'Bows fall against BYU

Credit Gib Arnold’s Rainbow Warriors for hanging around No. 21 BYU for as long as they did, especially while shooting such a poor percentage (30 percent).

In the end, it was still a 78-57 loss at EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City.

UH did a respectable job of not allowing the Cougars’ star point guard, Jimmer Fredette, to dominate the game. But BYU’s depth was just too much to overcome as Jimmer’s teammates found themselves open from 3 far too many times.

Meanwhile, UH’s normally reliable shooters, Bo Barnes and Zane Johnson, were blanked from beyond the arc.

Interesting tactic by Arnold to go with three true freshman — Bobby Miles,Barnes and Trevor Wiseman — in his starting lineup. It’s possible this was a spontaneous move before tipoff, . In any case, the normal starters, Hiram Thompson and Johnson, were inserted before long.

Center Vander Joaquim had a good game, despite it all. He was a big reason UH outrebounded the Cougars, and he had his first career double-double with 12 points and 10 boards.


The UH women’s basketball team (4-3) is looking to bounce back on the road against Portland (5-3).

They just tipped off. A free internet stream of the game is available, click here.


  1. Rainbowbballer December 4, 2010 11:47 pm

    I watched the BYU Game and the Bows did okay. The team didnt get blown away, but there is room for improvements. In some ways similar to last year’s team, but the difference is that this year there is some talents that Coach Arnold can use. We do have shooters and we do have an inside presence. The Ball must go INSIDE FIRST and the BIGs are calling for the ball, but we are afraid to give them the ball SOONest, Then the ball can go outside for the shooters. BYU was susceptible to this and they were fouling our guys. COACH get the ball inside first, and the outside will open up. We have the talents let us not waste them. I feel that BYU, interior defense would have trouble with Vander and Josten and Douglas, then our shooter would have light them up, it would have been a game.

  2. Chicken Grease December 6, 2010 9:11 am

    Yeah, watched this on the BYU channel on Saturday. Their live coverage is interesting . . . they show BYU-type merchandise offerings and other BYU TV images with the soundtrack as the noise on the court. Seems this is what the UH PPV should be doing, at least, instead of airing TV ads for which you don’t expect in a sports PPV. I’m just saying. I think it is great that BYU TV, which is pretty much a religious-based channel, manages to fit in and air BYU sports [!]. I’m Roman Catholic . . . would LOVE to see EWTN do the same with, I dunno, Notre Dame sports (other than football, which NBC has dibs on, at least on their home field), Boston College games. Heck, show a Franciscan University chess match against in-state rival Ohio State or something. Would be a hoot [!].

    Also, I think I heard one of the BYU TV on-court announcers make a boo-boo (when interviewing the BYU coach before the start of the game) in saying Hawaii has a chance to go 6-0 with a win on BYU. Guess he doesn’t watch Cal Poly sports.

    Ah, road woes, major player out of commission for a bit . . . what you expect. Seems we were giving them some hard rubs early on (BUT ONLY “early on,” heh) with them being # 7 team in nation. Good that we got more wins than losses though. Would be SA-WEEEEEEEEET if the Rainbow Warriors can take the forthcoming Diamond Head Classic (would love to see our own buzzer beater win against the mighty Butler and/or Baylor). We gotta get on out there cheer on our Rainbow Warriors folks!!!!

  3. Chicken Grease December 6, 2010 9:19 am

    Whoops, sorry . . . is BYU more like . . . 23 or something? Heh, sorry.

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