Wednesday checkin

Another early morning practice. Arena being used for HPD dog training, think bomb squad.

Mitchem is looking very good in practice, especially on the slides.
Friday you’ll likely see both setters and Koelsch may play OH when they move Taylor from Opp to left side for a set.

Iowa State continues to enjoy its touristy things. They thought about doing Makapu’u lighthouse trail but told the coach it would be a couple hours up and back. Think they were opting for the beach, maybe Waimanalo, Kailua and.or Lanikai.

Shoji said he’s going to rotate the 3 middles Castillo and Granato will be in the passing rotation since they won’t have Greeley and Manu-Olevao.


  1. Lance March 16, 2016 7:44 pm

    It was a TSA Canine joint training event which included our military partners. Let’s go Wahine!

  2. Hot March 17, 2016 5:02 am

    It’s exciting to see what Burns can do. And I hope Ponce/Guinasso can get a shot at the libero position, too.

  3. Rabbit ears March 17, 2016 7:41 am

    hope coach is thinking about making Maglio a outside hitter.

  4. Ron March 17, 2016 12:35 pm

    I only saw Burns in practice last year ( before the injury)but I was very impressed with her athletic/ volleyball skills and ability. If Maglio joined Greeley on the left that would be impressive. We might have the tallest team in the country. Greeley would be the shrimp at 6″2″. This will be the most talented team ever with the most depth ever. This our year! PS- The men still have time to turn it around.

  5. rabbit ears March 17, 2016 1:56 pm

    Hope coach gives Casey significant playing time tomorrow night. We already know Granato can do.

  6. noblesol March 17, 2016 3:01 pm

    As we’ve seen with the men this year, the middle blocker/hitter position has to be solid, or the pins can be isolated and defended. I don’t see the wisdom of moving Maglio to OH. She is solid in the middle, probably Big West Conference 1st team solid and potentially higher. Mitchem should have a very good year in the middle as well, and can see her and Maglio competing for the individual honors in the middle. Since it’s Annie’s last year of eligibility and Burns first, it would make sense to work Burns into the 3rd slot at middle and give her time to develop. They might even give Burns some OH practice reps and try developing her as a situational blocking sub at the pins. Depending on how Greely recovers, and how Granato and Castillo progress, and how Sibley performs as a freshman, there could be lots f OH competition and options. The last of the options would be moving Maglio or Mitchem out of the middle to a pin, jmho.

  7. Ron March 17, 2016 3:43 pm

    Well said noblesol, that makes very good sense. I just hope everyone gets a fair chance to compete at every position and that our bench gets a chance to develop. I think our lack of depth and our inability to rest key players hurt us in the end last year.

  8. rabbit ears March 17, 2016 3:56 pm

    Watch Maglio play sand. Her serving, passing and digging is very impressive. She is very quick out there also. It would be a waste to not use her in all six rotations.

  9. Sickman Fraud March 17, 2016 4:13 pm

    If Maglio prove to be a very good six rotational player, then why not. Perhaps if Burns show promise, and Maglio show all round promise as stated by Shoji then why not.

  10. greenthumb March 18, 2016 2:08 pm

    Cindy, sorry to bother you with this. Do you have any idea why we’re getting a big AP box with 3 stacked photos and hyperlinks between the bottom of your posts and the start of reader comments? It’s happening on different browsers and devices, and in several of your posts and in the Court Sense blog, too. Thanks.

  11. Cindy Luis March 18, 2016 6:44 pm
    new thread up for Friday’s exhibition.
    having problems posting Probably system overload from men’s basketball
    1. thanks. only saw HPD cars outside the arena.
    10. think it’s part of the re-design to take you to our main news page.
    As for Maglio. She is not moving to OH. As for the comment that lack of developed depth hurt .. what hurt was Greeley being injured and unable to play against Minnesota and Mitchem missing the last 12 matches. They made it to the elite eight despite that.

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