Senque very much

After weeks of rumors and speculation about his status with Hawaii, former Loyola Marymount and Fresno State assistant Senque Carey became a Rainbow Warriors assistant coach on Tuesday.

Carey did not have direct experience as a coach with any member of the UH staff, but had mutual contacts through his eight years on the coaching circuit. That, and his recruiting reputation, earned him the spot vacated by Scott Fisher earlier this summer.

Senque Carey
Senque Carey

“Looking forward to working with the staff and the administration,” Carey said.

In a 10-minute conversation, his confidence in his recruiting abilities was a recurring theme. He spoke about grooming Paul George and Greg Smith at Fresno State into NBA players.

And “Coach Q” spoke about there being no good reason why he couldn’t do that at Hawaii, too.

“You have those mentalities that you’re in Hawaii and you only can recruit certain types of players? Times have changed. We’re going out there and competing and try to get the best players in the country,” he said.

Carey takes over as recruiting coordinator for the ‘Bows, and will oversee the team’s point guards. Those duties previously were in the purview of Benjy Taylor and Brandyn Akana, so it will be interesting to see how roles shift somewhat for the coming season.

Here’s the statement Gib Arnold gave about the addition of Carey:

“Thrilled to have Senque Carey join our staff. He has a great reputation as a recruiter and his ability to develop point guards. I have known Senque a long time and even recruited him a bit back in the day. I have been impressed by his work as an Assistant Coach. He recruited Paul George and Greg Smith two NBA players to Fresno. He has a great work ethic and major recruiting ties around the country. He will be relentless in his recruiting and his dedication to the University of Hawaii. We are very fortunate to have him join our staff.”

Carey is taking a long-winded recruiting road trip immediately, starting in Atlanta. From there he’ll head to Dallas and Las Vegas.

It’s no surprise that Carey is the hire; it was going to be a matter of when, and not if. Staff-wise, the only real questions left are if the NCAA will levy any kind of sanctions against Akana (for the violation that kicked off its investigation of UH) and if the team will fill its director of operations position by the start of the season.

Look for a full version of the Senque-to-UH story in Wednesday’s edition of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.


  1. poorboy July 15, 2014 11:57 pm


    One guy from other blog, B…, said Gib and program gone bye end of May, well we headed for August, with addition of Sengue Carey and his ability to recruit, hopefully the right fit and athletic talent, UH looking up, The die hards are really salivating now.

    Still, Brian, any word on Sammis? Think he will get in this fall? Is it doable, getting the ncaa clearance?

    Mahalo Brian!

  2. Brian McInnis July 16, 2014 12:03 am

    No final word on Reyes yet. Believe he’s still going through the appeals process.

  3. poorboy July 16, 2014 12:04 am


    Good analysis, you and some others close to situation…said it WAS because of that thing with Akana that started ball rolling.. unfortunate, however UH MBB and Gib kept the ball rolling, whether summer camps, getting the guys that could, get into summer school, get the backing of the Big guns at UH to lock up his extenstion Contract.
    That DOBA, that is important position, a possible experienced guy, or a really great workaholic, who gives his all, like Eran Ganot. Gib will find a good one. Like recruiting, Gib has to surround himself with great staff too, I think he has learned.

    Things looking up for UH MBB. Just wish, if possible Gib and Que and lock up a good athlete or if Sammis cannot get in, TWO, for this season, SF and PF would be great.

    IF SAMMIS On the fence, however, I still hoping he gets in this fall.. with another PF, play the paint, athletic, QUE and Gib go get that final piece to puzzle, though home schedule not the greatest ,except for DHC.. the style of ball will be super exciting with possibly 4 three star, or more, or better, playing next season!

  4. poorboy July 16, 2014 12:06 am


    Mahalo….hmmm, so there is more to it, than grades, he is on appeal. Hope it works out..know through social, he is anxious to leave Florida and enroll at UH.
    Wish him the best, otherwise, that is why Que and Gib do what all coaches do nowadays, like overbooking, the over offer, hoping to get one or two, that they can land, full compliant.
    Come on, Sammis, we rooting for you, Too bad, he did not get cleared earlier.. must be rough on he and his family!

  5. K-Bay July 16, 2014 3:29 am

    i ‘think’ in general, UH Does NOT Over-book…

    AS BIG A Jump and Commitment as it is to Move out here, versus on the mainland, ‘just driving down the road’, UH is very considerate on ‘promising positions’ …

    that is part of why Coach Laura’s Wahine team ended up short (Not utilizing all of last year’s available scholarships); when a girl or two couldn’t qualify in immediately or get cleared ‘to play’, they still saved ‘their spots’ here; other schools ‘might’ have just moved on to another or the next best player, but that could have/might have shot or ended the careers of our committed recruits…coach instead chose to ‘play short’ but show total class & compassion …

    GET Here, Sammie!
    ALL the Way to Playing Qualified
    (with eventual Honors…)

  6. islandman July 16, 2014 7:29 am

    How come advertising the position rule was not required ? When is it allowed by the state to not advertise, etc. ?

  7. fan4mbb July 16, 2014 7:33 am

    Everyday I look for BM’s *Sports News report & Court Sense comments first on *Advertiser!
    Admired his art as an outstanding writer with integrity, the heading here “Senque very much” really brighten my morning!

    The possibility of a point-guard specificed coach – ‘Coach Q’ coaches ‘Point-guard Q’ sounds very ‘Q’ as well as intriquing to the up-coming UHMBB season dispite the boo-birds’ cursings!

    With the advertised qualities of ‘Coach Q’, he could be the catalyst for an amazing turn-around amid the current suspenseful avertsity!

    Congrats to Coach ‘A’!

  8. poorboy July 16, 2014 1:12 pm

    fan4mbb and islandman, yes that Carey hiring, amidst the , quite large group that says Gib MBB ship has sunk, well Gib and UH MBB still sailing, will come out of storm of adversities even stronger. Full steam ahead and even better!

    Sorry Eagle, I am not sure what the recruiting strategy is for Gib, however by he appointing Sengue Q as recruiting coordinator, and by his attitude, don’t say we cannot get the top notch athletes here, of course the right way..wonder when through the blog grapevine, we will see and hear about possible offer commits very soon. And for him to say, never, say TOOO late in the recruiting game, He knows, hundreds out their, that can qualify to enter UH and fit the needs of SF or PF.. Sengue that is his game, RECRUITER, frees up Gib to concentrate on working with current and new team memebers, and Soooo important, visiting and making contact with their families, am sure they were concerened, wants to reassure them UH MBB train bound for NCAA or NIT glory, that is what we want!

    Q telling PG Q what to do on inbounds play, Classic, fan4

    And Islandman, maybe, it is not a civil service, State position, or maybe the can, when a coach or coaches leave, when Fisher left, that opening was their on campus perhaps, I know used to work for State as well. Sort of an in house thing, then they release to public, maybe contract thing, hiring coaches, so AD, Powers that be, and Gib could speed up process, GIB HAS SOME POWERFUL BACKING NOW… great for him and UH MBB and fans die hards, not the naysayers, negative nancies!

  9. Seawalker July 16, 2014 2:33 pm

    Senque very much? Your velcome!

  10. poorboy July 17, 2014 8:53 am


    Possibly tonite Thursday July 17 2014. Zach Buscher, Michael Thomas, Brocke Stepteau, and Isaac Fleming in action? Manoa Summer league?

    Also, is it optional for UH MBB guys current to play in league, I think Gib mentioned, they could work on school, open gym, workouts and other things. however the summer league, was for the fans, be able to see the new guys. In this case, only Zach, Brocke, and Isaac Fleming?

    Thanks Brian

  11. poorboy July 17, 2014 8:57 am

    Of course we are ALL CURIOUS to see how much Mike Thomas has improved, in confidence, physically grown, and Basketball overall game. He has the tools, last year, the brief time he had, in PT, seemed to be a little too excited. Should have relaxed, either shooter, or go to the rim, and battle. Might have been strength or he is really a 3. Hope he is taller and heavier with the same 3 man skillset, he would be very valuable this year, since UH, so far, is very thin frontcourt.

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