I like Baylor and its 400-pound Bear

For the second week in a row I voted Baylor No. 1 in the AP poll, for the obvious reason that I think the Bears are the best team in college football right now. Other reasons: The Bears’ defense is better than people think, anyone with a really impressive win has also taken a loss (Ole Miss), some of what seemed to be impressive wins are no longer (Utah bushwhacking Oregon is a bit devalued when the Ducks lose to Wazoo) and Ohio State continues to show up just in time for kickoff … the second-half kickoff.

One more reason: Tight end LaQuan McGowan … all 6-feet-7 and 400 pounds of him.

What do you think of a four-team national championship playoff that could be Baylor, Clemson, Utah and Florida?

That right there is a great argument to expand it to eight — plus potential access for a deserving team or two not from the Power 5 conferences.

This is the order I voted. The number in parentheses is how the entire panel voted.

For more poll info, go to College Poll Tracker … according to their list of highest rated ballots I managed to successfully pander to a fan base or two this week. Baylor? Clemson? Michigan? All I know is probably not Michigan State or UCLA.

Darkhorse Heisman candidate: Clemson quarterback DeShaun Watson. But it’s going to be hard to catch Trevon Boykins (TCU) Ezekiel Elliot (Ohio State) and Leonard Fournette (LSU).

1. Baylor (2)
2. Clemson (5)
3. Utah (4)
4. Florida (8)
5. Michigan (12)
6. LSU (6)
7. TCU (3)
8. Ohio State (1)
9. Ole Miss (13)
10. Alabama (10)
11. Texas A&M (9)
12. Stanford (15)
13. Florida State (11)
14. Oklahoma State (16)
15. Michigan State (7)
16. Notre Dame (14)
17. Iowa (17)
18. Boise State (21)
19. Temple (NR)
20. Oklahoma (19)
21. Northwestern (20)
22. Duke (25)
23. Cal (23)
24. Toledo (22)
25. Houston (24)


  1. H-Man October 12, 2015 12:07 pm

    Wasn’t LaQuan contending with Blake Miur for the starting left guard position that Blake eventually won? Oh yeah, Blake was one of the no-talent linemen that was recruited by Mac’s staff, as alleged by some disgruntled fans who claim the cupboard was left bare when Chow took over.

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