Warriors drop to 15 in poll

it more reflects what happened in the MIWA and EIVA than anything else, with Ball State vaulting to a T-9 with Lewis from No. 15. Although am surprised that Northridge stayed ahead of UH since the Matadors are out of the tourney.

1-2 stay the same. BYU with 15 votes, Long Beach State with 1

3-4 trade spots. UCI to 3, UCLA to 4

Pepperdine up a spot to 5, Stanford up 2 to no. 6, UCSB stays at 7.

Cal Baptist drops from 5 to 8. Ball State up from 15 to tie Lewis at Nine.

Ohio State trades spots with Loyola-Chicago, 11 and 12

13. Northridge drops 3 spots to 10. Penn State down a spot to 14 and Hawaii at 15.


  1. wop ur jaws April 15, 2013 9:38 am

    Cindy any info on Jane?

  2. Cindy Luis April 15, 2013 10:04 am

    Nope, couldn’t even find results from SDSU tourney. they never updated. will have to check with Deitre.

  3. Purple&Green April 15, 2013 4:08 pm

    Hmm..AVCA/MPSF#1 VS AVCA No.15/MPSF#8

    Not much are giving them the thought of day, yet with JP gone the Warriors need to be that much more cognizant of, ever the fundamental–PASSING.
    They have a chance, albeit a daunting task for victory, yet the middles unquestionably MUST be involved.

    I’ll go at it once more (w/ then da ‘pause’).
    They CAN beat anybody.

    S1: Ramos, S2: Wechsung; M1: West, M2: Holt, M3: Etim-Thomas; OH1: Zarkovic, OH2: Sedore, OH3: Olsen; OPP: Timmer; U: Averill; Lib1: Cheape, Lib2: Kanetake

    I don’t think that Siki will be ready..

    @Right-back 6.0 RAMOS, S1
    @Right-front 6.7 AVERILL, *U* for one and ‘O’ne rotation ONLY / 6.5 SEDORE, OH1 in on backrow.. permanently
    @Middle-front 6.8 WEST, M1
    @Left-front 6.6 TIMMER, OPP
    @Left-back 5.8 KANETAKE, Lib2 / 6.7 OLSEN, OH2 in on frontrow
    @Middle-back 5.10 CHEAPE, Lib1 / 6.9 HOLT, M2 in on frontrow

    –Make EVERYBODY happy!!!

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