A Dressler reflection

Caleb Dressler won't be suiting up for UH games for the second straight year
Once again, Caleb Dressler won't be suiting up for UH games

As I reported today, Hawaii freshman center Caleb Dressler will be out for the entire 2013-14 season once he gets back surgery in the coming days.

It’s a tough break for Dressler, who waited his turn all of last season as a redshirt.

This is a blow to the depth of the UH frontcourt, though not necessarily one the team will feel. It’s hard to know if Dressler would have beat out Stefan Jovanovic as the team’s fourth true big man in the rotation, and we won’t know — at least, not until next season (if both players are still here). It was unlikely both Dressler and Jovanovic would have received regular minutes.

Still, this means UH can’t afford another loss of a frontcourt player this year without it taking a toll on the other bigs. Mike Thomas will probably be pressed into service guarding larger (and bulkier) post players as things stand.

While the Big West remains a smallball league, the projected winner of the preseason poll, UC Irvine, has gone the other direction, loading up with 7-footers. You have to wonder if UH will have enough big bodies to throw at teams like that this year, which might be a curious thing to say considering size was last season’s strength.

But there’s no Vander Joaquim to soak up attention now and UH will spend many minutes with 6-foot-8 forwards Isaac Fotu and Christian Standhardinger as the biggest ‘Bows on the court.

UH got a few other sidelined players back in action on Friday. Keith Shamburger recovered from an illness, Niko Filipovich was back from his dislocated shoulder and Negus Webster-Chan shook off a poked eye. Besides Dressler, the only ‘Bow still out was Jack Hackman, who’s still sick.


  1. K-Bay October 26, 2013 10:26 pm

    Our Prayers and Best Wishes to you for a Fully Successful Surgery, Healing, Health and Re-Hab, removing the nagging/excruciating pains and even stress fractures and that you resume an even more mature and focused Rise, Elevating Quickly Up the Depth Chart and BW Coaches/League/Fans Perceptions… i see really good basketball smarts/IQ and skills including good hands and shooting out to three, in Caleb and to have averaged 14 rebounds per game (in just about Any League) speaks to a good motor and focus… Keep Up the Hard Work and Great Attitude — it always pays off… Mahalo, Aloha Ke Akua, Caleb!

  2. poorboy October 26, 2013 10:58 pm

    Yes, take care Caleb, hope surgery goes well and you have speedy recovery. Don’t forget , now, you can concentrate on rehab and school work. Keep the academics in order, which you do. As K-Bay stated, you are one of my favorite BBIQ bigs that Gib has recruited so far. Maybe you don’t have the vertical jump, or quicks, however, you use BB smarts to get shot off , and get to the rim. Good rebounder and body to battle Bigs! Look forward to your return!

  3. poorboy October 26, 2013 11:00 pm

    Come to think of it, Caleb did mention that he had previous stress fractures in lower back from HS days, maybe that explains back problems. Feel bad for Caleb, however, his attitude is great, what can he do? So , take care of the back now, and move on! Good , the surgery and medical treatmant , rehab all taken cared of by UH!

  4. poorboy October 26, 2013 11:12 pm

    Brian, I think that Rozitis and Jovanovich are ready to step up and battle Bigs for Irvine. It is in reverse from last year with Vander. UH’s bigs, ability to step out and shoot mid to 3 line, and footspeed, can make up for lack of size. I swear that Davis, is taller than 7 feet, probably close to 7’1″ plus an eighth, the guy is TALL. UH , if they shoot well, rebound and run, as well as pressure the other BWC teams, like other teams did to UH last year, I believe UH will be alright. BWC, totally open for all 9 teams to win. Parity in NCAA MB as well as all sports, so many good athletes all around!

  5. ROB T October 27, 2013 11:53 am

    With Caleb being questionable with back really need 1 or 2 of the open scholars for next year to go to a JC 4,5 spot that is ready to play right away

  6. poorboy October 27, 2013 7:36 pm

    ROB T: I think Gib and staff are on it. With injury to Caleb, have to get athletic big who can play 4/5. At least a couple. With athletic hi flyers, mistake erasing shot blocker, followup slam dunks off tip rebounds, and just flying around, transition fast break and flush. UH MBB team can match up, and out hustle Irvine, and any BWC team trying to go Big. Weird, ain’t it? Irvine and some other BWC teams, recruited, or had RS’s that were Big to match UH’s Bigs, when UH had Vander. My, the tables have turned.
    Come on Gib , lock up a couple of 4/5 athletic guys 6’9″ to 6’11” who can play that Louisville of the Pacific pressing D style, would be real fun BB team to watch for next 3 or 4 years!

  7. ROB T October 27, 2013 9:14 pm

    Is this the new uniforms, looks like they are wearing a boys version of Capri pants. Looks funny to me.

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