3 get scholarships

In a team meeting last night, head coach Greg McMackin awarded football scholarships to wideout Jett Jasper, offensive lineman Andrew Faaumu and cornerback Kawika Ornellas.

Jasper and Faaumu already have earned bachelor’s degrees. Jasper is pursuing a master’s.


  1. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 12:14 am

    Uno and good morning ST!

  2. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 12:16 am

    Congratulations to Jett, Andrew Faaumu, and Kawika.

  3. Stephen Tsai August 13, 2011 12:16 am


  4. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 12:16 am

    Did you and Reardon win tonight?

  5. Stephen Tsai August 13, 2011 12:20 am

    Finished second. Dickman and Curran won. I think they had 7, we had 5, and Wade-Trapasso had 2

  6. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 12:21 am

    Hope Lefotu’s injury won’t keep him out for the season.

  7. Stephen Tsai August 13, 2011 12:31 am

    Two most inexperienced areas: receivers and o-line.

    Two most injured this camp: receivers and o-line.

  8. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 12:49 am

    What’s concerning for me is some of the OL weren’t wearing any knee braces at all. I do understand how long it takes for UH to retrofit the OL with knee braces.

    Can they summon first day players this late in fall camp?

  9. SteveM August 13, 2011 12:50 am

    Congrats to Jett Jasper, Andrew Faaumu, and Kawika Ornellas. Well earned!

  10. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 12:53 am

    Morning SteveM!

  11. al August 13, 2011 12:57 am

    congratulations guys…well deserved.

  12. al August 13, 2011 12:58 am

    time is short.

    those oft injured bodies need to get on the field, its getting to the critical stage as each day goes by.

  13. SteveM August 13, 2011 1:06 am

    Good morning ST, BleedGreen808, and Al…

    …I’m a little under the weather so will be sleeping soon.

    The NeilMed sinus flush is working wonders for the sinuses and throat.

  14. SteveM August 13, 2011 1:08 am

    repeat post before i go


    • So who else is going to the other UH road games his year?

    • Where’s the UH section? Can I get tickets?
• Who can get-together for a tailgate or pre- and post-game Cattle Call? Where?

    Info like this is gathered and listed at:


    …and the attendees can make make plans among themselves if they wish.

    Please send me your tentative game plans/lodging location.
Note that only blog names are listed.
email: stevem.hnl (at) gmail.com (please include your blog name if not obvious).

    I will facilitate email contact among attendees (a week before the game)–who may then optionally share real names, cell phone numbers, etc. at their discretion.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Similarly, the UH-UNLV game and all it’s Tsai-ko activities are listed at:


  15. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 1:08 am

    Get well, SteveM!

    Nytie night, too!

  16. ai-eee-soos August 13, 2011 1:32 am

    congrats to Jett Jasper, Andrew Faaumu and Kawika Ornellas.

    hard work pays off.

  17. Kekoa August 13, 2011 2:57 am

    Yah! The hard work finally paid off for Jett! I’m happy to see him earn his schollie!

    Congratz to Kawika and Andrew as well. More pt for these hungry Warriors coach!

  18. clowns nose August 13, 2011 3:00 am

    Three blog entries back…

    • Defensive tackle Haku Correa and his fiancee, Mahea Cabbab, welcomed their daughter this morning. Zaydah Lindsey Correa weighed 9 pounds, 14 ounces.

    It wasn’t until I saw an achieved sports report (a little while ago on Tombo’s site) that I learned that Correa finished up the first practice of two a days on Wednesday, raced to the hospital to be with his wife, and then raced back to the start of the second practice.



    Between the 1:10-1:40 mark Correa was interviewed about the birth of his daughter.

    He said he had one hour of sleep in the last 24 hours.

    He said he had to play for his daughter.

    And he said he made it to both practices.

    Wow. This is folklore. Players and coaches will never forget this. HC is cut from a different cloth…the consummate team player. Because I don’t think very people in Correa shoes would have done what he did.

    And what’s unique about Correa is that he probably had the coaches blessings to take some time off, but instead choose to be with his team. This says a lot about a person and their convictions.

    Some day in the future the former Warriors will look back at their time at Hawaii …and undoubtedly some will remember the day that the Correa kid made it to both practices on the day that he became a father.

    Sincere blessing to the Correa family.

  19. Garret August 13, 2011 3:21 am

    Congratulations to Jett Jasper, Andrew Faaumu and Kawika Ornellas! I am always happy to see the sacrifice and dedication of walk-on players be rewarded with scholarships.

  20. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 3:41 am

    Morning, everyone!

    Gratz on our hard working scholarship earners!

  21. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 3:42 am

    Heal up, Warriors! Coming down to crunch time, and we need everyone on the field and up to speed!

  22. Garret August 13, 2011 3:45 am


    One reason why Texas A&M had to move up its Board of Regents meeting one week is because they were very concerned about what was going to happy at the Higher Education Committee hearings with the Texas Legislature. The Rep that called the meeting is Dan Branch and he is an SMU grad who is very close to SMU’s President and is the Chair of the Higher Education Committee…and he says that the meeting is to insure that the needs of the state of Texas and its students are met.

    There are 9 members of the Higher Education Committee.

    Chair: SMU Law degree, Chairs SMU’s board of Political Studies

    Vice Chair: Stanford Undergrad, Harvard Law

    Member: UT-Austin Undergrad, Texas Southern Law

    Member: UT-Austin Undergrad, UT-Austin Grad, taught at UT-Austin

    Member: UT-Austin Undergrad, Baylor Law

    Member: St. Edward’s Undergrad

    Member: Baylor Undergrad, North Texas Grad, taught at UT-Arlington and TCU

    Member: Harvard Undergrad, Princeton Grad, Penn Law

    Rep. Fred Brown is officially on the committee, but he announced his resignation from the Legislature in June and an election will be held in November to replace him


  23. Garret August 13, 2011 3:46 am

    “happen” instead of “happy”

    I don’t think that Texas A&M and the SEC would have been happy trying to convince that committee, especially with *no* Rep with a Texas A&M degree there…

  24. Garret August 13, 2011 3:54 am

    When thinking about the craziness going on in Texas this weekend (which will definitely change things in college football that will affect even UH), it is interesting to read about how Texas Tech dealt with everything last summer.

    “It was an unusual experience,” said Tech Chancellor Kent Hance. “It just occupied every minute, for about three weeks, of your waking hours. No matter who you talk to – at the airport, on a plane – no matter what you did, there were people who that’s all they wanted to talk about. It was obvious it was a big deal.”

    Like Hance, he had been told many times Tech would go, at the very least, where Texas went.

    “I can’t say enough good things about Texas and (its president) Bill Powers,” Bailey said. “They told us right up front that ‘We don’t go anywhere where you don’t go.’ They never say anything that wasn’t exactly true. Everything they told us worked out exactly the way they told us it would.”


  25. Garret August 13, 2011 3:56 am

    Even when the dust settled last year Texas Tech’s Chancellor understood that their football team needed to win to put them in a good position for the next round of conference realignment.

    “A lot of people think this new agreement is a Band-aid and that in two to eight years this mega-conference issue is going to come up again,” he said. “Now we’ve got to make sure we win and do everything to increase our attendance and keep our relationships good with our competitors. We can be competitors and still be friends in other ways.

  26. mctruck August 13, 2011 4:09 am



    dat said……mornin all; happy Saturday…be safe. time4grinds.

  27. Garret August 13, 2011 4:34 am

    The SEC is apparently going to 16 teams instead of 14. This opens up another spot in the Big 12 and 2 spots the ACC (Big East schools?).

    Texas A&M



    Florida State

    The age of superconferences will be voted on by the SEC tomorrow.


  28. Garret August 13, 2011 4:35 am

    The only reason that Missouri got a spot is because Oklahoma and Texas said no. That means they want to build up the Big 12. Missouri is not a huge loss for that conference…but the impact it might have on the MWC could be bad.

  29. LizKauai August 13, 2011 5:04 am

    Jett, Jett, Jett!

    Great news to wake up to!

    Congrats to all!


  30. LizKauai (iPhone) August 13, 2011 5:10 am

    ST- any news on how badly Salas is injured?

    Good luck to Alex and the Pack for their first game with the Browns today!

  31. Stephen Tsai August 13, 2011 5:42 am

    Re: correa

    Now we know who doesn’t subscribe to the S-A.

  32. d1shima August 13, 2011 6:00 am

    Great Morning All!

    Congratulations to Jasper, Faaumu and Ornellas. Well-deserved.

  33. d1shima August 13, 2011 6:02 am

    Congratulations to The Blog Host and his sidekick for avoiding the “Cellar Dweller” position last night.

  34. mctruck August 13, 2011 6:02 am

    Well, if BYU get’s invite to join the big12???, that might create a problem for future games with UH.

  35. d1shima August 13, 2011 6:02 am

    Salas got hurt?

  36. mctruck August 13, 2011 6:04 am

    SMU, TCU, Houston, BYU……big12 invite????

  37. d1shima August 13, 2011 6:06 am

    Mahalo to WassupDoc and Dr.Doc for organizing their Night Before the Full Moon Hike at the Makapu’u Lighthouse yesterday.

    If you are a HI resident who has never done that one, I’d recommend it.

  38. NYUH August 13, 2011 6:13 am


    Congrats to the scholarship awardees! WAC Championship!

  39. mctruck August 13, 2011 6:15 am


    Greg Salas….hamstring injury/did not practice fro 3days.

  40. warriorsun August 13, 2011 6:19 am


    you raised the right issue relating to our wrs and OL being inexperienced and injury riddled…. and, in the past i may have been concerned. here is some daylight for thought.

    receivers: royce is the the only receiver with bank credentials. he remains healthy. the other projected starters have no record on the track to speak. enter sampson, cory and justin. like i always say–you look at depth not starters. these three receivers, imo, have the juice to make it happen. miah, stuzz and bright will find eventually find their way back–but, dont despair….these three are itching to make a statement.

    offensive line: we have a brandnew line. so where’s the beef? shaw has said he has depth. it is innhis youth. again, the anxiety is derived from “expected to start”. shaw is rebuilding his offensive line in 2011 and we have a boatload of underclassmen eager to audition. let them play. 2012 is more important anyway. that is our mwc inaugural year. better to get them all in the mix with some real game experience rather than having sit out from the sidelines. either way it makes our OL stronger in 2012.

    relax, we have depth. let them play and show their stuff.

  41. mctruck August 13, 2011 6:20 am


    yeh, I’ll be tunning in for that Packer game.

  42. warriorsun August 13, 2011 6:26 am

    btw, haku’s dad was at kapiolani hospital celebrating the arrival of his mo’opuna and at the same time reminding son to tend to ‘all’ his responsibilities. parenting never ends, even when your kids are bigger than you.

  43. Stephen Tsai August 13, 2011 6:28 am

    Interesting that a couple of former players think that when all is said and done, they expect Leonard to be at left tackle and Faaumu to start at left guard. Not sure about that. Laurel is doing some good work.

  44. Stephen Tsai August 13, 2011 6:30 am

    I don’t thin I’ve ever met Haku’s dad. I see his mom almost every day. She works at UH.

  45. Stephen Tsai August 13, 2011 6:32 am


    You’re right about the oline. There’s going to be a lot of talent and experience when they enter the MWC.

  46. CoolEthan August 13, 2011 6:38 am


    The old term to “tune in” – to the game ( or show)

    Still remember those dials connected to the rabbit ears on top of the ole’ tv.

    “Earth to space, anyone out there?”

  47. warriorsun August 13, 2011 6:41 am


    he’s a rancher and attends practices ocassionally, time permitting. a good notion why his sons are so tough. they were saddling horses when most kids were riding bikes with training wheels. aunty lani is the matriarch. lol. great parents.

  48. CoolEthan August 13, 2011 6:41 am

    Would like to retro fit my house with only old items. i.e. rotory phone, B & W tv with those rabbit ears antenna, percalator coffee pot, etc…

    Just to get laugh when visitors come to stay.

  49. CoolEthan August 13, 2011 6:47 am

    So CU Buffs been going 100% since day 2 of fall camp, and the injuries are piling up.

  50. tom-warriornation August 13, 2011 6:48 am

    Would you like to see our Warriors return to the Sugar Bowl? We have formed a group called Warrior Nation to help them. I have been in contact with a UH football coach who said:

    1. We are in the process of getting a new video system, and we are in need of another video camera. That would cost around $7,000.

    2. We are also lacking funds to pay camera persons to operate another camera. They have cut manager tuition scholarships, and people cannot commit the time for free. We are using injured players to film at the moment.

    3. A new JUGS machine for the receivers to use to catch more balls. Ours is kinda junk and it deters them from using it.

    But honestly our video department is in the stone ages and with the tech advances in teaching we have hit a wall. Mahalo for the determination to assist the program.

    Would you like help & make a small 100% tax-deductible donation to the “Warrior Nation Fund”, a new UH Foundation Fund—just click on it’s link under Football @ http://koaanuenue.org/make_gift.shtml

    If not, no problem. Our motto is “trying to make a difference” by simply asking as the other big BCS schools do. We also ask your kokua by forwarding this message to your friends.

    GO WARRIORS! Our group will get discount tickets to road games with the best seats possible (not the junk seats that visiting teams get). PS: we now have $1100 in this fund with at least $500 more in pledges.

  51. bigislandkurt August 13, 2011 7:01 am

    Congrats to the newly minted scholarshiped warriors! I have always been intrigued with a receiver named JETT. Now he can fly! Ornellas is one of our rare homegrown corners. awesome news for him! Fa’aumu is one awesome guy and a great teammate. He has put in some good work and got into better shape. great news for all of them and their families.


  52. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 7:02 am

    Concerning college networks and high school prep games, here’s something I stumbled upon. My apologies if it’s already been covered.


  53. Last Call August 13, 2011 7:08 am

    13 days to first serve at the SSC and Hawai`i still dosen’t know what channel will carry UH sports.

  54. Last Call August 13, 2011 7:09 am

    49 er’s have a lot of work to do.

  55. Stephen Tsai August 13, 2011 7:12 am


    Thanks for the background.

  56. Last Call August 13, 2011 7:17 am

    New NCAA rule on post season play is very interesting.

  57. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 7:19 am

    Warriorsun… the way I read your summary on our O-Line, it makes me wonder. Is MY focus on the overall picture of BCS AQ ill-placed? I have to disagree and say that every year and every game is of paramount importance, from here on out. Next year is not more important than this year. We are in a new BCS-AQ rating period. We can’t be satisfied with a mediocre year just to give auditions for next year’s first MWC season. And, with rumblings of more tectonic conference shifting, we can’t afford to sacrifice this season for the next one. If it weren’t for outperforming last year’s preseason expectations, we may not have received that MWC invite.

  58. CoolEthan August 13, 2011 7:19 am

    Niners had a real bad day, but it was against a team that is already polished for this early in the preseason.

    Reminded me of when N. Colo. came here on their 1st game.

  59. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 7:23 am

    #39… Wow, Mctruck! Some teams have a boatload of people out! Thanks for the list!

  60. Last Call August 13, 2011 7:23 am

    Anyone know why Jetts BFF just left the Wahine VB team ?

  61. CoolEthan August 13, 2011 7:25 am

    Still would ratcher watch Colt and past Warrior crew play in any leaque at this point.

  62. Kekoa August 13, 2011 7:30 am

    #63 ~ Put ’em on da Moloka’i channel…

    Good mornin’ Tsaiko village! More football ackshun please. What with NFL, HS, College practice in session…the momentum is building!

    Go Warriors!

  63. Stephen Tsai August 13, 2011 7:31 am

    Re: O-line.

    The problem UH had was it was off rhythm on recruiting.

    Usually, a team likes to space it out: Lose three linemen, sign three linemen.

    But the linemen were bunched up when McMackin took over, which is why more linemen were exiting than coming in. But it’s starting to balance out now after three years of replenishing the offensive line.

    Give credit to Mack, Tony Tuioti and George Lumpkin.

  64. Last Call August 13, 2011 7:33 am

    I must be getting old. Barking dogs really get on by nerves.

    How can people just sit in there house and do nothing while their dog barks for hours ?

  65. warriorsun August 13, 2011 7:35 am

    #57, WW,

    it’s a matter of program perspective.

    indeed, every year is important, so was 2008 and 2009, when MAC was finding his way and stumbling out of the blocks. this is reflected in our offensive line recruiting which shows a big gap deficiency.

    the program is showing positive growth. the gaps have closed.

    that’s where im at the moment. positive and progressive growth.

    when you follow the program, long term, you look for the stuff that enables program improvement. i see, our admission to the MWC as an opportunity for legitimate college credential. 2012 will mark a watershed moment in UH football program history.

    its a matter of where you view the forest–from below the tree-line or from a bird’s eye view….

  66. CoolEthan August 13, 2011 7:36 am

    Just wait until the coqui frogs move into your hood. You wont hear a single dog bark.

  67. Slugger August 13, 2011 7:51 am

    Good morning, gang!

    Morning, ST! I won’t see you at practice this morning. Got to get ready to party with the classmates.

    Congratulations to Jett Jasper, Andrew Faaumu and Kawika Ornellas! Hard working young men!

    Off to the market…. Latahs…

  68. LizKauai (iPhone) August 13, 2011 8:00 am


    See if this link works.

    Kenny Estes is highlighted in this week’s TGI Warrior feature.

  69. mctruck August 13, 2011 8:06 am

    CoolEthan……I must be dating myself; tunning-out, bwaaahahaha!!

  70. koakane August 13, 2011 8:08 am

    morning warrior fans and 808. looking like a hot one, sun is burning

    attended a practice and mostly observed the oline.

    much bigger this year but strength, athleticism and playing as a unit will come in actual game situations. only then can it be determined if the learning happened.

    coach took time to work the initial steps to gain position, lock up on the defender and then balance. noticed he was concerned about the synergy of each player to each other and the position they needed to be. emphasized man across from you may not be the person you engage and lock onto. these are not easy task to lean and will take time and much work.

    anyway saw other added wrinkles which was impressive with but know there spies with pies lurking. so nuff said.

  71. mctruck August 13, 2011 8:08 am

    Wes’side Warrior,

    u very welcome.

  72. BG August 13, 2011 8:08 am

    tom-warriornation…many thanks for all your efforts. Do you know what it cost for a new JUGS? Several years ago BHF2 coordinated an effort to get the JUGS fixed. Perhaps its time again to send them to the repair shop for adjustments. After thousands (I hope) of launches, belts need replacing and adjusting…wouldn’t hurt to maintain the motors too. If BHF2 is lurking, how about dropping a note where the fixit place is on island?

    Thanks also for the link to the donation site.

  73. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 8:09 am

    Well, like I said, if we approached last year as another rebuilding year, and lived up to preseason expectations, there would be no MWC 2012 discussions. This isn’t about perspective, or how long someone has followed the program. I see our short and long term goals. What I’m saying is we can’t afford to take our last year in the WAC and use it as an auditioning platform in anticipation of our MWC entrance. We gotta make a statement each and every year. A strong, positive statement. We gotta win to build our fan base… and that fan base needs to grow, nationally. Will we be content with the MWC?

    Hey, while you’re soaring up above, I happen to enjoy playing in the mud.

  74. CoolEthan August 13, 2011 8:09 am

    haha – Spies with pies.

    NapoleaneKoaKane speaks the truth.

  75. koakane August 13, 2011 8:10 am

    sorry congrats to the named captains and latest schollie awardies

  76. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 8:12 am

    CoolEthan and mctruck… I remember when they played the anthem and then the tv would sign off to static. I also remember listening to many games, variety shows, and news on my grandpa’s and great-grandpa’s radios… messing with the tuning dial and the antenna, or even moving the radio to a different location, depending on what station was on. Man, how simple, and yet so difficult, those days were!

  77. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 8:14 am

    Tom-Warriornation… we’ll definitely join in once the dust settles here! Mahalo for your efforts!

  78. tommui August 13, 2011 8:15 am

    Good Morning People.

    #50 Is the JUGS machine repairable?

  79. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 8:16 am

    #70… koakane… sounds good! Mahalo for the report! Man, we gotta get everyone out there and gellin’ already!

  80. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 8:17 am


  81. CoolEthan August 13, 2011 8:21 am

    TV, Puter with internet, and ole trusty AM radio, your covered. It’s all good

  82. koakane August 13, 2011 8:22 am

    WW not to concerned about their gellin more the need to have the all important game experience so these is a natural flow.

  83. HawaiiMongoose August 13, 2011 8:22 am

    Garret, re #28, I think I know what you mean. If the Big 12 has to backfill for both A&M and Missouri, and the loss of those teams makes the conference unattractive to AQ schools like Louisville, it may decide to expand westward and add BYU and Air Force. Rumors of potential offers to those schools are already beginning to surface. Losing Air Force would be a blow to the MWC, its AQ hopes, and by extension UH.

    Some folks in Logan, Utah may end up with a reason to celebrate though.

  84. koakane August 13, 2011 8:23 am

    e kala mai kope up mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  85. Watch Live NFL August 13, 2011 8:29 am

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..will wait for more .. …

  86. clowns nose August 13, 2011 8:31 am

    Yesterday’s BC 1420 morning sports show Curran’s kicking it around with Don Murphy.

    http://www.nakoa.org/2011/08/university … ndraisers/

    Don Murphy’s 15th Annual Pigskin Pigout kicks off the Hawaii Warriors football season on August 25th.

    They talked about the upcoming fundraiser , Murphy’s impression of this year’s Warrior’s team, and both marveled about a current player on the team.

    Regarding the fundraiser, Murphy talked the usual fare…get your tickets early, the fundraiser benefits the Warrior football team, there’s a lot of good donated items — trips, sports memorabilia to be had through the silent and live auction. There will also be a lot of good food, Papa Johns bringing two pigs, and in honor of the Warrior’s first opponent Murphy said he’ll also be cooking up Buffalo burgers.

    On the Warrior team Murphy mentioned that he’s taken in a few of the practices. Said in all the years of watching practices this team stands out with speed, size and athleticism. He was also impressed with how well conditioned the players looked. Murphy sounded excited.

    Up until this point of the show I’m taking everything in…Murphy and Curran generating excitement for both Murphy’s Pigout and the Warrior football practice. This is great.

    Before signing off, the subject veered unexpectantly to the Warrior’s long snapper, Luke Ingram, which caugh me by surprise. Of all the players to pick out on the Warrior’s team, both marveled at the job Luke Ingram is doing…snap after snap after snap, money, money, money…the velocity of how quickly he snaps the ball is remarkable both Curran and Murphy collaborated. I’m thinking, wow, a long snapper taking center stage in the conversation says a lot of Ingram’s ability and Curran and Murphy’s recognition of seeing good talent.

    Here’s wishing a successful turnout for Don Murphy’s 15th Annual Pigskin Pigout.

  87. koakane August 13, 2011 8:59 am

    fyi Waipahu eliminated form American Legion World Series. Lost 2nd game but no matter congrats for getting to ALWS.

  88. RedZone August 13, 2011 9:13 am

    congrats to Jett, Andrew and Kawika. These kinds of players inspire me.

    I have especially been waiting for Faaumu to get his shot.

  89. warriorsun August 13, 2011 9:17 am

    #86 CN,

    if anyone can see a change it would be don murphy and uncle ben. both say the same.

    thanx for sharing.

  90. Garret August 13, 2011 9:19 am


    More than just that. If the Big 12 loses both Texas A&M and Missouri, then the MWC could lose an extra team–think BYU, Houston, Air Force, and Colorado State. That is the serious difference between their losing 1 team and 2 teams.

    If the MWC loses 2 teams, then both Utah State and SJSU could get invites…and then UH would be paying for charter flights from Logan and San Jose to Hawaii.

  91. Garret August 13, 2011 9:21 am

    The interesting thing is that the SEC might vote to *not* add Texas A&M…then they would have to try to act like everything was fine in the Big 12.

    Eleven of the 12 Southeastern Conference presidents will meet Sunday at a secret location to discuss the admission of Texas A&M to the league, according to a high-ranking SEC official with first-hand knowledge of the talks.

    The official said there was a 30 to 40 percent chance that the presidents could vote against Texas A&M’s membership. He also said there was the issue of which university would become the 14th team, something many in college sports will monitor.

    “We realize if we do this, we have to have the 14th,” the SEC official said. “No name has been thrown out. This thing is much slower out of the chute than the media and blogs have made it.”

    Can A&M go back to the Big 12 like nothing happened, simmering with resentment over the Longhorn Network and Texas’ privileged status and the sting of public rejection until the next opportunity comes along? When the rest of the conference is now certain that it wants out?


  92. tom-warriornation August 13, 2011 9:23 am

    #72 BG and #77 WW–many mahalos for your support! I was told a new JUGS machine cost around $2400–does that sound right? Our fund is close to $2000 now so we are getting close!

  93. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 9:25 am

    If the landscape of the MWC changes, I hope UH has an opportunity to renegotiate the travel subsidy issue and base it out of a west coast airport at the least.

  94. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 9:30 am

    #91.. Garret… oh, the shame! Like one of those teenie-bopper movies where the guy brags to his friends, goes across the hall to ask a certain girl to dance, gets rejected, and has to come back to face his friends…

    only, they’ll be pissed, ’cause he took all of their money was gonna run away too, until the rejection came.

    I don’t know… it just sounds like one of those kinds of movies.

  95. al August 13, 2011 10:18 am

    the haunting of the wac…

    decades ago, we fought to get in the wac and we did.

    then, the core of the wac bolts to form the mwc leaving us behind.

    no sooner the mwc takes more from the wac, ourselves included.

    now, it seems that mwc will lose even more members without us before we even put our pants on.

    so the mwc will probably dip into the wac.

    before we know it the mwc is really the wac renamed.

  96. Garret August 13, 2011 10:22 am


    The big difference is that now UH will be paying for charter flights for all of those old WAC schools…and paying for the travel of 2x the people that UH used to have to subsidize.

  97. Wes'side Warrior August 13, 2011 10:29 am

    Limited time at the moment…

    But, anyone look at what the MWC (and the WAC) might look like in the main money sports, if certain schools are snatched up in this possible next round of movement?

    Okay, out of here for a bit…

  98. Kevin August 13, 2011 10:33 am


  99. Old Diver August 13, 2011 10:38 am


    If that happens then the backstabbing Fresno State and Nevada move to the MWC will be even more haunting to UH. If they stayed in the WAC, Boise State would have stayed and we might have been able to get San Diego State and UNLV. What if, what if.

  100. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 10:39 am

    Maybe remaining schools need to look at forming a new conference… So that they can negotiate a better TV deal

  101. Old Diver August 13, 2011 10:42 am


    If the SEC goes to sixteen, do you think the PAC-12 and the Big Ten will follow? Followed by the Big Twelve? And if this happens what is your guess as to the future of UH?

  102. clowns nose August 13, 2011 10:54 am

    Re-Coach Mack and the MWC; and doomsday conspiracy talks

    During the recent WAC media day press conference Coach Mack put the brakes on such talks, saying to the effect that all he is concerned with is the present–this year and the WAC. That’s his only focus. He didn’t answer any question regarding the MWC and the changing landscape of college football. And I absolutely love him for doing this.

    His philosophy is to worry about the things in his control (and the present) instead of weighing down his players and supporters with “what ifs”…”what ifs”…”what ifs”…like what if the SEC poaches these teams and how’ll it affect the MWC conference talk.

    Whereas others dwell on this and that regarding the every changing landscape of college football, Coach Mack steers the ship the best he knows how.

    Even last year when Nevada, Fresno and Boise received invites to the MWC not once did Coach Mack swim in the doomsday water or lose optimism of what the future holds for the Warriors…

    And I absolutely respect and love him for this.

  103. Garret August 13, 2011 10:55 am

    This is a pay site so many won’t be able to read the article “Texas A&M to the SEC could get complicated”, but there are a few interesting tidbits to pass along:

    It sounds as if the Texas House Higher Education Committee (led by an SMU alum and filled with UT grades with no Texas A&M members) is going to try to force Texas A&M to testify how their leaving for the SEC would benefit the other Texas Universities.

    Dan Branch, R-Dallas, the chairman of the House Higher Education Committee told Orangebloods.com on Saturday that it would be “highly inappropriate” for the Texas A&M Board of Regents to take any action during a Monday meeting that would finalize a move to the SEC.

    Branch called a hearing of his committee for Tuesday and invited Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin and Texas A&M regents chair Richard Box to testify about why this would be in the best interest of A&M and the state of Texas.

    The SEC Presidents are apparently meeting at 10am in Atlanta, but they are issues with inviting Texas A&M.

    The New York Times report said SEC presidents are concerned about the perception of being a conference raider.

    A source inside the Big 12 said there could be legal action against the SEC if it appears there is tortious interference on the part of the SEC in helping to break Texas A&M’s TV contracts in the Big 12.

    It should be noted that all of the talk about Houston getting invited to the Big 12 came from sources within Texas A&M…maybe they were trying to make it more popular in Houston for them to leave. However…

    Before last summer’s realignment, the short list of schools to add to the Big 12 if a school ever left included BYU and Air Force, according to high-ranking sources in the league.

    Houston has been mentioned as a possible candidate, but two Big 12 officials told Orangebloods.com on Saturday that Houston is not high on the list of replacements.


  104. Slugger August 13, 2011 10:56 am

    Saw Derek Inouchi at the Farmer’s Market. Breakfast, then practice, he said… hope he made it there before practice ended.

    AND… I spotted DPK & Sweetie walking in the mass of peoples on the side of Diamond Head in the Heart Walk! As usual, our unusual guy wearing small fuzzy pom-pom balls on top ‘o his head. Easy to spot. Wish I could have stopped my car to get a picture. 😀

    Kekoa, I’m making sangria today! Yay! Trying new ingredi-ments…

  105. Kapahulu August 13, 2011 10:58 am


    The new UH Channel on Oceanic will be on Channel 12 and Hi Def 1012.

    The current TV Schedule on Channel 12 will move to Channel 24.

    They were testing recently and on Hi Def where they have the Channels such as HKHON and HKITV they had HUH.

    So I guess the new UH Channel in Hi Def will be known as HUH?

  106. Garret August 13, 2011 11:01 am


    If the SEC goes to sixteen, do you think the PAC-12 and the Big Ten will follow? Followed by the Big Twelve? And if this happens what is your guess as to the future of UH?

    Old Diver,

    The SEC signed the first mega-TV contract, but the market has gone way up since then. The Big East may get more money than the SEC gets under the current TV deal. So, if the SEC can expand and trigger a TV contract renegotiation (they have 13 years left on their 15-year contract), then they make more money. Plus, they are looking for new markets (like Texas) to bring them more TV money.

    The Pac-12 has the most recent contract so they have the max the market will pay already. There are NO non-AQ options that would bring them more revenue. In other words, any expansion for them that does not include Texas would require the other Pac-12 schools to agree to taking much less money than they will get if they stay with 12. In other words, the Pac-12 will stay at 12 unless Texas moves…and Texas would have to give up their $300 mil Longhorn Network to do so, breaking the terms specified in their contract with ESPN.

    The Big 10 could expand if they wanted, but they looked at schools like Missouri and others last year and realized that they would lose money if they added them. Only Texas and Notre Dame would help increase their pot of money, so unless one of those schools expanded they have a lesser incentive. However, since they own their own TV network, they might want additional inventory if the right schools came along.

  107. Kapahulu August 13, 2011 11:05 am


    Nice article on you in this mornings Star Advertiser. Thanks for all you do to make our community a better place.

  108. Garret August 13, 2011 11:07 am

    Maybe remaining schools need to look at forming a new conference… So that they can negotiate a better TV deal


    Frankly, why would the TV networks care about a new conference? The WAC TV contracts were way below what the other conferences made when the WAC had BSU/UH/Fresno/Nevada. There have been years where ESPN had the choice of showing UH games for free and they chose instead to show a rerun of a Big 10 game from earlier in the day…and the rerun got more TV viewers than many WAC games.

    ESPN is cutting the WAC’s TV deal to something like $1 mil for this year and the WAC is taking it instead of opting out because the open market would pay LESS. Unless you are talking about a big nonconference game (like UH vs. USC, where USC brings the TV viewers) or a big conference game (like UH vs. BSU in 2007, which doesn’t exist in the new WAC), reruns of Big 10 or SEC games can equal or better the ratings of live WAC games and reruns don’t cost any money at all.

  109. Kapahulu August 13, 2011 11:09 am

    With all this talk about Mega Conferences of 16 teams, I keep thinking back to the days of the old 16 Team WAC. We were ahead of our time. Too bad we couldn’t have worked out our differences with a East vs West Division Championship Game.

  110. Garret August 13, 2011 11:12 am

    The other big drawback is if they were forming new conferences then UH could get left out completely or be forced to pay even worse travel subsidies. It is hard to do better than the Big West for UH since travel is as minimal as possible, but a new conference would probably require a lot more travel time and money.

  111. Garret August 13, 2011 11:13 am


    The big difference between today and the horrible WAC-16 plan is that expansion only happens today if every school ends up with more money. The WAC-16 just added mouths to feed without increasing the revenue…so, everybody had to take less money and pay more for travel.

  112. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 11:50 am

    Good Morning Gangeez! 🙂

    Congrats to the newly minted scholie guys!

    Seems like Jett has been here forever, working hard to help the porgram, just like his folks on Kaua’i. What a great Warrior he has been.

    A big congrats to Haku and Mahea! Welcome to the world Zaydah!

  113. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 11:59 am

    Whew! Just back from the Heart Walk, 4.5 miles round Le’ahi.

    Just imagine, over 3,000 folks participated. As for me, every muscle on my body ached, I was dripping with sweat, short of breath and dizzy. THEN the walk actually STARTED! 😆


    Ke Akua blessed everyone with cool breezes, clouds and a long downhill stretch this morning. Its a beautiful walk to take just for scenery.

    A big mahalo to all participants, sponsors and volunteers! 🙂

  114. Last Call August 13, 2011 12:01 pm

    What is the deal with this H mail thing ? I’ve signed up for it twice and have yet to get anything.

  115. Dan-O August 13, 2011 12:02 pm

    Salas and Green will both be held out of today’s preseason games. Salas has been out of practice this week with a hamstring injury, and Green with a thigh injury.

    Salas would have seen some good playing time today, as two other Ram receivers are also out. Pettis will now get a ton of playing time today. Green is the number one kick returner on the Packers, but now will probably sit out today as a precaution.

    But Kealoha Pilares will be in action……

  116. kawika49 August 13, 2011 12:04 pm

    #113 Why not a Tsaiko, walk, stumble? I’m sure we can assemble at most 5 people on each island.

  117. Dan-O August 13, 2011 12:04 pm

    Also….Rodney Bradley did not play in the Ravens preseason game. He has been out of practice with a “unspecified” injury. Doesn’t look like he will be a Raven much longer if he can’t get on the field.

  118. Slugger August 13, 2011 12:11 pm

    Prayers of healing for our Warriors in the NFL. … and the Warriors with owies at home.

    DPK, sound like you need to jump in a pool of ice like the players do after practice. I yelled at you & Sweetie, but I don’t think you heard me.


  119. 808bowler August 13, 2011 12:13 pm

    Congrats to jett, andrew and kawika. Well deserved.

  120. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 12:14 pm

    Slugger –

    Our group from Queen’s all wore those pom pom thingies to help find one another in the crowd.

    I felt really sorry for some of the dogs I saw along the way. A couple of them laid down in the shade with their tounges hangin’ and didn’t want to go any further. They were looking at their owners with a WTF expression like they were thinking “Are you crazy?!! I mean, really?! Next time YOU wear a heavy fur coat and see how much ya like this! And dude, this asphalt is hot and I aint gots no hundred dollar walking shoes on like some people!”

  121. Maya Nutritional Facts August 13, 2011 12:16 pm

    do you have Twitter acct?

  122. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 12:19 pm

    Slugger –

    We heard you, we just couldn’t figger out who it was hollerin’ at us. BTW – fill your bath tub with sangria and ice and Sweety and I will be right over. 😆

  123. WarriorMojo August 13, 2011 12:21 pm

    Wow, DPK, I didn’t know you were so fluent in dog talk. Thanks for the translation.

  124. WarriorMojo August 13, 2011 12:23 pm

    DPK aka VOD (Voice of Dog) or DT (Dog Talker) or VD (Vox Doguli)?

  125. Kekoa August 13, 2011 12:24 pm

    Slugger ~

    Don’t change the Sangria ingrediments! I like it just the way you made it for NY’s Eve.

    <bSweet…but not too rancid!

  126. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 12:24 pm

    d1 and W-Doc –

    That moonlit Makapu’u hike sounds good. Maybe next time.

  127. Hawaiianbod August 13, 2011 12:25 pm

    congrads to the boyz for earning a schoolie!

  128. Hawaiianbod August 13, 2011 12:27 pm

    DPK – RE 120: roflmao! :SMILE:

  129. Hawaiianbod August 13, 2011 12:28 pm


  130. Slugger August 13, 2011 12:29 pm


    don’t forget to “put de lime in de coconut” and drink it all up…

    Maybe I’ll make some sangria for a T-Gate…

    K, off to play with alcohol & da fruits…

  131. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 12:31 pm

    Mojo –

    You shoulda seen the one dog. His expression, looking non-stop into his owners eyes. Glad the dog dint have an AK-47, there woulda been blood!

  132. Hawkpeter August 13, 2011 12:32 pm

    2011 does seem to be a little worse off for injuries so far. Not being able to get into a rhythm is such a killer at these fledgling positions of WR and OL.

  133. Pomai August 13, 2011 12:34 pm

    #92 – tom-warriornation – Here is info on Jugs.


    I think that they use the FIELD GENERAL one, show the price but not shipping.

  134. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 12:39 pm

    Vox Doguli. Nice. If I ever decide to have more than one nic on the WB, I’m gonna use it. 🙂

  135. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 12:41 pm

    Here’s wishing the o-line injured a strong comeback and the injured receivers a speedy recovery.

  136. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 12:44 pm

    Best one-on-one cornerback goes to tank, edwards, and then Hardy-Tuliau.

    Best fake catch of the century goes to Royce Pollard during one-on-one drill with Tank. Royce pretended catching a ball and tucking it in, tank then tried to strip it off his hands. Royce then continued to run his route but Tank was with him stride for stride and knocking the ball.

  137. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 12:44 pm


    Thanks for the info and analysis. We are truly lucky to have you here.

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  139. 99club August 13, 2011 1:09 pm

    Good afternoon Tsaikos…

    Congratulations to the scholarship awardees! Well deserved.

    RE: conference upheaval, I forget what last year’s proposals were for the PAC-10/12 were to go up to 16 teams last year. Anyone remember? Are Notre Dame, BYU, Texas and Oklahoma possibilities?

  140. iwonderwhytheyhateme August 13, 2011 1:14 pm

    Henny Penny! Henny Penny!

    My analysis of the whole conference stuff is that UH will be fine no matter what happens with all these conferences shifting.

    It’s definitely interesting to follow but how it relates to UH or how it may or may not affect our program doesn’t bother me or interest me at all. Big 12 taking teams from the MWC? Hahahahaha, don’t think so. I’ll see it IF it ever happens and will believe it then.

    If we are relegated to Div1AA then so be it. We can’t increase our population to 10M in the next 10 years nor can we just bust into the Asian market in the next 10 years with the snap of our fingers. We gonna do and continue to do whatever we can to produce a top caliber team and a grow the program as much as we possibly can.

    Chances are in 20 years we will still be playing in Div1A and all will be well.

  141. Slugger August 13, 2011 1:33 pm


    What a great picture you drew up of Royce & Tank. I can see it now… flying… Thanks for the vignette!

  142. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 1:36 pm


    Is that after the elite schools create their own Division I$ ?

  143. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 1:40 pm

    Here’s another take on the Texas A&M to SEC move..


  144. kawika49 August 13, 2011 1:42 pm

    #140 chances are 30% of us will not be here to see it. In the mean time let’s do the best we can to give the younger generations some enthusm, to get an education.

  145. Ralph August 13, 2011 1:43 pm

    the players use the current jugs on punts, the football machine is the only one with that feature, the next purchase will need this feature. $2500 for product and S/H seem about right.

  146. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 1:50 pm

    The new alignment

    Division I$

    Division I¢

    Division Iou

  147. Pomai August 13, 2011 1:58 pm

    All this worrying about conference shake ups is kind of usless, we have no control over it what goes on so the best thing is for us to get behind our Warriors no matter where or who they play. All that worrying will give you more gray hair…. LOL

  148. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 2:00 pm


    what happens when you have no hair?

  149. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 2:00 pm

    rephrase… I would love more gray hair.. any hair.. just more hair.

  150. Ralph August 13, 2011 2:04 pm

    MIH in these tough economic times you are saving on haircuts and shampoo costs. 🙂

  151. tom-warriornation August 13, 2011 2:11 pm

    Many thanks for the jugs info Ralph. Our Warrior Nation fund has almost $2000 now so we are close to the $2500 plus shipping for the new model used for punts (can you explain how that works–the only JUG I know is how to down a beer JUG; lol).

  152. Slugger August 13, 2011 2:13 pm


    Doreen V. was in my brother Tony’s class….

    Hair, there, and everywhere… K, getting ready to rock out with my classmates…

    Latahs… play nice!

    DPK, as Vox Doguli, might say, “Play ball? Play ball? I wanna play ball! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! huh? huh? huh?” [that was a good one, WM]

  153. Pomai August 13, 2011 2:14 pm

    tom-warriornation check your email.

  154. d1shima August 13, 2011 2:15 pm

    Last Call:

    August 13th, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    What is the deal with this H mail thing ? I’ve signed up for it twice and have yet to get anything.

    Try wait. I tink dey just placed the list in order by name. 😉

  155. d1shima August 13, 2011 2:17 pm


    Good for you! Yeah, that Makapu’u walk would be a great Tsaiko adventure some evening.

  156. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 2:22 pm


    I see a lot of dogs dressed better than me… I think their collars cost more than my daily outfit.

    Good job making that walk… Nice to know that Sweetie was right there to prod you on along the way… WTG Sweetie!

  157. Ralph August 13, 2011 2:28 pm

    #145 the machine feature should include punts and kick off for special teams practice. The JUGS football machine will do both.

  158. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 2:30 pm


    I wanted to go on that walk too… but have way too many work orders on backlog.

  159. bigislandkurt August 13, 2011 2:33 pm

    3 conferences in years? Sounds crazy, but you never know.

    Me thinks Boise ends up in the Big 12.

    Me thinks TCU plays one year in the Big East and then comes back to the Big 12.

    Crazy? Maybe. But this conference realignment thing is a beast.


  160. d1shima August 13, 2011 2:54 pm


    That’s a nice problem to have! 🙂

  161. momo August 13, 2011 3:06 pm

    Just checking into sayhello

  162. tommui August 13, 2011 3:09 pm

    Tom-WarriorNation #151.

    Don’t know if it got through – entered the scrabbled code stuff and it went swish … so don’t know if it went thru successfully or not. Will check on Monday.

  163. tom-warriornation August 13, 2011 3:17 pm

    tommui: did you mean you donated to our Warrior Nation fund? ps: thanks for showing up at our CC last month!

  164. Homegrown August 13, 2011 3:33 pm

    13-10 @ half /panthers winning….pilares playing special teams probably loosening up for the 2nd half

  165. tommui August 13, 2011 3:34 pm

    #163 – not a heck of a lot but …

  166. tommui August 13, 2011 3:36 pm

    POMAI/KEVIN: As you didn’t know for certainty if the world would come to an end in Dec., the check is in the mail.

    Got more green shirts in the closet than I need – have you thought of white or black or something?

  167. rich2176 August 13, 2011 4:22 pm


    What the heck kind of camera are they looking at that costs $7k? There are excellent broadcast quality cameras on the market that cost $4k-$5k with all the bells & whistles. The only thing I can think of is that they need a couple of long lenses that can cost $1k+.

  168. mctruck August 13, 2011 4:26 pm


    Further up-dates re: Texas A&M potential SEC move….who’s-in, who’s interested, who’s not, etc.

  169. iwonderwhytheyhateme August 13, 2011 4:36 pm

    I also do not believe if the MWC loses teams and we gotta bring in USU/SJSU that we automatically have to agree to pay travel ransoms.

    Just as Hawaii agreed to it when we first entered the conference so to can Hawaii tell SJSU/USU that we ain’t paying you the loose coins under our car seats if you want entrance here.

    EVERYTHING is negotiable. Even Hawaii’s subsidies are subject to negotiations every 2 years.

    Don’t fret Warrior nation…the sky is not falling…The most important thing is buy your tickets and show up to support our team at the games.

  170. WarriorNY August 13, 2011 4:37 pm


  171. WarriorNY August 13, 2011 4:37 pm

    TD Pilares!

  172. WarriorNY August 13, 2011 4:38 pm

    I’m a freaking giants fan but gotta root for local boy…

  173. RedZone August 13, 2011 4:38 pm

    Kealoha Pilares scores a td.

  174. Homegrown August 13, 2011 4:39 pm


  175. WarriorNY August 13, 2011 4:40 pm

    Man… these Giants broadcasters are butchering his name… That was a nice play though…

  176. Shoko August 13, 2011 4:43 pm

    Dang, the Niners got lickens. *sigh* Another rough season to endure…

  177. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 5:01 pm

    kawika49 –

    We’ve had many Tsaiko walks…

    … through various buffet lines, again and again and again we walk.

    Big turnouts too. Nobody seems to get tired. 🙂

  178. Ben A. Lurker August 13, 2011 5:03 pm

    #115 / #164 ….

    Pilares TD

    4Q 7:23 (Shotgun) 3-D.Anderson pass

    short left to 81-K.Pilares for 35 yards,


    NFL Network announcer, “…play of the game.”


  179. kawika49 August 13, 2011 5:06 pm

    DPK I thinkin we do a oncuurent event …. nationwide to raise money. wwther it be buffet or track, you name it.. I’m sure we can get one susu machine.

  180. Kevin August 13, 2011 5:08 pm

    Tom Mui,

    You mean the polo shirts or the tshirts?

  181. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 5:16 pm

    I’m sure we could get Tsaikos to walk for JUGS.

  182. seo software August 13, 2011 5:21 pm

    I see David Cameron is inviting former Los Angeles Police chief William Bratton to function as a special advisor to the British police, help them create a zero tolerance policy towards the rioters. What nonsense. Maybe we should send our guys over to Los Angeles, help them get their murder rate down to something approximating ours – anybody ever consider that?

  183. tommui August 13, 2011 5:28 pm

    #180 – the polo shirts. I assume the tshirts are white. Didn’t opt for either.

  184. kawika49 August 13, 2011 5:28 pm


    Let’s walk for jugs. I like to look at them.

  185. kawika49 August 13, 2011 5:30 pm

    I pledge $1 for every foot that kekoa walks up to 100m feet.

  186. ebony webcam August 13, 2011 5:37 pm

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  187. NYUH August 13, 2011 5:53 pm

    That was vintage Pilares, running down the sideline, outracing unsuspecting DBs.

  188. Hawaiianbod August 13, 2011 5:53 pm

    i’m with pomai. for a minute i thought i logged onto the texas a&m blog!

  189. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 6:21 pm


    Royce Pollard drew some “aahhhss” and “ooooosssss” from the fans. Also, one referee yelled out loud to Tank “faked you on that one, huh?”

    Miano also was arguing with the referees (jokingly ofcourse) about the an interference called on one of the dbs. He yelled out “you got to let them play football?”

  190. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 6:25 pm

    Saw something very impressive from a TRUE freshmen today at practice. Thomas Olds dropped back during conditioning drills to help and motivate a fellow OL. As a true freshmen, he already possess the leadership skills. Look out for him to be an impact player in years to come.

    Way to go Mr. Olds. Don’t change and continue to work hard as always.

  191. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 6:28 pm

    #180 continued–

    This was not the normal conditioning drills that they do. This was the first time I have ever seen them do it.

  192. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 6:28 pm

    ooopppsss…#189 instead of #180

  193. Bryson August 13, 2011 6:29 pm

    Went to practice today I saw alot of great things from the D,they played with intensity getting to Mo and the other QB’s a few times or forcing short throws and making a play.As for the O-Line I’m very concerned I hope they can gel or come Sept 3rd Mo is gonna have a long day…Chris Gant looks like the speedster everyone expected him to be he got open on a few occasions for some bombs…Play of the day goes to Tank though he did a great jOb of recovering after being faked out of his under armours…

  194. Garret August 13, 2011 6:34 pm

    Congratulations to Jayson Rego and Josh Rice for being selected by the American National Rugby League!

    The American National Rugby League has cast its net far and wide in naming an expansive Train-On squad for the USA Tomahawks’ upcoming schedule of international matches.

    The Tomahawks coaching staff has also selected promising American Football crossover athletes Josh Rice and Jayson Rego, both formerly at the University of Hawaii, as well as Hawaiian-born and Australian raised Leslie Alovili, one of the leading try-scorers in the Atlantic Conference this season.


  195. Bowwar August 13, 2011 7:05 pm

    Kealoha had a nice touchdown. Too bad Salas & Green couldn’t play today.

  196. A-House August 13, 2011 7:07 pm

    What if, just what if, BSU, UH, Reno, and Fresno go back to the WAC making them premier over the MWC if it gets raided by the Big 12.

    What if, my choice of what ifs, UH is asked to join the PAC 12 with all the Bs that’s going on with super, mega conference alignment. Sure, Hawaii in not a big draw now, but look into the future – are there possibilities? may be worth their while!

    Did Utah or BSU bring more fans and spend more $$$ at a BCS bowl game? I don’t think so!

  197. kawika49 August 13, 2011 7:50 pm

    #196 ok, ok, so Hawaii is Americas team?

  198. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 7:51 pm

    Kalani almost came back to win it. 27-0 at halftime. 27-26 Kappa.

  199. Garret August 13, 2011 8:09 pm


    BSU and Utah sent more fans to their BCS bowls than UH sent to the Sugar Bowl. Two main reasons for that:

    1. None of the other schools had an idiot AD who gave up tickets before the fans had a chance to buy any tickets.

    2. Hawaii is further away from the BCS bowls.

    If you are going by fan attendance at BCS bowls, UH would be behind all non-AQ schools. We can thank HF and the long travel distance for that.

    The money that the UH fans spent in New Orleans means nothing to a conference…that brings no money or credit to the conference.

  200. Garret August 13, 2011 8:10 pm

    Dillon Biggs doesn’t have the grades to go to UH in the Fall.


  201. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 8:12 pm

    Sound system not so good at Aloha Stadium

  202. BleedGreen808 August 13, 2011 8:13 pm

    The turf does look nice.

  203. Matt August 13, 2011 8:18 pm

    Too bad about Biggs.


  204. Da Punchbowl Kid August 13, 2011 8:41 pm

    News showed the catch by Kealoha. Vintage Pilares, catch and burn!

  205. kama krab August 13, 2011 9:12 pm

    Howzit Everybody,

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday, which is very much appreciated, but my birthday not till October 11th. Thanks again anyway though.

  206. A-House August 13, 2011 10:00 pm


    your #199 – we can add that both played in the Fiesta Bowl which was a lot closer to home – can’t remember, but many Utah fans went to the Sugar Bowl?

  207. RedZone August 13, 2011 10:19 pm

    Way to go Governors……

  208. LizKauai (macbook) August 13, 2011 10:24 pm


    “CHARLOTTE – For Kealoha Pilares, nearly everything about the Panthers’ preseason opener Saturday night was a new experience.

    “It was crazy just being in an NFL stadium. I had never been to an NFL game,” said Pilares, a rookie wide receiver from the University of Hawaii. “It was exciting, but I had to keep my nerves down and just really focus on what I had to do.

    “After a couple of plays, it was just another football game.”

    Playing at Bank of America Stadium was virtually a new experience for several of the Panthers’ pass catchers, but it’s an experience they’d love to repeat after the way they played in the Panthers’ 20-10 victory over the New York Giants.

    Pilares scored on a 35-yard catch and run to seal the victory. “

  209. Bradly Servantes August 13, 2011 10:36 pm

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  210. clowns nose August 13, 2011 10:39 pm

    Fast forward to three Saturdays from today, right around this time, the Hawaii-Colorado game will have been completed.

    I feel that the game will be exciting. The day long. The remainder of the night reserved for post game celebrations by the Warrior nation and team.

    I feel that this is going to be a great feeling. The smell of victory racing through the community after Hawaii beats Colorado.

    The Warrior players will have fought. The fans will have cheered. The coaches will have coached their hearts out. And the Warriors will come out on top.

    Later that night…after the game…amongst the hoopla.

    Fans leaving Aloha Stadium will be all smiles, with a chorus of tooting horns from departing vehicles applauding the Warriors win.

    Tsai will be wrapping up his article on the game, with a big smile on his face, knowing that writing about a Warrior win doesn’t come any better than that.

    Tsaikos will be still be tailgating, kicking it back, savoring the win, and good times, amongst friends.

    Patrons (hmm..) at a Kalihi bar will be in full swing, with maybe one (hmm..) with a tear in his eyes and so excited about the Warriors winning.

    Others around the islands and away, neighbors, transplants, all fans, our military Warrior fans overseas, and admirers, they, too, will bask in the effervescence of a Warriors win.

    I toast everyone in advance that the Warriors are going to come out on top.

  211. d1shima August 13, 2011 11:12 pm


  212. d1shima August 13, 2011 11:13 pm


  213. clowns nose August 13, 2011 11:29 pm


    ty. no need to be crude. just write skip.

  214. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 11:34 pm

    Congrats to Jasper, Faaumu, and Ornellas on their scholarships.

    Also congrats to Vernon Podlewski As the “new” Assistant Men’s Volleyball Coach


  215. madeinhawaii August 13, 2011 11:37 pm

    At least Lefiti sounds optimistic about his return.. hopefully it will be a quick recovery.

  216. Slugger August 13, 2011 11:55 pm

    #208 ~ Thanks for sharing, LizKauai. That is cool!

    Pilares scored on a 35-yard catch and run to seal the victory.

  217. papajoe2 August 14, 2011 1:15 am

    knock, knock knock. anybody home/

    good night.

  218. Slugger August 14, 2011 1:17 am

    good night, papajoe2.

    Good night, moon. Good night, stars.

    Good night, gang.

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