Video: UH concludes spring practices

The University of Hawaii football team wrapped up spring practices for 2015. The Warriors practiced under first-year coordinators Don Bailey (offense) and Tom Mason (defense).


  1. David J. May 4, 2015 4:28 am

    Aloha & Good Morning Hawaii!.
    I really seriously like what, I have heard!. Go Warriors! It’s Miller’s time!. NA!. “IT’S WARRIORS TIME!”. Most of thanks to former AD. Ben Jay who had worked so hard to scheduled the best group of University to play against Hawaii!. Ohio State, Michigan, Kansas, UCLA, Oregon State , Wisconsin and so on more great University. Now and seriously to the fact! Now! With a new AD Martin let’s see what kinds of University he can bring to play against the University of Hawaii football program!. I really not the weak teams or not a division two or three University!. Because now with a new coach at the UNLV! They caught on really fast now!. They have scheduled to play against UCLA and Michigan in 2015 and some other university too!. To me it’s about time they do something right!. And we will see you in November in Las Vegas!. By that time, I really seriously hope that the warriors are a great team that can beat the Rebels at Sam’s Boyd Stadium this time around! .

  2. David J. May 4, 2015 4:37 am

    I forgot to say this! I’m back!

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