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Webmasters think they have most of the problems fixed although most of the ‘pending’ posts are now in Chinese. trying to get a filter on that.

A couple of posts on the ‘Blog down’ that should move here, mostly off the Leahey & Leahey Show of last night. Missed it and forgot to tape it.

From what others have posted, didn’t sound like there was much new to add to what has been in the paper and posted here. Of course, that means you would have had to read the paper and the blog. ‘-)

to recap some of the comments and my answers. you can see the previous thread for more

Lina mentioned the praise for freshmen Higgins and Taylor and Adolpho’s improvement by Shoji.

Yes, both have more than held their own in practices, Shoji saying Taylor on the verge of being able to be in a DI match and Higgins being what he hoped she would be. Adolpho is becoming more and more a volleyball player, not just a very good athlete with volleyball skills (along the lines of what Diana Jessie became), particularly her footwork and timing.

There was mention of Shoji retiring or not, based on the missing Hartong next season comment. Didn’t catch if he said “I’ll miss Hartong” or “We’ll miss Hartong.” The program definitely will and personally so will Shoji. Whether you can read into it as to Shoji returning for 2014, this is what he said to me yesterday.

He didn’t want the talk of his retirement to be a distraction this season. He wanted the focus on the team and not him. Said he planned to stay as long as it continued to be enjoyable and, at this point, it is very enjoyable. He really likes this year’s team and their attitude.

I had said I thought he’d stay at least for 40 years (which would be 2014) or that if he won it all this year that it would be a nice way to ‘ride off into the sunset.’ He laughed and said to ask how he felt at the end of the season.

What he did tell Ferd Lewis for a column over the summer was that he told this year’s freshmen class that he would guarantee them that he’d be here this one year. Beyond that, he wasn’t going to make a commitment.

Shoji has begun to work on 2014 schedule, which some took as a hint he’d be around through 2014. This is something he’s always done, planned ahead, looked at who he could bring in for three tournaments, make them the best he could without killing his team. The Wahine lose seven seniors this year and he will be trying to balance strength of schedule with who wants to come to who his young team can handle early.

That being said, he is hoping to have a major power tournament to open next year, one that would be picked up for some BCS conference networks (these are my words: such as the Pac-12 and Big Ten networks). I did ask about Penn State. He said he hasn’t asked Rose yet about coming but … IMHO it could be Penn State, UCLA (UW or Stanford) and Nebraska. Again that’s just me but with Nebraska now in the Big Ten, that might happen. Again, just his early thoughts on a very challenging opening tournament for 14.

Apparently he joked that he was waiting for Leahey’s retirement before his own. We’ll see if Jim is ready to go yet. I thought he was retiring from volleyball and that Kanoa would be replacing him. But Kanoa’s commitment to football, his marriage and his change at Channel 2 may have changed what Jim had planned to do.

that’s going to be it from me for a while. Am writing the advance for tomorrow’s paper and need to get that done. Aloha for now.


  1. Hanapepe August 29, 2013 9:43 am

    Love your blog. You can watch the rebroadcast on PBS Sunday at 3PM.

  2. LC August 29, 2013 9:44 am

    you don’t need to tape the show it’s on the PBS web site and most of the time it’s up pretty quickly.

  3. Cindy Luis August 29, 2013 10:03 am

    thank you. Didn’t realize it. Believe that PBS is not ‘on demand’ which i rely heavily on.

  4. mainlandgal August 29, 2013 10:27 am

    for those on the mainland, will tomorrow’s match be live-streamed?

  5. Cindy Luis August 29, 2013 10:31 am


  6. Cindy Luis August 29, 2013 10:39 am

    thanks again about the replay note.
    see new thread about all the multi-media info.

  7. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha August 29, 2013 5:08 pm

    Frick Penn State and EVERYTHING about them.
    –Da unscrupulous ‘house’ of horrors that it is!!
    I’m not a UCLA fan, per say, but I was so glad that they beat PSU in the regional semi’s a couple of years back.

    Nebraska, UCLA, UW and UH would be sweet.

    While he’s at it, have him Cin start working on a Spring Tourney for 2014.

    UH-Hilo, BYU, BYUH and UH.
    The Boosters could charge $5 a head and they could do like they do at Haili and string up a net/barrier between two courts on the SSC floor. People would love it, surely. Any Saturday morning would do; the two matches being played at once would ensure for a quick ‘work’ day.

  8. Cindy Luis August 30, 2013 10:45 am

    8. No need to malign the PSU volleyball program. They shouldn’t be penalized for what happened with the football program. Rose has always run a reputable program.

    Don’t think it would be 2 teams from the same conference, so not UW & UCLA, nor Penn State & Nebraska.
    I’m sure he’s working on spring. I don’t have anything to do with running his program are ‘getting’ him to do anything.
    The SSC has room from 3 courts. The DII schools already participate in a mini spring tournament against UH. Don’t know how much the cost would be for using the arena on a Saturday morning. It may be why they run it out of Gym I. I could see them bringing in more bleaches in Klum.

  9. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha August 31, 2013 3:17 pm

    PSU tried to cover it all up, you know that.

    PAC12/B1G teams don’t always play each other twice per year anymore.

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