Trip coming together

Though the details aren’t all in yet, indications are that the UH men’s basketball team is close to announcing the full travel package for the 10-day summer trip to China and Japan. The plan is still to have boosters or other supporters join the team on the August expedition (those who have the dough and time to go, of course).

Significant progress has been made in both sponsorships and overall fundraising, though the cost was higher than the total $75,000 initially thought because the whole team (including new players) must be enrolled in the second summer session starting in July before they can go on the trip. There’s been support, though; even Gov. Neil Abercrombie donated to the cause.

UH coach Gib Arnold can’t comment about sponsorships and the final product just yet, but things appear close to finalization. Stay tuned.


  1. kendall May 16, 2011 9:41 pm

    They should sell Zippy’s Chili tickets, I would buy 10.

  2. al May 16, 2011 10:47 pm

    you’re joking right?
    why don’t you just ante up $50?

    that would work.

  3. al May 16, 2011 10:49 pm

    back to the subject matter…unreal. really, what gibber has done in just over a year is simply amazing.

    you got to know how hard he is working to make all this work and i’m not talking china only. the recruiting with 3 weeks last year and great job he and his staff has done for this years is immense.

    its unreal.

  4. Eagle May 17, 2011 4:55 am

    al – GOOD Points

    Similarly for the other sports –to Build AND SUSTAIN –is a HUGE Effort

    SO in the case of Football, if we can finally have a Continuous String of Success, the Program will have grown beyond where JJ took it, so we don’t have to suffer rebuilding years; “Just RE-Load”

    – AND i don’t necessarily expect ‘all the fans’ to recognize the difference (since they get ‘spoiled’ and develop a sense of entitlement (as if they built the program and have the right of expectation)

    THE Difference that two or five players can make in basketball was always among the reasons it was seen as U.H.’s best door into the big-time (similar to BUTLER, Bradley, and before them, Gonzaga or UNLV)

  5. UHDODGER May 17, 2011 5:36 am

    Gib is doing a great job and I can’t wait for next season! That being said I really hope JD is working OT to reward and secure Gib for a long time.

  6. Eagle May 17, 2011 5:35 pm

    We NEED An ALERT Campaign to Ensure Governor Abercrombie is lighting a Fire under the Cronies, Administrators, Do-It-By-The-Book-ers, Legal EAGLES, Regents, Clerks and Every One that needs to KICK IT IN Gear to get Gib’s (and Dana and others’) Contracts Signed, Sealed and Delivered — IF They Need to Meet Every Day Until they get it Done, They Ought To, What-Ever it Takes …

    IT IS That Important — Consider the Economic Impact of The Sugar Bowl Season, (Enrollment, TV Time, Tourism Effects, Tax Revenues) versus rebuilding the staff; OR The Nash versus G.Arnold Effect on Arena Sales, Balancing the Budget, etc. — The Difference in Plus Revenue easily Trumps the differential cost of doing it NOW versus much later (esp. If You were to LOSE Another Really Good (to Great!) “Golden Goose”, and especially another one who really wants to be here…)…

    [Since The Governor has been writing personal check(s) to support the China-Asia Trip i’m SURE he’s aware and has been on it … we just need to make sure it STAYS in The Forefront ’til it Really Gets Done …]

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