The UH men’s basketball team got a well-deserved day off from practice today — they still had study hall — to recuperate from their two-game road trip. Up next for UH: Hawaii Pacific at the Stan Sheriff Center on Saturday.

Rainbow Warriors coach Gib Arnold threw everyone a major curveball against BYU on Saturday with his starting lineup of Bobby Miles at the point, Bo Barnes at shooting guard and Trevor Wiseman at small forward to join regulars Joston Thomas and Vander Joaquim.

The coach noted that while the three freshmen (Miles, Barnes and Wiseman) played similar minutes as usual starters Hiram Thompson and Zane Johnson, things could continue to change.

“Who’s starting and who’s not really doesn’t matter to me, nor should it matter to any of my guys,” Arnold said today. “Matchups play a big role in that. Guys who are giving it every day in practice, guys who are playing defense, showing tough stuff, that plays a big deal into who plays and who starts.”

Be interesting to see who gets most of the time with the first team at practice tomorrow. I’ll provide an update then — along with whether junior point guard Anthony Salter is back with the team following an expected meeting with Arnold.


  1. Ralph December 7, 2010 12:34 am

    Lots of incentives to work hard in practice to get PT, Coach Gib is doing the right way, everyone coming to practice know they got to bring on and practice like they are expected to play in a “real” game.

  2. Please let Anthony Salter know that he has one strong fan sitting on his side of the table – we need each other.

  3. Pauoa Boy December 7, 2010 8:59 am

    Anthony Salter just needs to do what he does best and play basketball. Stop worrying about playing time as it’s obviously fair that Coach Gib is playing the players who ball out all the time. Nothing against Salter but c’mon big dog if you a true baller then you would beat out the freshman for playing time. I know he had the injury early and it has hampered him a little with getting up to speed but still that’s a poor excuse. If you want more playing time, stop messing around and sulking and go out and get it… play basketball and go hard. Gotta show Coach you want it and stop complaining!

  4. Chicken Grease December 7, 2010 9:24 am

    Pauoa Boy is correct. C’mon, Salter don’t be all sal . . . ah, no puns, then; ’tis the holiday season. He must be seeing what’s being said in the ‘paper and online! Just do it!

    Gib’s doing a good job!!! Can see his good coaching-ness.

    Heh, HPU b-ball!!! Might have to go down for that one, see the plush blue shark.

  5. Imua45 December 7, 2010 9:57 am

    C’mon Salter, put the ego down & play team ball. Practice & play hard & your playing time will increase. Changing the subject, what’s the latest status on Coleman & Brumfield, anyone knows?

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