Top 25 scores 9-28/29

some Sunday scores too; if we trust the AVCA all scores updated through Sunday except for UH

1. Penn State (H) def. No. 10 Michigan 3-1

2. Washington idle

3 Florida (A) Def. Ole Miss 3-0 (Sunday

4. USC (A) def. Utah 3-0

5. Texas (H) def. Oklahoma 3-0

6. Hawaii (H) vs. UC Riverside

7. Stanford idle

8. San Diego (H) lost to St. Mary’s 3-2

9. Minnesota (H) def. No. 20 Purdue 3-0

10. Michigan (A) lost at No. 1 Penn State 3-1

11. UCLA idle

12. Nebraska (A) def. No. 24. Illinois 3-0

13. Ohio State (H) lost to No. 15 Michigan State 3-0

14. North Carolina idle

15. Michigan State (A) def. No. 13 Ohio State 3-0

16. Arizona State idle

17. Florida State (H) def. Syracuse, 3-1

N0. 18 Kentucky (A) def. Alabama 3-1 Sunday

No. 19. Colorado State (A) def.  New Mexico, 3-0

No. 20. Purdue (A) lost to No. 9 Minnesota 3-0

21. Oregon idle

22. Ohio (A) def. Akron 3-0

23. Creighton idle

24. Illinois (H) lost to No. 12 Nebraska 3-0

25 Iowa State (H) def.. Baylor 3-0


  1. OrbitalRipZ September 29, 2013 12:05 pm

    ~ Courtesy of the Who Cares! Department ~

    Then that’s it: only 3 major upsets during for most WEEK 1 OF THE 2013 CONFERENCE SEASON: MSU over PSU, Colorado over UCLA (yikes), and [in WCC’s Conf. Season Week 2] St. Mary’s over San Diego (yikes again). There goes UH’s RPI!

    Spartans, picked to finish 5th in the 12-team Big Ten this year, should be the biggest mover upwards in tomorrow’s Poll although I’d like to see Mizzou jump out of nowhere into the Top 25 just to recognize their season thus far.

    Q (from Cindy’s previous link) : When it comes to undefeated seasons, 4 D1 schools accomplished this feat. Can you name them?

    A: Long Beach State in 1998, Nebraska in 2000, Southern California in 2003, and Penn State in 2008 (not dropping a set in the entire regular season) and again in 2009. Congrats to the smartypants who knew this trivia answer.

  2. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha September 29, 2013 1:49 pm

    I TRULY can’t believe that you have as much time to do both FB and follow WVB the way that you do (at the office or otherwise).

    You did NOT, in previous link, prelude “4 D1 schools accomplished” in the NCAA, but rather simply Q’nd which schools..
    *You seemingly are open to being schooled, so:

    AIAW 1980, The University of Southern California
    The whole team nearly ended up being our USA team back in the day.

    & Since that coach was the same coach to deny a 1995 UH team of a perfect season, well..
    My guess is that it wasn’t so much that Regional Final loss in 1995 that got Shoji’s goat but in fact the real ‘irk’ was actually losing to CE.

    Let’s talk about when UH WVB gets a new Volunteer Coach, however.
    The current one is sooo “kalohe”.

  3. LC September 29, 2013 4:02 pm

    Just saw a new close up photo on another blog of the Longo jersey worn in Wichita, yellow or green I can’t tell but it is definitely Neon !

  4. Cindy Luis September 29, 2013 4:17 pm

    3. Are you talking to me? I am not involved with FB coverage. Just saying I know how it likely was last night in the press box. I had yesterday off.

    2. BTW, I did not put up the link.nor did I put up the Q&A. you may ‘school’ whoever did.

    As for the 1980 AIAW USC team. That is how the national team was sort of run in those days, back when Erbe was at SC, when he was coaching the national team and basically told players they ‘had’ to go to USC if they wanted to be on the national/team. It is why several players transferred from UCLA to USC back in 79-80, but moot point since it ended up being the boycott year.

    As for the loss to Michigan State, I’m sure it very hard on Shoji to lose to Erbe again, as he had during the AIAW national semis and finals
    What was tough was the UH was up 2-0 on MSU but they were using the Big Ten format which took Timeouts when the first team reached 5 and 10. Matches were still sets of 15, not rally score until Set 5.
    If I remember correctly, UH reached 5 and 10 every set and it did kill some momentum with the mandatory timeouts. Also, first time they used the 10 minute break between Sets 2 and 3. UH admittedly came out cold’ after Set 2.
    UH eventually worn down by the bigger block that MSU put up.
    It did take Shoji a while to get used to rally score Set 5. beginning with the 1989 regional final against Long Beach State, which they lost in 5 after being up 2-1

    Not sure why issue you have with Kaleo Baxter, the volunteer assistant

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