ON THIS DATE IN 2004: Super time had at Midnight Madness

Wahine basketball player Millia Macfarlane whips up the crowd at Midnight Madness early Saturday morning. SB photo by George F. Lee

On this date in 2004, UH’s annual opening of practice went completely overboard.

From Riley Wallace dressing up like Darth Vadar to Bobby Nash as Indiana Jones to Tricia Nishimoto playing the part of UH strength coach Tommy Heffernan, a good time was had by all.

Wallace’s preference was his three assistant coaches dressed up as the Three Amigos.

Nash hit four 3-pointers but Jeff Blackett scored 11 points to win the Green-White scrimmage. Deonte Tatum won the dunk contest in his first appearance for the team.

The women’s scrimmage ended in a tie with Dalia Solia leading all scorers with eight points.

Nash won the 3-point contest over his girlfriend, Amy Sanders.

“I can’t celebrate Halloween now,” Matt Gipson said. “There’s no way I can top this.”