Taylor update, UH No. 2 seed in Sand Nationals

Start with Taylor first. She is seeing doctor late this afternoon so likely no word until Tuesday other than ‘cleared to play) per HIPA regs.

Hall said they don’t need to use her Saturday in the Aloha Invitational but likely have to in order to comply with how the pairs are run at next week’s AVCA nationals. Rules that govern that specify you can only move a player up or down 1 spot and they need to re-establish her as part of the No. 1 pair with Tiegs.


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Hawaii seeded No. 2 and will open with No. 7 Long Beach State. SandBows eked out 3-2 come-from-behind win over the 49ers a few weeks ago.

Seeds for team title are:
1. USC. 2. Hawaii. 3. FIU. 4. Pepperdine. 5. Georgia State. 6. FSU. 7. The Beach. 8. Stetson.

Top 8 pairs from the team play join the Best of the Rest for pairs event. Note that the Grand Canyon pair that won the gold Saturday and beat Tiegs-Brown twice and Spieler-Urban is the top seed in Pool B

Pool A

1. Betsi Metter/Sarah Sponcil (LMU)

2. Marcela Araya/Michelle McNamee (ULM)

3. Mandi Orellana/Katie Lindelow (LSU)

4. McKenna Witt/Madison Witt (Arizona)

5. Kiriana Hirini/Bethanie Thomas (UAB)

Pool B

1. Shannon Dugan/Mackenzie Phelps (GCU)

2. Tea Juric/Jackie Wegner (Tulane)

3. Madi Kingdon/Kaitlyn Leary (Arizona)

4. Melissa Morello/Catey Warren (College of Charleston)

5. Zoe Nightingale/Kamila Tan (UCLA)


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