sought anger management and alcohol assessment.

    The judge sentenced Jervis to no jail time, a $500 fine and a 90-license revocation. Lee also gave Jervis six months probation.

  175. Garret April 7, 2009 8:50 pm

    Jervis still wants the boys prosecuted, even though there really is no way that prosecutors could get a conviction. I wish he’d just put everything behind him now.

  176. SteveM April 7, 2009 9:04 pm

    duffer — LizKauai has an ASUS. email her if she doesn’t see your post.

  177. duffer April 7, 2009 9:08 pm

    Thanks SteveM, I just texted her…hmm texted, is that a word

  178. Garret April 7, 2009 9:09 pm

    The City of Industry is *really* serious about building their stadium to get an NFL team. Not only do they have to put out a ton of money to help the stadium get built, but they are giving neighboring city Diamond Bar $21 million (plus $700k per year) and they will have to give Walnut money also. In these economic conditions, those neighboring cities must be very happy to get that money!

    The city of Diamond Bar has unanimously approved a legal settlement that grants it more than $21 million in exchange for dropping objections to a professional football stadium in a neighboring Southern California city.

    City Council members approved the agreement Tuesday night with the city of Industry, which approved plans for the $800 million venue in February.

    The settlement includes $20 million to deal with increased traffic from the stadium and $1 million for a middle school athletic field.

    Diamond Bar also would receive at least $700,000 a year from Industry for community facilities as long as the stadium remains in operation. Another nearby city, Walnut, filed a lawsuit last month to stop the proposed stadium’s construction.

  179. Jason April 7, 2009 9:15 pm

    duffer: I don’t have one, but looking at the specs, it’s not bad if you’re looking for something ultra-portable, don’t mind the lack of a CD/DVD drive, and you want XP over Vista. There is such a thing as too small, though. Smaller keyboard, smaller screen; if you have bigger hands and bad eyes, that can be a problem. Then again, that’s going to be a problem for just about every netbook on the market.

    I personally would just spend more money and get a regular 14″ or 15.4″ laptop, but that’s because I would want a more powerful machine with full features. Not too powerful, though, I learned that lesson with my 17″ behemoth of a desktop replacement.

  180. duffer April 7, 2009 9:19 pm


    I’m just going to use if for spreadsheets and surfing the net. I thought I’d use a USB keyboard and mice, even wireless if it can hadle it. Thanks for the info.

  181. duffer (iPhone) April 7, 2009 9:48 pm

    Mahalo al

  182. Jason April 7, 2009 9:50 pm

    Well, assuming you don’t already have them, you need to figure that into your cost as well, of course. Plus the cost of an external DVD drive, it’s that’s something you also want. Sooner or later, you start wondering if the hassle of carrying around extra parts isn’t worth the extra cash … But again, if all you’re going to do is spreadsheets and use the Internet (as I thought!), then I guess it should be fine. My friend has an ASUS, and so far so good.

  183. Piper's son April 7, 2009 10:04 pm


    I had an ASUS EEE800 and sold it after a month or so.

    I wanted a laptop or notebook type for travel purposes – I have a regular desktop at home. I had a laptop which weighted at least 8-9 pounds with a 15″ screen and a CD/DVD drive and the other whistles but 8-9 pounds plus the power supply was just too much weight for my purposes and the ASUS came with a a Ururug (?) operating system and I was too used to Windows XP.

    I ended up with a Lenovo which weighs about 2 pounds, small screen and keyboard but it is good for my web search and e-mail,. occasional word processing, and as a safeguard for photos that I take on my trip. More important, its operating system is Windows!

  184. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER April 7, 2009 11:32 pm

    Thanks for the tip, SteveM, got the text from duffer.
    My Asus is an original Linux type. I like working with the solid state concept. Pop in a thumb drive or outboard HD and away you go!

    Nitey nite and SWEET Warrior Dreams!

  185. Cindy/cenn April 7, 2009 11:51 pm

    Goodnight, all! (as I didn’t even have time to read posts tonight). See you tomorrow!

  186. Kekoa (iPhone) April 7, 2009 11:52 pm

    Best of luck to Jake Patek. Glad to see him get a shot at the next level. Beowolf, your family is awesome. I feel priviliged to have met you. May your son continue to make you proud.

    Good nite all…

  187. al April 8, 2009 12:08 am


    April 7th, 2009 at 3:16 pm
    Jim Mills?!!! Oh man I am getting old. I remember seeing him play when he was a tight end. In one came he caught a bunch of balls, but he was a little slow so he couldn’t get up field much after the catch. He seemed to have good hands. Next thing I knew he was an playing tackle. Congrats to big Jim!

    hey there wait a minute…..if you feel old reminiscing about those days then that makes a frequent blogger here just as old since he played alongside jim mills, kani kauahi, jesse sapolu, to name a few. that group of olinemen had many accolades and pro tryouts and careers.

    …..nuff said.

  188. al April 8, 2009 12:19 am


    so let me guess that you always wanted to be les keiter?

  189. Committed Road Warrior April 8, 2009 12:37 am

    This College Baseball analyst made a note about the BaseBow’s post-season situation:

    * Hawaii had another good weekend against San Jose State and it definitely is the leader to win the WAC. However, here’s a situation to ponder. If the Rainbows don’t win the WAC tournament in a couple of months and don’t collapse, they definitely will an at-large bid. Coincidentally, that would solidify two spots for the WAC in the NCAA tournament. That also would knock a bubble team out of the mix. Outside of the Rainbows, I can’t see another WAC team in the field of 64 right now. San Jose State is the team with the second-highest RPI in the WAC (86). Not good at all.

  190. Kekoa April 8, 2009 1:03 am


    April 8th, 2009 at 12:19 am

    so let me guess that you always wanted to be les keiter?

    Al ~ Couldn’t help but notice he has the same attitude & intensity as Joe Moore! Besides, I don’t think he’s old enuff to be a LK fan! A-joe would know, he’s a student of JM.

  191. warriorfanny2 April 8, 2009 2:10 am

    actually, i used to listen to old tapes of gene good and chuck leahy from the termite dayz that i found in a relatives footlocker….precious stuff from ewa…al michaels wasnt bad either. heard of les and his fabled career but there is only one general. JM, funny stuff, but im not a JM hater.

    nah, just passionate about a great unfolding storyline produced by a coach on the ropes with a team that shouldnt in a year that wouldnt produce a winner for a school that couldnt. comprende?

    Go Bowz!

  192. Loa April 8, 2009 4:30 am

    morning gang!

    anybody up yet?

    congrats Jake! Stephen – thanks for the hits reminder

  193. Loa April 8, 2009 4:35 am

    so anyone going to spring drills?
    kinda looking forward to seeing the new coach smith in action

  194. Loa April 8, 2009 4:45 am

    congrats to Jim Mills
    i remember meeting him and thinking to myself
    wow, thats one big bugga

  195. wafan April 8, 2009 5:16 am

    Good morning all!

  196. wafan April 8, 2009 5:27 am

    Back to regular Northwe(s)t weather!

    Out here the snow pack is always a concern — that is where we get our water throughout the summer. Two weeks ago on a Friday, the WA DLNR, US Corps of Engineers, Seattle Power, and Puget Sound Energy reported that the snow pack was at 30% of normal. That news sure rippled through the community.

    Two days later, after a bunch of snow in the hills, the snow pack was reported at 100%.

    That was during the weekend our boys and girls basketball teams were playing in the state tournament in Yakima. Too bad, though, they were not able to take it all.

  197. bighilofan2 April 8, 2009 5:44 am

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    what you think about interviewing the new coaches? thanks.

  198. KapoleiWarrior April 8, 2009 5:49 am

    Heard from a reliable source that Bolla is finally gone. Official announcement to come later today. My question…..who will be the new coach?

  199. wafan April 8, 2009 5:53 am


    Alooooooooooha Bolla! Sure hope no one kicks you while you are down. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  200. jm2375 April 8, 2009 6:07 am

    Good morning Tsaikos!!

    Woohoo, Bolla’s gone!!.

    Kekoa – gotta start setting up for the big bonfire! Where we gonna do it? Don’t want burn down da clubhouse, cuz da fire gonna be huuuge. 🙂

  201. djmitcho April 8, 2009 6:14 am

    Good Morning Tsaikoland! I hope everyone going to practice has a good time this morning.

    I think we get to enjoy the nice weather one more day before the return of the the crappy stuff. It’s supposed to be the warmest day of the week.

  202. 702WarriorNation April 8, 2009 6:19 am

    You might want to consider getting Asus with Linux like LizK
    See story on Microsoft XP and Office 2003 limited support starting next week.

  203. wafan April 8, 2009 6:34 am

    dj . . .

    Yesterday was our last hurrah until summer finally arrives. The 70’s are just perfect!

    Enjoy your weather. Because tomorrow, if you get what we have today, will be cloudy, overcast, and cool (down in the 50’s).

  204. curveball April 8, 2009 6:40 am

    Off to practice…….

  205. bighilofan2 April 8, 2009 6:54 am



    annnn………… I ………. oooooooooo …. it all 2…………uuuuuuuuuu….

    a small kine tribute to u, sing along to da tune of da dirty dancah

    (lallala lalalalala lalalala – clears throat…)

    newz da bolla is gone
    and we can all sing alooonnggggggg….. ummmmmm…..

    and da trillzz is gonna cum
    cuz da bugga stay gunnnnnnn……..ummmmmmmmmmmm

    girlz just rememba now, da season gonna be funn….
    and da winnnnnz gonna cum…. ummmmmmmmm……

    our man wen step up to da plate
    he was not late…

    an da funz gonna begin again… ah ha….
    cuz now its bye bye bolla…. ah ha….. :D.


  206. bighilofan2 April 8, 2009 6:55 am

    have a nice practice watch, gangee…

    catch up wit y’all this evening.
    have a nice day.

    hi ho hiho..

    Go Warriors….

  207. Stretch April 8, 2009 7:03 am

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    I was clicking through the internet, got to some strange website but read that an annoucement will be made today that Bolla is going to be officially fired. FINALLY!! It also says that he will file a grievance to try get some money from the University. I wonder what’s going to happen with his wife since she is the assitant coach??

  208. Garret April 8, 2009 7:17 am


    Assistant coaches get year-to-year contracts, so they do not need to fire Mrs. Bolla. Technically, it will be up to the new coach to pick his/her assistants, so she could be hired by the new coach. However, I don’t think that is likely. The best thing is that the year-to-year contracts mean no buyout and no messy negotiations.

  209. Garret April 8, 2009 7:18 am

    Today is buy-1-get-1-free Grand Slamwhich at Denny’s. Great deal for when someone is on the road…like us going to Vegas today!

  210. Garret April 8, 2009 7:19 am

    It is great to read about how Samson is a better fit with the Raiders than their former starter (the guy Miami gave a $30 million contract to).

    The Raiders also acquired center Samson Satele from the Dolphins. Satele is thought to be a much better fit for the zone blocking scheme than the departed Jake Grove.

  211. Garret April 8, 2009 7:20 am

    Another analysis of the Raiders is happy with the switch of Samson for Grove.

    We lost Jake Grove but replaced him with Samson Satele, who should have near identical effectiveness in our zone-blocking scheme. A lot cheaper, too.

  212. Garret April 8, 2009 7:22 am

    Pro Football Weekly also praises the Raiders for trading for Samson.

    The club filled a major need by trading for young C Samson Satele, and its most recent move, inking Jeff Garcia to back up JaMarcus Russell, was a wise one.

  213. Loa April 8, 2009 7:24 am

    Stretch – on Kauai today?

    Garret – good luck and have fun in vegas

  214. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER April 8, 2009 7:24 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    Hi Ho!

  215. wafan April 8, 2009 7:25 am

    Garret . . .

    Have fun in Las Vegas! I used to get those free room offers. But the airfare was just too expensive to seriously consider the trip. Would have made a nice break, though.

    Please say “HI” to my pennies! Heck, I hope you get to take a lot of them home (in bill form, of course)!!!

  216. duffer April 8, 2009 7:25 am


    Can you call me? I lost your number.

  217. Loa April 8, 2009 7:27 am

    they were talking about former womens bball coach on am1420 this morning

    hiya liz, howzit duffer, howzit wafan

  218. Garret April 8, 2009 7:38 am

    Loa and wafan,

    Thanks! I love being able to drive to Vegas, especially when I’ll already be 20 minutes closer to there when picking up my kids from their camp.

  219. addahknowjoe April 8, 2009 7:42 am

    188 al:
    April 8th, 2009 at 12:08 am

    hey there wait a minute…..if you feel old reminiscing about those days then that makes a frequent blogger here just as old since he played alongside jim mills, kani kauahi, jesse sapolu, to name a few. that group of olinemen had many accolades and pro tryouts and careers.

    …..nuff said.

    May I humbly add to your nostalgic list our little braddah Pride. who went into battle side by side with those men in that era too. =)

    OK nuff now.

    Gmornin’ gangy!

  220. jm2375 April 8, 2009 7:43 am

    Ummm, so, today on 1500 am was Pops and Pal. Are they just filling in for a certain loudmouth attorney or are they *replacing* him?

    I know I’m preaching to the choir, but why do people still have a problem with having a scrimmage on another island? No state monies involved, PR opportunity, etc… I mean, sheeesh….

    Garret, make sure you “withdraw” some of the Tsaikos’ deposits while you’re in Vegas. 😆

  221. al ™ April 8, 2009 7:58 am

    annodahduhmoment in the annals of this blog


    April 8th, 2009 at 7:42 am
    188 al:
    April 8th, 2009 at 12:08 am

    hey there wait a minute…..if you feel old reminiscing about those days then that makes a frequent blogger here just as old since he played alongside jim mills, kani kauahi, jesse sapolu, to name a few. that group of olinemen had many accolades and pro tryouts and careers.

    …..nuff said.

    May I humbly add to your nostalgic list our little braddah Pride. who went into battle side by side with those men in that era too. =)

    OK nuff now.

    Gmornin’ gangy!

    whoa brah. you need some caffeine. dats who i was talking about, okay, joking about. now, he going be looking for us with a pair of clenched fists. but, you said it not me.


  222. wafan April 8, 2009 8:00 am

    First I have heard of people having a problem with the scrimmage on Maui. Who are they and why are they having this problem?

    Do they see the Warriors as Honolulu’s team? Still, it is the University of Hawai’i not the University of Honolulu. Or is it financial? But, as jm pointed out the returns are many and the costs are not borne by the UHAD but by others.


  223. (Jesse)James April 8, 2009 8:32 am

    Good morning gang…hope everyone has an awesome day….

    Ummm….who is jim mills??? LMAO j/k

  224. Piper's son April 8, 2009 8:39 am

    DUFFER: Regarding the ASUS, I’m not knocking it, it is a good little computer that was good in many respects for my purposes. It just had Ubuntu – a Linux based OS. Liz has a young mind and could handle it – I’m an old fut and the Ubuntu OS was like learning a new language!. OTH my computer Guru swears by Linux and dislikes Windows!

    JM2375: That certain attorney you refer to is a passionate basketball fan, has a good mind, and sometimes is quiet. He is opinionated, brash, aggravating when it comes to sports. But I know him and like him. OTH, I think BC is opinionated, brash, aggravating, and I don’t care for him!

    Regarding Bolla – hip hip hooray!!!!

    And the Maui scrimmage: Our Maui bloggers seem to welcome it. Wonder if it is the same people who object to the Superferry and newcomers to Maui.

    My 8-cents for the day – 2-cents per opinion!

    Have a good morning!

  225. (Jesse)James April 8, 2009 8:39 am

    Whoooaaaa….duffer lost Stretch’s number??? What the heck…the dark side on Maui can never be the same…..LOL

  226. fbi75warrior4life April 8, 2009 9:05 am

    warriors football players goodluck in maui and play hard give maui a football show that they will never forget.after the football the game. players tell coach mac you what some guri guri ice cream.

  227. jojo ® April 8, 2009 9:16 am

    duffer, thanks for reminding me to call Stretch

  228. koakane™ April 8, 2009 9:34 am

    eh jj get back to work so we no have to pay extra taxes cause neva meet dead line…. sheesh

    good day all, how it going so far for everyone?

  229. koakane™ April 8, 2009 9:38 am

    hello my monarch cuz wafan and 😀 agree with you it is Hawaii’s team. Maui and for that matter all islands deserve to have UH play or scrimmage there.

  230. d1島 April 8, 2009 9:43 am

    Great Morning All!

    Looking forward to the report(s) on this morning’s practice….

    ….and video!

  231. duffer April 8, 2009 9:50 am

    Piper’s son

    This ASUS 900HA has XP as the OS. I’m just as old as Liz, but not as smart! I like XP rather than VISTA.

  232. duffer April 8, 2009 9:51 am


    When you call Stretch, can you have him call me? TIA

  233. Colomaohana April 8, 2009 9:52 am

    Howzit and morning, Tsai-ko Ohana!

  234. wafan April 8, 2009 9:56 am

    Hopefully a report will be coming soon!

    This year feels a lot better than last year. Never felt really good about last year because of too many untested players. This year everyone seems to be on the same page.

  235. SteveM April 8, 2009 9:58 am

    duffer — I think jojo was implying she was the “dark side”…she’s just kidding.

    …don’t need a phone to call Stretch… 🙄

  236. duffer April 8, 2009 10:03 am


    Thanks for the 411 on XP

  237. MeiLing April 8, 2009 10:17 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Glad to hear that Bolla is gone. Too much pilikia.

    Nice pic of the guys at practice this morning in the Manoa mist.

    Laters. Have a great day!

  238. addahknowjoe April 8, 2009 10:20 am

    Hey Colomaohana!

    First chance you get, go up to the 28th floor and check out the windows on the doors and in their office.

    If you like them, put in a request to get your guys floor done too. =)

    Tell ‘um it’s all part of trying to stimulate this economy. =)

  239. warriorfanny2 April 8, 2009 10:20 am

    screening commitee?

  240. BIGWAVE96744 April 8, 2009 10:29 am

    so who’s the new wbball coach?
    Pat Charity, Dana Takahara-Dias, Mike Taylor…… “Doc” Muguiishi????

  241. Colomaohana April 8, 2009 10:37 am

    Howzit, A-joe!

    Brah, I stay in annadah building, but is dat the same floor where that beautiful surfboard is???? Das da one I like!!!!

    Windows in my building?? Eh, no need…only going see prisoners, propane tanks, the paintball field, and part of Keehi……Oh! And some tilapia swimmin’ around…..


    But, my hale needs a few upgrades……

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