NCAA Notice of Allegations

Notice of allegations to the Chancellor of the University of Hawaii at Manoa by Honolulu Star-Advertiser


  1. oldyobo February 1, 2015 11:48 am

    Hopefully the swift actions UH took against the main culprits, Gib and Akana, will mitigate the punishments. It’s also clear that the present interim head coach, Taylor, knew that illegal player evaluations happened during recruitment visits. So, indirectly, he was part of the illegal activities, although he probably did not initiate those activities (I hope). The real issue is was he forthright in telling the NCAA investigators all that he knew?
    Based on the issues raised in the “Notice Of Allegations”, I believe it’s in UH’s best interest to cut all ties with the Gib era and start anew with a totally new coaching staff.

  2. 808Daddy February 10, 2015 2:38 pm

    Don’t be too quick to pass judgment as I did the same thing after reading the NCAA’s allegations. Keep in mind that both Chris McMillian and Scott Fisher were on bad terms with Gib and there could be some “pay back” by these two. The same goes for Shamburger.

    If Gib is found to be wrong, I would totally support a 3 to 5 year ban from coaching in the NCAA and this should be adequate as far as sanctions for the program. The players are the innocent ones and should not take the brunt of this entire ordeal.

    However, I would ask that we all take a good look at the NCAA bylaws that are being cited. For example, on the 1st allegation it cites and yet 11.721.2.2-c provides an exception by a non-coaching staff member in conjunction with Official visit. Also cited is by the report yet provides an exception where a non-coaching staff member may make or take these calls. Further (Exception -Non-coaching staff member with sport specific responsibilities and (Replacement due to extenuating circumstances under 11.7 Limitations on the number of duties of coaches offers very good reasons for why Gib’s may have done what he did and the exceptions provide him the ability to do so.

    We might be quite surprised when we actually pull the NCAA Bylaws that are being cited and compare them to the report as I have done. Was Gib really obstructing the investigation and attempting to conceal violations? Was his conduct really unethical? 2 of the 3 Level I allegations speak specifically of the above mentioned things. I am starting to have second thoughts about these allegations. Are you?

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