Friday Top 25/BWC scores, Hawaii 3, UC Irvine 1


Spectrum OC16 Ch. 12/1012

Top 25
No. 1 Minnesota def. No. 20 Michigan, 25-18, 25-18, 22-25, 25-8
No. 14 Nebraska def. No. 2 Penn State, 26-24, 25-19, 25-20
Michigan State def. No. 5 Wisconsin, 14-25, 25-18, 25-22, 22-25, 15-13
No. 11 UCLA def. No. 8 Oregon,19-25, 25-18, 25-19, 25-21
No. 15 Creighton def. Georgetown, 25-12, 25-11, 20-25, 25-11
No. 18 Utah def.No. 25 Colorado, 25-14, 16-25, 25-20, 25-17
No. 19 Florida State def. Virginia, 25-22, 25-21, 22-25, 25-14
No. 22 Northern Iowa def. Valparaiso, 25-21, 23-25, 25-22, 25-16
No. 24 Wichita State def. Temple, 29-27, 19-25, 31-29, 25-15

Big West
Cal Poly def. Cal State Fullerton, 25-12, 25-16, 25-13
UC Santa Barbara def. UC Riverside, 25-21, 25-17, 25-22


  1. Connor September 22, 2017 6:41 pm

    Where is lipscomb? Do not see her on the bench tonight.

  2. Kalihifc September 22, 2017 6:42 pm

    Where’s Lipscomb?

  3. vballfan September 22, 2017 6:45 pm

    Shane is totally not on the court or even on the sideline. Hope she is OK.

  4. vballfan September 22, 2017 6:45 pm


  5. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 7:05 pm

    don’t know where lipscomb is.

    same starting lineup as past few matches
    Koelsch, Iosia, Granato, Kahakai, Castillo, Williams, Maglio

  6. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 7:10 pm

    UCI on a 6-0 run on DeSales’ serving. She has an ace, her 45th this season. It’s 6-1. TO UH

  7. Warrior Dave September 22, 2017 7:10 pm

    Stuck in a bad rotation.

  8. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 7:28 pm

    Misset to Maglio and it’s 23-18. TO UH. Wahine had pulled to 21-18 on Koelsch’s line shot.

  9. Warriorfan September 22, 2017 7:30 pm

    Wahine practically giving the first set away.
    Castillo is way off.

  10. Maverick September 22, 2017 7:30 pm

    OHs are hitting negative combined. Only MBs are having a good match so far. Again, this is an inconsistent team.

  11. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 7:30 pm

    Castillo’s shot into the net, ends it. UCI wins 25-18.

  12. HawaiiMongoose September 22, 2017 7:31 pm

    Embarrassing first set. Castillo is missing in action. The team needs to wake up or they’re going to start the Big West season 0-1.

  13. Ashley September 22, 2017 7:32 pm

    my comment disappeared. go figure.
    but wanna keep getting frustrated, than set Casey, because everything she touch flies out

  14. Maverick September 22, 2017 7:33 pm

    OHs are 3-7-28 for -.143. Every OH is off so far.

  15. Maverick September 22, 2017 7:34 pm

    I love it when everyone gangs up on one player having a bad night. So much aloha.

  16. Warriorfan September 22, 2017 7:43 pm

    Wahine just lack energy.
    And of course they won’t beat anyone if mckenna G and Casey both struggle. Gotta hope one of them gets going at least.
    Dont understand why Skyler was taken out.

  17. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 7:49 pm

    Howling with the kill. UH up 15-13 at the TTO. Maglio went down, think she landed on Montgomery’s foot; should have been a centerline violation. Iosia also looked to tweak an ankle when turning on a play.

  18. m September 22, 2017 7:49 pm

    Howling hits a heavy ball.

  19. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 7:50 pm

    16. I think Howling is the better blocker.

  20. m September 22, 2017 7:53 pm

    I agree.

  21. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 7:53 pm

    UH up 18-13. TO UCI
    13. don’t know what you mean about comment disappearing.
    Agreed they won’t win many matches when both OHs are hitting negative. but let them adjust and see how it goes from here.
    Castillo’s errors mostly went long.

  22. Setaone September 22, 2017 7:54 pm

    Howling is also a better attacker than Williams.

    Can Spectrum stop the end line angle? Even my 7 year old said he doesn’t like it.

  23. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 7:56 pm

    22. Perhaps call Spectrum to complain. Have mentioned it to the SID.

  24. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 7:59 pm

    DeSales with the kill, pulls UCI to 22-20. TO UH

  25. Maverick September 22, 2017 8:00 pm

    Team is passing challenged at times. Bad time to shank a serve receive.

  26. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 8:01 pm

    DeSales goes wide. it’s 23-20. TO UCI

  27. Connor September 22, 2017 8:01 pm

    Granato is passing horribly. Has 3 service errors. She is killing the momentum.

  28. 2left September 22, 2017 8:03 pm

    I might be the only one that likes the end like angle to change things up. Can really see the positioning and the plays forming.

  29. Maverick September 22, 2017 8:04 pm

    Passing has been a weak point for a few years now. You’d think there would be a greater emphasis on it, and some improvement from such emphasis. When UH last went to the final four in 2009, that team could pass nails.

  30. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 8:05 pm

    Net violations when Montgomery tried for the service overpass. UH wins 25-22

  31. Maverick September 22, 2017 8:13 pm

    27. Not to be overly-negative, but this is something you should not be surprised by. Granato has never been a great passer. Greeley looked off tonite, maybe part of the reason she is out.
    28. Agree. Interesting view at times.
    30. UH gets a gift at the right time.

    Granato/Castillo finally in positive hitting territory at .049 combined. Better second set, particularly for Castillo. Clearly, not everything she touches flies out.

  32. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 8:16 pm

    Castillo was 5-0-7 in Set 2, Granato 4-3-12.
    29. trust me they have worked on serve-receive but give UCI credit. they don’t lead the conference in aces for nothing

  33. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 8:29 pm

    Maglio accounts for Hawaii’s last 3 points, a kill, a block and another kill.
    UH up 15-11 at the TTO

  34. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 8:30 pm

    wahine looking good. they better not let set 1 happen again. as our ladies know they are equipped.

  35. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 8:31 pm

    emily magnums block/set, kill was awesome. does she get kill by emily assisted by emily?

  36. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 8:35 pm

    Maglio on the service overpass. it’s 20-15. TO UCI

  37. Maverick September 22, 2017 8:37 pm

    32. As I said, UH has had passing woes for some time, not just against UCI. Also, UCI hasn’t beaten anyone good yet. The only good team they played is Louisville, who swept them. Their SOS is the worst among all teams in the BW. So difficult to give a lot of credit until they play better teams.

    BTW, I do trust you, but the practice hasn’t translated to improved in-game performance.

  38. 2left September 22, 2017 8:39 pm

    I think a lot of Big West teams serve UH with abandon. Looking for the upset – just like how UH football used to blitz BYU on practically every play back in the 80s.

  39. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 8:40 pm

    ‘Eaters on a 3-0 run, it’s 22-19. TO UH

  40. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 8:40 pm

    ah..wahine decided to pocket the jump serving and switch gears to effect a different tactic.

    emilys truly is magnum!

  41. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 8:44 pm

    Howling solo stuff and UH wins 25-20.

  42. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 8:45 pm

    the middles are rockin it!!! especially emily magnum!

  43. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 8:46 pm

    Maglio 11-0-22. .500
    Castillo hasn’t had a hitting error since Set 1.

  44. Maverick September 22, 2017 8:49 pm

    UH should be proud of how it is handling UCI’s attack. Coming into the match, the team hit .256, Kekauoha .316, Akpakpa .369, and Wolfe .301 (probably inflated by the competition). Tonite, the figures are .188, .080, .222 and .278.

  45. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 8:49 pm

    that norene to kendra attack was awesome, setter to setter attack!

  46. Warriorfan September 22, 2017 8:58 pm

    Wahine sloppiness letting irvine hang around.

  47. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 8:59 pm

    come on wahine..dont let this slip….

  48. Maverick September 22, 2017 9:00 pm

    Maglio hitting .480, 12-0-25. Seriously if they could get her the ball more…

  49. Notaspectrumfan September 22, 2017 9:03 pm

    Is anyone else experiencing slight lag and jerky ness from spectrum?

  50. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 9:05 pm

    UH had been doing a nice job on Kekauoha. but she’s kind of gotten away from the Wahine.
    4 kills this set.
    UH has pulled to 16-15 after being down 16-11. TO UCI

  51. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 9:06 pm

    we need more magnum. and wahine need to step more on the gas.

  52. Warriofan September 22, 2017 9:07 pm

    I know where she would easily get 15 + more hitting attempts per match.

  53. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 9:07 pm

    Granato with her 500th kill. ties it at 16.

  54. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 9:11 pm

    Ace by Granato makes it 22-19. TO UCI

  55. Maverick September 22, 2017 9:13 pm

    UH now has more aces than UCI, 5 to 4. Also more service errors, 9 to 8.

  56. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 9:14 pm

    what was that one match where wahine had 13 aces again? now good on casey with her last.

  57. Cindy Luis September 22, 2017 9:15 pm

    Koelsch ends it 25-20

  58. Warriorfan September 22, 2017 9:16 pm

    Not bad , Mckenna G did not play to her standards and wahine still won.

  59. z September 22, 2017 9:17 pm

    24 digs for Savanah.

  60. Maverick September 22, 2017 9:17 pm

    54. Northern Arizona.

  61. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 9:20 pm

    congratulations wahine on the W. rising can be reserved for later and put to good/better use.

  62. Maverick September 22, 2017 9:25 pm

    56. Actually, Granato, Castillo and Koelsch all failed to play anywhere near their season averages, and UH won. Thank the middles (21-1-39, .513), team defense (including 11 blocks), and the fact that they didn’t face a team like Poly.

  63. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 9:29 pm

    58. oh yeah. there was some announcement and confused me like that was a long time ago. haha

  64. warriorwahine September 22, 2017 9:49 pm

    ryan kalei tsuji said it best and funny. #buillthewall and make irvine pay for it.

    the middles made that happen and though irvine refused to pay for it, did pay for it.

  65. HawaiiMongoose September 22, 2017 10:08 pm

    Good win. I was frustrated by the slow start but glad to see the Wahine assert themselves after that. All along it felt like we had the better team; it was just a matter of our players performing up to their potential.

  66. Lori September 22, 2017 10:27 pm

    All I can say is Thank you to Scott Wong for really wanting to recruit Emily Maglio and convincing Dave she would be a great player. Makes you wonder how many other players Dave didn’t feel would turn out to be great players but did indeed become great players when playing for other teams. Not being negative towards Dave but just wondering. It’s hard to predict how good or how bad players will become in college. Howling and Williams seems to have adjusted well. They will be great in the years to come for HI.

  67. Hapaguy September 22, 2017 10:32 pm

    We stunk up the place and still won! If I never see the match and you told me that our 3 pin hitters hit a combined .150 and Iosia had her worst setting performance as a Rainbow Wahine, I would have asked you how badly we lost. Tough serving, good blocking (18 blocks), and Emily Maglio saved our bacon tonight….

  68. Hapaguy September 22, 2017 10:36 pm

    Anyone know what happened to Shaney Lipscomb tonight? She wasn’t there….

  69. vballfan September 23, 2017 12:07 am

    Thanks to MAGSnificent for her play tonight!!!

  70. Crazy4WVB September 23, 2017 5:21 am

    Hummm…she’s not on roster.

  71. Maverick September 23, 2017 6:48 am

    I suspect Shaney has left the program if she wasn’t at the game and she is no longer listed in the team roster. Her Facebook page says she is currently living in La Jolla. Really unfortunate for UH. They lost a player ranked just outside the top 100. Now the speculation begins as to why she left.

  72. Ron September 23, 2017 7:20 am

    I hope we get some explanation from both sides. Robyn seems to be a little caviler in her responses to real questions. While her hard nosed approach is working with this group, I don’t think “my way or the highway” is going to work if you are trying to recruit California girls. There is too much we don’t to speculate further.
    Like mentioned above, it is nice to see that we can still win even if Granato struggles a little. I love Ross in the back row.

  73. Connor September 23, 2017 7:48 am

    Cindy has defended Robyn’s persistence in using granato in the back row because of back row attack potential. However granato’s struggles with passing overshadow this. Ross should sub for granato in the back row because she is better passer and can also handle backrow attack. Granato’s passing is painful to watch in person.

  74. Connor September 23, 2017 8:04 am

    Irvine targeted granato all night in services. Irvine coaches are not stupid. Wait until we play Santa Barbara and cal poly.

  75. livealoha September 23, 2017 8:12 am

    No win will be a given in the BWC, but Hawaii has more talent on its roster than everyone else – including Cal Poly.

    Cal Poly is playing the best right now though, and they have terminating outsides and an amazing senior setter.

    Unfortunate to hear that Lipscomb likely left the program. I have a feeling she won’t be the only one after this season.

  76. Ron September 23, 2017 8:59 am

    Totally agree Conner, Ross, based on passing alone should be in the back row. With her ability to hit the pipe set makes this a no brainer IMO. This would allow Granato to concentrate on what she does best, pound the ball from the front row.

  77. vbfan September 23, 2017 9:27 am

    Hope the coach can get some foreign players/transfers during the offseason, if not the team’s going to be in trouble next season.

    Ah Mow seems to have a very different coaching style than Shoji, who seemed to be more laid back during the last few years. I think Robyn said in an interview that she thought Dave had mellowed a lot from the time she was a player to when she was on his coaching staff. I have to wonder how her personality might play with potential recruits.

  78. Hapaguy September 23, 2017 11:02 am

    If it’s true that Shaney Lipscomb has left the program that is really disappointing. I had high hopes for her. IMHO she was the heir apparent to NT’s opposite position….big loss if true….

  79. 2left September 23, 2017 11:34 am

    77. I don’t know how Robyn actually is, but i agree that in general old school attitude won’t cut it in the long run. Old futs can blame the young players, but unless a coach is recruiting 40 year old freshman, the coach needs to adapt and stress communication over pure discipline.

  80. rabbit ears September 23, 2017 11:38 am

    I disagree about Granato not playing back row. She has been passing pretty well up to this game. She did steady out after the first game. It’s her serving that’s been problematic. I kind of look at it that you take the good with the bad. Very sure that they are working on it. She has the best back row attack on the roster. I do like Ross in the back row. I think they found a home for her.

  81. Connor September 23, 2017 11:57 am

    #80. Do you go to games in person? I do and granato’s passing woes are very apparent thru the entire match. She should not be playing backrow.

  82. Warriorfan September 23, 2017 1:47 pm

    Don’t see it
    Always thought her jump vertical wasn’t high enough, hope for the best for her ,if she indeed left the program.

  83. warriorwahine September 23, 2017 5:56 pm

    shaney left? thats too bad. shaney is the only left hander too.

    i bet cindy might know.

  84. Cindy Luis September 23, 2017 6:34 pm
    new thread up for Saturday.

    Answer on Lipscomb on new thread.
    some brutal comments.
    I didn’t think they ‘stunk up the place’
    Other than Set 1, they played pretty well.
    Granato played herself out of negative, came up with key kills
    Think the real key was Castillo in Set 2. She was 5-0-7. when that happens, the block has to honro the pins and it opened up the middle.
    Maglio only had 3 kills through Set 2. Passing got better and they were able to run the middle.
    Bottom line. They picked up the W.

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