New contract for Arnold

This morning’s news that Hawaii coach Gib Arnold is about to be given a three-year extension (plus the possibility of one more year) is sure to turn some heads, given its timing.

UH leadership felt it could not wait on it, even with the resolution of the NCAA investigation still pending.

This breakdown is this: Arnold’s one rollover season from his previous contract is being honored. Tacking on the three years carries him through 2017-18, and he could push it to 2018-19 if he hits one of six performance benchmarks. What those benchmarks are isn’t yet known to us. Neither is the specific contract language that might allow UH to separate itself from its coach if the NCAA sanctions are severe.

In the meantime, this is a big win for the Arnold camp.

What do you think about it? Are you for or against the extension right now?


  1. PONO July 10, 2014 10:19 am

    I think a new contract is fine if there is the right language to void it if we face significant NCAA sanctions. I do not like the raise that he is getting unless it is privately funded and doesn’t come out of the Ath Dept’s budget. For what we’ve gotten he is overpaid. He is the highest paid coach in the BWC and will get a raise for one pay for play post season appearance. We have finished in the middle of the pack in conference and have had early BWC tourney exits so we are not getting what I would expect from the top paid coach in the conference. We also have to staff roles to fill and recruiting still has some questions. If Reyes doesn’t make it and they punish Jank for the transfer paperwork we are looking pretty bleak in the post.

  2. jeezy33 July 10, 2014 10:23 am

    Terrible .. there needs to be a clause if certain sanctions come down on the program, contract is voided… at least we got chamimade and hpu on schedule .. should sell out

  3. poorboy July 10, 2014 10:30 am


    I think, JMO, Here with Trapasso and Wade being ,or going to be extended, Gib met certain requirements, that warranted an extension. For one thing, if Gib is going to be here, say, another 2 years, before ncaa renderings, it would hamper recruiting big time. And that is what Gib is trying to do, improve quality of talent. APR good. Student athletes on track to graduate or doing well in school . GPA very good. Good young people whether stayed, or even those that transferred out… good persons. so High Character right fit, team players.those are good points on Gib’s behalf. Exciting brand of ball, and several 3 star athletes on team, right now, with some really excellent talent coming back.

    Seems like NCAA really dragging feet on their findings. How severe the possible sanctions, lot of guesses out there, some even mentioning mild, to mid penalty punishments. A good parallel is St Marys and Bennett’s program. 4 year probation, limited scholarships, and in tournaments new ones, plus certain areas restricted from recruiting or contacting. St Marys private school I guess, give him extension, He is pretty good coach has had success.

    I am just guessing, JMO, I think Jay, Apple, maybe UH MBB knows, the errors, the interviews, what the audit was about, what they are trying to resolve. If it were, a ban from post season, scandal major, and talk about Gib buyout, or just move on and hire another coach, which would be very hard to do.. Ben says same, he would be in position to have to start from scratch. Here, he has Gib within reason running program best he can…so Ben , I think, did right thing, for RECRUITING purpose, get Gib locked in, with the

    clause, if something turns out MAJOR…just criminal almost, then contract clause they could terminate Gib. However, some in the know, fans, they might be closer to situation, say, more lesser of the evils for possible sanctions and penalties.. Ben, and UH , must have a basic idea, what ncaa is trying to render.. So Ben, have the contracts written proper, not just for Gib, however for Trap and Wade as well. If Gib has that 25 win year and they go and win some games in NCAA, all the better.

    So that is the reason, I feel Ben, said, we cannot wait, if NCAA playing the wait, wait, wait, deal..had to sign his coach. to keep program going. JMO.

  4. jjay July 10, 2014 11:27 am

    It should be with no raise, already highest paid coach in conference with a mediocre record, and poor showing in Big west playoffs. No logic here Ben Jay. Pono is correct in assuming there is a clause in the contract re Ncaa Sanctions and Violations and the ability to void the contract with cause . We hope the legal dept protected the school from such violations with the ability to void and dismiss with cause. No payoffs whatsoever.

  5. poorboy July 10, 2014 1:00 pm


    NOW…. without doubt, because of getting burned before, was very not Akamai of UH and AD dept, past, with those expensive buyouts, that Football OC, who got whole year salary was dismissed before the season, and still got over 100K ? Ridiculous. Without question legal, will have those things written in. It keeps HC’s on their toes, the compliance people up to speed, everyone, the fans, the athletes. Keep ship running straight and clean.
    Ben , did the right thing, don’t know about the raise, maybe the incentives, you are right, however Ben always consults with coaches even Chow, to upgrade talent, and win games, championships,.. post season.. think with Gib bringing in , even if transfers, 3 star or hopefully better talent, next season, and next couple could be really good.
    We don’t know anything about the ncaa thing, however, if , JMO, it was so villainous, Gib would have been gone, this May, however, that clause, I wonder, UH would have to have paid him 340K ..UH cannot afford to waste money on not proper drawn out contracts, Ben Jay, with the accounting background.,. bet he makes absolutely sure.. protect UH and we tax payers.. I agree with you, jjay and PONO, in that regard..

  6. innocent observer July 10, 2014 1:06 pm

    the new contract should state that if the NCAA sanctions are severe, the contract is rescinded and possible termination at that point. any raise should also be contingent on the outcome of the investigation. if they are taking a long time, there is more to it than originally thought. we cannot support coaches who do not follow the rules.

  7. islandman July 10, 2014 1:23 pm

    Now they can hire the assistant coach and dir. of operations ?

  8. poorboy July 10, 2014 1:28 pm


    I think that knowing Gib going to be here with extension opens up a lot of things UH MBB can proceed with now… Probably, Just my guess. UH has to hurry, if going after an assistant, like Sengue Carey, great recruiting asst. coach,.. and DOBA.. they can fill basically until school starts. Like an entry level, but very important position, they work hard, just cannot coach. Would not doubt if Gib has his short list, and right now… working the recruiting circuit for both possible PF and assistant , as well as looking for DOBA. Remember, Hawaii style.. takes long to post their openings, I hope the do it fast!

  9. BB fan July 10, 2014 3:12 pm

    How soon we forget the Nash Era. How bad our program was then. As far as the Ncaa North Carolina’s problem was far worst that anything that occurred here but they extend Williams contract in a heartbeat. All we have to do is win and all of the blackbirds will disappear.

  10. poorboy July 10, 2014 3:46 pm

    BB fan:

    That is what common sense would tell even the seasoned sports fans. Winning makes everyone happy. Gib has won. Some were great wins. Still has to learn , and I think this might be good year, to finish strong in BWC tourney. He has the talent.

    Football, that is the sad program. Tough, tough schedule and conference, however Chow has to win, like Jones, Mack, Tomey, Wagner, Dave Holmes,then interest returns. Hope so.

    Ben and Tom Apple support Gib, really important. Stablilize the HC’s and work with them to get better. Bottom line, you are right BB fan, winning chases away the naysayers.

  11. K-Bay July 10, 2014 4:32 pm

    THAT IS Leadership …

    “Could” Be a Mistake… but as noted above IF The Right “Out” Clauses are in place
    should not be a Problem just like Any Prospective ʻNew Hireʻ

    BUT as an ʻEffectiveʻ Manager-Leader, BJ, Apple & Company should already Know IF Arnold IS Their Man
    Irrespective of NCAA Buffoons (HOW Could they MISS All the other Sportsʻ Student-Athletes Attending the Same Bogus Classes @ @ UNC?) — Leaders DO NOT Let Outside Influences like NCAA OR Blog Snipers and Boo-Birds Color their Evaluations and Decisions…

    TELL FERD to Go Help Convince some Big Name ʻDraws” to Come on Down to Suffer a Loss…
    Too Many Good Teams (and Coaches) already know itʻs Too Tough to Play Against The Home Team in Hawaiʻi…

    Jaimie Dixon is being Generous and Helpful, returning a Gift or Two to Hawaiʻi…

    Even Home and Homes are Risks of 50% Losses… Too Low…
    BUT i DO think we ʻshouldʻ be able to Attract a Home and Tourney Exchange (Like RC or DHC for Return Visit)

  12. poorboy July 10, 2014 4:55 pm

    K-Bay: as always really insightful close to mbb observations. I like the college coaching friendship that Gib has struck up with Jamie Dixon. Jamie, classy HC. One of Riley’s assistants remember? To develop that home and home, a east to far west, rivalry, fantastic. He was the one that saw potential in Isaac Fotu, how he was going to be good. He was right.
    If Gib, were a HC Jamie should steer clear of, it sure doesn’t bother him. A great coach like Jamie, can see beyond the obvious. Knows more about ncaa, and BB coaching and protocol then most. He had Tongan part, hapa, 7 footer in Steven Adams of OKC For one year. So tongan, hapa, connection as is Fotu,..When read about communication with Gib and Jamie about setting up games with UH, that was fantastic.
    You are right about, some media, don’t know if it is an agenda, I think it is, unless just trying to keep their share of 15 minutes and growing shorter of print fame. Ferd should be helping UH, all sports by upbuilding comments and write-ups. He was good back in the day. Even if UH won the national title, wonder if Ferd would write a great piece about Gib and team..makes you wonder.

    Gib has kept real positive through the goings on, ncaa, recruits, walkon craziness, that is a good HC, and having AD and Chancellor, fully supportive. That is key. As I guess, UH admin, and AD, and coach, MBB insiders, know more than we, and maybe some media types.
    Brian, is good, close to team and boys, beat writer, and always responds, since not op-ed writer!
    Thanks Brian for blog, let’s both sides sound off.
    Have to support all UH sports, being alumnus, I have too, this is my home and my ,and 1.4 million others here, THE HOME TEAM UH.
    K-Bay… very sharp eyed person, and usually spot on! Keep on posting, I read your write-ups as well!

  13. papajoe2 July 10, 2014 5:38 pm

    So does Coach Gib get a bonus for 20 wins AND attendance? You would think that if you win 20 games, the attendance would take care of itself. Unless they play an overly weak schedule. Wait a minute…………

  14. poorboy July 10, 2014 5:45 pm

    Brian: Just curious, what Brocke Stepteau as preferred walkon from Dallas brings to the UH MBB table. Seems like a smallish guard, smaller than Harville. Maybe he is really quick and can score inside on floaters and outside 3 ball, like we see on video.

    Now is Brocke’s turn. Just have to have fun, relax, and just play ball.
    Have a good game Brocke!
    The REAL Brocke Stepteau!

  15. poorboy July 10, 2014 5:49 pm

    papa: You know at the awards banquet, Gib had THE big boys supportive of him , I mean the real Big Boys, in State of Hawaii, Ben Jay, well, we know Apple is throwing 100% support behind Gib, plus the Governor himself, pledging support. That is about as high as you can go, aside from private donor support of Athletics. Gib has made UH MBB exciting even for Abercrombie.. so that is a lot of Big Boy support. And , we wish we had that MBB ohana too. Glad for Gib and the program. Hey, papa, if UH can win more than 20 games, and go NIT/NCAA. even papa will go MAMA MIA, that is one good HC that GIB-BA!! Just jesting!


  16. Aaron July 11, 2014 12:03 am

    Gib killed my love of UH hoops. Watching 5 guys freelance while they get outplayed by smaller, less athletic, and usually less talented players in conference play is no fun. The team peaks in the DHC every year and slowly regresses as the season wears on. I don’t want three more years of that.

    Also, for all his recruiting success his most consistent PG was on a football scholarship.

  17. poorboy July 11, 2014 12:21 am


    I think , it was posted that FCGU, did not sign agreement with UH to play here on Jan 3 2015.. so UH has to fill that spot right? otherwise they come out with 29 games, one shy of 30 they usually play total before BWC tournament, correct, or not? Would mean Gib has to look for another team, could be anyone of possibly hundreds, however very close to conference play for a lot of schools!

    Gib has to fill that Florida Gulf Coast Jan. 3 2014 game, that was mistake I believe, they took it off of the UH Athletics site.
    Now interesting, still July 2014, about a little under six months away, who would be willing or able to play that 30th game for Hawaii schedule.

    MWC teams, WAC, WCC? How about St Marys, however UH and the covering expense again, however, I am counting now , unless I am wrong, UH only has 29 games, including 16 BWC games, so they lost one… pretty sure Gib scrambling to fill that FGCU puka on Jan 3.
    How about Seattle U. with Manroop Clair?

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