Ankles strike again

The 10 days of practice allowed prior to the UH basketball Asia tour was seen as a boon for the program, both in preparation for this trip starting Friday and the regular season beyond it.

The downside to fully active sessions this time of year is the inherent injury risk, which was felt again today in the team’s afternoon session in Gym 2.

Senior guard Zane Johnson became the latest victim of a spate of ankle injuries after landing on the foot of teammate Tyler Brown during halfcourt drills. He went down in a heap and was out for the rest of practice, then left afterward on crutches with his right ankle considerably swollen.

Johnson could be out for the last three days of practice before the team departs for ┬áChina. When you have only 10 players going on the trip to begin with, that’s a problem.

Sophomore forward Trevor Wiseman is recovering from a high ankle sprain that could put him out of all exhibitions during the entire Asia trip. Sophomore center Davis Rozitis had a mild ankle sprain last week but was back in action on Monday and has looked reasonably fluid.

Look for a full preview of the trip in the coming days.


  1. jjay August 3, 2011 10:20 am

    Jeez these guys should be doing a lot of ankle rehabbing and strengthening excercises,Gib shoud make it mandatory for players to be taped prior to practice or otherwise wear a strapped on velcro brace. Strength coach for the team needs to make sure he is having the guys do strengthening excercises for the ankles all the time.

  2. UHkaimukifan August 3, 2011 11:13 am

    thanks for your extra coverage brian. haven’t been able to go to any summer league games, but gonna try to make it to the final games on thursday. anyone know if any of the uh players will be playing in those games?

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