A brief chat with Shoji

He walked by and said hi while I was finishing up.

Asked him a few things

On Stauber … said she was going to be the third setter and still a backup. No surprise she’s gone.

On Hagins … kind of surprised. He said he had let some of the potential recruits go because they were done with recruiting at that point. But he’s really happy to get Goodman.

Middles  … Tuaniga is No. 3 on the depth chart. They aren’t going to bring in anyone else. Done with recruiting for 13.

I had heard a rumor that Kam might look to play somewhere else for a season. Shoji said that might happen.

Think that’s about it.


  1. Warriorfan February 2, 2013 10:02 pm

    I am kind of surprised if they aren’t bringing in another middle blocker since TK has been injury prone.
    I think maybe we will see Kaela take reps at middle, I believe she did that as a freshmen?

  2. Cindy Luis February 2, 2013 10:04 pm

    I am surprised too but he said they were done. Asked him about moving someone to MB he said no. they will go with what they have. Adolpho, Vorster, Tuaniga.

  3. kaleiboy February 2, 2013 10:46 pm

    Who’s KAM?

  4. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha February 2, 2013 11:05 pm

    Dere lolos IF, in fact, they’re done recruiting for 2013.

    if Adolpho decides to get serious about studying (in her VERY important Junior year of a declared major)…or if Beeman finally decides against VB…da Wahine VB team will be up the creek.

    Tuaniga gets a 5th year schollie if so (wow. you’d think that she’d do something to truly earn it but I suppose as circumstance would have it, she’s serendipitously the benefactor of such a prize).

    Dave should hold on to that final scholarship as UW’s JMac does for potential transfers.
    *WTH happened to 6.0, MB, JOSHELL LILO from Kaneohe, anyway?!

    The drama of UH WVB]

  5. Cindy Luis February 2, 2013 11:15 pm

    Not sure what your issue is. Merely passed along what Shoji told me tonight. And that he was done recruiting for 2013. why say they’re lolo? if they’re out of scholarships, they’re out of scholarships.

    Don’t understand why the diss of Tuaniga. She has worked hard. Not her fault she has chronic shin splints. Nothing serendipitous about it.
    And i don’t know who Lilo is. Don’t remember her being mentioned here.

    and i did edit your comment. no need to be crude and rude about others.

  6. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha February 2, 2013 11:16 pm

    Po’okela should open his blog up for comments.
    He no need be scared…

  7. Cindy Luis February 2, 2013 11:20 pm

    Kristina Kam. DS out of Punahou. this will be her senior year. She’s been injured but did get into some matches. one of her best friends was Maeda.

  8. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha February 2, 2013 11:28 pm

    “crude and rude” I think not
    olos, caca, and crap shouldn’t be taken in an offensive way.
    Good reporting, though. Way to get the story(s). I was fond of this weeks on Siki.
    I also thought that Tsai was the one who did MVB this season. Steven seems to be funny sometimes. i’ll leave it at that.
    Mahalo for the writing.

  9. Cindy Luis February 2, 2013 11:42 pm

    i took it as offensive.
    Stephen is the men’s beat writer. However there are times when I cover for him, as I did for Ann. Before the merger I did both the men and the women for the Bulletin. The paper wanted me to keep the blog and I go to all the matches.
    We have early deadlines some nights. So tonight I did the story for the first edition so that Tsai could go get his quotes for the second edition. Last Sunday, Tsai was at the Pro Bowl so I did the story.
    Thanks for reading.

  10. Lanaiboy February 3, 2013 5:04 am

    What is so “lolo” about not recruiting if you have no scholarship to offer? I understand that Hagins was not on a scholarship so no “new” scholarship opened up. It would be extremely difficult for an elite school like Hawaii to attract a top-notch middle as a walk-on at the last minute.

  11. Beauston February 3, 2013 6:35 am

    Thanks for sharing Cindy, great follow-up here.
    Interesting how Shoji have Higgins as 2nd on the dept chart for setters. Really looking forward to how she will push Uiato next season. I don’t think it will ever happen on Uiato’s senior year as a setter, but if she owes not improve, I can see Higgins hitting the floor. Dave’s got a great deal of confidence in her, and he should. Higgins for what I’ve seen so far will be one of UH’s great in a making.

  12. dedicatedfan February 3, 2013 7:41 am

    I feel the reason is not looking at bringing in a 4th middle is because he already has a 4th middle in Hartong. He has enough outside hitters if he has to make the move. Hoping the 3 middles stay healthy, so he does not have to make that move, tho.

  13. mauna February 3, 2013 10:45 am

    Nikki Taylor can play all three front positions, she was an MB before LOH.

  14. dedicatedfan February 3, 2013 10:48 am

    She definite has the size to be able to backup Vorster, if Shoji wants to go in that direction with her for this coming season, anyway.

  15. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha February 3, 2013 10:48 am

    S, UIATO
    Libero, LONGO

    Pin Hitters:
    CROSON, LONG, MANU-OLEVAO, TAYLOR, GOODMAN, (I’d go w/ one other)…?


    HAGINS was never a “top-notch middle” to begin with. She can ONLY transfer into a Div.II school, or fewer, because it’s her second transfer from a program. Idaho–as speculation–isn’t an option.

    TUANIGA will start @MB2 next season; MUCH is vested. She played a lot in Seattle this past Dec. I watched the match in person…she did perfectly fine. IF you read this blog TK, know that you CAN do it (having a break out/awesome Sr year that is). 🙂

  16. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha February 3, 2013 10:54 am

    Forgot KASTL.

    Still, I’d send elder GOODMAN to summer school and finish her B.A. early.

  17. Warriorfan February 3, 2013 12:00 pm

    I don’t see TK beating out Kalei, just not happening.

  18. Cindy Luis February 3, 2013 1:29 pm

    Don’t see TK beating out Kalei either.
    And what do you mean about Goodman getting her BA early? even if she finished early she would play as a graduate student in fall. Most of the players go to summer school in order to stay on track with their degree progress. They usally take lighter loads in fall because of travel schedule and playing.

  19. Hot February 3, 2013 2:02 pm

    Kastl and Goodman both lacking as Opposites, but I’d take Goodman over error-prone Kastl. As for Hartong moving back to the middle, I’m not sure that would be wise. She’s a first team AA on the left and their top point scorer from the pins, so Vorster, Tuaniga and Adolpho will just have to do in the middle. No point in moving Hartong in the middle if her replacement on the left is Kastl. Unless Taylor can contribute immediately.

    Too bad about Kam, especially after reading the article about her organizing practices for the non-traveling players. You need someone like that on your team. But I guess it’s not surprising, considering Long and Lelepali are probably ahead of her as top DS/server.

  20. Warriorfan February 3, 2013 2:46 pm

    I think We will see freshmen Taylor take over seniors Kastl and Goodman at opposite.
    I think Spieler and Mendoza will surprise as DS/Serving subs too so long and Lelepali will have serious competition.

  21. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha February 3, 2013 3:03 pm

    …and then the 2013 WSVB team/competition(s) should be (underlined)VERY telling.

    No offense (and I mean NO OFFENSE), but VT with amateurs gets frustrating sometimes.
    *Eh, I mo humble than you hah? 😉

    I do send out my aloha to everybody, tho. Aaaaloooha!!!

  22. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha February 3, 2013 3:12 pm

    Goodman is an ‘English’ major.

    Read and write, read and write es al they gotta do.

    Read some over the summer and write some over the summer and call it ALL good.

  23. dedicatedfan February 3, 2013 3:36 pm

    I am hoping, Nikki Taylor will be able to play Opposite, and well, otherwise next season could be the same as last season.

  24. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha February 3, 2013 6:53 pm

    2013 UH-WVB Pin Hitter’s Depth Chart:
    *For as much as Jordan (Ah-Mow) Santos has been relaying prognostications on the playground at Alaimanu Elementary, that is…

    OH2: G. LONG

    OH3: N. TAYLOR
    OH4: A. KASTL

    Da “superfluous” others, he says, are:
    Someone named PASSI, perhaps a GOODMAN or even a LILO.
    He also just can’t get over a local phenom by the name of AKANA (5.8, OH). Try as he might he STILL recalls how, it was told, that by her Sr. year of college this one time Warrior was promissing to return home to the islands.

    Of course I take it all with a grain of salt for rumors tend to run rampant over there in da Salt Lake district. I should know, I used to live there.

  25. Robin February 3, 2013 7:43 pm

    Its LILIO, BTW, from Castle.

  26. Cindy Luis February 3, 2013 8:05 pm

    not sure what you are talking about in terms of Akana.

  27. slBrown February 4, 2013 5:46 am

    Croson will be forced to play RS on the 2013 Wahine beach team, with whomever. She plays the RS equally as effective indoors.

    Uiato will be much improved next indoor season also.

    What would’ve been a slight difficulty to set in 2012, it’ll become pretty routine with Croson at Opposite. Dave couldn’t afford to do without Jane’s hitting efficiency on the Outside last season, but he will have the grace to move a number of individuals in 2013 as he’d see fit courtside.

    I wish that this blog had its own ‘edit’ button also. Perhaps Cindy could make a point to request it of IT personnel.

  28. Cindy Luis February 4, 2013 9:15 am

    it would be nice if there was an edit button for you folks. I’ll ask but you know how long it took to move the blog over to the ‘new’ server.
    As for English majors … it’s not the only classes they take. Part of the reason Umlauft was so frustrated with the American college system. He was an engineering major and didn’t see the need for taking classes outside his major.

  29. Cindy Luis February 4, 2013 9:18 am

    Don’t know if Croson will be ‘forced’ to play RS on the beach. She’s pretty versatile. I could see some movement in terms of positions on the indoor team. And as someone pointed out earlier … was my thought as well … that Hartong is always an option back in the middle. Haven’t seen N. Taylor play so don’t know how she would be in the middle.

  30. dedicatedfan February 4, 2013 10:23 am

    Cindy, just hoping it does not come to that, Hartong moving back to middle. The 3 middles need to stay healthy and effective.

  31. Hot February 4, 2013 1:03 pm

    I don’t think it would be a good idea to move Hartong back to MB. She’s pretty much the only OH who can produce consistently. Even her bad matches weren’t all that bad. Even if Nikki Taylor is the second coming of Kim Willoughby or Lily Kahumoku or Kanani Danielson, they would still need Hartong’s consistency. Croson has been consistently inconsistent, Goodman lacks offense on the right, Manu-Olevao was up and down and Kastl really can’t produce against top teams.

  32. Cindy Luis February 4, 2013 1:11 pm

    No one has said Hartong is moving. It was a comment made in response to the worry over not having enough middles. I’d cut Manu Olevao some slack. activated weeks into the season as a true freshman.

  33. mauna February 4, 2013 4:03 pm

    I’ll say this with confidence that Dave will never move Emily to MB. She is way too valuable on the LOH. I have a feeling that among Kaela, Ashley, Tai, Ginger, Keani and Nikki one will step up and fill the need for a consistent blocker and terminator for the RS position. Emily and Jane will start as LOH1 and LOH2 when the season begins in August.

  34. slBrown February 4, 2013 4:54 pm


    This is for you C.B.

    Hindsight is 20/20…we’re better off looking ahead and forgeting about the past; yet ’cause it’s so fresh, still, in everyone’s minds we’ll analyze what SHOULD’ve been @Hec Ed. Pavillion, Dec. 1st ’12, 7pm PST, vs. UW:
    *For the fall 2012, w/ that which was given, Croson (mainly) @LOH2 belonged…the athletes at the moment were actively developing*

    Though as it were/would be against da Huskies:
    Pos.#1, Mita
    Pos.#2, Jade
    Pos.#3, Hartong who’d play some @OPP
    Pos.#4, Ashley &then Maeda
    Pos.#5, Ali &then Kalei
    Pos.#6, Jane


  35. slBrown February 5, 2013 8:51 am

    HONOLULU – The University of Hawai’i unveiled its 2013 women’s sand volleyball schedule as the program enters its second season as a collegiate sport. The Rainbow Wahine program will play at least a dozen regular-season dual matches, participate in three tournaments and host a pair of home events.

    UH will open the season by hosting Florida International on Friday, March 15th. UH’s season-opening match—along with all other home events and practices—will again be at the Queen’s Beach Sand Box in majestic Waikiki. After its dual match on March 15, the Rainbow Wahine will host FIU, Chaminade and Hawai’i Pacific in tournament action on Saturday, March 16.

    The rest of the schedule will take the Rainbow Wahine to California and Arizona for a slew of dual matches and tournaments. With more teams in the collegiate sand volleyball fray this year, UH play will have at least two more dual matches than it did last year (10). Highlighting the dual match schedule are meetings in Southern California with first-year programs Nebraska (March 22) and UCLA (April 5). Also on the horizon is a showdown with defending national champion Pepperdine in Malibu on April 6.

    On April 20-21, UH will compete in the USAV Beach Collegiate Challenge at Hermosa Beach, Calif. Last year the tournament served as the de facto West region’s qualifying competition for the inaugural national championship and could again prove critical to a possible UH appearance in the nationals.

    “This year my two goals were to schedule as many top national sand volleyball programs as possible,” head coach Scott Wong said, “and to host some of those top teams in Hawai’i. We have a very tough schedule on the road and also get the opportunity to host one of the top East Coast teams in Florida International. I hope this will be the start of us attracting the top sand programs across the country to compete here in Hawai’i.”

    For the second straight year the American Volleyball Coaches Association will host the Collegiate Sand Volleyball Championship in Gulf Shores, Ala., with the dates set for May 3-5. The competition will consist of both a team championship, which will include the top six NCAA women’s sand teams, and a pairs championship, which will consist of the top 16 collegiate doubles teams.

    Invitations to participate will be based on 2013 season results and tournament selections will be made by a committee. Last year the duos of Jane Croson-Ashley Lee and Emily Hartong-Elizabeth Stoltzman represented UH in the pairs championship.

    Date Event Location Time/Result Details
    3/15/2013 Florida International Queen’s Beach 9:30 a.m. Details
    Hawai`i Tournament (Chaminade, Florida International, Hawai`i Pacific)
    3/16-16/2013 Hawai`i Tournament Queen’s Beach All Day Details
    3/22/2013 USC Los Angeles, Calif. 11:00 a.m. PT Details
    3/22/2013 Nebraska Los Angeles, Calif. 1:00 p.m. PT Details
    3/23/2013 Loyola Marymount Phoenix, Ariz. TBA Details
    3/23/2013 Grand Canyon Phoenix, Ariz. TBA Details
    Grand Canyon Tournament (Hawai`i, Grand Canyon, Loyola Marymount)
    3/24/2013 Grand Canyon Tournament Phoenix, Ariz. All Day Details
    3/26/2013 Cal State Bakersfield Long Beach, Calif. TBA Details
    3/26/2013 Long Beach State Long Beach, Calif. TBA Details
    4/5/2013 Irvine Valley College Irvine, Calif. TBA Details
    4/5/2013 UCLA Irvine, Calif. TBA Details
    4/5/2013 Long Beach State Irvine, Calif. TBA Details
    4/6/2013 Pepperdine Malibu, Calif. TBA Details
    4/6/2013 USC Malibu, Calif. TBA Details
    USAV Beach Collegiate Challenge
    4/20-21/2013 USAV Beach Collegiate Championship Hermosa Beach, Calif. All Day Details
    AVCA National Championship
    5/3-5/2013 AVCA National Championship Gulf Shores, Ala. All Day Details

    Home Games are in bold

    Neutral Site Games are in italics

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