Five for 2018 draft

The Warriors came up empty in this weekend’s draft, but people in the know insist UH has five highly rated NFL prospects for next year.

> Trayvon Henderson: UH has produced a lot of good safeties, and Henderson should be added to that list. He’s athletic, feisty,tough, smart and instinctive.

> Diocemy Saint Juste: I’ve covered UH football for a long time, and Saint Juste is one of the Warriors’ top running backs. His vision, first-step quickness, second-level burst and knack for reading blocks are Pumphrey-esque. He also has room for growth as a receiver.

> Dejon Allen: The Warriors’ best offensive lineman isn’t even playing at his best position. While he’s excelling as a blind-side tackle, his NFL future is at guard or center.

> Metuisela ‘Unga: All of sideline observer did a collective uh-oh when 6-foot-5, 240-pound ‘Unga caught a pass in space and was heading right for a safety during a spring practice. ‘Unga is the ideal tight end who can block and run deep patterns. He draws comparisons to Itula Mili and Jerry Scanlan.

> Meffy Koloamatangi: A lot of 4-3 ends usually are asked to become 3-4 outside linebackers at the next level. Koloamatangi, who is deceptively strong, can be a 4-3 or 3-4 end at the next level. When he’s healthy, he’s as good a run stopper as pass rusher.


  1. wafan April 30, 2017 3:33 pm

    Going to be a good year!

  2. wafan April 30, 2017 3:33 pm


  3. Ipu Man April 30, 2017 6:54 pm


  4. cappie the dog April 30, 2017 7:46 pm

    No Big West loss is a bad loss.

    This is a good league.

    UC-Irvine is the last place team and nearly took two out of three from Cal-State Fullerton at their place.

    Hawaii has the sort of won-loss record that keeps them on the fringe of contending for an at-large bid, but they need to boost their middling RPI.

    6 games against the Titans and Long Beach State; it’s doable.

    Hawaii could be the third team, if they want it bad enough.

  5. cappie the dog April 30, 2017 7:49 pm

    I’m your biggest fan, Rigoberto.

    You survived ****** during spring camp.

    You’re going to make the Colts roster.

  6. cappie the dog April 30, 2017 7:54 pm

    What do you do with our starting shortstop?

    He is the team leader in RBIs.

    He also has a .906 fielding average.

  7. kanak May 1, 2017 6:53 am

    Let’s get some Bows in the draft! With the exception of Allen, the guys listed all have health concerns. Here’s wishing them a successful injury-free senior season… Go Bows!!!

  8. Akamai Okole May 1, 2017 6:55 am

    Great Morning All!

    Lists are nice, but they don’t win games.

    Das it.

  9. tom-warriornation May 1, 2017 7:16 am

    This is great news Stephen; I am getting really pumped up for the season now!

    Join our Hawaii fan group at UH Football road games this year!

    at UCLA on Sept 9, Reno on Oct 7, & Las Vegas on Nov 4.

    So far; got about 100 each going to UCLA and UNLV (at 50 yard line 10-20 rows behind our Warrior bench). Let’s show support for our home team!

    Email me: or text 415-324-0585

  10. Stephen Tsai May 1, 2017 7:26 am

    New post:

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