LIVE BLOG: Oregon 3, Hawaii 2, F

Oregon shortstop Mark Karaviotis batted against Hawaii on Friday night. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.
Oregon shortstop Mark Karaviotis batted against Hawaii on Friday night. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.

Game 2 between Hawaii and Oregon is still scheduled to start at 1:05 p.m. despite bad weather across the island. Took about 70 minutes to drive in from Hawaii Kai but the lights did go back on passing Niu Valley, so hopefully that clears up.

In case you missed it, last night’s game recap. It wasn’t pretty.


Matt Eureste, 3B
Jakob Goldfarb, RF
Mitchell Tolman, 2B
Shaun Chase, C
Brandon Cuddy, 1B
Phil Craig-St. Louis. DH
Mark Karaviotis, SS
Steven Packard, LF
Nick Catalano, CF
David Peterson, LHP

Stephen Ventimilia, 2B
Jacob Sheldon-Collins, SS
Kaeo Aliviado, CF
Marcus Doi, DH
Alex Sawelson, 3B
Jordan Richartz, RF
Eric Ramirez, 1B
Chayce Ka’aua, C
Jonathan Weeks, LF
Quintin Torres-Costa, LHP

An all-Big Island battery for UH with Torres-Costa (Waiakea) on the mound and Ka’aua (Hilo) behind the plate. A first in UH history? Eureste rips a double to center to start. Torres-Costa with a big strikeout of Goldfarb and then gets pop ups from Tolman and Chase to get out of it. Good start for QTC.

Peterson making his collegiate debut for the Ducks. Big kid. 6-6. Wild early as Ventimilia draws a five-pitch walk. Sheldon-Collins drops the sacrifice bunt down to move Ventimilia into scoring position. Aliviado strikes out but Ventimilia steals third on the play. Doi caught looking on a 3-2 pitch that hits the corner. Doi didn’t like it. End 1.

Torres-Costa strikes out the side in the second. Karaviotis drew a two-out walk and took second on a wild pitch but Torres-Costa looks sharp with his fastball. Four Ks through 2 IP. Peterson matches him with four strikeouts of his own through 2.

Catalano drops a good bunt toward first. Ramirez fields it but the flip is too late. Both Ventimilia and Torres-Costa rushed to cover the bag. He might have got him if he flipped to Ventimilia but instead he went to Torres-Costa, who was beat to the bag. Catalano steals second on a close throw. Eureste tries to bunt but pops out to the catcher and Goldfarb pops out to shallow center. Tolman with a four-pitch walk. Torrs-Costa a little wild here but comes back from 3-1 to Chase to punch him out swinging. Ducks strand 2.

Ka’aua draws a seven-pitch walk and Weeks lays down the perfect sacrifice bunt. UH 2-for-2 in those situations so far. Ventimilia grounds to short and Sheldon-Collins lines out to second. Still scoreless.

Torres-Costa strikes out the first two in the fourth but the Ducks are on the board. Karaviotis is hit by a pitch and then Packard gets a stand-up RBI double to left. Weeks makes a bad read on the ball and then tries to make a diving catch. Ball gets past. Can’t let that ball get behind you in that spot. 1-0 Ducks as Catalano strikes out for Torres-Costa’s eighth K through 4 IP.

Leadoff man aboard again for UH as Aliviado is hit by a 3-2 pitch. He takes second on a wild pitch and Doi beats out a throw to first that pulled Cuddy off the bag. First and third with nobody out. Tough at-bat for Sawelson, who strikes out flailing at a ball high and out of the zone. Richartz goes to right-center on a 2-1 pitch for a base hit to score Aliviado with UH’s first run of the season. Ramirez strikes out but Ka’aua pulls the first pitch into left field for a base hit. Here comes Doi and it’s 2-1 Hawaii through 4.

Torres-Costa plunks Goldfarb with a 1-2 curveball and Tolman rips the next pitch to right for a base hit. One out for Chase, who fouls out to the catcher. Cuddy then grounds out to first and Torres-Costa pitches out of it. Still 2-1 UH.

Trouble to start the sixth as Torres-Costa issues a leadoff walk and then Karaviotis bunts for a hit down the third-base line. Sawelson might have been a little deep there. Another bunt and Torres-Costa goes to third for the out. Catalano bunts down the third-base line and Sawelson with a great barehanded play to first for the second out. Grounder to first. Nice play by Ramirez. Torres-Costa covers and they get him just in time. Another great play defensively.

Andrew Jones in for Torres-Costa to start the seventh. Torres-Costa was outstanding. 6 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 3 BB, 8 K. Eight strikeouts are a career high. Threw 92 pitches. Jones starts off by blowing a 3-2 pitch past Goldfarb for strike 3. Tolman works a seven-pitch walk and Chase takes a breaking pitch off his foot to put runners on first and second. Mound visit from Trapasso and Jones gets Cuddy to fly out to center for the second out. Horton pinch-hits for Craig-St. Louis with righty Josh Graham. Jones goes offspeed and then paints two fastballs to punch out Graham. Inning over.

Peterson is done after 6 IP. He gives up just two hits and two runs (one earned) with two walks and eight strikeouts. Stephen Nogosek in and goes 1-2-3 as Oregon has retired 10 UH hiters in a row going to the eighth.

UH is playing with fire as Jones walks Packard with one out in the eighth. Five walks and three hit batters by UH pitchers. Catalano takes a 1-2 pitch deep over the fence in left-center. Two-run shot gives the Ducks a 3-2 lead. First career HR for Catalano. A two-out walk and then a hitter batter and Jones is done. Six hit batters in two games for UH pitchers. Cody Culp in to face Chase with men on first and second and gets the ground out to end it.

Another 1-2-3 bottom of the inning. Aliviado puts a drive into one but it’s caught near the track in right-center. Culp answers with a nice 1-2-3 inning of his own. UH coming to bat against Ducks closer Garrett Cleavinger.

Doi works a six-pitch walk to get the leadoff man on and is replaced for pinch-runner Matt Miller. Sawelson drops a bunt to third and Eureste boots it on the transfer trying to go to second. Baldwin to pinch-hit for LoCoco and drops a perfect bunt. Tying run on third, winning run on second with one out for Ramirez. Ramirez is hit by a 2-2 breaking ball and the bases are loaded for Ka’aua. Ka’aua strikes out looking on a 3-2 fastball inside. Weeks grounds out to short. Ball game.