Thursday stuff

Now that football schedule is released, Shoji can start finalizing fall 2015
Already have mentioned the teams that will headline each of the three tournaments.
In order: Oregon State, UCLA and Florida.

Reed Sunahara just took the job at West Virginia. wouldn’t be surprised to see him on a future schedule.

Looks like San Diego State will be back for one of the tournaments this year.

Wednesday Long Beach State rebounded to beat UCSB 3-1. a little surprised by that

Current MPSF standings:
1. UCI 12-2. 2. BYU and Hawaii, 10-2. 4. Pepperdine 9-2
5. USC 9-5. 6. UCSB 7-7 and UCLA 6-6. 8. Long Beach 6-8.
9. Stanford 3-8. 10. CSUN 3-9. 11 Cal Baptist 1-12.
12. UCSD 0-13.


  1. Brandon March 5, 2015 11:58 am

    Cindy, when you say headline, do you mean that they will be the “predicted” tough team in the tournament. Like texas was last year, stanford the year before. Etc Etc. Or could we still see teams like Stanford, Washington, etc come down.

  2. Cindy Luis March 6, 2015 8:54 am

    It means those are THE big names in each of the tournaments.
    others coming in might be in the Top 25 at some point but no other teams people likely to get excited about.
    It’s how Shoji sets the tournaments up, one big name for each. Partly because some of the other top programs don’t want to play each other out here so early in the season.

  3. Cindy Luis March 6, 2015 9:04 am

    new thread up on Friday matches

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