Running ahead of schedule

With a little more than a week to to go before the first practice of spring training, the Warriors yesterday underwent their version of a combine. Players were electronically tested in sprints covering 10 and 20 yards, as well as in agility drills. 

Borrowing laser timers from the school’s health and recreation department, a sprint lane was set up at the Ching Athletic Complex’s field. Timers were placed at the 10- and 20-yard lines. The timer was set off manually at a player’s first movement at the starting line; electronic readings were taking at the 10- and 20-yard markers. 

Cornerback Tank Hopkins, who redshirted last season, recorded the fastest times: 1.6 seconds over 10 yards, 2.6 seconds over 20 yards. Nickelback John Hardy-Tuliau was second, and receiver Terance Bell was third. 

OK, time to quell the argument. If somebody runs 20 yards in 2.6 seconds, does that project to 5.2 seconds over 40 yards? Well, no. As the splits show, Hopkins ran the second 10 yards in 1.0 seconds, indicating acceleration. The intent of the exercise was to chart “explosion” (quickness off the stance) and “burst” (the acceleration). Most important, the coaches used the test not for merit but as a teaching guideline.

* * * * * 

Quarterback Cayman Shutter can dunk a basketball and excel in the weight room. 


Quarterback Bryant Moniz noticed Shutter’s facial expression when he ran. Moniz vowed not to look that, well, determined. Here’s Moniz:


And here’s Moniz’s second run … 


David Graves, who will compete for the No. 2 quarterback’s job, is being wooed as a receiver: 


One of the players to watch this spring is Cecil Doe, a mid-year transfer. Doe is competing for a wideout job. 


Of course, Doe will receive heavy competition from Darius Bright . . . 


. . . and Allen Sampson . . . 


With the departures of running backs Alex Green and Chizzy Dimude (and Jordan Monico’s move to linebacker), Sterling Jackson, who redshirted last year, will contend to fill the vacancy: 


The competition also will heat up at defensive end following the departures of Elliott Purcell and Kamalu Umu. One of the players to watch is Beau Yap, a former state defensive player of the year: 


* * * * * 

Linebacker Aaron Brown was pushing a stroller carrying Bright’s son. When it was noted that Bright had a lot of babysitters, Brown said: “We’re all family here.”

* * * * * 

Usually, changes are not always swift on the Manoa campus. But a real name plate has been affixed to the wall in front of newly hired assistant coach Dick Tomey’s office. 

Next project: Name plates for the men’s volleyball coaches. Theirs are hand-written.

* * * * * 

Wishing a speedy recovery to  associate AD Carl Clapp, who was injured while riding his bicycle to UH Sunday. Clapp suffered two broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and an ankle injury. Yet, he showed up at work yesterday, despite resembling a “Thriller’ dancer. Clapp, an acknowledged workaholic, was ordered to go home.

* * * * * 

Happy birthday to our hanai reader, Curveball.


  1. al March 1, 2011 1:25 am


  2. al March 1, 2011 1:31 am

    its football already???


  3. Stephen Tsai March 1, 2011 1:32 am

    It is football time.

  4. ai-eee-soos March 1, 2011 2:21 am

    YES, It is football time !!!

  5. Bighilofan2 March 1, 2011 2:24 am

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    just dropping in to say thanks ST. good job good job.

    yes, it is football time!

  6. ai-eee-soos March 1, 2011 2:30 am

    ST: what’s up with Dustin Elisara? I hope that he didn’t get too big (weight-wise).

    I was hoping he could/would play MLB – we need some big bodies there.

    But, if he still got enough quickness; perhaps he could be Reagan Mauai II (sp).

    Just speculating.

  7. Michigan Warrior March 1, 2011 2:47 am

    Morning, everyone!

    Interesting to note that the top times are on defense… not wideout!

    Well wishes to Carl Clapp!

  8. midnight March 1, 2011 3:00 am

    Good morning all Tsaikos! Another beautiful day in Texas! Temperatures seems to be warming up. I guess spring will soon be here. In spite of all this, I still wish I could be back in Hawaii so I could go to the beach everyday first thing in the morning. Now, I have to do the treadmill.

  9. wafan March 1, 2011 4:03 am

    Good morning everyone!

  10. wafan March 1, 2011 4:04 am

    Top 10 to boot!!!

  11. wafan March 1, 2011 4:06 am

    We were having football withdrawals.

    Apparently a few were much more blissful than others.

  12. wafan March 1, 2011 4:08 am

    Learn, work hard, come together.

    Go Warriors!

  13. Jerry Peters March 1, 2011 4:53 am

    excellent piece.

  14. gbc99 March 1, 2011 5:09 am

    Yes, spring football! Top 15.

  15. mctruck March 1, 2011 5:39 am

    Damn!!, did Clapp get hit by a truck-o-what?….get well soon sir.

    On the name plate thing…if I was a coach and it takes UH sooooo long to initiate this kind of thing….I would go ahead and have one made and placed up there and pay for it out my own pocket…..what’s the “enormous” cost??…under twenty($20)???

  16. jm2375 March 1, 2011 5:40 am

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Speedy recovery to Carl Clapp.

    Spring football is almost here. yeehaw!

  17. mctruck March 1, 2011 5:44 am

    While UH needs speed on both sides of the ball…last years results in the D-backfield was telling. So it’s good to see much more speed being added toward that area of need.

  18. 808ike March 1, 2011 5:44 am

    Top 20

  19. protector March 1, 2011 5:58 am

    Speed kills, baby!

  20. jm2375 March 1, 2011 5:58 am

    Happy Birthday curveball!!

  21. d1shima March 1, 2011 6:00 am

    Great Morning All!

    Top XX!

  22. d1shima March 1, 2011 6:00 am


    Top XXV!

  23. d1shima March 1, 2011 6:01 am

    Speedy recovery wishes for AAD Clapp.

  24. d1shima March 1, 2011 6:04 am

    Thank goodness it’s football time!

    Can’t handle another weekend of bowling and Bassmasters….

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  26. d1shima March 1, 2011 6:06 am


    Did I mention that I’m off next Tuesday?

  27. d1shima March 1, 2011 6:07 am

    Happy Birthday curveball!

  28. twogreenfanatics March 1, 2011 6:08 am

    run and stretch like a shao lin monk to avoid injuries and to recover faster ..go buffed up warriors .Champs

  29. rage777 March 1, 2011 6:08 am

    Did a car run over Mr. Clapp? Those are some major injuries from just falling off a bike.

  30. d1shima March 1, 2011 6:08 am

    National Pancake Day!

    free shortstack at IHOP!

  31. d1shima March 1, 2011 6:09 am

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!


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  33. protector March 1, 2011 6:33 am


    Happy Birthday!

  34. Loa March 1, 2011 6:36 am

    morning gang!

    happy birthday curveball!

    thanks for the pics stephen, football is in the air

  35. RainbowCliff March 1, 2011 6:49 am

    Michigan Warrior, thanks for the props on the NBA All Star shirt. Glad you like it

    as it was made from artistic talent silk screened to perfection. Have a safe journey back to Hawaii and bringing your son along in honor of your Father is nothing but “CLASS” !

    My main man Kekoa is lining up a cc for you as some how through your hectic return you must attend. You got a lot of LOVE on this blog my invisible friend as many here really admire your words of inspiration supporting Hawaii athletics. Have a SAFE trip as you are going to love landing as soon as you step out you are going to smell tropical paradise !

    Welcome Home !

  36. Pomai March 1, 2011 6:50 am

    In my best Ernie Ford voice;

    You load sixteen tons, what do you get

    Another day older and deeper in debt

    Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go

    I owe my soul to the company store.

    Happy birthday curveball………..

  37. Pomai March 1, 2011 6:52 am

    Kekoa I talked them into letting me have the whole month off, just say’in.

  38. gigi-hawaii March 1, 2011 6:54 am

    Hope for a speedy recovery, Carl Clapp!

    Good luck, Warriors! Do they make the best babysitters?

    Nice pics, ST!

  39. RainbowCliff March 1, 2011 6:56 am

    Well wishes to Carl Clapp. I have heard his voice many times on conference calls from my LWC meetings. Articulate and well organize as an administrator. Bike injuries are no joke as I hope he had his helmet on. Not surprise was told to go home as judging from his professional manner he is dedicated to UH through and through. Wishing him the best for a speedy recovery. Oh where are my manners, good morning to all you GREAT folks of Tsaiko Nation !

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  41. Bigislandkurt March 1, 2011 7:00 am

    dang! Shutter looks like he got some guns on him don’t he? And for some reason, I could see Graves as a receiver also. He’s just a gamer who needs to be on the field. Maybe we found another Salas here.


  42. RainbowCliff March 1, 2011 7:03 am

    #36 Pomai: Love the quote !

    Ernie Ford was classic, funny with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Played

    the Tennesse bumpkin to perfection as “cousin ernie” was hilarious !

    Enjoy your day and keep being the driving force for our lady wahines

    Mr. President !

  43. whitey March 1, 2011 7:19 am

    Happy Birthday curveball

  44. RainbowCliff March 1, 2011 7:33 am

    Beautiful morning here in Los Angeles !

    I am off to spread good cheer through the WEALTH of ALOHA !

    ALWAYS remember good folks that PARADISE is with you every where you go.

    You are HAWAII and from that GREAT name you live on the GREATEST place on Earth !

    Look at your beautiful skies, majestic mountains and beautiful beaches. GORGEOUS

    weather year round and the most adoring and humbling people you will ever find to

    enrich your culture of polynesian hospitality !

    Mainland can’t even touch you as MANY are envy of your PEACE you have and the warm

    ohana you share with each other. Simply The Best, Better Then All The Rest !

    ALWAYS keep your PASSION with care and HONOR for your people. It makes you who you are a caring Island that stays and prays together. You folks are living legends and have qualities that I really admire which is INTELLIGENCE, TRUTH, HONOR and RESPECT !

    Principles and character that you have been brought up on as where I live it is sold out continuously to the highest bidder. Watch over each other and keep supporting UH as it truly is a WONDERFUL University and I am so very proud to be called an alumni from your learning institution !

    Imua Warriors !

  45. papajoe2 March 1, 2011 7:43 am

    #44, Well said RainbowCliff. Mahalo to you.

  46. tommui March 1, 2011 7:50 am

    Good Morning Hawaii!

    Gee, AL never sleeps.

    Claiming top 50 for Tim – how’s it going?

    CUEBALL – happy birthday to you!

    Carl Clapp – take care and speedy recovery.

  47. losthawaiian March 1, 2011 8:16 am

    Just heard Wally Yonamine passed away. Prayers and condolences to his family.

  48. A-joe March 1, 2011 8:17 am

    Hau’oli La Hanau, Curveball!!!

  49. Lanaiboy March 1, 2011 8:29 am

    Tuesday is softball poll time. Surprise. The Rainbow Wahine did not drop down that far. Both ESPN and USA Today polls have them at 14th. Not bad. Thought the team would drop to the twenties or lower. Still look forward to attending the games this weekend. I expect the Wahine’s bats will really come alive.

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  51. Lanaiboy March 1, 2011 8:33 am

    Oops. Wrong info on the ESPN softball poll. Actually Rainbow Wahine 16th not 14th. Still not too bad.

  52. Pauoa Boy March 1, 2011 8:37 am

    Cayman Shutter look like one mini-hulk, what da heo??? You sure he one QB, or he going play LB?

    John Hardy-Tuliau is the man, cannot wait to see him on the field again this year…

  53. chawan_cut March 1, 2011 8:39 am

    why does UH’s laser setup seem more sophisticated than the NFL’s?

    best wishes to carl clapp.

  54. Kekoa March 1, 2011 8:40 am

    Good morning Tsaiko nation. Happy Birthday to Curveball. You looked so well preserved when I saw you at the Wahine SB game! Who would have known you were so ancient?! 😎

  55. Kekoa March 1, 2011 8:49 am

    Safe travels to the Michigan Warrior. Your mission of mercy is top priority of course. Visiting with your big ohana is prolly next in line. Thus, fut around time will be minimized.

    If you follow our post’s, we’ll leave bread crumbs that should lead you to where will be gathered for a CC…

    Stay tuned.

  56. Manoa Mist March 1, 2011 8:58 am

    Thanks for the pics Stephen!

  57. SteveM March 1, 2011 9:09 am

    Good morning everyone!


  58. IA practice permit test March 1, 2011 9:09 am

    This is a really fresh belief. Remain writing!

  59. AlaWai March 1, 2011 9:13 am

    Nice mention of Anthony Carter in NY.

  60. LizKauai m/ March 1, 2011 9:14 am

    Wow, what a FB fix!

    Get well soon, Mr. Clapp… owww…

    Hauoli Lahanau, Curveball!

    God Bless and Deepest Condolences to the Yonamine ohana.


  61. hawaiiansun March 1, 2011 9:20 am

    Mahalo to Tommy Heffernan…..the boyz in black are back!

    eh, Tommy, we knew you could do it and after one year, your product as football strength coordinator is looking awesome and results are plainly visible for all to see.

    maintain the tempo and work ethic and keep the hogs sweating. 🙂

  62. Da Punchbowl Kid March 1, 2011 9:24 am

    Good Morning Gangeez! 🙂

    Nice pics, Mr. Tsai! Schutter’s guns look like howitzers. We know that big arms don’t always mean great throwing arms, but what’s Schutter’s arm strength like? Good to see that he puts in the work!

  63. Da Punchbowl Kid March 1, 2011 9:25 am

    Hey curveball, Happy Birthday! We miss ya!

  64. Da Punchbowl Kid March 1, 2011 9:27 am

    Get better Mr. Clapp. 😉

  65. Da Punchbowl Kid March 1, 2011 9:29 am

    Thanks for the good mentoring, Coach Tommy. It shows.

  66. Stephen Tsai March 1, 2011 9:56 am

    One of the universal things is how every player is in the best shape physically at a pro day. And then you wonder: Uh, why isn’t that the case during in their college training camps?

    At UH, football players on scholarship more-than-sufficient meals. The facilities are available most of the time. And there are trainers and conditioning coaches at their service. One theory is that even the most dedicated players work harder when they have to pay for their training. The other is, well, we all remember how it was in college. … Whoops. Started drifting off with the memory.

  67. Da Punchbowl Kid March 1, 2011 10:04 am

    Missed you this week end Mr.Tsai… 😉

  68. 網頁設計 March 1, 2011 10:27 am

    Very interesting, thank you for sharing!

  69. hawaiiansun March 1, 2011 10:32 am

    ST, i dont propose to have the definite answer to your pondering question, but offer a few clues:

    1. hawai’i football has a new trainer.

    2. training for pro day is more intensive, more specialized for specific result, requires more output per day in a more condensenced period of time (no attending school or other distractions during/btw training periods), and

    3. not all athletes have access to specialized dieterary needs as you presume. it is far more expensive and expansive than you think and the ncaa does not allow these supplements to be distributed to athletes by the school.

  70. Ralph March 1, 2011 10:35 am

    USA Today Softball poll today that was already reported by Lanaiboy, but here is the entire list.

    Rank Team Record Pts Pvs

    1 Georgia (18) 14-1 730 1

    2 Florida (10) 14-0 721 4

    3 Alabama (1) 16-0 682 5

    4 Arizona (1) 14-2 655 3

    5 Washington 13-0 610 7

    6 UCLA 13-3 591 2

    7 Tennessee 14-2 578 8

    8 Michigan 15-0 560 9

    9 Arizona St. 12-1 498 12

    10 Oklahoma 12-5 434 6

    11 California 9-1 426 14

    12 Texas 14-2 419 11

    13 Oregon 13-2 378 13

    14 Hawaii 12-4 356 10

    15 Nebraska 14-2 301 18

    16 Stanford 12-3 292 17

    17 La.-Lafayette 14-1 287 15

    18 Missouri 5-3 269 16

    19 Oklahoma St. 12-3 248 19

    20 Texas Tech 16-0 183 21

    21 LSU 12-5 158 20

    22 Texas A&M 12-5 95 24

    23 Fresno St. 6-1 59 NR

    24 Auburn 15-0 49 NR

    25 Houston 13-3 38 23

    Others receiving votes:

  71. Ralph March 1, 2011 10:36 am

    ESPN softball poll that was reported earlier by Lanaiboy, here is the entire list

    ESPN.COM/USA Softball Collegiate Top 25#


    ESPN.COM/USA Softball Collegiate Top 25

    (Records through February 28, 2011)


    —- — —

    1. ALABAMA (11) (16-0) 485 2

    2. GEORGIA (5) (14-1) 473 3

    3. FLORIDA (4) (14-0) 472 5

    4. ARIZONA (14-2) 429 1

    5. MICHIGAN (15-0) 411 7

    6. WASHINGTON (13-0) 381 9

    7. ARIZONA ST (12-1) 375 8

    8. TENNESSEE (14-2) 362 10

    9. UCLA (12-3) 360 3

    10. CALIFORNIA (9-1) 296 14

    11. OKLAHOMA (12-5) 272 6

    12. TEXAS (14-2) 270 12

    13. OREGON (13-2) 260 13

    14. STANFORD (12-3) 217 16

    15. OKLAHOMA ST (12-3) 213 18

    16. HAWAII (12-4) 208 11

    17. MISSOURI (5-3) 175 15

    18. UL LAFAYETTE (14-1) 159 17

    19. TEXAS TECH (16-0) 151 19

    20. NEBRASKA (14-2) 128 22

    21. LSU (12-5) 82 20

    22. TEXAS A&M (12-5) 70 21

    23. HOUSTON (13-3) 58 23

    24. KENTUCKY (11-3) 43 24

    25. AUBURN (15-0) 33 NR

    Dropped Out: No. 25 GEORGIA TECH

    Others Receiving Votes: BAYLOR 32, FRESNO ST 25, NOTRE DAME



    Last Updated: 03-01-11 12:27

  72. Unkanesson March 1, 2011 10:44 am

    Aloha Tsaiko Nation!

    Still lurkin’ over here on the Big Island. Looking forward to the coming football season, but I’ve got to say the rest of our athletic teams are doing so well that the wait for football is a lot easier to take! Congratulations to all the Rainbow/Warrior teams and athletes!!! And to Jim Donovan and his staff — you folks are doing a terrific job!

    With all that said, I have to also comment on the status of TV broadcasts of UH, my alma mater’s, sports events. If I was living on O’ahu, I would be attending as many games as possible. For all these years, though, I’ve been a regular viewer of the games on K5. In fact, the only other TV programming I watch as consistently is the local news. For that reason, I only have the most basic of cable service, and I don’t want to pay 3 or 4 times as much every month to watch the same channels I do now. I’m not interested in watching more TV, and don’t care about HD. I hope the powers that be will take the circumstances of the neighbor island viewers into account as they determine the future of UH sports broadcasting. Live on-line streaming video perhaps? Would be good for the mainland folks too. At least, hopefully, we’ll continue to have AM1420 streaming audio.

  73. hawaiiansun March 1, 2011 10:47 am

    #1, above. I believe heffernan has a solid practical and dynamic workout schedule that combines most integrals needed for strength, burst, agility, endurance and stamina.

    Results are still ongoing, but growth was evidenced in heffernan’s first year of coordinating football workouts.

    #2, above. In training specialty centers, the athlete is basically quarantined from distraction and more focused on short term results with one on one specialized programs. and, yes, the athlete is motivated, among others, by the price tag he must pay.

    3#3, above. Several trainers have told me the ncaa prohibits supplement distribution (not enhancers) bc bigger programs would have an avantage over smaller ones within the same subdivision, ie, FBS.

  74. Lena March 1, 2011 10:49 am

    Bookmarked, I love your blog! 🙂

  75. hawaiiansun March 1, 2011 10:53 am

    Unless a football athlete has their own money or family assistance, there is no way they have enuff to feed their bodies. These guyz burn an inordinate amount of calories and require special nutrition. The best kept secret is how many ballers are constantly ‘hungry”.

    I personally know football players that have left programs bc they were in need of food.

    With all the money the NCAA makes off of football, the food allowance is shameful.

  76. zzzzzz March 1, 2011 11:03 am

    Is Tomey’s nameplate from when he was head coach?

    Clapp’s injuries sound like typical over-the-handebars injuries.

  77. NorthShoreFan March 1, 2011 11:08 am

    Kekoa, proposed to MW a get together, cc in Kapolei. Seems he is going to be busy with relatives but if he get time, can get a cc together at a buffet restaurant. Good price and good fuud. Tsaikos might scare the owner when she sees the group but lots of room and parking might be tight around lunchawah.

  78. BigIslandkurt March 1, 2011 11:09 am

    REcently spoke to a sole bradduh from Carson regarding incoming UH greyshirt QB Alo. Had nothing but great things to say about the young man. UH got a great pickup with this kid. Dont’ be surprised to see him zoom up the depth chart once he makes it on campus. That was music to my ears. I don’t think we’ve had a dominant QB in the system for his entire career since Timmy Chang. It’s not like we “needed” a QB in this years class as we have a bunch of them. For Rolo to go out and get this kid, it says something about Alo’s stock. Looking forward to his arrival for sure.


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  80. hawaiiansun March 1, 2011 11:19 am

    BIK, we are in need of a QB after Moniz. Who do we have that is “proven” with game experience? Graves? The others are untried, untested and UNsubstantiated.

    We had a number of QBs post-Timmy Chang recruited as frosh, including–Inoke, Graunke, Austin and several others that left, including the kid that came to UH from a Nevada HS, tranfered to SFCC bc he was too far down the depth chart and just landed a scholie at Iowa State as a blue-chip juco QB.

    Alo, is a good get. For sure. size, arm, mobility and credentials in a bigtime hs program.


  81. NCAA March 1, 2011 11:22 am

    Now that was a big can of SPAM!

  82. Gmahoney March 1, 2011 12:05 pm

    Happy birthday, Curveball. May all your pitches hit the strike zone.

    Kekoa, if CC in Kapolei for MW, count me in.

  83. madeinhawaii March 1, 2011 12:17 pm


    A big Happy Birthday to you! … here’s wishing you many many more! Cheers!

  84. Old Diver March 1, 2011 12:23 pm


    I don’t believe the NCAA makes much of anything off of football. Most of the money goes to the BCS conferences and during bowl season the majority of the money goes to the bowls themselves.

  85. Old Diver March 1, 2011 12:25 pm


    I believe the UH football players get one muscle milk drink a day. For their size and the effort they put in, that sound pretty inadequate.

  86. Hawkpeter March 1, 2011 12:33 pm

    There is no way that a D1a college S&C staff and program can provide the specific individual detail that a individual or small group program can. These have sprouted up like a cottage industry.

    When you combine the individual detail, a fresh environment, the lure of burgeoning professional status, and maturation its easy to see how these improvements in performance can be made.

  87. kev-1 March 1, 2011 12:48 pm

    When did Caymen Shutter turn into the Incredible Hulk? Maybe he should play some LB?

  88. Pomai March 1, 2011 12:48 pm

    #76 & #86 – That’s the No Clue At All for you, they say they are there to protect the student athlete’s but IMHO they do a very poor job of it.

  89. BG March 1, 2011 12:53 pm

    Hearty Happy Birthday to Curveball!!!

  90. NCAA March 1, 2011 1:04 pm

    The NCAA basketball tournament is a huge revenue generator for the NCAA. That is why there is an NCAA basketball fund that distributes $$$ to conferences. There is no football fund.

  91. Michigan Warrior March 1, 2011 1:11 pm

    Mahalo, RainbowCliff and Kekoa!

    Will look forward to meeting some of this gang. NSF… my family is huge. In the recent past, they have taken up most of certain establishments in Kapolei for family get-togethers after church. With my Dad in the hospital, I’ll probably only show up with my oldest daughter and my son that’s traveling with me. I’d imagine a couple of other relatives might want to join us, but we’ll see.

    GmaHoney… looking forward to seeing you again.

    My dad is now on a ventilator (to help with exhaling) and going through dialysis to help his system clean up. He is finally responding to family and doctors, but can’t talk yet. At least he’s improved from last night.

    Can’t wait to finally be back home!

  92. NorthShoreFan March 1, 2011 1:19 pm

    MW, We are sending out healing energy for your dad.

    With enough time to schedule things, the place can accomodate a good number of people.

    After you get here and get your schedule in order, let me know what day is good for a lunch cc.

    We look forward to meeting you.

  93. Hawaiianbod March 1, 2011 2:09 pm

    MW – continued prayers for your dad.

    safe travels.

  94. hawaiiansun March 1, 2011 2:51 pm

    pomai wrote:

    “That’s the No Clue At All for you…” (NCAA)

    I dont believe the NCAA operates in the darkness of ignorance.

    It’s more contrieved and devious.

    The NCAA simply is greedy and they are keenly aware that once they open the door to more allowances, they open the floodgates to a never ending stream of needs for college football players. Their answer?

    Tighten the screws on NCAA violations…..except, where and when more money can be made for the NCAA–such as in the Cam Newton case where strick interpretation aplies in place of common sense. How big the TV ratings dfor the big game if it were Oregon vs TCU?

    The point being, food allowances are paltry–ask MAC why he lost a promising safety from the ravage-torn Katrina neighborhood a few years back. Especially in Hawai’i where 88% of produce and food products are imported through a monopolistic local shipping industry that has driven up food prices to the point of being labeled as luxury items. Ask any mainland football player at UH who doesnt know a local family, how much he dreams of food on the weekends. Tragic.

  95. NCAA March 1, 2011 3:02 pm

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    Condolences to the Yonamine family.

  105. Slugger March 1, 2011 3:55 pm

    Michigan Warrior,

    Sending prayers for your Dad.

  106. RedZone March 1, 2011 4:12 pm

    Happy bday curveball.

    Get Well Clapp.

  107. 808ike March 1, 2011 4:16 pm

    Curveball———Happy Bday.

    MW———-Prayers for your dad.

    Well wishes to C. Clapp.

  108. Garret March 1, 2011 4:40 pm

    The Dolphins seem to be interested in Alex Green–he fits their system better than Taua apparently. It would be nice to have Bess and Green on the same team!

    They also have talked to Kaepernick’s backfield partner at Nevada, Vai Taua,who lacks the speed the Dolphins require but is physical into the hole and they also spoke to Alex Green of Hawaii who was 6’0, 225 and ran a very respectable 4.53. I strongly suggest you watch him on Draft day viz a viz the Dolphins because he comes from a pass first offense and can not only catch the ball but also he’s a good pass blocker. He also has minimal miles on the clock and is known as a hard working team leader.

  109. Garret March 1, 2011 4:41 pm

    Happy Birthday Curveball!

  110. BigIslandkurt March 1, 2011 4:45 pm

    Hawaiian Sun, the word I used was “dominant.” Neither INoke, tyler or Austin have had the goods like T. Chang had.

    This might spiral into I whole nudder discussion on Timmy Chang now. I hope not.


  111. hawaiiansun March 1, 2011 5:28 pm

    #96, think cause and effect, that’s the theme. What would have happened if the NCAA, in a timely fashion, found newton violated rules and laid down the hammer?

    the bcs might be the shell entity that reaps the moola in name but the ncaa is the governing body that lays down the rules and exercises domain over football. the bcs is a creation on paper that operates invisibly in space and is sanctioned by the ncaa for monopolistic purposes.

  112. hawaiiansun March 1, 2011 5:34 pm

    BIK wrote:

    Hawaiian Sun, the word I used was “dominant.” Neither INoke, tyler or Austin have had the goods like T. Chang had.

    we know that only in hindsight, dont we?

    otherwise, why were they recruited?

  113. Calvin from Kona March 1, 2011 5:49 pm

    I just fell onto my bed in .4 seconds

  114. WahineSoftballFan March 1, 2011 5:55 pm

    Calvin from Kona,

    We need to pass that time on to Coach Mac. lol

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  116. Calvin from Kona March 1, 2011 6:00 pm

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  117. WahineSoftballFan March 1, 2011 6:01 pm


    You need to practice more, tripping on the way to get beer, at Aloha Stadium.

  118. WahineSoftballFan March 1, 2011 6:02 pm

    Yes, you can watch CFK tripping his way to getting some beer.

  119. WahineSoftballFan March 1, 2011 6:03 pm

    But if you are going to watch CFK tripping his way to getting some beer, make sure you bring a stop watch with you, to see if he is improving his tripping time.

  120. World Spinner March 1, 2011 6:06 pm

    Running ahead of schedule – The Warrior Beat| UH football ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  121. jm2375 March 1, 2011 6:07 pm

    Was that protector on the Animals show at the end?

    Condolences to the Yonamine ohana.

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    Happy Birthday Curveball. And, best wishes to Carl Clapp for a quick recovery.

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    Cayman sure isn’t built like your typical QB. Definitely looks more like a linebacker. His facial expression is also “interesting.” He almost looks like a Tsaiko who just tripped and spilled his beer.

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    Chun Wha Kam Noodle Factory immediately comes to mind. All that’s left is date and time.

    Can you give us a heads up on a date and time you might be available? We’ll post all the details once that’s been established.

  142. SteveM March 2, 2011 12:21 am

    On this day– in the first year of the Warrior Beat– 250 comments and Herman Frazier finally admitted the 2007 football schedule was not complete. ST had some kind words in his blog entry…which proves hindsight is 20/20 🙁

    Posted on: March 1, 2007 at 6:51:30 am

    Frazier’s breakthrough step

    Herman Frazier did an incredibly cool thing yesterday.

    He admitted the 2007 football schedule was not complete and that he was having difficulty filling it.

    He said it in public (during the Circle of Honor induction ceremony) and gave a plausible reason (the Warriors’ success was scaring off potential opponents).

    And, despite the difficulty, he said he would continue to work until the schedule is complete. He said it has changed 22 times in the last 90 days.

    It was an honest assessment — the sort that was needed for months, maybe during all of Frazier’s tenure here.

    Frazier has done good work since taking over as athletic director in August 2002. He raised the athletic department budget while finally balancing it. He implemented a needed but unpopular premium-seating plan that now generates millions in additional revenue. He gave June Jones a significant raise. He was involved in negotiating a rent-free deal with Aloha Stadium.

    He also has made mistakes, such as insisting on the no-extension clause for Riley Wallace, who was once his biggest ally in the athletic department, and taking too long to publicly address post-game fights. …. [more]

    Comment from: Stretch [Visitor]

    WHAT?? HF finally admitted that he doesn’t have the schedule set?? Amazing!!

    03/01/07 @ 07:06

    Comment from: ted domay [Visitor] (FloridaTed)

    Took HF a long while to catch on to the ways of the Islands. I hope he will keep up this new found wisdom in the future. Very good write-up, Tsai-Meister. But now I’m really nervous.

    03/01/07 @ 07:27

    Comment from: Darren [Visitor]

    Would Herman be willing to take the next step and ask Coach Jones for help?

    03/01/07 @ 07:27

    Comment from: spam n eggs [Visitor]

    any thursday morning jokes LV? c’mon. light it up my brother!

    03/01/07 @ 07:28

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    The guy thinks for a few seconds and then says, “My wife ran away with a cop about a week ago. I thought you might be that officer trying to give her back!”

    03/01/07 @ 07:43

    Comment from: Da Punchbowl Kid [Visitor]

    I think it’s a matter of needing at least 7 home games, they have only 5 set.

    Nobody wants to play us here.

    03/01/07 @ 08:18

    Comment from: RedZone [Visitor]

    Heard on the news this morning that Reinebold, Miano and Cal Lee are being considered for the DC job.

    Wow Portland St gave in to Glanville and increased the recruiting budget to $145,000 and will be upgrading the locker rooms and coaches offices. Seems like they are more willing to spend money on the future of their program. And they got a schedule too. Damn.

    03/01/07 @ 08:35

    Comment from: brew808 [Visitor]

    Nevamind HCCC inmates or Kahuku – what about “Team Tsaiko” that SteveM was assembling? Imagine the points and stats the Warriors would run up against that team. LOL!!!!

    03/01/07 @ 11:12

    Comment from: gigi-hawaii [Visitor]

    so I just returned from treating my mom to lunch at Compadres and eating enchillada combo plus caramel flan for dessert, and now I hear Al mentioning “the longest yard.” wots zat??? a movie…about football?

    as for cheerleaders and Tsaiko teams, aren’t we past our prime…er, over the hill…er, old futs? hahaha. The warriors would wipe us out!

    03/01/07 @ 13:50

    Comment from: Stephen [Member]

    Finally Gigi returns.

    I had a Lifetime Channel moment and get all soft on the administration, and then Gigi disappears.

    03/01/07 @ 13:54

    Comment from: Guava [Visitor]

    –Two words–

    Greg McMackin…..

    03/01/07 @ 19:46

    Comment from: SteveM [Visitor]

    Just got back from a long work break and I see we have two recruits for the Tsai-Ko Fantasized Football Team. Red Zone as a punt returner…lazy buggah figure no punts to us, huh? and lava as kick holder. No need worry about holding because we don’t have a 85 yard field goal kicker yet. You can hold the beer keg instead. Congratulations, on passing the team physical (your fingers strong enough to type your way into this blog). But you have to pass the strength and dexterity drills yet — to be held at a buffet line to be determined.

    I think that lava called it right, though:

    Comment from: lava [Visitor]

    I considered a UH v. Tsaikos game, but geez Louise, which of us die-hards actually wants to suit up and play against the Warriors of UH? The game wouldn’t go past the coin toss. Hand shakes would turn into talkin story and before long the game is called in favor of an on-the-field bbq and photo session. Heck, we can do that at the practice fields.

    No way we play UH–heck, we would even lose to the video game with the TV off. 🙂 Well, at least we won’t have to unveil the secret weapons we have on offense…

    03/01/07 @ 20:03

    Comment from: James [Visitor]

    At this point we just have to wait and see what happens….it will come and like gigi said, we just need to relax…and wait for the ride to begin again.



    Al, bulla, DPK, joe, SteveM. Jason, and the rest of the Tsai-koa, are we gonna plan a tailgate during the season??

    03/01/07 @ 21:44

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    Happy Hump Day!!!

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