Attack of the Clunes at LB

Defensive coordinator Kevin Clune might be up nights deciding on a starting inside linebacker.  Jamm Aquino/
Defensive coordinator Kevin Clune might be up nights deciding on a starting inside linebacker.
Jamm Aquino/

New defensive coordinator Kevin Clune doubles as the team’s inside linebackers coach. In the latter respect, he still has some decisions to make.

For his starting two ‘backers (and reserve rotation) on the inside in the team’s new 3-4 base scheme, he’s looking primarily at a pool of Tevita Lataimua, Simon Poti, Malachi Mageo, Julian Gener, Jerrol Garcia-Williams and Benny Fonua.

“So there’s some good depth,” Clune said.

Clune will weigh his most recent depth chart in part based on the results Tuesday’s refereed scrimmage at the T.C. Ching Athletics Complex.

“We’ll see after the scrimmage (is viewed) kind of who’s separated themselves to be on top,” he said. “But that’s the main thing, is that any of those guys can be in the ballgame.”

Clune came over from Mountain West (and former WAC) opponent Utah State. The Aggies, once a conference doormat in football, elevated their game in recent seasons before Clune’s defection.

“He’s a good, hard coach,” Lataimua said. “He’s tough on us. He always repeats himself because he wants us (to get it down). He’s a very detailed coach. It’s all about the little things for him. You know, less talking and more showing with him. But I mean, relationship’s good, I like him as a coach. I like the plays that he’s doing, I like the calls that he makes.”


  1. AdmrVT August 19, 2014 11:17 pm

    A poster on the Warrior Sportsnetwork site heard a Portnoy interview on radio and reported:

    “First, like I said, Portnoy’s comments were very interesting and informative. One of the things he mentioned first was that the statement made by BJ was so taken out of context, it completely twisted the original intent of what BJ was trying to convey when he said it. According to Portnoy, KITV immediately leaked something to the effect that BJ said Football was going to go away. What BJ had actually said was that in the very worst case scenario, it could be conceivable that football would have to be pau. (Of course, as I and many others have said, if that happened, UHAD for all intents and purposes would be pau hana too at that point.) He wasn’t threatening, he wasn’t posturing, he was simply stating that this was a possibility should the very worst happen. Of course–what the media reported was only the part that Football was going away–giving everyone the impression that BJ was threatening to kill football.

    It’s a case of poor/selective/sensationalisic reporting. PERIOD. Then instead of accurately explaining, IMO all the media outlets just ran with it in order to cash in on the story. All the TV stations, radio stations and the newspaper did the same thing…ALL GUILTY.

    The other thing that I found interesting is Portnoy’s comments made it pretty clear IMO, that Apple was exactly the f*cker I suspected he was. Even more so now, I think he was underhanded and clearly deceptive in his dealings with UHAD and the community. I think he knowingly masked and hid an anti-athletics agenda from the general public and did his best to undermine (from behind the scenes) the best efforts of the Athletic Director(s) reporting to him (Donovan AND Jay). It is also my belief that he did this with the full knowledge and blessing (if not mandate of) Greenwood.

    Now…as for academics…I have no problem with the administration having an “academics first” agenda. UH is after all, an institute of “higher” learning. It is my belief though, that education encompasses more than just the academics–the “studies.” Extra-curricular activities in the college setting are IMO, an extremely important part of the education and the experience. To ignore athletics or other “non-study” type activities is a great mistake and does the students a great disservice. It seems though, that ultimately, this was the direction Apple (and had she stayed, Greenwood was) headed in.

    I am hopeful that Lassner–with whom BJ has already had some meaningful conversation per his segment, will work to change the system that does not allow for the AD to directly administer his department–or at least streamline the channels through the AD can communicate his needs, such that one dissenting mind cannot necessarily derail the entire department’s future.”

  2. AdmrVT August 19, 2014 11:22 pm

    oops. Wrong article.

  3. Maddog50 August 20, 2014 3:42 am

    Do not care if you posted it in wrong place… makesw sense and reduces the frustration…..thanks

  4. NorthShoreFan August 21, 2014 11:17 am

    Aloha All:
    #1, very interesting post. I agree the media jumped and screwed everything up. There are those who lead and there are those who tear down. Got to find leaders.

    Love the “Attack of the Clunes”!..IMUA WARRIORS!

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