Segueing into Warrior volleyball: commit from DJ McInerny

Some pretty impressive thunder rumbling on the windward side this morning.

But I digress.

Hawaii just received an oral commit from DJ McInerney, junior setter at Punahou. Yesterday was the first day that juniors could make an oral (lot of places say verbal, the paper’s style is to say oral)

Spoke to him this morning. Dad is Danny, aunt is Diana McInerny McKibbin, two cousins currently on the AVP in Riley and Maddison. Strong volleyball DNA.

Forgot to mention yesterday that Kolby Kanetake is on crutches to alleviate his recurring back problem

Kupono Fey and Jennings Franciskovic leave Monday to continue competing for the U.S. Men’s Junior national team in Mexico.


  1. mauna September 3, 2015 10:16 am

    Feeling sad for the visiting teams, seems to be raining over the entire island. Hopefully better weather is ahead this afternoon and the next 3 days.

  2. turfwar September 3, 2015 10:24 am

    Man I feel for Kolby. A returning all star libero and it might not even be worth it for him to continue playing. If his back problems are that bad it could stay with him for life.

  3. turfwar September 3, 2015 12:11 pm

    Isn’t Will Stanley the setter for Punahou?

  4. warriorfan September 3, 2015 12:26 pm

    This is a great pickup DJ, has great family bloodlines. Hope Clay Stanley’s little brother is next to commit as well as the 6’9 Hogland from Iolani. Does DJ play for Aoa Koa volleyball club coached by Milan Zarkovic?

    2. feel bad for Kolby too but I think he will for sure try to play his senior season. Luckily if his health keeps him out, UH has one of the best libero prospects in freshman Joe Worsley.

    I hope the post on volleytalk about Ben Vaught leaving already is not true.

  5. warriorfan September 3, 2015 1:28 pm

    3. I think Punahou runs a 6-2 with Wil Stanley hitting in the front row but setting in the backrow.

    Looks like Hugh Hogland already took unificial visits to Irvine, Pepperdine and UCLA, will be tough competition to get him.

  6. OrbitalRipZ September 3, 2015 2:20 pm

    Missed last week’s tournament but saw the TV replays. Thought the TV commentator saying Dave should give his team a grade of “A” for the Bows’ level of performance. [Dave give his team a B.] I agree with Shoji. His Top 20 ranked team beat –but did not destroy — 3 unranked teams. “B” would be the appropriate grade.

    Looking forward to this week’s tournament, just to see if the UH can end its losing streak to AVCA ranked teams. Last year was telling. This year should be another story. Could this be the year that the Rainbow Wahine become part of the national dialogue again? We shall see what we shall see.

    From the Who Cares Department: Jim McLaughlin, the only person to coach both a women’s and a men’s volleyball team to NCAA titles and a former women’s volleyball national coach of the year at the University of Washington, is now head volleyball coach at the University of Notre Dame.

  7. po'okela September 3, 2015 2:25 pm

    jmac to notre dame is a bit 8 months too late lol

  8. Maverick September 3, 2015 2:40 pm

    6. Thanks for the breaking news on McLaughlin.

  9. Maverick September 3, 2015 2:45 pm

    6. Btw, here’s some news for you. Na Wahine do not have a losing streak against AVCA ranked teams. They are 1-1 against their last two, Duke and Washington. One loss is not a streak.

  10. cocobean September 3, 2015 3:53 pm

    Another good test for the girls this weekend. I think the ceiling is very high for this team. Mags and Mitchem can only get better with more playing time. I hoping to see improvement in Tai’s server receive. I can see why Dave left her in for so long while some were screaming for Garanto to play back row for her. We’re a better offensive team with Tai in the backrow. It gives Higgins more options to have four hitters on the court especially when they’re scrambling. If Dave plans to continue subbing Granato in I hoping they’re giving her some reps in practice hitting out of the back.

  11. Cindy Luis September 3, 2015 6:56 pm

    McInerny was one of four setters on the varsity roster last spring as a sophomore. they run a 6-2 Yes he played for A’o a Koa. finished 5th at the JOs in 16s Open

    6. mentioned McLaughlin when it happened a few months ago. I joked with Shoji that with him now at ND do you think the NCAA would send UH to South Bend for the tournament.
    When his brother Rick was here with UUCSB men, we talked about it. He said that it was Jim’s dream job (think he was an assistant to Debbie Brown a while back) and that it allows him to be closer to family in the midwest.

    10. mentioned that Granato has taken swings out of the back row as the back-row attack becomes more incorporated into the offense. Haven’t seen them run an X yet in practice but I’m sure it will happen.

  12. Cindy Luis September 3, 2015 7:06 pm

    1. it was pretty nasty at Manoa until about 4. Can’t tell you how many weather alerts everyone was getting on phones.
    the community service project Iowa was doing at Variety School had to be moved indoors but sounded like everyone had a great time despite the rain.

  13. OrbitalRipZ September 3, 2015 9:31 pm

    Of course I knew that Notre Dame announced in Jan of this year the hiring of McLaughlin, but for some reason it didn’t register until this week that our dear Dawgs have a new coach. As they say in vball, gotta get into rhythm.

    Stand corrected on the losing streak to ranked AVCA teams. As I said, it will take me a few weeks before I get up to speed with 2015 volleyball. Still looking for the names of Krista Vansant, Karsta Lowe, and the great Micha Hancock on the rosters. Lol.

    But some names are still familiar to me: Inky, the 6-8 Merete, and the up-and-coming Rhamat (no idea how to spell her last name). Along with legit NCAA D-1 AA candidates Nikki and Olivia. Go Bows.

    Wow! Warriors lead Colorado at the half?

  14. Brandon September 3, 2015 10:14 pm

    Inky is out for the entire year….

    She still on the team, but she has I believe an ACL injury

  15. Maverick September 3, 2015 10:14 pm

    13. You’re a good sport. Keep on posting.

  16. Cindy Luis September 3, 2015 11:08 pm

    Warriors win. poor clock management by Colorado IMO. 28-20

  17. Cindy Luis September 3, 2015 11:10 pm

    13. then, Lucy, you have some ‘splaning to do on VT. See Hawaii thread and you’ll understand ‘-)

  18. Cubicle1126 September 4, 2015 8:39 am

    Orbital — Lutz has also been out. She was kept out of stanford’s opening weekend matches due to an injury. Not sure of the timetable on her return.

  19. Cubicle1126 September 4, 2015 9:12 am

    maverick — is cindy saying ur wolfgang on VT? haha

  20. Cubicle1126 September 4, 2015 9:14 am

    with the warriors winning last night (agreed, cindy, poor clock mgt by colorado, but nevertheless a controversial win. still we’ll take it! haha) …

    … could be a great weekend for UH sports, with the football team now handing the baton to the volleyball team to take care of business in the HAL.

  21. Cubicle1126 September 4, 2015 11:30 am

    florida is laying the smackdown on oregon right now. uf offense looks well oiled, 4 player with double digit kills, including both middles (in what’s looking like a 3 game sweep, to boot!).

  22. Cubicle1126 September 4, 2015 11:33 am

    stanford v. illinois underway. access to gametracker here:

    for orbital — looks like lutz playing.

  23. Maverick September 4, 2015 12:44 pm

    18. Cindy was referring to Orbital. I don’t post to VT.

  24. LanaiBoy September 4, 2015 12:48 pm

    Wow. Long Beach State got swept by Illinois State today. Expected the team to be a bit stronger.

  25. Cubicle1126 September 4, 2015 12:50 pm

    aah, gotcha 🙂

  26. Maverick September 4, 2015 1:10 pm

    25. Horrible result for Big West and UH’s RPI. Really need Long Beach to play a lot better.

  27. Maverick September 4, 2015 1:39 pm

    For those interested in RPI, conference strength is determined by out-of-conference records (each conference has a cumulative .500 won-loss record in-conference). So far, below are the current 2015 records of each conference and the number of team from each conference that appeared in 2014’s final NCAA RPI rankings:

    Pac-12 32-8 (.800) 8 teams
    Big-10 33-9 (.786) 5 teams
    SEC 35-12 (.745) 3 teams
    Big-12 25-9 (.735) 3 teams
    ACC 36-14 (.720) 3 teams
    Big West 13-15 (.464) 0 teams
    BYU, Colorado St., and Illinois St. We’re the three non-power five teams in the final 2014 RPI rankings.

    All the more reason for UH to go undefeated in conference and have no more than one loss (Florida) in the pre-season.

  28. Cubicle1126 September 4, 2015 2:13 pm

    great info maverick!

    here’s hoping the big west can at least pull off at least a .500 winning percentage in their non-conference matches. anything above.500 for the big west in the non-conference might be a bonus at this point.

    the top half of the big west (save hawaii at this point) looks very weakened at this point (perhaps the bottom half of the big west will surprise).

    with long beach st and csun losing a lot of players to graduation, ineligibility (csun), or injuries (lbsu), the non-conference is going to be tough for them.

    ucsb looks in good shape with its non-conference, albeit a somewhat tough schedule for them. they are capable of beating all the teams left on their non-conference schedule (but also just as capable of losing a bunch).

    uci lost players to transfer and their go-to hitter (bubica) may have tweaked something in their opening weekend matches. plus uci has a ridiculously ambitious non-conference schedule.

  29. Maverick September 4, 2015 2:14 pm

    To complete the conference strength picture, below are 2014 non-conference records and teams in final RPI (includes post-season matches and CSUN’s vacated matches):

    Pac-12 130-27 (.828) 8 teams
    Big-12 99-30 (.767) 3 teams
    Big-10 134-45 (.749) 5 teams
    ACC 131-63 (.675) 3 teams
    SEC 116-56 (.674) 3 teams
    Big West 62-53 (.539) 0 teams

    Non-conference matches matter immensely when it comes to RPI and conference strength. Note that five Big West teams failed to garner a winning non-conference record. There were six such teams total from the power five conferences.

  30. Maverick September 4, 2015 2:16 pm

    29. I selfishly wish the other Big West teams would play and beat cupcakes, rather than try to play ambitious non-conference schedules. Would really help UH’s RPI. Oh well.

  31. Warriorfan September 4, 2015 4:01 pm

    I have no hope in the rest of the big west schools this season that’s why the wahine must finish conference undefeated, alot of pressure but this team has the talent to do it.

  32. uhfan September 4, 2015 4:29 pm

    Pepperdine just lost to Lipscomb in 4

  33. z September 4, 2015 5:57 pm

    Cindy nice article on Kalei today.

  34. islandman September 4, 2015 6:04 pm

    UCLA defeats American, 25-19, 25-19, 25-18, So much for American being tough ?

  35. Warriorfan September 4, 2015 6:40 pm

    American must be jetlagged they sure looked a lot tougher against the Florida Gators who are a much more talented team than UCLA.

  36. wildcard September 4, 2015 6:50 pm

    cindy, na wahine vs iowa thread ready?

  37. Cindy Luis September 4, 2015 6:52 pm

    thanks for the info Maverick.

    19. no, was just saying that the comment about McLaughlin had made it over there so if you wanted to explain what happened on VT …

    33. thank you. nice young woman.
    new thread up with Top 25 & Big West scores as of 645 HST.

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