Anticipating major WVB announcement today

Should have something around 10 a.m. HST (4 p.m. here in Columbus)
Think Wahine volleyball fans will be excited about this.

no hints. let the speculation begin ‘-)


  1. uhfan May 3, 2017 5:37 am

    I would love to say new recruit but I’m thinking a new assistant with Hawaii ties.

  2. Cindy Luis May 3, 2017 6:01 am

    Patience, grasshopper ‘-)

  3. tako May 3, 2017 6:04 am

    AAhhhhhhh…….hard time waiting..

  4. tako May 3, 2017 6:18 am

    How about this???? U of H found the monies to hire a Full time Beach VB Coach. And, they signed two major recruits for 2018.

  5. Ron May 3, 2017 6:34 am

    Nikki and Annie have been granted an extra year and Smith is staying? Just kidding!

  6. vbfan May 3, 2017 7:37 am

    Probably not, but Shoji staying an for a final year as coach.

    The guess of an assistant coach seems the most likely.

  7. menehune May 3, 2017 7:41 am

    A big time OH transferring to the WVB.

  8. vballfreak808 May 3, 2017 7:46 am

    Would love for it to be a transfer coming in but we’all see!

  9. rabbit ears May 3, 2017 7:59 am

    Jeff Hall Named full time beach coach!

  10. setaone May 3, 2017 8:05 am

    Gotta be an incoming transfer….”Think Wahine volleyball fans will be excited about this.”….naming a full time beach or assistant indoor doesn’t seem to fulfill the “excitement” qualification.

  11. Maverick May 3, 2017 8:08 am

    Won’t be recruit related, we are not in a signing period and UH can’t comment on unsigned commits. Unlikely to be about a transfer because this is a major announcement and unless a top 3 player is coming in, can’t see anything major in a transfer. Because Cindy is giving a heads up, must be program-related. Most likely what tako said, UH found money for a full time beach head coach, which opens up a spot on indoor coaching staff. Congrats to Hall.

  12. surfboy May 3, 2017 8:39 am

    Hiring of fulltime beach coach does not fit the bill on the exciting news….im hoping a big time transfer of Annie Mitchem returning.

  13. surfboy May 3, 2017 8:49 am

    Brittany Hewitt unretires and comes back for final year?

  14. Maverick May 3, 2017 9:14 am

    To add to the silliness, Tara Hittle resigns from Portland St. to become associate head coach, vacated by the now-full time beach coach, Hall.

  15. Maverick May 3, 2017 9:19 am

    Some people on VT are speculating a transfer out of the program. Why would that excite the fans? Even a player folks think has underachieved, no way Cindy would say fans would be excited by an exit.

  16. uhfan May 3, 2017 9:27 am

    Men’s news conference

  17. Ron May 3, 2017 9:39 am

    Maverick’s is my favorite because I loved to watch Hittle and want Hall to get a full time position with the sand-bows. I would settle for a foreign phenom joining the team.

  18. Kyle May 3, 2017 9:50 am

    Best news for me would be that Dave is cancer-free.

  19. Cindy Luis May 3, 2017 9:55 am

    you folks are too funny.
    some are close, some are not
    a couple of more minutes … sorry, been a little busy with press conferences.
    16. thanks for putting up the link

  20. Cindy Luis May 3, 2017 10:01 am
    here you go on this thread

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