Tuesday: Shoji on morning radio show

Believe he’ll be on after the 830 break.


  1. haleiwacrossfitter September 6, 2016 9:38 am

    Regarding Mags: she herself on the post game show that she is looking forward to possibly moving to the right side, not left, next year and the chance to play all 6 rotations. It’s not set in stone, obviously, but it’s something that was discussed between her and the coaching staff. But if shoji retires this year, it’s all moot anyway.

  2. Brandon September 6, 2016 9:59 am

    Can someone go over what was said

  3. Cindy Luis September 6, 2016 10:36 am

    1. yes we have discussed that about Maglio moving to right. Even if Shoji were to retire, that doesn’t necessarily go away. So wouldn’t call that moot because IF there is another coach, he or she would take it into consideration.

    2. nothing new. Bobby spent a lot of time asking about Rio and his experience. spoke a little about the injuries, how Taylor being back changes things How the freshmen are progressing and contributing. Likes Sibley, thrust into a tough position, has had her ups and downs. think when Mitchem comes back … soon is what he said … that it will take pressure off the freshmen to have to perform and they can be developed.

    Said Iosia was what they expected. Talked a little about how much better the Big West is, which will help the RPI.

    i’m sure I’ve forgotten stuff that others can fill in.

  4. H-Man September 6, 2016 10:45 am

    I listened to the broadcast, but cannot remember too much about what he said about the Wahine. I thought most of the interview was about his trip to Rio and his two sons playing for the Olympic team. Bobby probed him about the competition in the Mountain West and Shoji said that he thought the conference was stronger overall. Oh yeah, he said they miss Annie Mitchem in the middle and can’t wait to get her back maybe next week. Sorry, I can’t remember too much more.

  5. haleiwacrossfitter September 6, 2016 10:45 am

    Sorry Cindy, I must have missed that discussion about mags going to the Opp position. Her saying it was the first time I heard of it being a possibility from the coaches/players themselves, rather than just speculation or hopeful desire by fans. So, that is great news. Which makes me think Castillo should stay middle. I see lots of potential for her there. She has gotten so much better over the last 2 weeks. It’s only up from here.

    And I’m SUPER pumped to hear Annie should be back soon. Possibly sooner than expected. It will be just like when Nikki returned, the team will reach even another level upon her return. Very exciting.

  6. Warriorfan September 6, 2016 10:56 am

    Can’t wait to see Annie play.
    Cindy I noticd Kupono Fey was wearing a big walking boot. Hope he will be okay when the season starts.

  7. H-Man September 6, 2016 11:08 am

    About Rio, I want to add that Shoji said Rio was absolutely wonderful, not like how it was being portrayed by some media. He said Rio was beautiful and the people were super nice and friendly. He thought Rio was maybe like Waikiki, but five times bigger. Or did he say five times better. He thought the beach volleyball stadium and the crowd was simply awesome.

  8. HaYnCaNdi808 September 6, 2016 2:50 pm

    Wanted to chime in on Rio as my friends and I went there as spectators for the Olympics – yes held the Hawaiian flags for the Shojis and Christensen! Echo everything Dave said – Rio was beautiful, and yes reminded me of Waikiki – 5 times bigger IMO, not necessarily better. Everything was great, there were many armed, uniformed guards everywhere. I never felt in danger. In fact, most there were concerned about the Zika problem in the US, not Brazil.

  9. hollycow September 6, 2016 4:43 pm

    Beachbows news. Just released the 2016 high school All-American teams. Morgan Martin on the first team (6 players), Chloe Luyties and Emma Smith on the honorable mentions (8 players). Congratulations to all three. Three out of 14 players selected is excellent recruiting.

  10. Cindy Luis September 6, 2016 4:52 pm

    4. It’s the Big West and he said that it ws going to be a better conference. Thought UCSB was going to be good, as is Cal Poly in their third year of rebuilding. And that Long Beach is always tough.

  11. Maverick September 6, 2016 5:35 pm

    9. This is the link to the All-Americans:

    UH with three, South Caolina and Arizona with two each, no other schools had multiple recruits on the list. Also goes back to 2014 and you can see the UH players previously honored.

  12. tongo September 6, 2016 7:28 pm

    Just watched Stanford best Minnesota 3-1. The cardinals will occasionally use a hybrid system where the MH will move to the pin positions on certain rotations upfront to get the match up that they want. Was thinking the same thing for wahines with Mitchem hitting at times at MH but on occasions switching to the pin position so as to gain the advantage on certain match ups. Thought it was very effective and would maximize the unique abilities that Annie has. It will probably work for Maglio also giving Emily a running start for next year’s projected switch to OP.

  13. WaWa September 6, 2016 8:08 pm

    I just finished watching the UH-UCLA match, I know it’s late but I was too busy celebrating the Labor Day weekend to watch online. I apologize if its borderline crying over spilt milk. I did read some of the message boards and it was unfortunate the Ross did not get any attempts, no sets from Higgins. There was one play in which Nikki had made a play on a tip/shot and did not have an approach, I don’t think it was a good enough pass to run the middle, and Higgins set Taylor in which she hit long. Poor selection.

    Maglio failing to put away that overpass at the end of set 2 was inexcusable. I wish the commentators would have stopped talking at let us here what was said in the huddle. I get that her (beach) all-around play is pretty good for a tall player, that does not necessarily translate so well indoor. Although, it wouldn’t be her ball control that I’d be worried about, it’s that terrible armswing. I wish the coaches would put her against the wall like Tanya did with Tai Manu-Olevao and just clean that up. Although that is something that’s worked on during the off-season, but hard to do when she’s competing on the sand team.

    They should definitely give up using Greeley at all until she is completely healed. I’m not sold using her for her “presence”, not if that presence comes with so many shanked passes. Use Smith to DS the leftside and keep Greeley out to heal. Smith is money.

    As I’m sure everyone else is, I can’t wait for Mitchem to return. It really bothers me that she is so injury prone and used 3 years at a JC, but volleyball-wise, I really liked her skill set last year. I know Dave and lots of people are high on Maglio, but I think Mitchem is our TRUE M1. She has a much more terminal armswing. She can put away overpasses consistantly unlike Magill last year and more effective than Maglio. I hope that is where she is inserted into the lineup. Well, thats considering its already been stated that she will not go left which is a true bummer. I’d be ok with her staying in the middle if she is M1, Maglio moves to M2, and Castillo to the leftside.

  14. haleiwacrossfitter September 6, 2016 11:19 pm

    Stanford is good and they are going to get really good over these next 4 years. This recruiting class is much better than 4 years ago with Howard, Bugg, etc.

    Stanford runs with 3 middles – Ijanaku, Lutz and Fitzmorris in a triangle and they play middle and right. Then you got Plummer on the right as well. And their freshman libero is going to be an all american, possibly all 4 years. We will see if she keeps it up. Hodson bombing away…geez. Itʻs just not fair.

    But Stanford is going to end their drought of not winning a NC since 2004 very soon. Either this year or next or the year after that or all four years. This freshman class is amazing to watch. Itʻs just not fair… :-/

  15. haleiwacrossfitter September 6, 2016 11:24 pm

    And call me naive, but I was actually hopeful that Plummer would have chosen Hawaii. I donʻt even know if she considered UH, but her and Morgan Martin were beach partners and Plummer would post on the Beach FB page every now and then. I was hopeful. Darn it.

  16. tongo September 7, 2016 4:46 am

    Plummer was their leading scorer at OP position. She looks like a taller young Nikki. Agree, the cardinals are going to be really good – tall, skilled, and already playing really well together.

  17. blunite September 7, 2016 8:04 am

    @12 & 14:
    Using the middles at ROH was popularized by Hugh McCutcheon of Minnesota. He uses the Tapp sisters to run double quicks and slides, isolating the block for a 1 – on – 1. This gave Daly Santana a single blocker and she went off big time against Hawaii. Long Beach State also runs 2 middles for the same reason.

    The downside is that the middle replaces your opposite. Shoji could do the same by moving NT to the left and using EM, AM, and NB to run the middle centric offense; however, the high ball setting negates the 1 – on – 1 because the middle can get to the outside in time for the double block.

  18. Cubicle1126 September 7, 2016 10:06 am

    to be fair, mccutcheon didn’t really popularize using a 3 middle system. that’s a strategy that’s been around a long time. it just depends on the team’s personnel at a given time.

    hawaii has even used it in the past … bown, lima and roberts in 1998/99 come to mind … sanders, gregory and kaufman in ’06 …

  19. Cindy Luis September 7, 2016 10:20 am

    new thread up
    Spieler a semifinalist for NCAA Woman of the Year.

    one comment about Mitchem being ‘injury prone.’ the only injuries she’s had in volleyball career came at UH. One left pinkie, one right pinkie.
    and so what if she spent 3 years at a JC. not everyone is ready for DI college out of high school.

    18. agree. it has been around for a while and depends on your personnel.

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