Failing Bracketology, Te’o improves 40 time

There’s nothing quite as humbling as participating in an NCAA basketball tournament pool … especially a big one. My rank is 3,079,773rd in the ESPN Tournament Challenge after the first week of March Madness.

As usual, I’m toast, picking too many early upsets. But I’m just one round of 64 miss behind the president, tied with Dick Vitale and one ahead of Joe Lunardi.

Anyone still have all of their Final Four teams still alive? I’ve got three: Louisville, Miami and Kansas. But I fell for the idea of the Mountain West being to basketball this year what the SEC is to football and had New Mexico coming out of the West; whoops, Harvard took care of that — and I’ve got nothing left in that region.

None of my “upsets” came through except for, Cal, Minnesota and Oregon in the first round. And it’s debatable if those are really upsets or just bad seeding especially in the case of Oregon. I also fell for the St. Louis hype and didn’t pull the trigger on the Ducks advancing to the Sweet 16 by beating the Billikens.

Florida Gulf Coast? Didn’t think of circling it instead of Georgetown for even one second.

Feel free to share your bracket horror stories.


UPDATE: Manti Te’o was timed at 4.71 and 4.75 in two 40-yard dash times today according to ESPN. Notre Dame said he ran 4.69.

Today’s tweet, from Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune, has a link to everything you need to know heading into Pro Day for Manti Te’o at Notre Dame:

Eric Hansen @hansenNDInsider


Te’o’s numbers will overshadow long shots at #NotreDame‘s Pro Day:


  1. lowtone123 March 26, 2013 8:43 am

    Te’o has to improve on his 40 from the Combine by a bunch. Probably under 4.70 may get him back into first round.

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