Hiring range

Nearly three months after Neal Iwamoto’s departure from the UH media relations department, Michael Stambaugh has been hired as his permanent replacement. Stambaugh, for now, is assigned baseball, a sport he handled in 5 1/2 years at Bethune-Cookman University.

The hiring shows the lengths it takes to fill positions at UH.

But UH also can go to a hurry-up mode. In December, Kaui Awong was added as a casual hire to handle media relations for men’s volleyball.

In January, Jeff Hall moved from associate head coach in men’s volleyball to head coach of the sand volleyball team and associate head coach of the Rainbow Wahine volleyball team. Spencer McLachlin, who was a volunteer for the volleyball Warriors, was added as an assistant coach on a casual-hire basis.

If needed, UH can accelerate the process, such as when Greg McMackin was hired to replace June Jones, who departed the football program a month before signing day.

The men’s basketball staff was replenished after the head coach and an assistant coach were fired.

That’s what makes the AD situation unique. The soon-to-be-former AD is, in essence, serving as the interim AD.


  1. islandman February 24, 2015 8:33 am

    1st or 2nd –comments about Winston running fast with crabs yesterday is good- what kind of crabs ?

  2. seewhy February 24, 2015 8:41 am

    Good morning, Tsaikos!
    Lots of movement in the UH athletic dept.

  3. hatakeman February 24, 2015 8:43 am

    Just to say good morning all. Wonderful day in Hawaii.

  4. jm2375 February 24, 2015 9:01 am

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    The reason for the quick hirings is that they were casual hires. Casual hires are only employed on 90 day contracts. They can be rehired continuously, but must take at least 1 unpaid day between contracts. They also get limited benefits – not sure if their length of service in that position is counted if they move into a permanent position.

  5. NorthShoreFan February 24, 2015 9:09 am

    Guud Morning Tsaikos…bootiful day.

    when does spring practice start?

    football withdrawals…
    tailgate dreams
    smell bbq all the time
    charcoal stocking
    quick twitch finger on remote
    nothing good on the tube, keep flipping channels
    can’t concentrate on anything

    Dang it!

  6. jeezy33 February 24, 2015 9:30 am

    How long till we get any 2015 recruiting updates? Hope the coaching staff is hustling. At the same time, I don’t want to just settle on average players.

  7. Warrior Dog February 24, 2015 9:30 am

    Why cant they replace Ben Jay already. During the last wahine game he sat under the basket and we had a small girl who clearly tried but didn’t know how to floor wipe the floor and on the other side we had no one. Is he waiting for someone to injure themselves. Apparently he shows he doesn’t care for our athletes well being which is sad. Soon what will have left?. Our football team is in disarray ,we don’t have any recruiting in men’s basketball because we have no coach, soon we will probably lose our women’s basketball coach because someone will pay her for the great job she is doing. But we pay this guy for keeping the seat warm and telling the BOR the same thing we all know the department is losing money.

  8. tom February 24, 2015 9:45 am


    WARRIOR DOG: Ben Jay tried to break up a fight at SSA, y0u want him to wipe floors too?

    We are in disarray because we got too many chiefs running around upstairs and downtown and not letting the AD do his job. Look at Jim Donovan for example, he wanted Coach A but the powers wanted Coach B; He wanted to hire Coach C but the powers that be wanted Coach D; he wanted to go slow to make a better deal with MWC but the powers that be took over and decided to pay big bucks for travel expenses

  9. hitman February 24, 2015 9:53 am

    aloha everyone !!
    does not matter in hawaii the county and state moves so slow when then do higher !! then need to make changes no how there doing things !!
    and about the AD he does not want to be here !! they should move him know to a other dept at UH and use the 2nd in charge to give him a test run like how they gave BT mans basketball coach a try !! u never know !!

  10. Da Punchbowl Kid February 24, 2015 9:58 am

    Great googa moogas can’t you hear me talking to ya? It’s a ball of confusion… That’s what UHAD is these days! It’s just a ball of confusion!

  11. ai-eee-soos February 24, 2015 10:28 am

    methinks the guy in charge of the SSC is responsible to run the SSC,

    including providing the “floor wipers”. and that’s regardless if the

    SSC is under the AD, or not.

    my 2 centavos.

  12. A-House February 24, 2015 10:28 am


    your #10 – I was surprised that you used only a single adjective to describe the state of functionality at UH – upper and lower campus

    I make a donation to a non-revenue sport and get a impersonal, preprinted card {unsigned} from the “acting” chancellor’s office – so, I call UH Foundation and tell them I do not want another of the above sent to me – make another donation and poof, another pre-printed card appears – for an institute of higher learning, there is a “disconnect” – I also tell the foundation people that if my donation must receive a card from the chancellor, then make a note on my file NOT TO SEND ANY MORE; if they will not honor my request, then ALL contributions stops!

    waiting for the next chapter

  13. Warbow February 24, 2015 10:31 am

    Exactly what is a media relations person and why do we need a department full of them? Can’t the AD/head coach/asst. coach handle this task?

  14. jm2375 February 24, 2015 10:37 am

    warbow – #13 – seriously? As if the coaches don’t have enough to do, you want them to do press releases, press guides, game recaps, etc???

  15. nutmegger February 24, 2015 11:02 am

    It does seem odd that each sport has its own media relations person. You’d think the AD would have one marketing/media relations dept that covers all sports.

    Writing takes time and requires knowledge of the sport, but in Hawaii there is a pool of sports reporters that could be poached from that know multiple sports and can write. (Just as long as they keep their hands off ST.)

  16. jm2375 February 24, 2015 11:07 am

    nutmegger – there’s a least one media relations person at EVERY game. I sit behind them at MVB, they’re doing live stats, social media, and keeping the stats, all at the same time. The game recaps are usually posted within a hour of end of the game. They travel with the team, whereas the local press doesn’t usually, except for football.

  17. NorthShoreFan February 24, 2015 11:22 am

    conclusion, this page got nothing better to do then rag on someone. If no one to rag on, the peeps not happy. lots of frustrated couch jockeys.

  18. Former UH Athlete February 24, 2015 11:26 am

    Soon to be former AD as acting interim AD…

    Just not a good scenario.

  19. Volcano February 24, 2015 11:33 am

    Number 11, the guy running SSC is irresponsible as is. Have you seen the restrooms and condition of all the windows and the cleanliness of the whole place? It’s not right to just have a relative of the named place hired to run it. No pride whatsoever with the title Manager.

  20. Warrior fan February 24, 2015 11:35 am

    UH is screwed up be caused we kept insisting on keeping the rainbow in warriors.. BJ wanted to take out rainbow for Marketing reasons, not the reasons people think! Now looks what happens when people don’t let the AD do his job. Less ticket sales, less recruiting, bad media publicity, gib wants all UHs money, corruption. Auiki Hopefully this next AD can take some charge.

  21. Former UH Athlete February 24, 2015 11:44 am

    On a separate note…

    Not to root for more turnover at UH, but whoever agreed to Gib Arnold’s early termination “without cause” clause in his contract should be removed.

    After reading the contract, it’s pretty clear as day that UH owes Gib all the money he’s demanding. In summary, firing “without cause” requires UH to pay Coach liquidated damages in the amount of the earnings made the entire time he was employed at UH.

    There’s even a paragraph mentioning that clause was mutually agreed upon.

    Making a stupid decision (to accept those terms) worse, UH then fails to:
    1. recognize the consequences for firing “without cause”;
    2. figured $1.4 million was worth keeping the NCAA investigation details secret; or,
    3. Too dumb to think through that firing “without cause” eliminates the investigation/accusations from being used to fire “with cause” or argue for breach of contract.

    — UH could have suspended Gib (w/pay) pending outcome of investigation findings/accusations (or X number of games), then fire him after the accusations go public, citing breach of contract. Firing Gib at that time would have been well received by just about everybody and would have been a very public display of major self-discipline in front of the NCAA.

    Instead, UH opted to fire Gib in a cloak of mystery that stunk of political backstabbing (considering all the shenanigans surrounding the un-executed contract extension and Chancellor Apple’s coincidental firing)

    As usual the leaders at UH continue to show they are not qualified to handle major issues in and around the Athletic Department. The biggest problem is that the patients are running the asylum.

    Besides that…. any updates on the next AD search? I remember a little while ago that Bley-Vroman is committing to a non-transparent search process. Just the kind of thing to perpetuate the cycle of BS running the University.

  22. st. anthony trojan February 24, 2015 12:11 pm

    Mr. A-House….keep us posted on the next chapter please…would think…at the least for all you do…you would get a personal call from the ‘honcho’ at the foundation…n apologize for the error in ur request…due to their record keeping process…

    If they have you in the ‘system’ surely must be a space provided for notions….requests etc….

  23. hatakeman February 24, 2015 12:19 pm

    Autonomy masks the University’s leadership that masquerades itself as corporate executives without the skill sets to be successful. UH Athletics, as a microcosm of the academia, cannot flourish as a result.

  24. HawaiiMongoose February 24, 2015 12:53 pm

    FUHA re #21, I couldn’t have said it better. Agree on all counts. Someone didn’t do their homework and it may result in UH paying over a million bucks to a guy the NCAA considers (based on what appears to be good evidence) an outright liar. That’s worse than the Wonder Blunder.

  25. Boolakanaka February 24, 2015 1:01 pm

    FUHA and HImongoose– or his lawyers were better than UH lawyers. It’s not so much the terms, you can place whatever you want within a contract, it’s the understanding and negotiation of the terms. You are correct, the wording is quite clear….

  26. Warrior Dog February 24, 2015 1:28 pm

    The person responsible for the maui airport should teach Mr Sherrif how to maintain the arena. Their bathrooms are really clean much better that Honolulu or the rat house we call Aloha stadium. There are people who take pride in their jobs we just have find them. Then we need good attorneys not the ones at UH to write contracts those need to be fired.

  27. Da Punchbowl Kid February 24, 2015 2:19 pm

    Col A-House – re: #12

    First off, please kiss your beautiful wife from Sweety and I!

    Secondly, I could have used many, many adjectives to describe the morass that Upper and Lower campus have become. The appropriate adjectives have likely all been said before. Notice the small number of posts today? We all see what’s happening and there are no words.

    I received a call from UH twice last week, asking if I would like to support a particular team. Both times I was told I would be sent an email beginning that process. Still waiting for that email. If I wanted my donations to go to a specific club, as they said it would be, and I still haven’t gotten an email from them, how much faith should I have in their processes?

    We try to help out when and where we can, but I guess its better to call a personal friend and see what I can do directly with him. We’ll give the “e mail” another week or so.


    GO WAHINE!!!

  28. Inyoface February 24, 2015 2:37 pm

    Will Chow let the players leave their hair long this year?

  29. Don Weir February 24, 2015 2:44 pm

    Lame Duck Chancellor making decisions
    Lame Duck Athletics Director making decisions

    Time to get our UH (upper and lower campus) ducks in a row!!

  30. Da Punchbowl Kid February 24, 2015 2:54 pm

    I must add that, while I can’t understand certain aspects of UH, athletics in particular, I still support them and await the day when our ship can be righted and all things go as they should.

    Most importantly, I support each and every student who makes the sacrifices required to represent UH and our state!

    There are better days ahead.

  31. 3-Prong February 24, 2015 2:55 pm

    As poorly as the contract for Gib was written from the schools standpoint, what’s even more inexcusable was the decision to release him “without cause”. Did’t they at the very least reread the contract before deciding that? Who made that call?………will someone please stand up and take some responsibility!’

  32. Da Punchbowl Kid February 24, 2015 2:57 pm

    Thank you Meestah Wee-ah! Nuff said!

  33. NorthShoreFan February 24, 2015 3:37 pm

    afta we get em all lined up in a row, den wat we do?

  34. islandman February 24, 2015 3:51 pm

    Miss them with paper darts.

  35. Warbow February 24, 2015 4:04 pm

    #14, really…they do game recaps? Seems they are doubling up on what the press already provides.

    #16 really they do live stats, social media, and keeping stats? The game recaps are usually posted within a hour of end of the game? Don’t they have official scorekeepers and stats guys to do that? Besides, if I want to read something about a sporting events, I just read the sports section of the SA. Or do these sports writers for the SA get all their information to print from the UH media department? Help me understand, I just don’t see a need for a department full of sport relations guys. Why do they have to have relations with the media? What type of relations are they having with the media? wink wink…

  36. What??? February 24, 2015 4:13 pm

    Home team is responsible for stats that are provided to the media. Many many schools do not get press coverage and need to do their own recaps or use the recaps when they are visiting because they can’t afford to send their own media person.

  37. Dawei February 24, 2015 4:16 pm

    Anybody have a clue about when the 2015 Mountain West football schedule will be out? Last year it came out on February 20.

  38. beans February 24, 2015 4:18 pm

    Warrior fan # 20
    The rainbow is the culprit? You are kidding right?

  39. Warbow February 24, 2015 4:21 pm

    #37..The word is that they are waiting on San Diego St to fill their last OOC game before releasing.

  40. Dawei February 24, 2015 4:23 pm

    Thanks, Warbow.

  41. st. anthony trojan February 24, 2015 5:12 pm

    aww good to see sum sense of humor in here…instead of always bitching about BJ… N COACHES ETC….HE HE H3E

  42. Akamai Okole February 24, 2015 5:12 pm

    Great Afternoon All!

    RIP Art. Genji’s won’t be the same.

  43. jeezy33 February 24, 2015 6:02 pm

    I guess the DT that Hawaii is going to try bring in is Howard Houston from Foothill JC. Smaller, quick guy.

  44. oneseason February 24, 2015 6:30 pm

    Reading (contracts) should be fundamental … even for UH decision makers.

  45. st. anthony trojan February 24, 2015 6:39 pm

    Is it ne wonder..they are in big trouble up there reading contracts…it is basic stuff….like punctuation he he he

  46. st. anthony trojan February 24, 2015 6:49 pm

    After Gib wins his lawsuit…I am sure he will retire…here is a question that sumone from the star-advertiser will probably ask him…n his reply…

    ‘What will you do now that you’re retiring Mr. Arnold ?’

    Well…I’m fortunate to have had a chemical engineering background (besides coaching n sports) and one of the things I enjoy most is converting beer, wine and whiskey into urine. It’s rewarding, uplifting, satisfying and fulfilling. I do it every day and I really enjoy it.” ….Gib will truly be an inspiration to all others up there at UHAD that have basic contracts……wonder how much Mr. BJ is getting ???

  47. Z February 24, 2015 6:50 pm

    OC in da house.

  48. tom February 24, 2015 7:03 pm

    #27DPK _ how you?

    It takes time but I got a letter saying that (name) called me and blah blah

    You going to the basketball game Thursday?

  49. islandman February 24, 2015 7:30 pm

    46. — There may be no lawsuit, right now it’s a contract grievance of which the last step is arbitration, which usually means a settlement.

  50. A-House February 24, 2015 7:52 pm


    your #46 – interesting remark about saving urine

    in our “summer camp training”, which was always late January/early Feb time frame, we would train with the Japanese Self Defense Force { Japanese Army wanted to use this period for training in winter conditions } and they set out plastic buckets to collect our urine in the barracks – somehow, they converted it into nitrogen and used it for whatever purpose – US troops would laugh at this, but it always intrigued me on the conversion process and use thereof.

  51. A-House February 24, 2015 7:55 pm


    keep us posted on your “email” request to UH – I, personally, would not hold me breath cause I would “make”!

  52. HawaiiMongoose February 24, 2015 8:40 pm

    jeezy #43: According to his Twitter, Houston is now “drawing interest” from the University of Florida.

  53. kapakahi February 24, 2015 9:07 pm


    Where’d Neal go? Good guy!

  54. turfwar February 24, 2015 9:21 pm

    http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3222170/highlights/207161375/v2 This guy is very disruptive.

  55. cappie the dog February 25, 2015 5:22 am

    Laura Beeman has her “girls” in the College Insider.com Mid-Major Top 25. They made their debut at #22, one ahead of #23 Pacific, a team they lost to at the Stan Sheriff.

    Shawna Lei-Kuehu, I think, will get a free-agent contract from a WNBA team. She looks completely healthy out there, and is playing with wreckless abandon.

    I’ll be very surprised if they lose at Long Beach State tomorrow. I think she’s Savo, leadership-wise: I don’t think she’ll let her ladies lose.

  56. Maddog50 February 25, 2015 6:07 am

    Sure would love to have. The staff completed hired and assigned. Can not come soon enough. Even though I receive email and hard copy thanks for donations at least in my world I really expect nothing but for it to be put to good use. I probably sent in 7 or eight donations last year and in my mind acknowledged appropriately. Nothing that I can think of will preclude me from supporting Warrior Football, thats just how I feel about it. Go Warriors!!!!!

  57. 3-Prong February 25, 2015 6:34 am

    Mike, mike, mike….Guess what DAY it is? (Sorry gang but this commercial cracks me up..hehe)

    Have a great day Hawaii and Hawaii at heart.

  58. A-House February 25, 2015 8:14 am

    re Houston:

    looking good at the JC level, but will that translate to D1 ball?

    remember Isako Sappoanga who had 32 sacks in JC? how many for UH? 7 or 8 in 2 years?

  59. hatakeman February 25, 2015 9:18 am

    I wonder why Houston is drawing Interest? His stats are way below par:
    Solo tackles 15 701st 13 399th
    Assists 4 1313th 2 1302nd
    Tackles 19 956th 15 655th
    Tackles per game 2.1 1226th 3.0 807th
    Sacks 1 435th 1 337th
    Sack yards 4 588th 4 417th

    Right column is conference. Middle stat is national JC stat.

  60. NorthShoreFan February 25, 2015 9:28 am

    Guud Morning Tsaikos…bootiful day.

    Samuseva on staff…IMUA WARRIORS!

  61. A-house February 25, 2015 9:48 am


    how many, if any, of the top 25 “mid-major” teams are in the top 25 AP poll?

  62. A-house February 25, 2015 9:49 am

    is this another way of keeping “non-Power5” teams out of the AP poll or Coaches poll?

  63. Stephen Tsai February 25, 2015 9:54 am

    New post: http://hawaiiwarriorworld.com/?p=28274

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