Video: UH football team starts fall camp

Norm Chow and the Rainbow Warrior football team prepare for the upcoming season with their first day of fall practice. Hawaii hosts Colorado on Sept. 3 in the season opener.


  1. Tanman August 6, 2015 9:43 am

    Thank you for the video!! I was going to stop by because I was meeting my friend at UH anyway. I was in the parking structure but decided that it was too far to walk since it was very hot and humid and a chance for rain. I was not sure if there are closer parking spaces to the grass field. I ended up stopping at the dorm area and watched for a few minutes. Wittek ‘s throws looked good. Woolsey’s ones were little wobbling… I hope either Riley or Zwahlen can be a capable third QB who may be ready to take over at number 2. It was also great to see the UH women soccer team members were practicing as well… I am not sure if I seen the baseball team practicing or not but there were players practicing in the baseball stadium. I thought they are off right now…

  2. Tanman August 6, 2015 9:55 am

    I was talking to someone about the September 12th UH game vs Ohio State because we were planning to have a picnic on that same day. After my friends left, an older gentleman came over to talk because he thought that I was an Ohio State alum… It turns out he used to work at security area for Buckeyes’ games and has retired. They, Ohio State fans, will be watching the game at Giovanni Pastrami. Very nice gentleman. For game 1, I am all out cheering for the Buckeyes vs the Virginia Tech Hokies. I’d like them to win because it they lose, they’ll be all stinking mad and Hawaii will be in trouble. I hope that UH will 1) play respectably and 2) come out relatively injury free (not just that game but because facing MW opponents). Of cause, I am all out cheering for UH to win against Colorado as well even though we are the underdogs.

  3. rundown808 September 4, 2015 6:32 am

    Where is walk on prospect WR Malik Lockett?
    Didn’t see him at camp or on the roster this season?

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