Picking up the pieces

Now we find out what the level of resolve of the Hawaii men’s basketball team really is.

After getting hammered on their 10-day, three-game road trip to Montana, New Mexico State and Louisiana Tech — showing only fleeting moments of competitiveness in each — the Rainbow Warriors have a chance to make things right at home before the WAC tournament.

UH can finish anywhere from third to sixth after the final two games this week against Idaho and Utah State on Thursday and Saturday. The Vandals (7-5) and Aggies (6-6) are right there with UH (6-6).

Was it just tired legs that killed the ‘Bows on that trip, or deeper issues? Prior to it, they were 3-2 on the road in the WAC.

The ‘Bows’ top three scorers — Zane Johnson, Joston Thomas, and Vander Joaquim — haven’t been clicking all at once. Johnson in particular has struggled of late, though he showed signs of snapping out of it with 11 points and a few 3s against the Bulldogs. Thomas barely played in the second half of that game and was ejected/fouled out of the previous two on the trip. Joaquim has been the team’s best player, but his temper has also flared up at inconvenient times, particularly during the pivotal LaTech five-point play that killed UH’s chances of a comeback.

The team is surely glad to be home and could realistically sweep these games and finish its last WAC run at 8-6. But if recent struggles are not put to rest, those numbers could easily be swapped heading to Las Vegas.


  1. Rocky February 27, 2012 3:59 pm

    They need to play hard and not give up. Right now they look like a bunch of quitters that translates to losers. No guts, no glory.

  2. jjay February 28, 2012 6:30 am

    JT, show the people ,your team that you have the heart of a lion, stop the attitude and get down to help the team rebound and score on the inside.

  3. eagle February 28, 2012 9:58 am

    I’m SURE THEY CAN …. Will They ?
    Show Up and Help Make Sure !
    Honor Miah & Zane on Saturday …

    IF They can Get to 8-6 that’s Two Losses Better than Last Year’s 8-8;

    RE: Quitters (Above)

    They ‘could have’ played slow-ball to keep the NMSU score down — No Doubt, 115 points IS Embarrassing — BAD even in the NBA — but they played straight up… Man!

    Against LA Tech they had good Runs to cut it to eight before the Refs’ 5-Point Play slowed the Recovery — Gib thought a Good 12 minutes —

    Just Get That Back Up to 40+ Minutes like they learned to do in December and January …

    And, Hey, Bench ! STEP UP !

    —————– Next Week…

    THEN, GET Deeper into the WAC Tourney …

  4. Buffoman March 2, 2012 7:24 am

    I think you got your answer from last night’s performance. Woeful.

    The thing that is really bad is that they have forgotten the fundamentals of rebounding. In the four blowouts they’ve been embarrassingly out rebounded. That is basic basketball stuff I teach my 7 year old team. You cannot begin to think of offense or running without the ball.

    I cannot see how folks at this level can get to the foul line and be just so darn awful at free throws. A well respected coach once stated, you can’t begin to think of championships if you cannot shoot free throws. We’re predictably terrible. Anyone who scouts us will know who to foul without clock stopping, point scoring consequences.

    Sorry, but I cannot see a turn around at this stage of the season. It’s mental and if they’ve allowed a beat down for 4 consecutive games, something negative has gotten into the mindset and it appears to be sticking.

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