VIDEO: Hawaii women’s volleyball’s NCAA tournament check-in Tuesday

The new NCAA tournament balls arrived on Tuesday. / Photo by Cindy Luis

After taking Monday off, the Rainbow Wahine are back to practice in the arena. A bit of a departure to be in the Sheriff Center this early in the week. They have normally been in Gym 1 during early parts of the previous weeks, in part because they can run three courts instead of just the one the SSC. But new season, new routine.

Arena being prepped. NCAA logos and signage up and staff covering up sponsorship signage. It’s supposed to be a neutral site and UH has always been good at that. Unlike some venues we’ve been to for the postseason.

An NCAA banner.


  1. wahinefan87 December 3, 2019 4:41 pm

    I’m not sure why H-Zone or the UH Manoa Bookstore isn’t hyping this up more, but the Rainbow Wahine Big West Champions T-shirts are in stock. You can order them online and have them shipped to you or pick them up at the bookstore.

  2. Baby-Dude December 3, 2019 5:15 pm

    1 Thanks, will check out the Tee’s.

  3. shar December 3, 2019 5:32 pm

    I picked my shirts from the Bookstore yesterday. I asked the cashier if it was selling a lot and she said she didn’t even notice it until I mentioned it.

  4. Kahuna December 3, 2019 6:18 pm

    Is UH putting down the Sportscourt for the event? I thought I read a while back that all NCAA hosts must use the Sportscourt to make it a neutral and fair court. None of those courts that have all kind of marking and picture on it like Matthew Knight Arena in Oregon. That place is a eyesore.

  5. Row13 December 3, 2019 6:28 pm

    A fan observed that the Hawaii subregional is the only one with three teams in the AVCA top 25. But does that make it the toughest?

    If you go by the RPI rankings, the Hawaii subregional is somewhere in the middle. It appears the toughest subregionals are at Texas A&M (with two top-16 teams), Purdue, BYU and Wisconsin.

    The easiest subregionals for the host? I’d say Penn State (what a surprise!) and Kentucky.

    Mismatch of the 1st round? Florida (RPI of 7) vs. Alabama State (311).

    Here are the subregional pairings, with RPI in parentheses:

    Host Baylor (1) vs Sacred Heart (189); Southern Cal (28) vs Stephen F Austin (29)
    Host Texas (2) vs Albany (151); Texas State (30) vs UC Santa Barbara (34)
    Host Stanford (3) vs Denver (75); Georgia (31) vs Cal Poly (37)
    Host Pittsburgh (4) vs Howard (194); Cincinnati (22) vs VCU (47)

    Host Wisconsin (5) vs Illinois State (78); UCLA (27) vs Notre Dame (32)
    Host Kentucky (6) vs. SE Missouri State (138); Michigan (39) vs Nor Kentucky (44)
    Host Florida (7) vs Alabama State (311); Central Florida (24) vs Florida State (36)
    Host Nebraska (8) vs Ball State (83); Missouri (19) vs Northern Iowa (40)

    Host Washington (9) vs Winthrop (77); Colorado State (23) vs South Carolina (43)
    Host Minnesota (10) vs Fairfield (110); Creighton (20) vs Iowa State (46)
    Host Hawaii (11) vs Northern Colorado (74); San Diego (26) vs Washington State (49)
    Host Texas A&M (12) vs St. John’s (60); Rice (14) vs. Oklahoma (33)

    Host Western Kentucky (15) vs Kennesaw (68); Louisville (25) vs Samford (51)
    Host Penn State (16) vs Princeton (76); Towson (35) vs American (54)
    Host BYU (17) vs New Mexico State (59); Utah (18) vs Illinois (50)
    Host Purdue (21) vs Wright State (41); Marquette (13) vs Dayton (42)

  6. shar December 3, 2019 7:11 pm

    Does anyone know how the ticket sales are going? I know it’s only been for ticket holders so far but I am wondering how close we are to a sell out.

  7. mauna December 3, 2019 7:56 pm

    Per Jolie’s IG, her likes of a few comments indicates to me that she will play.

  8. Andy December 3, 2019 8:28 pm

    5. I agree in that if Hawaii makes it to the second round, only one of either USD or WSU is going to make it, anyway. The second round foe for Hawaii will have a ranking (to me, more accurate than RPI) of either #20 or #23. 10th seed Minnesota could face #15 Creighton, while 12th ranked A&M might face #21 (RPI 14) Rice. I’d just as soon have USD and WSU beat up on each other in the first round rather than skate into a second round match with Hawaii.

  9. Harvey December 3, 2019 8:28 pm

    Let’s go Wahine! Told my boss today that if Hawai’i makes the final four, that I’m taking off on the 18th to watch the national semifinal games in Pittsburgh on the 19th (I’m near DC, so it’s an easy drive).

    Can’t make the championship game on the 21st, as we’re on a plane headed to Asia for the holidays. But if I can sneak in one good day of volleyball on the 19th, it’ll be like an early Christmas present.

    Let’s go Bows!

  10. sports for fun December 3, 2019 8:34 pm

    5 Thank you for the RPI breakdown per subregional. That was really cool to see!!

    I am surprised that Washington State’s RPI is at 49. With them being in the Pac-12, I thought it would be higher. I watched their match against Stanford on YouTube. Although they were swept at home, they look tough. They have a tall setter that reminds me of the San Diego setter and how she would do dump (spike) shots. That San Diego/Wazzu match will probably go 5 sets.

    I noticed that Utah is in BYU’s subregional. I can see them squaring off in the second round. That drives up the intensity of their rivalry even more. I can see that going 5 as well.

    I can see why people say Penn St. has the easiest road to the championship.

    Northern Colorado lost to Cal Poly in 5, beat Oregon State in 5, and lost to Colorado State in 3. They pretty much dominated their conference, except for their one loss to Northern Arizona in 3. They have one player at 6’2″, 3 at 6’1″, a couple of 6 footers. They’re probably playing their best ball at the moment. They’re very confident. This quote from their coach on their website, “We are pretty pumped to go to Hawaii,” Head Coach Lyndsey Oates said. “You can tell by the team’s reaction they are excited to not only go to a really fun place but a great environment where they draw well and is a good matchup for us.”

  11. darkfire35 December 3, 2019 9:08 pm

    9. Glad to hear support from the East Coast! Mahalo nui loa!

    Anyone have the scoops on TV coverage for this weekend?

  12. sports for fun December 3, 2019 10:52 pm

    What color is Na Wahine wearing on Friday?

  13. UHVoice97 December 3, 2019 11:37 pm

    4. Sportcourt is the official court of the NCAA National Semi-finals and Championship. Prior to the Women’s Volleyball Final Four, courts used are the responsibility of the respective host sites (sub-regionals and regionals). The Teraflex has been used everytime we’ve hosted a sub-regional and regional.

    Usual advertising is covered per NCAA protocol.

    The only time I’ve seen the Sportcourt in the SSC was in the 1999 Final Four when Penn State won its first national championship against Stanford – Logan Tom’s freshman year.

  14. UHVoice97 December 3, 2019 11:45 pm

    13. I also attended the 2004 Men’s Volleyball Final Four won by BYU on the Sportcourt.

  15. wahinefan4ever808 December 3, 2019 11:57 pm

    Is Rasmussen completely out???

  16. Kahuna December 4, 2019 6:49 am

    2011 against USC….we played the on a Sportcourt and it was a regional semifinal and not the national semifinal.

  17. Mikek8078 December 4, 2019 7:04 am

    11. I echo your question on TV coverage? I would love to be there in person, but since I live on Kauai it would cost me about $600 (airfare, hotel, rental car, tickets and oh yes, mana pua and pork hash)
    Go Bows !!!

  18. Bowsfan December 4, 2019 7:20 am

    Are the other teams here.

  19. sports for fun December 4, 2019 7:48 am

    17 I believe they arrive today

  20. wahinefan87 December 4, 2019 9:14 am

    The lower level only has single seats here and there, but I got some upper level tickets, no problem. Really looking forward to this weekend’s action.

  21. sports for fun December 4, 2019 9:38 am

    Tickets selling fast

  22. oldie December 4, 2019 10:39 am

    Bought 3 tickets in lower bowl by mistake. Section E high row. Will sell at cost

  23. EA December 4, 2019 1:22 pm

    @23 I wish I saw your post earlier…

  24. Cindy Luis December 4, 2019 1:31 pm
    4. Hawaii has put down its TeraFlex.
    5. personally I think it’s the toughest regional. RPI is strength of schedule and many teams ride their overall conference outcome to a better RPI than if just going on their own W-L record. It’s the only one with three ranked teams and three conference champions
    6. Shar, tickets didn’t go on sale to the general public til Wednesday morning.
    10. well WSU finished fifth in the conference. RPI boost came Saturday with their second win over UW.
    11. nothing on TV
    12. have no idea what color uniform they are wearing. Likely home whites.
    15. can’t repeat this enough about Rasmussen. she hasn’t been fully cleared to practice. but it appears she is close.
    19. I know UNC is arriving today. They usually come in at leas a day before they play.

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