Asia trip spots still open

Panda Travel originally forecast about 100 seats available for the “Warriors to Asia” tour with the Hawaii men’s basketball team in August, with payment due today.

But turnout hasn’t been quite what was hoped to this point, with about 30 booked for the official tour group, a representative of Panda said.

The deadline for placing orders for trip has been extended at least a week. The cost for the full tour, which follows the team on every stop starting in Shenzhen and ending in Osaka on the way back (Aug. 5 to 21), is just over $5,000. Some of that cost goes toward fundraising for the team’s expenses.

So if you have that cash to burn and you’re on the fence about going, there’s still some time. Call John DeFreitas at 738-3573 to place an order.


  1. jjay June 22, 2011 7:54 am

    For the length of stay and places being visited, it’s a good deal ,and to travel with Gib and the crew to boot, if you got the dough, go, once in lifetime experience.

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