Reader questions Wie’s focus, heart

Read your article, “Annika Engages” Star-Advertiser July 10. As far as I’m concerned, Annika does not owe Michelle Wie any apologies whatsoever. Annika was just being real and if Michelle and the press doesn’t like it, tough cookies!

First off, I don’t hate Michelle Wie. I want her to succeed to the highest levels in woman’s golf. I want her to be the best. The BIG QUESTION is how badly does Michelle want it? Frankly, she doesn’t. Here’s why:

1. Lack of focus and desire.
2. Lack of competitors’ heart, drive and spirit. She took the path of least resistance. She got a lot of sponsor’s exemptions. She did not have to earn her way into lots of tournaments. Which leads to…
3. Inability to close out a tournament. She had the chance to win at least 5 other championships, but her lack of experience in the clutch lead to runner up finishes.
4. No devotion or respect to the game that has given her so much. Her withdrawal from the US Open with one hole to play, even though she had to come back the next the day to complete it, citing illness, showed a lack of class, character, and intestinal fortitude. She should have gutted it out. That would have spoke volumes about the person that she is. Instead, Michelle appears to be a quitter, cry baby and prima donna. Michelle has not apologized for her actions.
5. Michelle makes millions through endorsements from Nike, Kia and other sponsors. She is pretty much set for life. She does not have to try and be the best.
6. Michelle needs to have her head examined. Golf is a very mental game (I know. I’ve been playing the game since 1987. It can beat you down). At the highest levels, it can be devastating. This is evidenced by Michelle’s new putting stance. She is trying so desperately to get the ball in the hole that she will try anything. Her new stance is embarrassing and very unladylike. Michelle should work on drills or talk to some of the best putters in golf like Ben Crenshaw, Steve Stricker, Jack Nicklaus, or Dave Stockton. They can enlighten her way of thinking. Because when she starts to see putts drop, the rest of her game will come around.

I wish Michelle the best. I hope she does well. However if she doesn’t want it bad enough, her legacy to golf will be a better than average golfer, bordering on mediocrity. I’m sure that’s not what Michelle wants. But only SHE KNOWS.

Robert Soberano


  1. PurpleMaple July 18, 2013 5:32 am

    Michelle Wie has only managed to earn a degree from Stanford University while maintaining her LPGA career. Crybaby, not hardly. Misdirected by poor advice from family, perhaps.

  2. Lowtone123 July 18, 2013 10:01 am

    Well written Robert. Here’s a reason why she SHOULD try. When she is long gone from the sport what will she be remembered for? Tons of potential, little of it fullfilled. Look at the best athletes and see for most a common thread is that while they have made a ton of money they are still driven by their desire to win and leave a legacy of being the best in their sport. While I’ll grant while many athletes come from modest, even poor upbringing, Michelle was raised very comfortably. She is not driven, maybe she has lost her passion for the game, just going along to fullfill her obligations and retire into the sunset, another one of those athletes who never played up to the hype and expectations.

  3. Robin July 18, 2013 2:52 pm

    Don’t understand the hate and anger at Michelle Wie. Yes, from the comments I’ve heard on sports radio and the comments I’ve read on the internet, those descriptions seem fitting. To those people: Have you bought pricey tickets to golf tournaments specifically to see her play? Did you purchase oodles of Nike stock when she signed her endorsement deals? Did you buy her endorsed products or Wie merchandise as an investment? She likely doesn’t owe you ANYTHING! If ‘that much’ of your personal well-being revolves around the reverence of golf professionals, the PGA, LPGA, etc. that’s pathetic. GET A LIFE!!!

  4. isleboy July 24, 2013 10:06 am

    Child prodigy….everything happened too fast….never improved. Her putting….well…
    her first coach kept telling Michelle to work on her putting….Michelle loved to watch the
    ball fly thru the air….putting was boring….reason now struggles with stance, stroke…
    last tourney she was pounding the putter….LOL…..

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