Monday practice: The doors hath parted

It was a good day to be allowed back in the gym. Hawaii coach Gib Arnold gave the OK for media to attend once again in the Rainbow Warriors’ first session since their 83-55 win over Chaminade on Saturday.

Today marked the national start of regular-season college basketball games, though Hawaii doesn’t tip off until the Outrigger Hotels Rainbow Classic on Friday vs. Montana State.

Arnold called it “the first day of the second season.”


The ‘Bows tried out a new drill today. In teams of five and 15 minutes of running clock, the squad to come up with more stops in the halfcourt wins. Get a stop, you get to remain on defense for a chance to score another defensive point. Allow a basket, and the other team gets to go on D for a chance to earn points.

The Black team of Hiram Thompson, Zane Johnson, Joston Thomas, Trevor Wiseman and Vander Joaquim beat the White team of Bobby Miles, Bo Barnes, Jordan Coleman, Bill Amis and Douglas Kurtz 10-8 (10 stops vs. 8 ) in the 15 minutes.

Thompson’s Black team saw a 9-2 lead dwindle to 9-8 as the White team got six straight stops, but on White’s chance to tie, the savvy point guard took it into the paint for a runner to ice it.

The White team, as the hard-luck losers, had to run suicides.


Point guard Anthony Salter, who’s missed the last two weeks with a tear in his heel, said he’s getting his boot cast off this afternoon. His status for this weekend will be evaluated from there.


  1. Steve November 8, 2010 7:15 pm


    Keep up the good work, love all the info you are giving us. Also, are they practicing this Thursday, if so, at what time, and what gym?

  2. Steve November 8, 2010 7:16 pm


    What are suicides?

  3. BBALLFAN November 8, 2010 7:33 pm

    @ Steve-
    Can’t believe you never heard of suicides! One of the best conditioning drills for a bball player…but one of the worst if you know what i mean!
    Suicides are cardiovascular drill that builds leg strength. Begin the drill at one of the baselines and run out to the foul line and then back to the baseline. Then run out to half-court and back. Next, run to the opposite foul line and back. Finally, run the full court down and back.

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