Travel day

The Warriors practiced for about 90 minutes today, then departed this afternoon for the mainland ahead of Saturday’s road game against Colorado.

As always, the 64-player travel roster was split this way: 30 on offense, 30 on defense, four specialists. And, as always, Scott Harding’s multiple roles gave the Warriors’ roster flexibility. UH is probably one of the few teams that can travel with two punters (Harding and Ruben Guzman) and two snappers (Brodie Nakama for FGs/PATs and Brian Hittner for punts).

Josh Donovan, who is not in the rotation at safety, made the travel squad as a special-teams player.

Because Ikaika Woolsey doubled as the holder, the Warriors were able to travel with four quarterbacks last year. This time, it will be just three quarterbacks: Woolsey, Jeremy Higgins and Taylor Graham.


  1. Kaipo'i1 September 18, 2014 6:09 am

    Good morning!
    Just landed in Denver, looks like it’s going to be a beautiful weekend.

    Go Warriors!

  2. gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 6:14 am

    ST, Thanks for letting Mr. Gigi post his comment yesterday.
    He is thrilled.
    I keep telling him he should create his own blog, but he feels he has nothing to say.

  3. tom September 18, 2014 6:25 am


    Safe and successful journey!

  4. 3-Prong September 18, 2014 6:29 am

    Good Morning.

    Let’s Go Bows, time to bring home the first road win in the NC Era.
    All business.

  5. Stephen Tsai September 18, 2014 6:37 am

    I thought I saw a forecast for rain on Saturday night in Denver.

  6. UHfan808 September 18, 2014 6:50 am


  7. hatakeman September 18, 2014 6:51 am

    I believe there is a limit on the number of players that may travel for conference games. But since this is a non-conference game, is the travel limit self-imposed?

  8. UHfan808 September 18, 2014 6:53 am

    Good morning, Tsai-kos!

    Seems like a great day for travel.

    Rest up and have a nice flight, Warriors!!

  9. Shoko September 18, 2014 6:57 am

    According to the forecast, there is a 10% chance of rain with a high of 77 and a low of 57 degrees. Perfect football weather!

  10. letsgowarriors September 18, 2014 6:59 am

    Donovan is one of our better ST players, IMO, so hopefully he makes the cut. he messed up on 1 kickoff last week, but I don’t anticipate much errors from him.

  11. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 7:06 am

    Aloha to all of the above (not sure why a Grease didn’t think of this earlier 🙂 .

    It’s almost an Arashi weekend and a first road Warrior game weekend. 🙂

  12. haka September 18, 2014 7:06 am

    Safe travels to the Warriors!
    Beat da Buffs!

  13. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 7:13 am

    Wait. That did not feel the same. So . . . good morning:

    • Kaipo’i1
    • gigi-hawaii
    • tom
    • 3-Prong
    • UHfan808
    • hatakeman
    • Shoko
    • letsgowarriors
    • haka

    Don’t Stop Believin’ . . . here’s to The Sopranos last episode, crew members recently saved by the U.S. Coast Guard, and, uh, UH Warriors, too 🙂 .

  14. NorthShoreFan September 18, 2014 7:47 am

    Guud Morning Tsaikos…bootiful day.

    practice your deep breathing exercises…IMUA WARRIORS!

  15. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 7:50 am

    Off-topic, but, absolute coolest . . . you’ll recognize the Millenium Falcon (complete with John Williams’ Star Wars score . . . yet a more recent decidedly score takes over to reveal . . . yet another iconic — albeit cinematic — vehicle) . . . coolest!!!!

  16. Former UH Athlete September 18, 2014 7:56 am

    #1… Just be warned… Colorado weather is freaking crazy. It’ll be 85 and sunny, then snow the next day. I’ve been caught without cold weather clothes after viewing what was suppose to be a sunny/warm 5 day forecast, only for it to turn out to 50 and windy, and me scrambling to nearest sports retailer for some Under Armor (back when Under Armor was actually worn under your clothes).

  17. Andrew September 18, 2014 8:04 am

    Sorry to the football team but I’m praying for cold weather up there haha. I would like to escape this humidity and hell heat for a bit.

  18. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 8:04 am

    8am SATURDAY game, don’t forget!!!! THIS IS NOT AN AFTERNOON GAME

    So, let’s hear your best omeletes that you will have on Saturday morning; NO DENVER OMELETES ALLOWED!!!!!!

    OFF-TOPIC: FOR AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND!!!!!!! Let’s have fellow-warrior-in-spirit William Wallace (that’s “Braveheart” for those of you who get your history from film :)) give a smile up above.

    One more:

    Inyoface September 17, 2014 at 8:56 pm
    I’m not reading anyone’s analysis or giving my opinion anymore. Too much has been said of what to do or what should’ve been done. I’m just going to look at the win-loss column from here on out. That’s the only thing that’s going to save Norm Chow’s job.

    Inyoface, please continue to give your opinion. It is appreciated as all ‘pinions are appreciated here.

  19. Maddog50 September 18, 2014 8:05 am

    Glad to here Kory is in the mix—would love to see him get some reps. Really glad if Afusia and Marcus are in the mix……Go Warriors!!!!!

  20. jojo September 18, 2014 8:08 am

    For some reason I thought they left last night.

    Safe travels!

  21. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 8:10 am

    Here. REO “Can’t Fight This Feeling” Wagon’s song about Colorado . . . Riding the Storm Out

    Riding the storm out
    Waiting for the thaw out
    On a full moon night
    In the rocky mountain winter.
    My wine bottle’s low
    Watching for the snow
    I’ve been thinking lately of what I’m missing [on the ‘aina (a Grease’s edit/addition 😛 )
    And I’m not missing a thing
    Watching the full moon crossing the range
    Riding the storm out
    Riding the storm out.

    # # #

  22. RB September 18, 2014 8:19 am

    Bleacher report predicts a Hawaii lost.

  23. gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 8:24 am


    Thanks to your comments about omelets, I experimented in my kitchen last night and created a fantastic FRITTATA. Google it if you don’t know what it is.

    Basically, it consisted of onions, pimentos, green chilis, and 5 eggs — all cooked in a frying pan.


  24. Ipu Man September 18, 2014 8:24 am

    Ten percent chance of rain? Hope UH adds thunder and
    lighting to the mix. 🙂

  25. Hank September 18, 2014 8:29 am

    #22 Didn’t they have us losing against NI?

  26. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 8:29 am

    RB September 18, 2014 at 8:19 am
    Bleacher report predicts a Hawaii lost.

    Ah. Let’s hope a high altitude gives strength to Hawaii’s defense, like how Scarlet Witch’s powers are essentially ENHANCED in the DC Universe (source: The Avengers vs. JLA 4-issue series).

    Warrior defense can beat these sluggish Buff’loes. Hawaii Warrior channel that fellow Native American warrior! Or better yet, Manitou!!!! [!] Pic (spooky):

    Sorry for mixing metaphors here.

    Ah, what a Grease talking. He like win the prize, LOL. See Pomai’s list — a Grease’s prediction, Hawaii: 10, ‘rado: . . . something 40-something-ish.

  27. Hank September 18, 2014 8:31 am

    I like Rasmussen being on defense. Never cared for him to play OL. He’ll get to see the field sooner. Can never have enough tenacity on D.

  28. Hank September 18, 2014 8:33 am

    Good Morn’in Chicken Grease.

  29. pollypicador September 18, 2014 8:33 am

    Re-Reardon’s all time UH special teams players-where does Harding rank?

    There’s no arguing the selections that are posted.

    But the one that I always liked was-Malcolm Lane. This players had so much potential-4.4 speed…third to first gear in a flash, naturally gifted. It’s too bad he didn’t complete his eligibility.

    Harding brings to the team a net punting average that must rate high up there all-time (could be wrong, but don’t feel like looking it up). His punts (either right or left footed) pin the opponents and are hard to field. He’s an exciting player to watch either punting the ball or punt receiving. What can be said is that there may be an off the chart special teams player for UH in the future, but I would be very surprised to see a player replicating the feats that Harding can do on special teams. Wishfully the NFL should make a rule change and allow rugby style punting because it brings a lot more excitement to the game. Plus it opens the door for players from rugby playing countries to try out.

  30. RB September 18, 2014 8:33 am

    ST: Is Max Wittek on the team? He is not on the roster on the UH website.

  31. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 8:36 am

    23 gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 at 8:24 am

    Thanks to your comments about omelets, I experimented in my kitchen last night and created a fantastic FRITTATA. Google it if you don’t know what it is.

    Basically, it consisted of onions, pimentos, green chilis, and 5 eggs — all cooked in a frying pan.


    Ooooh! MERCY!!! THE 5 eggs alone. That’s about the same amount a Grease uses. Ah, I think it’s how you said it. Pimentos, nice!!!!! Thanks, gigi-hawaii. Might try that at some point. Frittata is basically quiche-ish, yes? A Grease is a man; but, he loves quiche! Frittata, image:×426/Italian%20Herb%20Frittata.ashx

    Frittata, definition, from

  32. gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 8:39 am

    Quiche is different from Frittata.
    Quiche is baked in the oven.
    Frittata is cooked in a frying pan.
    But, definitely not scrambled.

  33. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 8:40 am

    Hank!!!! Good morning.

    Let’s have omeletes for Warriors through Saturday! OK, at least only in the morning

    Additional “good mornings”:

    • NorthShoreFan
    • Former UH Athlete
    • Andrew (tip for you: solar, Fujitsu on minimal, a few Vornado fans in the house; cost-effective and EFFECTIVE, PERIOD! :))
    • Maddog50
    • jojo (Hey! Long time no no!)
    • RB
    • Ipu Man
    • Pollypicador

    . . . and Mr. Stephen Tsai.

  34. jeezy33 September 18, 2014 8:41 am

    Kory, not Korey

  35. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 8:42 am

    jeez33 . . . good morning. Are you having an omelete for the Warriors through Saturday?

    Mahalo for the clarification, gigi-hawaii.

  36. jeezy33 September 18, 2014 8:48 am

    No. Most likely a Mcdonalds portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice while I watch the game at 8am.

  37. 3-Prong September 18, 2014 8:49 am

    wafan: UH patches in mail.

    Last call for UH embroidered logo patch like my avatar. Text me at (808-753-4063 with screen name and address.

  38. Andrew September 18, 2014 8:51 am


    Eggs poured from a carton. Yum

  39. Ipu Man September 18, 2014 9:08 am

    I’m thinking of trying frying brownies (like you do for a pancake).
    Too hot to use oven.
    Of course, must lob a scoopful of icecream on top.
    Go Bows!

  40. Shoko September 18, 2014 9:13 am

    Colorado’s depth chart against Hawaii.

  41. Bob September 18, 2014 9:14 am

    Just give your best team, Imua !

  42. gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 9:14 am

    I might have to turn on the a/c prematurely – because – the people next door are playing Vietnamese music.

    Hawaiian would be mo bettah.

  43. boolakanaka September 18, 2014 9:34 am

    Finally, I can watch a game, and not go to bed at 300am!

  44. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 9:39 am

    gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 at 9:14 am
    I might have to turn on the a/c prematurely – because – the people next door are playing Vietnamese music.

    Hawaiian would be mo bettah.

    Bài Ca Tình Yêu
    Một chiều thênh thang,về nới con sóng tràn
    Nơi đây bình yên một màu xanh gió trong lành…
    Rì rào biển hát,gởi mây ngàn khúc ca
    Theo cơn gió trôi miên man
    Chút mơ hồ….

    Ngồi kề bên em,bờ cát trắng sóng sô
    Ngồi nghe biển hát lời tình yêu rất dịu dàng
    Nhìn con thuyền trôi,xa xôi ngàn khơi
    Em nhé…
    Trọn đời yêu không thôi . . .

  45. boolakanaka September 18, 2014 9:42 am

    Oh, my avatar is my preferred “healthy” breakfast…..

  46. gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 9:44 am

    It’s raining heavily near Aloha Stadium.
    Wonder if football practice was cut short in Manoa.

  47. tom-warriornation September 18, 2014 9:50 am

    Is the team flying non-stop to Denver?

  48. jeezy33 September 18, 2014 9:51 am

    cheap and quick.

  49. tom-warriornation September 18, 2014 9:54 am

    This Saturday in Boulder, the tailgate program runs from 9:30-11:00 am. Here’s the link to the Tailgate on gameday:

    This is the only planned UH event prior to the game. 100+ UH fans that booked through the UHAA Chapter link will be in Section 103 on the visitor’s sideline.

  50. mo808 September 18, 2014 10:20 am

    Good morning folks!

    [ Hi gigihawaii! So nice reading you again! 😀 ]


  51. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 10:24 am

    tom-warriornation September 18, 2014 at 9:54 am
    This Saturday in Boulder, the tailgate program runs from 9:30-11:00 am. . . .

    This is the only planned UH event prior to the game. 100+ UH fans that booked through the UHAA Chapter link will be in Section 103 on the visitor’s sideline.

    Thanks for doing this, tom-warriornation.

    You know . . . don’t know if it’s too late or not, but, please, at that tailgate, no Denver omeletes! That’s too much of Ghostbusters-class crossing the streams of the proton pack energy (on account of Warrors having omelets earlier this week).

    “No Denver omelettes, please” in Vietnamese: không có món trứng tráng denver xin vui lòng

    Great breakfast there, boolakanaka

  52. Andrew September 18, 2014 10:28 am


    Is there any alcohol available for purchase there?

  53. 3-Prong September 18, 2014 10:28 am

    How we gonna get money from Ellison now that he stepped down as CEO?

  54. SteveM September 18, 2014 10:37 am

    Good morning everyone!

    Travel day… also for 5 Tsai-kos attending the UH-Colorado game. See:

    I am fairly sure none of them have met before. We have the well known A-House but he is on the Panda tour. Two of the others said they are staying in Westminster but only one noted his hotel. Very low odds they are in the same hotel, but…

    Where is the 4th staying? Anyway, the hotel/lodging column appeared in the table mainly for Las Vegas games, where chances are good people will be in the same hotel. But it could happen for other games. Please email me your hotel/lodging name….and ETA.

    Note that only blog names are used so you can’t be located even if the hotel is known. But you’ll know who to look for in the game group email list. 🙂

  55. boolakanaka September 18, 2014 10:38 am

    If any bow fans in Boulder need a breakfast recommendation go to Luciles off of 14th—-very good, and if you are with the wife, its in a really cute house. Also the Buff is pretty classis as well….both have kanaka portions.

  56. Pomaikaikeolahou September 18, 2014 10:49 am

    Good morning: This weeks pix’s has a great prize for the winner, two season tickets for the upcoming Na Wahine Softball season…

    UH vs Colorado
    09    –    38    gobows
    10    –    45    Chicken Grease
    12    –    36    C-Pop
    13    –    41    4-Prong
    13    –    24    NotNasti
    14    –    28    Tiki808
    16    –    27    AlaWai
    17    –    34    iwonderwhytheyhateme
    17    –    31    SC
    17    –    28    JustAsking
    17    –    14    tarai
    21    –    07    tom
    21    –    48    pollypicador
    21    –    17    Warrior
    21    –    14    Tofuzuke
    22    –    20    Lurker #8
    23    –    20    BigWave96744
    24    –    21    Pomai
    24    –    14    kawika49
    24    –    48    bowwar
    24    –    20    boolakanaka
    24    –    14    oldtimer808
    27    –    24    3-Prong
    27    –    24    Fei Jai
    27    –    21    Lawaia
    27    –    24    tanman
    28    –    24    eMpTy
    28    –    27    BigFan
    29    –    28    Pcwarrior
    30    –    17    kev-1
    31    –    17    hatakeman
    31    –    28    Masatoshi-san
    31    –    27    Haleakala
    31    –    28    Whats Up
    34    –    31    Andrew
    35    –    28    mo808
    36    –    23    akuhead2
    38    –    21    wafan
    38    –    14    Jack Flash
    40    –    21    UHfan808
    45    –    21    Anklebiters
    49    –    28    TChahng
    56    –    14    d1shima
    73    –    09    kakaako kid
    74    –    10    Ipu Man

  57. Kaipo'i1 September 18, 2014 10:57 am

    Beautiful day in Boulder!

    Mahalo to SteveM and tom-warriornation for keeping the information flowing for those of us traveling to the game on Saturday.

    Boo: I was just Yelping for places to eat. I’m taking your recommendations.

  58. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 11:02 am

    3-Prong September 18, 2014 at 10:28 am
    How we gonna get money from Ellison now that he stepped down as CEO?

    This is just rich people’s games (a Grease knows :P). He’s still Chairman. Just “making way for a new generation of CEOs” and other assorted execs.

    Think Steve Jobs would do a WT_ w/regard to Apple’s recent “password” move.

    Stocks are doing decent.

    Not doing a hula now, are you Lassner?

    quasi-Off topic, sorry webmaster.

  59. cheepono September 18, 2014 11:05 am

    Good afternoon Tsaikos. Does anyone know what places on Oahu will be showing the Colorado game? Thanks in advance.

  60. kawika49 September 18, 2014 11:33 am

    Why not the Stan Sherrif Center?
    Could have loco Moco’s, Hot chocolate and Pancake Breakfast?
    Still awaiting response to Family Friendly Section at Aloha Stadium.

  61. SC September 18, 2014 11:50 am

    Re: #58

    cheepono. Koko Marina Theater is showing it at 8:00 a.m. $12.00 admission and you can purchase ahead of time. They were sold out last week.

  62. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 11:54 am

    kidding? 1420 AM radio ESPN is the station. 14-28 in favor of Colorado. This is due to size difference.

  63. kawika49 September 18, 2014 11:56 am

    If Arirang was still here, we would have um. And the quarter changers.

  64. Shoko September 18, 2014 11:58 am

    I think Big City Diner opens at 7:00 am and might be showing the game since they’re a proud supporter of UH athletics. Might want to call to confirm.

  65. kawika49 September 18, 2014 11:59 am

    The previous was in answer to #58.

  66. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 12:07 pm

    If it gets to be a blow in the 2nd quarter, I’m going to ask that they change uniforms. Other than this, 14-28 Colorado wins and due to height differences.

  67. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 12:16 pm

    I’ll give Hawai’i a winning season. 9-4 at best at the end of the 2014 season. Not bad?

  68. RB September 18, 2014 12:19 pm

    @25 yup hopefully they are wrong again.

  69. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 12:24 pm

    Anyone here know how David Copperfield walked through the Great Wall of China? illusions of his! How?

  70. Boolakanaka September 18, 2014 12:26 pm

    Kaipo– if you hanging with the boyz, or your significant other likes beer, you gotta go to Backcountry Pizza and Pub. Huge huge selection of beers and solid grinds. Last time I was there, went in at 7:00 pm, left near midnight…..dat good.

  71. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 12:32 pm

    I hear they UH football wanted to go to Japan? or China? Is this true for 2015 or 2016? creep!

  72. kawika49 September 18, 2014 12:41 pm

    Better the Hawaii visitors or whatever the name is now; send our team to NZ or Australia.

  73. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 12:47 pm

    If you’re listening to this game, they’re in Colorado. Do they have any money in Colorado? I mean after all the extra cash some of them dished out, where’s the other money for the trip to Colorado? It’s not like he’ll be really useful in flying the plane and so. What do you say?

  74. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 12:58 pm

    Sometime in 1980 my cousin once worked with David Copperfield in LA. He was a handy man building the stage there. It’s amazing how much a person will pay just to go to Colorado and play with UH football. I guess it’s McDonald’s for the whole day, after that spending.

  75. mw warrior September 18, 2014 12:59 pm

    Just curious – why two punters but not two kickers. XP & FG are important. What if Hadden gets injured

  76. kawika49 September 18, 2014 1:00 pm

    Larry Ellison, will have more time to concentrate on Lanai/Hawaii; now that he is stepping down at Oracle.

  77. gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 1:07 pm

    Hi Mo. Love your avatar!
    Hi jojo. Long time no see.
    Actually, I have been commenting on the Warrior Beat only since Sunday after a long absence.
    It’s nice to see new people.
    But, where are the old Tsaikos?

  78. gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 1:09 pm

    Hubby signed up to see the game on channel 1232.
    Total price was less than $12.
    We will pay Oceanic cable later.
    It should be fun to watch.
    Hope they show views of Boulder as we have never been there.

  79. kawika49 September 18, 2014 1:55 pm

    Menu for Saturday:

    [ ] Eggs Check
    [ ] portugese sausage, Pork Sausage check
    [ ] Ham check
    [ ] Pancakes of course
    [ ] Steak ( for steak and eggs) check
    [ ] mushrooms /with onions sautéed check
    [ ] fried potatoes mixed w/ onions/oregano
    [ ] miso soup
    [ ] tomato juice
    [ ] Vodka
    [ ] Beer (very cold)
    [ ] Spam
    [ ] lotsa ice
    [ ] Coffee
    [ ] Tea

  80. kawika49 September 18, 2014 1:55 pm

    Forgot the rice.

  81. tom September 18, 2014 1:56 pm

    GIGI #81 asked “But, where are the old Tsaikos?”

    I made 81 last April – doesn’t that count?

  82. kawika49 September 18, 2014 1:57 pm

    Lup Chong and Pork hash would be nice.

  83. gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 2:04 pm

    Tom is 81??? Sheesh! I hope I make it to 70 in 2016.
    Kawika, where’s the malasadas?

  84. kawika49 September 18, 2014 2:04 pm

    Kombu, bonito flakes, best dashi!

  85. kawika49 September 18, 2014 2:07 pm

    #82, my bad; but Honokaa stay far from where I am at. Maybe my neighbors who are from the 22222 persuasion will correct theat.

  86. kawika49 September 18, 2014 2:15 pm

    BTW, I went to Polai pohaku; he went, to Daimean Memorial.

  87. JustAsking September 18, 2014 2:18 pm

    #59- Murphy’s opens early and has a breakfast deal Saturday morning during the game.

  88. wafan September 18, 2014 2:21 pm

    Go Monarchs!

  89. kawika49 September 18, 2014 2:39 pm

    Should read Kalai Pohaku.

  90. Andrew September 18, 2014 2:55 pm

    How long has everyone been season ticketholders and been going to the games since?

  91. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 3:18 pm

    WHO WILL BE POST # 100 TODAY?????

  92. kawika49 September 18, 2014 3:37 pm

    Andrew, how about us guys; live neighbor islands: That have been paying for pay per view forever, and are members of Nkoa.

  93. cocobean September 18, 2014 3:38 pm

    #89. Does paying the student activity fee count? Back in the day when the activity was a requirement you could get tickets for football or basketball by showing your registration receipt. The redemption center was upstairs Hemmingway. In those days UH didn’t issue student IDs.

  94. kawika49 September 18, 2014 3:41 pm

    At least the Pro Bowl (in 2010); gave us a package, for Vets, that included rooms, air, tickets and transportation; that was affordable.

  95. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 3:41 pm

    . . . on the road to # 100!!!! It is a travel day to post # 100!!!!

  96. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 3:42 pm

    cocobean . . . who will have the coveted post # 100????

  97. Andrew September 18, 2014 3:46 pm


    Yes, sorry should have made the question more general.

  98. Andrew September 18, 2014 3:49 pm


    Yeah. When I was at Manoa we could purchase student tickets at a really cheap price. Even CC or other campus students could purchase the same tickets for the same price. It’s a shame that when they introduced the activity fee, I moved to West Oahu and they did not offer any discounted price to other campus students. I would have gladly paid the activity fee and even more to get student admission to the games

  99. kawika49 September 18, 2014 3:51 pm

    #91 Hauoli pilikia; just wanted to clarify.

  100. kawika49 September 18, 2014 3:55 pm

    If Ben and the clan would open up neighbor Island campuses to view Football, Volley Ball, and other sports, as an activity with food booths; maybe, just maybe; we on the neighbor islands, would be more involves, and want of be, part of the team.

  101. kawika49 September 18, 2014 3:57 pm

    Wanted to be one poka poka.

  102. A-House September 18, 2014 4:01 pm

    Aloha from Denver!!!

    Nice red-eye flight – nah slept all the way so no idea!

    Downtown Sheraton very nice – our rooms are huge!!

    Berumda shorts and t-shirt weather.

  103. kawika49 September 18, 2014 4:03 pm

    A House no rub it in. Good for you keep us informed, you lucky buggah!

  104. kawika49 September 18, 2014 4:04 pm

    We are living through, transitionally.

  105. nutmegger September 18, 2014 4:28 pm

    #99 Kawika49
    Great idea.

  106. Stephen Tsai September 18, 2014 5:45 pm

    It took a while, but I finally was able to log on.

  107. Stephen Tsai September 18, 2014 5:47 pm

    It looks like UH is bringing a lot of the newcomer corners — Jalen Rogers, Jerrell Jackson, Jamal Mayo …

  108. Stephen Tsai September 18, 2014 5:48 pm

    I guess Gaetano DeMattei should be included in that group, although he’s already played a lot this season.

  109. mo808 September 18, 2014 5:56 pm

    gigi-hawaii, you’ve been away from the WB too long! There are many original Tsaiko’s who connect on FB and who also connect via email too! Sometimes, too many trolls hijacking ST’s blog. BTW, I love your blog posting!

  110. mo808 September 18, 2014 6:01 pm

    kawika49, your gametime menu is inviting! Hubs and I, along with sis will make our way down to Murphs Saturday morning for their Breakfast Buffet (they open @ 7:30am). The gal that took the reservation said it would be about $10-$12…I’d pay more if they were offering your menu! 🙂

  111. SteveM September 18, 2014 6:04 pm

    RE: #77
    gigi-hawaii — most of the Tsai-kos you have known or met personally are still around, but they do not post everyday. Similarly, here are still many (who I have not met in person) who are still here and posting once in a while, if not daily.

    … and for those who don’t know who gigi-hawaii is, she is one of the 15 Tsai-kos who attended the 1st Blog party in December 2006. Click here to see photos/comments by Cat.

  112. Z September 18, 2014 6:09 pm

    I think Ewaliko can kick too.

  113. mo808 September 18, 2014 6:39 pm

    SteveM, nice photos!

  114. gigi-hawaii September 18, 2014 6:43 pm

    Thanks, Mo.
    Thanks, SteveM. Your Blog Party 1 photos brought back memories. That was back in Dec 2006. Long time ago.

  115. kawika49 September 18, 2014 6:52 pm

    A lot of water has past under the Tsai Bridge, since first went open.

  116. JTW September 18, 2014 7:31 pm

    Arrived pm in Boulder. Ate lunch at The Buff (open breakfast and lunch) featured on Man vs Food and ate the Saddlebag (sausage and bacon in pancake topped with eggs). Obama also ate here. Also had a great dinner at Hana Matsuri Restaurant in Westminster.
    GO RAINBOW WARRIORS!!! Looking forward to the game.

  117. Chicken Grease September 18, 2014 8:08 pm

    kawika49⁠ September 18, 2014 at 3:57 pm⁠

    Wanted to be one poka poka.

    And you are as such, kawika49. Congratulations.

    Steve M., thanks for your efforts.

    TO ALL TSAIKOS WHO MADE THE TRIP TO ‘RADO, eat up and godspeed! Enjoy!

  118. hatakeman September 18, 2014 8:35 pm

    I did a little research and have the answer to my own question regarding travel squad limits. The NCAA does not have a rule regarding this subject. They limit the active player roster to 105 players and limit the number of non-uniformed personnel during games to 60 people on the field during games. Conferences establish limits for travel squads. The Big 10 is 70 players; Big 12 is 72 players. I don’t know the limit for the MWC. Basically, Hawaii could send its entire active roster limit of 105 players on the road, same as any team playing a non-conference game. The only limiting factor, I suppose, is cost.

  119. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 10:05 pm

    I don’t know anyone from any hotel. So, I’m speaking to you, who? Just the blog. Again 14-28 in favor of Colorado. Due to height differences. Colorado!

  120. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 10:08 pm

    Yes, I have a relative who lives in Washington. Went to Colorado. So! 14 points is easy for Colorado. +14.5 Hawai’i. Colorado! Heh!

  121. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 10:10 pm

    There was a story told in LAX, if you’ve ever visited Malibu beach? Now you know Hawai’i. I like Hawai’i, just not sure if Malibu like you. Got it? I got the points spread off some other guy on another blog. Won’t mention the game. +14.5 Hawai’i. 1-3 after Saturday’s game vs. Colorado.

  122. Tiki808 September 18, 2014 10:18 pm

    Never met Norm Chow. Just the blog will do. I don’t think Norm Chow was a legend. If you want to, replace him after this year if he loses all of the games. That’s why we’re here. Opinions!

  123. UH4eva September 19, 2014 12:02 am

    JTW #116 We will arrive in Westminster tomorrow and will try Hana Matsuri for my son’s birthday. See you at the game…Go Warriors!

  124. JTW September 19, 2014 3:14 am

    UH4ewa #123 Should consider reservation at Hana Matsuri since it was busy on a Thursday night. Great service, good food, and reasonable price. Alternative, Pearl Street Mall restaurants in Boulder for night life and Friday night CU pep rally at 7 pm at Pearl Street and 11th since no activiies for Warriors.

  125. d1shima September 19, 2014 5:31 am

    Great Morning All!


  126. d1shima September 19, 2014 5:31 am


  127. Shoko September 19, 2014 6:15 am

    6.8 Squad-Size Limitations.

    Football traveling squads shall be limited to 64 student-athletes for the visiting team in all in-Conference competition. The limit shall be 72 student-athletes for the Conference Championship. There shall be no limit on the squad-size for the home team or for non-conference contests. (Revised April 2014)

  128. Shoko September 19, 2014 6:15 am

    Uh, morning. 😉

  129. 3-Prong September 19, 2014 6:16 am

    d1: Are you the 8th of the 7 Dwarfs? I name thee “Thirsty” for thine love of the microbrews!

    Let’s Go Bows! Wahine and Warriors!

  130. malawarrior September 19, 2014 6:32 am

    Good Morning Rainbow Warrior Nation…Does anyone know where I can watch the game on Maui…Go Rainbow Warriors bring home a Win

  131. UHfan808 September 19, 2014 6:43 am

    Good morning, Tsai-kos!

    Safe travels to Tsai-meister, too!!

    GO WARRIORS!! :mrgreen:

  132. UHfan808 September 19, 2014 6:49 am

    130 malawarrior:

    Can catch the next game here:

  133. Old School Dave September 19, 2014 7:31 am

    Stephen: Any reason the team didn’t simply catch that direct flight from HNL to Denver on UA? Cost cutting measure?

  134. Old School Dave September 19, 2014 7:40 am

    Maybe answering my own question, but just remembered the UH system’s lowest bidding process likely being the reason for the team not taking that direct flight to Denver. The last time UH spent the night in LA resulted in them almost not arriving in time for their game at USU last season.

  135. Chicken Grease September 19, 2014 8:21 am

    Game day for ARASHI!!!!!. 5:30PM, Ko’Olina field!!!!!

    Let’s get some “ding! ding!”

  136. kawika49 September 19, 2014 8:25 am

    Less than 24hrs.

  137. 808WarriorFan September 19, 2014 8:26 am

    ST…besides Steven Lakalaka what other RB’s made the traveling squad; do you know ?????

  138. DaveLetterMan September 19, 2014 8:26 am

    Morning Tsaikos!
    As a corporate sponsor, why doesn’t Hawaiian Airlines provide a charter plane at cost?

  139. kawika49 September 19, 2014 8:26 am

    Then its Bing, Bang Walawala Bing, Bang.

  140. Chicken Grease September 19, 2014 8:27 am

    You have a quite enviable menu for tomorrow, kawika49! Unless you are starting today 😛 .

  141. kawika49 September 19, 2014 8:32 am

    Started cleaning stuff, early this morning. Start prep this evening. Put Ham hocks in slow cooker about lunch time. Like my Opu, this is turning into a monster.

  142. Stephen Tsai September 19, 2014 8:33 am

    New post is up:
    Here’s the link:
    Oh, one more thing:
    Ding, ding, ding.

  143. kawika49 September 19, 2014 8:33 am

    Let us not have anymore 8 AM games.

  144. NYUH September 20, 2014 11:34 am

    Oops, QB controversy.

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