Ducks No. 1 … for now

Here’s my AP poll after this week’s games. I’m that one guy who put Oregon at No. 1. I’m surprised I’ve no company.

The Ducks’ stay at No. 1 may be brief, since I will likely put Alabama back there if it beats Texas A&M next week.

According to voting guidelines this is supposed to be about who is best right now, and Oregon looked tremendous against Virginia.

Alabama literally did nothing since it had a bye. Not their fault, true. But the Tide offensive line was a little shaky against VaTech last week and I didn’t notice any weaknesses for Oregon (well, I concede that 119 yards in penalties leaves room for improvement) in its 59-10 crushing of Virginia on the road this week.

Granted, Virginia isn’t great, but the Cavaliers are not a laughing stock either; they beat BYU last week and you may have seen what the Cougars did to Texas yesterday.

1. Oregon

2. Alabama

3. Ohio State

4. Clemson

5. Stanford

6. Louisville

7. LSU

8. Texas A&M

9.  Georgia

10. Florida State

11. Michigan

12. Oklahoma State

13. South Carolina

14. Oklahoma

15. UCLA

16. Wisconsin


18. Miami

19. Baylor

20. Washington

21. Notre Dame

22. TCU

23. Michigan State

24. Arizona State

25. Nebraska

Here’s how the entire panel voted:

1. Alabama (57 first-place votes)

2. Oregon (1)

3. Clemson (1)

4. Ohio State (1)

5. Stanford

6. Texas A&M

7. Louisville

8. LSU

9. Georgia

10. Florida State

11. Michigan

12. Oklahoma State

13. South Carolina

14. Oklahoma

15. Miami (FL)

16. UCLA

17. Northwestern

18. Florida

19. Washington

20. Wisconsin

21. Notre Dame

22. Baylor

23. Nebraska

24. TCU

25. Ole Miss


  1. hossana September 9, 2013 7:28 am

    I still say Clemson and Georgia are two top five teams and I personally feel Clemson or Georgia could beat Alabama or Oregon….Unfortunately, I don’t think Oregon has the defense that can contain these teams and a good defensive team definitely can shut down Oregon which I think Clemson, Georgia, and South Carolina has not to mention Florida State….don’t get me wrong, I am cheering for Mariota et. co. to go all the way but reality gets the best of my emotions still if Oregon can get past Stanford, UCLA, and Washington then they have a chance…….

  2. PolyMom September 11, 2013 7:28 am

    Dave I call BS on you!

    Oregon would be beaten by

    Texas A&M
    Ohio State
    ? Clemson

    Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel would have a field day with Oregon. And since you spouted so much verbal BS about Johnny Manziel…prove what you posted on FB with Scott Terna. There was NO proof he did anything wrong. Stick to being a journalist and leave your personal commentary alone. You owe his Mama an applology.

    Charlie Strong is a bad ass Coach. I know him personally. A fine man who has fantastic facilities. Get some info.
    Tom Jurich the AD for Louisville is the highest paid AD in the country. Charlie Strong is one of the most loyal coaches in college football. He could have left the Ville. But he stayed and kept his promise when Louisville beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Try going to a Card game. Fans are in the stands a half hour before kick off. When part of the new stadium was destroyed…it was rebuilt in 5 months on time for kick off this year.

    How many games a week do you watch? I watch 16-20 games a week.

    I’m from Hawaii, I’ll always be a Hawaii fan and large donor. Please show some respect for Norm Chow, one of the greatest living legends of football. How about writing positive things to get fans to show up to game?. When our boys suit up and show up…so should the fans.

    And the way you treated Manti, that was terrible to. But he has the last laugh. I don’t blame him or his family for not speaking to the local media. They were treated very poorly. It was terrible.

    Hon, the PAC 12 is way overrated. Remember last season USC was ranked #1 per season? Yah…oh how the mighty have fallen. I got no dawg in that matter, but it just shows how DUMB you sports writers are by flash and glitz.

    Nuff said.

  3. Dave Reardon October 4, 2013 9:42 pm

    PolyMom … my job IS personal commentary. Thanks for reading.

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