Thursday in Park (Ridge)

• The Warriors practiced for 105 minutes at Park Ridge High in the final regular workout before Saturday’s game. (There is a walk-through tomorrow at West Point.)


The haka
The haka

9-mackMack chats with the Owls


Dylan Linkner, Chris Williams video practice
Dylan Linkner, Chris Williams video practice


Safeties work on fighting off low blocks
Safeties work on fighting off low blocks

• This is my 20th season as UH football beat writer, and I’m still amazed at the Warriors’ traveling show. In quick time, conference rooms are transformed into training rooms and equipment areas. If these guys ever opened their own moving company …





  1. Bulla September 9, 2010 6:39 am

    I am amazed it’s been 20 years also 🙂

  2. WarriorMojo September 9, 2010 6:39 am

    #1 Baby!

    Warrior Fan For Life!!

  3. midnight September 9, 2010 6:40 am

    Wow! Number One!!!

    Go Warriors, beat Army!!!

  4. midnight September 9, 2010 6:41 am

    OK, Number three is not bad!

    Beat Army!!

  5. djmitcho September 9, 2010 6:44 am

    whoa, top 5?

  6. bstunna2002 September 9, 2010 6:44 am

    Lucky Number 4

  7. bighilofan2 September 9, 2010 6:44 am

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    Sorry to miss the Army game.

    Gooo Warriors………

  8. midnight September 9, 2010 6:46 am

    Hi Bulla, the 5 inches of rain we had yesterday in Arlington, TX did not affect us because we are in a higher section of Arlington. Other sections had five feet of water though. Miss you and the Mrs., as well as the other Tsaikos, with the tailgating, fellowship, and karaoke.

  9. buger September 9, 2010 6:46 am

    Top 10.

    For Pomai

    Hawaii to win:

    41 – 24 Buger

  10. Bulla September 9, 2010 6:46 am


    #1 two days in a row….is that luck or what? haha, good morning Tsaikos, have a great day in Hawaii Nei!!!

  11. Pomai September 9, 2010 6:46 am

    From previous blog:

    #318 don weir:

    September 9th, 2010 at 4:40 am

    We have 10+ legacy players coming in to West Point for the game and another 8+ coming into Boulder. Former players were seen in abundance on the telethon. They have been contacted for communication purposes, not for solicitations, and they are starting to feel wlecomed back to UH after so long a time of no communications/no recognition/

    There are so many UH supporters on the mainland that feel disenfranchised. After reading the blogs and many of the e-mails it seems as though it is now up to the UH Letterwinners to lead a movement to connect the fans and supporters through a program sanctioned by UH (in some way yet to be discussed/formulated).

    Would like to hear what it would take to get the Alumni involved?

  12. Bulla September 9, 2010 6:47 am


    5″ of rain, YIKES 🙁 pretty soon you’ll have waterfront property, haha 🙂

  13. koakane ip4 September 9, 2010 6:47 am

    Morning tsaiko country

  14. midnight September 9, 2010 6:47 am

    Hi BHF2, miss your big body too!

  15. Bulla September 9, 2010 6:48 am


    good morning sir, hope all is well in your neck of the woods

  16. chopsueyboy September 9, 2010 6:49 am

    Top Twenty!

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

  17. midnight September 9, 2010 6:50 am

    Hi Koakane, my wife asked me this morning about how you are enjoying your retirement, and I said that it appears that you are enjoying the leisure activities of your own choosing rather than the rigors of your occupation.

  18. Pomai September 9, 2010 6:52 am

    Good morning Bulla hope all is quite on the eastern front, and good morning to all the good tsaikos who are up this early, looks like a beautiful day!!

  19. midnight September 9, 2010 6:53 am

    Have a good day, Tsaikos!

    Beat Army!!!

  20. djmitcho September 9, 2010 6:53 am

    So glad that saturday’s game starts at 9am (for those of us on the west coast). Hopefully I don’t stay out too late on Friday night.

  21. Pomai September 9, 2010 6:54 am

    Don’t forget if you have not made any plans for the Colorado game, come on down to the RWSS an help out with the makeover, all the players and coach’s will be there and right now a few fans, but can always use an extra pair of hands. Listen to the game while we clean up the stadium.

  22. koakane ip4 September 9, 2010 6:54 am

    yes sir having a good time with retirement. give her my aloha.

  23. don weir September 9, 2010 6:57 am


    After 09.30.2010 I am making former players of all sports, alums, and fans and their stronger links to UH my #1 priority.

    Let me wrap up loose ends, finish off my contract, and then get down to work!

  24. koakane ip4 September 9, 2010 6:59 am

    yea looking like a supa dupa morning so far in 808.

  25. Pomai September 9, 2010 7:00 am

    #23 don weir – Just let me know what we need to do, this is one of the main goals of the Na Wahine Softball Booster Club, that an getting more fans in the stands.

  26. Bulla September 9, 2010 7:04 am


    Quiet in Waikiki, still protecting the natives from the tourists….have an awesome day Tsaikos 🙂

    Great article on the Stutzmann ohana, GO WARRIORS BEAT ARMY!!!!

  27. koakane ip4 September 9, 2010 7:06 am

    Pomai still no 

  28. koakane ip4 September 9, 2010 7:09 am

    bulla any hits on the resorts from the 60’s reunion group yet?

  29. Bulla September 9, 2010 7:11 am


    i am going to a seminar this morning with the GM of that hotel, i’ll check with her and get back to you later today. have a good day….GO WARRIORS

  30. oldie September 9, 2010 7:17 am

    Morning Tsaikos!

    Protector, Saw your message. I’ll get one out to you.

  31. Da Punchbowl Kid September 9, 2010 7:24 am

    Good Morning Gangeez! 🙂

    Like my esteemed colleague koakane sez, its a byootiful morning in Hawaii Nei! A special aloha to our distant Tsaiko cousin, Midnight. Hope your day is a great one. Good to see the bighilo guy up in here too.

    Someday, somewhere in the UH athletics complex, there will be a place of honor for Don Weir. We salute him!

    I suggest that the Warriors include a dedication to our armed forces everywhere when they do the haka at West Point. A Warrior dance to honor Warriors!

    Good morning to one and all!

  32. tommui September 9, 2010 7:29 am



    I think it was D1 wondering about people like USMA, Michigan Warrior, A-House, KEKOA that went camping, hiking etc.

    The last time I went camping, hiking etc was at Kahuku charging up Hill 409 (I think it was 409).

    Nowdays, if there is no room service, colored TV or A/C, forget it!

  33. Pomai September 9, 2010 7:35 am

    tommui you got that right, the best camping spot is at the local Holiday Inn Expess…..

  34. chawan_cut September 9, 2010 7:45 am



  35. RoyGBivs [Terence Twk Wong] September 9, 2010 7:57 am

    what’s cookin’??

  36. Slugger September 9, 2010 8:00 am

    Good morning!

    ST ~ You must like what you do. 😀 20 years is a long time.

    Did they take one of the bikes that the Tsaikos bought for the team? Was there a Tsaiko sticker put on the bike, guys?

    I went to the garden early and squished a few slugs already. Good to go for the day!

  37. Slugger September 9, 2010 8:01 am

    RoyGBivs [Terence Twk Wong]:

    I still have your Tsaiko name tag. Are you going to any of the WVB games this weekend?

  38. gigi-hawaii September 9, 2010 8:02 am


    slugs! always in Hawaii gardens. My daugher says she kills about 30 slugs every day.

    Some people on the Big Island got meningitis from eating small slugs on back yard lettuce. Two went into a coma for a month.

  39. (Jesse) James September 9, 2010 8:05 am

    Good morning Gang….Woo Hoo….top 50…gotta be a good morning…..

    Hope all have a great day in Hawaii Nei….

    ST, 20 years???? Wow, I was still in high school when you started….MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  40. Boston808 September 9, 2010 8:06 am

    Does anyone know where a group of us east coast kids can buy tickets to this Saturday’s game at Army? We’d like to sit with other Warrior fans if possible and the box office doesn’t sell any tickets in that section.


  41. gigi-hawaii September 9, 2010 8:10 am


    I guess with his recent birthday, ST is now 49.

  42. Pomai September 9, 2010 8:20 am

    UH vs Army

    22    –    27    USMA BOW FAN

    30    –    27    Committed Road Warrior

    31    –    13    NCAA

    34    –    17    djmitcho

    35    –    17    Pomai

    35    –    14    MR. GIGI

    35    –    10    gigi

    36    –    21    LizKauai

    37    –    13    gmahoney

    38    –    27    Kazz

    38    –    31    Hilo Moon

    38    –    24    JaM

    38    –    21    WassupDoc

    39    –    19    A-House

    41    –    17    Tyaiea

    41    –    24    buger

    42    –    24    greethumb

    42    –    21    DPK

    42    –    10    tommui

    42    –    17    wafan

    44    –    17    Kev-1

    45    –    21    MP

    45    –    17    RedZone

    45    –    10    HNL

    45    –    17    bstunna2002

    45    –    17    al

    45    –    34    Curt

    46    –    38    SailorBlue

    47    –    20    WenatcheeWarrior

    47    –    10    OlDiver

    48    –    17    Steve

    48    –    21    madeinhawaii

    48    –    6    papajoe2

    48    –    20    808ike

    49    –    24    NYUH

    49    –    17    protector

    49    –    21    chopsueyboy

    51    –    20    Michigan Warrior

    52    –    17    Unkanesson

    56    –    14    d1shima

    56    –    13    Kekoa

    62    –    21    IpuMan

  43. don weir September 9, 2010 8:28 am



    One of the charter goals of the University of Hawaii Letterwinners Club is the support of current and past letterwinners: all sports

    I believe that the goals of the individual team booster groups are the same for their respective sports. Let me be the first to say to all boosters that there is no competition from UHLWC; if we may be able to help a sport in any way we will try. If we can help any past athlete we will give it our best shot. If we may aid a UH booster group let us know.

    Look for the following FB Alums & Letterwinners at West Point

    Ramsey Pederson

    Brian Fitzpatrick

    Bill Boyda

    Murray Cassidy

    Greg Johnson

    Steve Adler (a teammate)

    Rich Ellerson (a teammate)

    Jim Donovan

    Don Weir

    Ed Guyagas (Track and Field)

    Gordon Scruton (Track and Field)

    October 15 Wahine Volleyball vs San Jose The UHAA and the UHLWC will formally recognize and celebrate the UHLWC becoming a chapter of the Alumni Association.

    Be on the Lookout!!

    We have all 15 helmets (full size) that represent the history of UH Football at this time including appropriate paint color and decals. The two leather helmets just arrived to the Kailua house I was told by Auntie Coco.

    Mike Biscotti (Na Koa Board Member and Hoakalei GM) and I met with Pictures Plus’ Kent Untermann to develop an exhibit case (that can travel perhaps once a month) for these helmets. As the project develops and there is a date and time for the collection to be viewed I will let you know.

  44. tom-warriornation September 9, 2010 8:31 am

    Boston808: check with Don Weir ( if he has extra tickets; he will be there–also meeting with his former teammate, Rich Ellerson, HC of Army. Glad to hear you will be there to cheer on the Warriors!

  45. Slugger September 9, 2010 8:36 am


    Glad to hear that the heavy rains are not affecting you and the Mrs. MISS YOU, GUYS!!!

    don weir,

    Mahalo for the work that you do! The Softball Booster Club is chugging along to raise support, and contact alumnae. UH-F doesn’t make it easy, though.

  46. don weir September 9, 2010 8:38 am

    Boston 808

    Tickets that were sent to UH were sold; unused tickets were returned to USMA Athletics otherwise UH pays for the ducats.

    The best option is to buy tickets from USMA Athletics and look for empty seats in Section 103 at Michie Stadium.

    While we are on this topic and looking down the road for future games we need to make an effort to provide outreach to all fans and facilitate ticket purchases via UH. Again, this is part of providing alums and fans a conduit to connect to UH as well as a means to make a contribution to scholarships. If you purchase your tickets from the host school the ticket money stays with the host school; if you purchase your tickets from UH, $10 stays local and goes to the UH Athletic Scholarship account.

  47. BG September 9, 2010 8:43 am

    Boston808 #40

    Click on my name to go to the UH website for away game tickets. If you’re able to get some, I sure hope they let you print them online so you can get them right away. Good luck.

  48. don weir September 9, 2010 8:45 am


    Speaking from past experience we all appreciate the unsung work behind the scenes that always sees you volunteer to make something happen. And isn’t that what many coaches also look for? Players that can make something happen!!

    The processes will get better for all boosters. We must believe that this will happen and we must make it happen.

  49. Last Call. September 9, 2010 8:46 am

    Asking Inouye for help,what kind of a joke is that ? No wonder everyone laughs at us. What is he going to do order the Pac 12 to take us ?

    UH has no plan .

  50. BG September 9, 2010 8:48 am

    Sorry Boston 808…Don’s reply in #46 is the best information.

  51. jojo ® September 9, 2010 8:56 am


  52. Another Protector September 9, 2010 8:56 am

    LAST CALL: #49 – who knows what is going on behind the scene? Certainly not you.

  53. BG September 9, 2010 8:57 am


    When you’re ready, please hold a pot luck for Tsaikos who would like to contribute towards your effort. I think you’ve already seen willingness to help out. Unfortunately, the UH has not taken advantage of that willingness (except in certain cases like the softball team). Since we’re not a group with high economic statuses, we try to make up with a desire to work. Please allow us to help. Meeting at a T-gate at a specified time might work real well.

  54. jojo ® September 9, 2010 9:04 am

    Pomai – 21 – 13

  55. jojo ® September 9, 2010 9:04 am

    HI LOA!

  56. tom mui September 9, 2010 9:05 am


    From what I gather from one of your people at UHF, the alumni office is trying to compile a mailing list of UH alumni but again, perhaps if they would ask for volunteers to help them look up the yearbooks, phone directories, etc, it would be useful as they are understaffed.

    There were also volunteers for the compliance office but no one bothered to get in touch with them.

    Don’t forget that in the political arena, volunteers goes through voter list and compile information for their candidates such as addresses etc.

    Surely you can get some people from each Class of 1970 to 1979 as an example to go through the yearbooks and get locations of other members of their class.

  57. don weir September 9, 2010 9:11 am


    I had your back as I went in to the website to see that it was form driven and the due date was in August. I am not sure that the Paciolyn System that the UH ticket office uses for away game tickets allows FAX or downloads.

    The access to away game tickets is a topic for discussion in another venue or forum.

    Let me get the helmets and case together. Not to be proprietary but I am at the point of now asking FB Alums to contribute to this, have their name/playing years and jersey number on a small placque mounted on the back of the case.

    Then let us take this ‘on the road’ and use it for awareness and fundraising.

    I look forward to coming to a tailgate. I look forward to seeing all of you at LA Tech; I just need to find out location.

    Speaking of downloads, I was in shock as I was ready to download my Continental Boarding pass to see I could put the bar code into my PDA and I could use it at the security gate. It saved me 1.5 hours at LAX as I was coming ‘out East’.

  58. BG September 9, 2010 9:11 am


    Last night, I found one of your H designs (no, not the neon one!) and installed it as my pc wallpaper. MAHALO!

  59. Last Call. September 9, 2010 9:17 am

    When you reach the point where you have to ask a politician for help it tells you a lot about what is doing on behind the scene …NOTHING .

  60. hubby September 9, 2010 9:19 am


    slugs! always in Hawaii gardens. My daugher says she kills about 30 slugs every day.

    Some people on the Big Island got meningitis from eating small slugs on back yard lettuce. Two went into a coma for a month.

    knowing that should help the team beat Army!

  61. hubby September 9, 2010 9:20 am

    and in case you were wondering, the bed works fine!


  62. gigi-hawaii September 9, 2010 9:22 am

    how would you know? the bed hasn’t even been delivered.

  63. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc September 9, 2010 9:23 am

    Last Call: I did a search/find for the word Inouye and found no reference in today’s blog or posts other than yours. What does your response refer to?

    The easiest way to find UH alumni is start on the West Coast – Seattle/Tacoma, Spokane, Portland, Eugene, San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, Los Angeles/Orange County, San Diego.

    Create sports-related special events – perhaps a Cattle Call or even a T-Gate before a key game or match – in each area over the next 18 months. Use whatever contact information provided by UH Foundation/Alumni Association, but go after the area’s local sportswriters & social media + spend a little money on getting some paid advertising out there. Bring in a coach or someone like Colt Brennan to be the Honorary Host.

    When DrDoc got an invitation to a UVa reception before the Christmas basketball tournament when UH was still playing at the Blaisdell, we were stunned to see well over 400 people at the party. Yes, a fair nuimber in attendance were spouses and current UVa fans traveling ti Hawai`i, but at least 150 in attendance were HI residents who graduated from UVa – including half a dozen folks we knew from other parts of our lives.

    Getting people together is just the First Step – then there has to be followthrough.

    Another busy day – lots of difficult & unpleasant decisions to make about life and what’s going to happen next – including what’s going to happen next both personally & professionally.

  64. BG September 9, 2010 9:24 am

    Wonderful to see some clubhouse members around this morning! Don, that thing with your PDA and bar codes is a winnah!

    Positive news about tix. Tuesday, I stopped in at Schofield’s MWR travel office and saw a flier that advertised UH football tickets that could be bought there. I asked the representative to confirm and was told yes. I nearly jumped for joy as this was something I had asked UH for over two years ago. I just hope it’s in place for the other branches of service. It’s a huge community that needs to be tapped. Previous years’ military promo’s saw locals (military connected) buying them and hawking them at the gate. Active military personnel just didn’t have reasonable access to purchase tix.

  65. gigi-hawaii September 9, 2010 9:24 am


    mahalo for all that you do!

  66. BG September 9, 2010 9:28 am

    OK gang, off to meet the day…bbl

  67. NCAA September 9, 2010 9:29 am

    Ms. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc,

  68. Slugger September 9, 2010 9:38 am


    Hope that the Universe helps you get to the right place in your life. Believe!


    During the ASU-Portland St. game, the announcers mentioned that every ticket sold for the ASU-NAU game this Saturday, 9/11, would allow a veteran or their ‘ohana to attend the game, too.

    Sun Devil Athletics, in conjunction with Fox Sports Arizona and KTAR, is proud to announce our Salute to our Troops. On Sept. 11 for the game against NAU at 7 p.m., ASU and its media partners will donate a ticket to the Veteran Tickets Foundation for every ticket purchased. The Veteran Tickets Foundation is a program dedicated to giving back to those who gave by providing tickets to athletics events to active duty military, veterans and/or their family members.

  69. BigIslandkurt September 9, 2010 9:46 am

    Quiet as it is kept, Senator Inouye HAS THAT KIND OF POWER.

    “So you don’t want to have my alma mater in your conference huh? Ok — No highway funds for you! No new construction jobs! Take that!”


  70. Last Call September 9, 2010 9:47 am

    Reply to #63 UH reaches out for Inouye’s help

    By Ferd Lewis

  71. Last Call September 9, 2010 9:50 am

    I remember the year that there was an up roar over something the NCAA volleyball selection committee did to the Wahine and he contacted the head of the committee wanting an answer . She publicly dismissed him.

  72. Stretch September 9, 2010 9:58 am

    Inouye is a resource that can help the University, including the Athletic Department. Even if Inouye gets shutdown by others, who cares, it just shows that JD is doing everything he can. I don’t see anything wrong with it. To me, JD has nothing to lose.

  73. Kazz blogging via DROID X September 9, 2010 10:07 am

    UH stands nothing to lose by asking for Senator Inouye’s assistance, but what I remain ignorant about is what exactly can a US Senator do to influence such decisions.

    Perhaps a voice for all of Hawaii? The SC game alone brought in a reported $10 million for the local economy. Its hard to imagine other political officials cannot see the value of UH athletics.

  74. Pomai September 9, 2010 10:10 am

    #43 don weir – an the same with us, as I think all organizations at UH should work together, but some don’t, but that can change also.

  75. Pomai September 9, 2010 10:13 am

    Agree with Stretch, can’t hurt to ask. A lot of times I come up with some pretty weird ideas, an people say that’s never going to happen, well yes your right if you don’t ask……

  76. Last Call September 9, 2010 10:20 am

    and what did Inouye tell UH according to the article ? Get a plan.

  77. d1島 September 9, 2010 10:22 am

    Agree with it politically, or not, “Dan” controls the purse strings to a LOT of $$$.

    If you don’t want to listen to him when he asks for a “favor”, well….G’luck widdat!

  78. Bulla September 9, 2010 10:23 am

    UH has to pull out ALL the stops, along with Inouye, ask Obama, Mehau, Gotti, & the Dalai Lama for all I know. If we could find Jimmy Hoffa, ask him too.

    You don’t get if you don’t go… And it’s time to get going.


  79. NCAA September 9, 2010 10:23 am

    A lot of politicians assist schools in one way or another. This is no different.

  80. kama krab September 9, 2010 10:26 am

    Howzit Everybody,

    Last Call #72,

    Yes that might have happened back then but you have to remember now that Inouye is now third in command and you gotta think that Inouye has alot of influence right now over what goes and doesn’t go. Putting in a good word and maybe giving a little power nudge couln’t hurt on behalf of the UH by Inouye.

    And like other have said, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Look at what Orin Hatch did for Utah and to think that Orin doesn’t have half the power that Inouye has.

  81. kama krab September 9, 2010 10:29 am



  82. d1島 September 9, 2010 10:29 am

    …furthermore, can’t imagine that Dan would sit back and do nothing while Jack Burns’ dream crash and burns.

  83. aikea September 9, 2010 10:31 am

    #79 you are right on it. we are taking on water… need all of the buckets available.

  84. NCAA September 9, 2010 10:33 am

    You mean third in presidential succession line and not in command?

  85. kama krab September 9, 2010 10:33 am

    Ah and while where at it,

    Like Bulla said, might as well ask Obama too. I’m sure Inouye wouldn’t mind having a little dinner at the White House to talk about the situation at UH. Heh crazier things have happened but you will never know what happenes until someone puts there best foot forward and I think JD is starting the cycle.

  86. kama krab September 9, 2010 10:34 am

    NCAA #85,

    Yeah I new was something like that. Thanks for the correction.

  87. LizKauai m/ September 9, 2010 10:35 am

    Hi Mr and Mrs midnight!!! Miss you guys and glad to know you are high and dry!

    A Hui (hi) Hou!

  88. d1島 September 9, 2010 10:36 am

    Last Call:

    September 9th, 2010 at 9:50 am

    I remember the year that there was an up roar over something the NCAA volleyball selection committee did to the Wahine and he contacted the head of the committee wanting an answer . She publicly dismissed him.

    Wasn’t she recently looking for a job?

  89. NCAA September 9, 2010 10:39 am

    UH should also ask assistance from the ebay dude, the apple dude, and Harry and Jeanette Weinberg. Maybe even give Paris Hilton a call. Also, don’t forget disney.

  90. NCAA September 9, 2010 10:42 am

    Mr kama krab,

    I knew what you meant but just in case House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reads this blog we wouldn’t want to offend her.

  91. Last Call September 9, 2010 10:42 am

    Trust me he has no power to get UH into a conference.

  92. Bulla September 9, 2010 10:45 am

    Last Call

    I hear you, actually read you…not going to hurt asking anyone….gotta do something better than doing nothing….right

  93. NCAA September 9, 2010 10:51 am

    Mr. Bulla,


  94. kama krab September 9, 2010 10:52 am

    Well we will see if Inouye has power. At the very least things could get interesting. Like others have said, a good push and tug couldn’t hurt.

  95. NCAA September 9, 2010 10:54 am

    Got politics.

    I did not know Mufi’s wife is not local.

    I know, wrong blog but I find that interesting.

    ummmm, GO WARRIORS!

  96. Last Call for President September 9, 2010 10:54 am

    Last Call – I agree with you 100%, we are screwed so UH should give up and quit all sports and concentrate on academics. We can shoot for a top notch debate team and they can hold events at Aloha Stadium where it will pack the stadium.

  97. HawaiiMongoose September 9, 2010 10:54 am

    Keep in mind that Inouye recently took over as chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. That means he has more personal influence over the spending of federal funds than anyone else in Washington D.C., including President Obama. And where do big BCS universities get the vast majority of their research money from? The federal government.

    Any university president that wouldn’t take a phone call from Inouye and at least give consideration to what he has to say is making a serious mistake.

  98. kama krab September 9, 2010 10:55 am

    NCAA #91,

    Nah no like offend Aunty Nancy just in case she like help to.

  99. Boston808 September 9, 2010 10:55 am

    tom-warriornation, don weir, BG: Thanks for the info about tickets for Sat. We bought tickets from the box office. Hopefully there will be some empty seats in Sec 103!

  100. Pomai September 9, 2010 10:55 am

    #92 – No he might not but he could make it very bad for a state that denied him his request, an beleive me it’s been done before.

  101. HawaiiMongoose September 9, 2010 10:57 am

    Also, anyone who thinks politicians can’t have an impact on conference realignment decisions should go read up on why Baylor is in the Big 12.

  102. WarriorMojo September 9, 2010 11:04 am

    Well, if he doesn’t, then why do you keep barking at JD? Does he have more power than Inouye? It’s not like we’re negotiating from a position of strength.

  103. Kaimuki Kid September 9, 2010 11:05 am

    Like Garret pointed out a couple of days ago we should ask for assistance in lobbying the NCAA to extend the college football season one more week like they are doing for the 2013 season. That way the Hawaii/Alska exemption would be more attractive to the other D-! programs. It would allow an extra bye week to heal the owies and perhaps entice more programs to play in Hawaii for that extra home game.

  104. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 11:31 am

    Asking Senator Inouye for help may also be local, not just nationally. He could be the guy to get all the local ties together, like the visitor’s bureau, the UH admistration, the airlines, the hotels, etc. to put everything on the table and iron out what needs must be met, or who can help with what, or who may even have good ideas about making money. I mentioned something similar to this a while ago, but thought the governor or future governor would or could do something to help. Garret said that a while ago, the legislature asked UH what they could do to help and UH turned them down saying to could manage without them. With Senator Inouye involved, the untapped resources for UH could be endless. Earlier in today’s blog or maybe yesterday’s blog, we mentioned about how UH merchandise is not being sold nationwide or UH’s athletic department is not getting anything or very little for whatever is sold.

  105. LizKauai m/ September 9, 2010 11:32 am

    Capitol -ist/WassupDoc: God Bless, good thoughts and (((HUGS)))

  106. LizKauai m/ September 9, 2010 11:38 am

    #105 – just for conversation, government supervision of educational institutions is not always a good thing (ie- every child in Hawaii left behind) and usually leads to more busywork to document the processes.

    I would love to see the UH Legal Beagles in Training and UH Marketing Students take on the realtime challenge of acquiring, protecting and promoting the Athletic Department – from logo licensing to away-game marketing.


  107. Steve September 9, 2010 11:45 am

    Excuse me people, but if the Athletic Director, and UH Administration has to ask Senator Inouye for help, does that mean they do not have a clue of what to do? I hope not, otherwise we are in more serious trouble then I thought we were in.

  108. Steve September 9, 2010 11:47 am

    ST, 20th season, wow, congrats. Did it seem like it went by rather quickly. Looking for a 2nd 20 seasons, I hope.

  109. Steve September 9, 2010 11:49 am

    ST, are you going to be putting up any more pixs. Love the pixs the last couple of days.

  110. skycap September 9, 2010 11:55 am


    How many player’s is on the traveling roster ?

    How many first year player’s made this trip ?

    Maybe put the roster on the blog.

    Thank You

  111. Last Call September 9, 2010 12:00 pm

    The fact that Inouye told them you need a plan and a vision of where you want to go says everything, they don’t have a clue.Just the same old BS lines…..collecting info,weighing options and pondering .

    Last word for me on the subject for today I need to get back into game mode .

    Mahalo for putting up with me. I’m grateful to have a place where I can vent my frustration with the state of UH athletics.

  112. Manoa Mist September 9, 2010 12:03 pm

    I’m an admitted Last Call fan, but I agree w/Bulla. Can’t hurt to ask anyone and everyone for assistance right now – UH football is on life support. What does hurt is you ask Danny Boy to help and he says – rightfully so – I want you guys to have a plan for getting into a conference. Ouch!! Sore! Burning sensation!

    We need our senior senator to tell UH they need to have a plan? Yikee crikees.

  113. Stretch September 9, 2010 12:06 pm

    Whatever JD does next, stay in the WAC, independent, beg into another conference is going to be a HUGE decision for the University and State of Hawaii for years to come. I am glad he is talking to a lot of people for advice and help, rather than just go at it with people within the Athletic Department. It can make or break all sports at UH.

  114. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 12:11 pm

    May Sen. Dan says, you come up with a plan then I will see what I can to help you achieve your plan.

  115. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 12:13 pm

    #115 OOPS, May = Maybe. kalamai.

  116. chawan_cut September 9, 2010 12:22 pm

    RE #114

    and its a HUGE improvement over locking yourself in your office not doing anything like HF did….

  117. Steve September 9, 2010 12:24 pm

    Last Call:

    #112 Yes, need to start getting into game mode. Game starts approx. 12 hours earlier then normal.

  118. Garret September 9, 2010 12:29 pm

    If Montana cannot afford to support a D-IAA program, how are they going to be able to move up to D-IA? The WAC doesn’t exactly have huge amounts of TV money and most WAC bowls pay the bowl minimum.

    Expansion has been a hot topic in Montana ever since last spring, when athletic director Jim O’Day announced the financial woes of the athletic department.

    This triggered a series of rumors that Montana would move up to the Football Bowl Subdivision, where bowl game payouts and new television contracts would be the cure-all for the school’s woes. The most recycled rumor had Montana replacing Boise State in the WAC.

  119. Garret September 9, 2010 12:34 pm

    The *one* thing that Sen. Inouye could do is to support UH’s request (assuming UH makes the request) to extend the football season to 15 weeks instead of 14 weeks. Then, that would make the Hawaii exemption worth something again and UH would be able to schedule better teams and have more value to conferences and more power as an independent.

    Of course, after a few seasons with 12 games in 15 weeks, some schools will immediately petition the NCAA to allow them to play a 13th regular-season game. All D-IA teams would benefit since the extra game would be worth a million or more to their Athletic Departments…but then the Hawaii exemption would be worth even less than now because teams wouldn’t want 14 regular-season games.

  120. kev-1 September 9, 2010 12:48 pm

    Do some of you really think that when JD and the rest of the UH admin. heard Inouye say that they needed a plan they were like “Ooops! a plan? Yup, you’re right we better make one. What were we thinking?”

    Come on! It is ridiculous to think that it took Inouye to say that for them to get the idea. It is more likely that Sen Inouye had no idea what was going on because he is 185 years old and was told about the WAC situation and said “what? we have a football team at UH? Well, they better make a plan then.”

    RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just making a joke.

    Seriously though, some of you need to give JD a lot more credit. He isn’t a bad AD.

  121. NCAA September 9, 2010 12:56 pm

    I wonder how practice went today? Especially the QB’s and the reps they took.

  122. kona blue September 9, 2010 12:57 pm

    With Inouye think PAC 13,14 otherwise why bother if not go indy and at least play 2 3 teams PAC teams a year, like being an assiocate member, how to do that,get Dick Tomey on the committee and figure it out

    Indy means planning fiveyears into the future. and keep the best at home,get coaches who will develope for the next level and the rest of us will have to pay a lot more., that is the cost of the big time.

  123. Pomai September 9, 2010 1:05 pm

    kev-1 agree JD came in at a very bad time, he had five years of crap to clean up after the fumbler, just think if he took over with the program in at least decent shape.

  124. Garret September 9, 2010 1:06 pm

    Oops, I mean to say the one most important thing, not just that was the only thing Sen. Inouye could do.

  125. Garret September 9, 2010 1:06 pm

    There is a *big* difference between what Sen. Hatch did for Utah and what Sen. Inouye could do for UH. Sen. Hatch held hearing that examined how an undefeated Utah team did not have a chance to play for a national title, and how an undefeated Utah team did not have the same type of revenue earned from the BCS bowl system as other highly ranked teams.

    So, Sen. Hatch was looking at how *performance* did not equal revenue or chances at BCS bowl games. Since Sen. Hatch raised all of those questions, the BCS has released their formula to determine how any conference (like the MWC) can become an AQ conference by winning enough games. So, Sen. Hatch was looking at equitable compensation for *performance on the field*. The BCS is offering the MWC and other non-AQ conferences that possibility.

    Sen. Hatch was comparing conferences to other conferences. It seems like what posters are hoping Sen. Inouye do is just to benefit UH…and have it *not* based on performance, but instead be a type of charity that would benefit UH and nobody else. There is no way that a Senator can or should force one conference to take a team!

    There are things that Sen. Inouye could do that would benefit UH *and* every other D-IA school. Adding one week to the season can easily be defended because the NCAA added games to the season without adding weeks to the season, reducing bye weeks. The extra week could be seen as giving football players extra time to let their bodies recover from the injuries they sustain from a long season. Also, the extra week will increase conference TV value, which would give all D-IA schools extra money in a time when they all need it!

    The side benefit is that adding an extra week would make the Hawaii Exemption valuable again and it would help UH schedule premium teams once again. That change could be the single most important difference between a UH struggling as an independent team and a UH making a big profit as an independent team. Sen. Inouye doesn’t even need to talk about this side benefit because he would be suggesting it solely (cough, cough) because of his concern over the need for another bye week for student-athletes to recover over a long season.

    I’m guessing that this is NOT what Sen. Inouye was asked to do by UH…but it is what I wish UH would ask from him.

  126. rage777 September 9, 2010 1:10 pm

    Nice article about Micah Kia. Don’t usually like talking about players not on UH, but it was a really nice article about the Polynesian culture and his tats. Also one quote from Norm Chow and a mention of Aaron.

  127. Hawaiian September 9, 2010 1:13 pm


    I know on there is the “game notes” that includes a 2-deep of the upcoming week…but on away games, why can’t there be a posted “traveling squad” roster instead. I would think its cool to have a roster of the ROAD WARRIORS!!!

  128. Garret September 9, 2010 1:15 pm

    Sen. Inouye can do NOTHING about UH getting into the Pac-12. People might as well ask him to get an NFL team in Hawaii, the Pac-12 is far above UH’s level right now. The Pac-12 is looking for $15 million per school in TV value, and even a state the size of Colorado doesn’t have enough TV sets to bring that much value…however, adding Utah and Colorado gets them a championship game for football that is valued around $15 million, so it made sense.

    There simply are not enough people in Hawaii to be enough of a value for the Pac-10 TV deal. If UH was in such demand, they would have more than 1 ESPN game this year. Think about that, ESPN can show UH games for free (they paid $75k for USC to be moved to Thursday and can show any of the other games at Aloha Stadium for free) and chooses not to show UH…and we’re suddenly going to claim that we add $15 million to the Pac-10’s TV deal? Add in travel time/cost and a crippled value of the Hawaii exemption and Sen. Inouye can’t do anything for UH with the Pac-10.

    If UH had upgraded athletics *and* academics over the past 20 years, or even the past 10 years, UH might be attractive to the Pac-10. Instead, all we have been hearing is how badly the budget cuts have hurt the academic programs at UH, how UH has had furloughs, and how UH’s facilities are in shameful shape with the neglect of the maintenance reaching scandalous levels.

  129. Garret September 9, 2010 1:17 pm


    Maybe the coaches don’t want the travel roster released because they don’t want ARMY to know how made the trip? Remember, the UH coaches were so paranoid about other schools learning who was on the roster that the they didn’t even release the list of the players in training camp…like they thought USC was going to be concerned with who was the last person on the camp roster.

  130. Garret September 9, 2010 1:28 pm

    Pride. made a good point in yesterday’s blog about how UH has to worry about losing Rolo to some bigger-budget school. Pride said that UH should look to lock up Rolo, but all assistants are on 1-year contracts with no penalty if the assistants go elsewhere.

    UH simply doesn’t have the money to pay an offensive coordinator enough to avoid losing him to another school if money is a factor. Some schools are paying QB or RB coaches more than what Rolo makes as a coordinator! Rolo is in the low 6-figures and some assistants have passed the 7-figure mark.

    Put it this way, some schools have assistant coaches with better compensation packages than what *Mack* gets. UH can give Rolo time to prove himself early in his career, but if he has great success then UH might lose him just like they lost Mack after the 1999 season.

  131. Da Punchbowl Kid September 9, 2010 1:29 pm


    BEAT ARMY!!!

  132. gigi-hawaii September 9, 2010 1:30 pm

    yeah, but Hawaii is paradise. Doesn’t that count?

  133. madeinhawaii September 9, 2010 1:31 pm

    Maybe Sen. Inouye could get an Atheletics/Educational Title X bill passed for US schools that are handicapped/biased against due to demographics, isolation and/or location. Federal renumeration, tax incentives for hotels and transportation companies that house these school’s athletes or schools that are playing these athletes…etc…

    Something to help balance the books.

  134. NCAA September 9, 2010 1:31 pm

    Paranoid coaches? Bottom line is did the coaches properly prepare the players to carry out their assignments and kick ass every play.

    I’m certain the coaches would bring the players they need to win the game.

    If there continues to be communication problems, players misaligned, and improper tackling techniques then it boils down to the coaches and not who is on the roster.

  135. madeinhawaii September 9, 2010 1:32 pm


    right now.. UH football’s future is more like a pair of dice.. than paradise. But if UH can win big the rest of this season … and go into next with a full head of steam, it’s voice will be louder and stronger and people may take notice.

  136. Garret September 9, 2010 1:36 pm

    Article on Gordy Shaw recruiting in Minnesota.

    Gordie Shaw, who for 15 years was the University of Minnesota football team’s top in-state recruiter, two seasons ago was offensive coordinator for South Dakota, which plays the Gophers at TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday.

    “South Dakota is a football program on the rise, but it’s not in the same category as South Dakota State or North Dakota State,” Shaw said. “Those programs have been Division I-AA (Football Championship Subdivision) for seven years. South Dakota’s up (to FCS) from Division II in just its third year.”

    Under Shaw in 2008, South Dakota was sixth among FCS schools in total offense. He since has moved to the University of Hawaii, where he’s in his second season as offensive line coach.

    As for Shaw, 56, he continues to recruit Minnesota and is working on three high school players from the state.

  137. gigi-hawaii September 9, 2010 1:38 pm

    well, if you have family here, you will be less likely to leave. For example, the Lee brothers decided not to join JJ in Texas.

  138. Garret September 9, 2010 1:39 pm

    Maybe Sen. Inouye could get an Atheletics/Educational Title X bill passed for US schools that are handicapped/biased against due to demographics, isolation and/or location. Federal renumeration, tax incentives for hotels and transportation companies that house these school’s athletes or schools that are playing these athletes…etc…

    Something to help balance the books.


    That would been seen as charity, and every D-IA and D-IAA school would immediately claim they qualify under the rule. Where does the money come for that type of handout? We have to think of suggestions where *everybody* wins, not just how UH can get money from someone else without providing any value in return.

  139. NCAA September 9, 2010 1:40 pm

    Mrs. gigi-hawaii,

    #138 I wish that was true for the top recruits who leave the state.

  140. Jeff September 9, 2010 1:48 pm


    Sen. Hatch was comparing conferences to other conferences. It seems like what posters are hoping Sen. Inouye do is just to benefit UH…and have it *not* based on performance, but instead be a type of charity that would benefit UH and nobody else. There is no way that a Senator can or should force one conference to take a team!

    Inouye already does this for Hawaii, billions of dollars in “pork” get steered to Hawaii because of him. It’s nothing new Stevens did it for Alaska and Byrd did it for West Virginia. As Chairman of the Appropriations committee he may be the most powerful person in Congress. I’m at the point where I’m in favor of doing whatever it takes, if Inouye playing political hardball it what it takes then so be it.

    Someone also talked about Baylor and the Big 12 earlier, Ann Richards basically forced the Big 12 to take Baylor so it’s not like political meddling in unprecedented in conference movement.

  141. tom mui September 9, 2010 1:52 pm

    Chiming on GARRET’s comments on #126, obviously Senator Dan can use his influence on the NCAA to expand the amount of weeks played, but his influence would be felt, not on the Senate floor, but with his various supporters here in Hawaii and elsewhere.

    Dan could become the honorary chairman of the UH alumni association; he could ask some of the banks if they could help out UH; he could ask his friend Joe Moneybags if he would like to help out – build a stadium on campus, give some (more) $$$ to Koa Anuenue, give a long term lease on the lands around the campus owned by Bishop Estate in return for some quid pro quo from UH and so forth.

  142. Candy September 9, 2010 1:52 pm

    Does anyone know who to contact to obtain tickets for the UH Alumni tailgate for the Colorado game?

  143. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:24 pm

    Who practiced at RT today?

  144. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:25 pm

    Will there be a 4-man rotation at DT on Saturday?

  145. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:25 pm

    How many reps did Aaron Brown take in practice today?

  146. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:26 pm

    …with the starting defense?

  147. Da Punchbowl Kid September 9, 2010 2:26 pm

    Having Sen. Inouye’s good will and support for UH ahtletics is a positive thing. The more UH ahtletics can engage the movers and shakers in our community, the better.

    We would never know how much help Inouye can help unless he was asked.

    I think UH athletics should be proactive in lobbying top political candidates as well. The silence from the gubernatorial candidates regarding the recent WAC shake up is deafening. Why not get their thoughts on this issue?

    As evidenced by the recent USC game, a strong UH football program can be of great economic benefit to the community. It makes sense to keep our football program as healthy as possible.

    Garret, don’t you think that Hawaii being the most geographically remote spot on the planet could potentially lead to special consideration and assistance from Senator Inouye or the NCAA? No other schools can claim Hawai’i’s challenges in that regard.

  148. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:27 pm

    How did Rodney Bradley look today?

  149. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:29 pm

    Does the Blog Host have a host at The Borgata yet?

  150. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:29 pm


  151. Da Punchbowl Kid September 9, 2010 2:34 pm

    Hey d1!

    Why are ya blushing?

  152. wafan September 9, 2010 2:35 pm


  153. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:36 pm


    I get that way whenever royalty enters the room… 😉

  154. wafan September 9, 2010 2:36 pm

    Wow. Jet lag finally caught up. Tough morning.

  155. wafan September 9, 2010 2:38 pm

    Good to see the Warriors are intent on taking care of business.

    Barefoot on asphalt!


  156. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:38 pm



    no mention the J-term.

    …at least not ’til after the game on Saturday.

  157. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:41 pm

    Barefoot on asphalt!

    If not for Coach Ellerson’s history in the islands maybe they coulda floated the notion around that the team usually plays that way, too! 😆

  158. d1島 September 9, 2010 2:41 pm

    Who was the last barefoot kicker for Hawaii?

  159. Committed Road Warrior September 9, 2010 2:42 pm

    Looks like Dick Tomey found another job. Congrats!

    On the heels of announcing a September 18 debut for “WSN” – the WAC Sports Network – the Western Athletic Conference and its multimedia rights partner Learfield Sports have appointed seven members to the WSN broadcast team.

    Leading WSN as football play-by-play announcers will be Dave Harbison and Guy Haberman, with Dick Tomey and Joe Glenn serving as color commentators. Sideline reporters are Lauren Mickler and Jenny Cavnar, with Ralph Gaston as color and sideline.

  160. koakane™ September 9, 2010 2:52 pm

    September 8th, 2010 at 10:24 pm Pride. Says: What’s the remedy for a tired and fatigued defense?

    catching up on the blog from yesterday and saw this.. no one posted an answer so my response is to keep the offense on the field and wear down the other team defense.

    I tend to agree with much of the posters regarding asking the senator for assistance. no harm done, its time UH start looking for what is best for UH in order to survive. whatever it takes.

  161. koakane™ September 9, 2010 2:58 pm

    d1 two come to mind dick kenny and before him ,can’t remember, but he always appeared in the police benefit game. 😆 wow dating myself now.

  162. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 3:02 pm

    #161 CRM, What is the Wac Sports Network? Is the Wac getting their own TV channel? Pay Per View? How much does the WAC get? Does UH get anything? Is it enough to keep Nevading and Fresnose in the WAC? Boise seems gone. Not even using the WAC patches.

  163. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 3:03 pm

    #163 kk, Are you thinking of Bill “the knee” Pacheco?

  164. koakane™ September 9, 2010 3:07 pm

    bingo pj2, but now everyone know you older den me bwhaaaaaaaaa 😀

  165. wafan September 9, 2010 3:07 pm

    Seems we are not privy to every little bit of behind the scenes work going on at the UH regarding its future conference affiliation(s). I can understand the frustration at what appears to be non-action by the powers that be, too.

    But, I really have to trust that JD and others are working hard to ensure the viability of the various UH sports teams.

    People have decried what appears to be the “leak” by someone about the possible moves by the WAC, BYU, UNLV, and SDSU. Going even so far as to say KB is at fault. Perhaps he is.

    By folks expecting to hear the UH’s plans detailed or outlined by JD would that be similar to what KB has been denounced for doing? Blundering his way though negotiations and telegraphic his intentions.

    No, I think I would rather have the quiet. Even if the fans clamor for more information.

  166. NCAA September 9, 2010 3:08 pm

    Kyle Ah Loo

  167. Hawaiian September 9, 2010 3:11 pm

    Hey Garret,

    Thanks for your opinion but i want to hear from ST…someone “in the know” rather than someone “who thinks he knows”.

    I there is a lot of “gamesmanship” going on but i am pretty sure opposing coaches arent worrying about who is on the 2nd and 3rd teams.

    I just want to know for my own selfish reasons…to know who is working hard at each position and earning the right to travel. Being on the travelling party is very important for the non-starters…that’s why i am curious.

  168. Committed Road Warrior September 9, 2010 3:14 pm

    papajoe2 #164:

    The WAC Sports Network is just a mechanism for the conference to get their games shown in WAC markets by centrally producing them (with the talent crew referenced in my previous post) and then distributing them to local TV stations in (mostly) WAC markets.

    The concept isn’t unique; K5 has had endeavors in this sort of arrangement in the past. Think back to last year’s Central Arkansas game when K5 produced the game, then distributed the broadcast feed to a bunch of local TV stations in Arkansas. That’s pretty much what the WAC Sports Network is.

  169. Committed Road Warrior September 9, 2010 3:17 pm

    K5 is the local station in Hawai’i participating in the WAC Sports Network.

    I think that if the WAC Sports Network is moderately successful, it may spell the end of Leahey, Yamanoha, and the K5 crew from having to do UH road football games in the future.

    In essence, why would K5 want to send those two (and all the equipment) to Ruston/Moscow/etc. if the WAC Sports Network crew is going to be doing the game and beaming it back to K5 as part of the WAC Sports Network programming package?

  170. USMA BOW FAN September 9, 2010 3:19 pm

    Got into Philly early this morning. During the day thought it seemed a bit muggy. Humidity might be a factor for the visitors on Saturday.

  171. NCAA September 9, 2010 3:21 pm

    Humidity is no problem.

  172. Pomai September 9, 2010 3:22 pm

    #133 gigi- sorry but it’s not paradise anymore gigi, that went out the window 20 years ago.

  173. koakane™ September 9, 2010 3:26 pm

    wafan, I hear what your saying but I’m would like to take it one step further by saying let’s act positively for the best of UH, only UH and whatever interest that might be. self-centered or selfish it may be but to many times UH has consider others only to get shafted.

  174. koakane™ September 9, 2010 3:28 pm

    In essence, why would K5 want to send those two (and all the equipment) to Ruston/Moscow/etc. if the WAC Sports Network crew is going to be doing the game and beaming it back to K5 as part of the WAC Sports Network programming package?

    crw will this hold trure if the game are televised here or will the network send a crew to do the games?

  175. koakane™ September 9, 2010 3:29 pm


  176. NCAA September 9, 2010 3:31 pm

    When is K5 going to start broadcasting in HD?

  177. NCAA September 9, 2010 3:36 pm

    I meant sports that are not on PPV are not broadcast in HD on K5.

  178. Loa September 9, 2010 3:45 pm

    afternoon gang!

    congrats Stephen on the 20 seasons

  179. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 3:45 pm

    #166 kk, My great, great, great grandfather told me about “the knee” and that we are distant relatives. I only 29 (again).

  180. Loa September 9, 2010 3:46 pm

    hiya jojo ® !

  181. d1島 September 9, 2010 3:48 pm


    September 9th, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    When is K5 going to start broadcasting in HD?

    When will S. Lum start doing the play-by-play? 😉

  182. Loa September 9, 2010 3:50 pm

    Stretch – happy belated bd, hope you had a good one

  183. NCAA September 9, 2010 3:50 pm

    I wish!

  184. d1島 September 9, 2010 3:52 pm

    Temple fumbles away the ball on their own 35. 0:35 left.

  185. Loa September 9, 2010 3:54 pm

    mahalo for da piqs

    not too many owls?

  186. d1島 September 9, 2010 3:54 pm

    Cent Mich fumbles on the last play of reg time….going to OT.

  187. RainbowCliff September 9, 2010 3:56 pm

    Sugarland Texas How Sweet It Is !

    I have had the pleasure to re-unite with my former basketball pupil player Coach Andre Lapeyrolerie who is the NATIONAL coach for Nike AAU H.S. womens basketball players in Dallas, Texas !

    Andre has a “SUPERSTAR” 13 year old freshmen daughter Alex Lapeyrolerie who is just simply a “STUD” at 5″10″ and a 140 lbs of “Rib Eye” game as she is BIG and fast can shoot the lights from any distance of the court as Coach Dana and Houl are just MARVELED with her talent and making her the #1 recruit for the wahine basketball program in 2013 !

    Daddy Andre and I go WAYYYY back as he watch me play as a Verbum Dei Standout here in Los Angeles and when I left you good folks in 1981, I became the assistant coach at St. Bernards H.S. in which Andre and other GREAT players were making their mark on PAC 10 basketball scholarships as 17 of the varsity and junior varsity players in two years went Division 1 as UCLA, Stanford, USC, Oregon State, Cal Berkerly, Oregon and Washington were LOADED with Playa Del Rey Vikings from St. Bernard H.S. !

    Coach Andre has taken his teachings and consults with me from his Texas land of superior womens basketball players daily as he is just LOADED with OUTSTANDING talent as he has made interest to me about Hawaii women’s basketball and I e-mail Coach Dana LAST night and she immediately replied back to me and Coach Andre on Hawaii opening that pipeline from Sugarhill, Texas to Hawaii wahine basketball as Coach Da Houl is “EXCITED” on the potential of quality womens athlete from the Lone Star State of AAU National basketball !

    Coach Andre girl is being recruited by UNC, Georgia, Rice, University of Houston, Texas Tech, Princeton and Southern Mississippi with Hawaii in the picture as IF you don’t get Alex the pipeline is WIDE open as Coach Lapeyrolerie has over 100 the FINEST 6th, 7th and 8th graders that plays AAU Basketball in Texas and he is the National Coach with other coaches that put on a CLINIC of amaze talent of some Texas girls that play the D, fast and BIG with unbelievable talent as when Coach Houl saw the video of young Alex he could not BELIEVE she was just 13 years old heading to her freshmen year in High School !

    Simply The Best, Better Then All The Rest as get ready Tsaikos in Hawaii, Sugarland is coming as I and Coach Andre LEAD the stampede of Texas gals who can flat out play and is VERY MUCH interested in women’s Hawaii basketball !

    The fruits of my labor are harvesting and Hawaii Nei is their DESTINATION !

  188. Loa September 9, 2010 3:57 pm

    d1 – howzit, sheesh neva know had one cfb on, was watching this purple team playing in new orleans

  189. Committed Road Warrior September 9, 2010 4:01 pm


    Not sure; we’ll see. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if the WAC blacks out their coverage to Hawai’i if they opt to do a UH home game, allowing K5/Oceanic to still cover home games as per their deal with UH.

    My interpretation of the WAC Sports Network is that its meant to augment ESPN coverage and not trample on individual school’s home-game TV agreements (if they have one).

    Lastly, my gut feeling is that none of the Hawai’i home games are gonna end up on the WAC Sports Network with their crew this year. Most likely game to end up on the WAC network is our game with Boise (if ESPN doesn’t pick it up).

  190. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:01 pm


    CMU-Temple on ESPN-U

    Auburn @ Miss St on ESPN

    ….drum roll, please.

    Delta St and Arkansas Tech on CBS-CS

  191. chopsueyboy September 9, 2010 4:01 pm

    Joe Montana was at Notre Dame when Rudy was there

    He revealed on the Dan Patrick show yesterday

    no one turned in their jersey to let Rudy play

    his broadcast partners called Joe a liar and claim Joe was jealous that no “Joey” movie was made and that in the Rudy movie, the quarterback was not even mentioned

  192. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:01 pm

    …all close games!

  193. chopsueyboy September 9, 2010 4:02 pm

    Rudy gives his side of the story

  194. Committed Road Warrior September 9, 2010 4:02 pm

    Gotta go to sleep.

    I’m going to put in a full day at work, then make the drive up I-95/Northeast Corridor to West Point for Saturday’s game. If I get to Fishkill before 9pm, I’ll be a happy camper!


  195. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:02 pm

    Temple piks CMU in the EZ

    ….get the ball next

  196. chopsueyboy September 9, 2010 4:03 pm


    Great to see you’re still sharing your views.

  197. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:03 pm

    Delta St. just scored on a 69-yd run!

  198. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:06 pm


    Good for you.

    …envy you this time.

  199. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:07 pm

    Temple trying to end it w/ a FG….kicker is 1 for 3 today.

  200. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:07 pm

    CMU icing the kicker

  201. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:08 pm

    Temple wins.

  202. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:14 pm

    OK, I’m back.

    First off, Laupepa Letuli is back at right tackle. He’s got a huge wrapping on his right calf, but he should be OK.

  203. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:15 pm

    Aaron Brown is practicing with the safeties but he’s not playing safety.


    Well, UH has a special defense it’s putting in for the game, so I have to keep things hush-hush.

  204. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:17 pm

    As for the travel roster, UH isn’t issuing one. So I’ve been going by deduction.

    Who’s not here? Aulola Tonga (injured), Dee Maggit, Bubba Poueu-Luna, Jon Lister.

  205. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:18 pm

    Darius Bright is here, but I doubt he’ll play. Rodney Bradley is doing well. Greg Salas made a couple of leaping TD catches with tip-toe landings. On one, Salas out-jumped John Hardy-Tuliau.

  206. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:19 pm

    The Warriors were working on kick-coverage placements. Bright took a kickoff at the 20, then ran upfield. One of o-linemen said that was the slowest return of the year.

  207. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:20 pm

    Scott Enos will handle all of the kicking duties. The Warriors left behind Tyler Haddon. Kenny Estes is the emergency backup kicker.

  208. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:21 pm

    The whispers are that Chizzy Dimude is going to have a breakout game.

  209. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:21 pm

    Nice job by Cam Newton setting up that dump-off

  210. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:21 pm

    Did I mention that Zach Masch is here?

    And in the rotation.

  211. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:22 pm

    Beau Yap was not on the roster’s “delete” list, so the assumption is he’s here. But I don’t think I’ve seen him, so maybe that’s an oversight and he’s not here. Or maybe it’s my oversight.

  212. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:23 pm


    Now you’re excused to “make friends” on the Boardwalk….

  213. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:24 pm

    The Park Ridge High football team attended today’s practice. (Go Owls!) UH wanted someone to speak to the kids during practice. Everyone was occupied, so punter (and Australian) Alex Dunnachie gave the talk.

  214. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:24 pm

    …or not.

    Keep going den….

  215. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:24 pm

    …did they think he was speaking Hawaiian? 😆

  216. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:24 pm

    By the way, Dunnachie said UH measured him at nearly 6-6. But he says he believes he’s is under 6-4. Is this a metric system problem?

  217. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:25 pm

    (Go Owls!) take it easy jmxxxx!

  218. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:27 pm

    Alema Tachibana is expected to play on defense.

  219. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:29 pm

    Sounds like a “need for speed” thinking on defense…

  220. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:30 pm

    Dunnachie even admitted he was an odd choice to address the kids.

  221. lil's September 9, 2010 4:30 pm


  222. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:31 pm

    It’s going to be an emotional games.

    Fans will be given small American flags.

    Also, some “first responders” from 9/11 will be honored.

  223. Slugger September 9, 2010 4:32 pm


    I read the article announcing Tomey’s new gig. It doesn’t sound like Hawaii is included. Might be cuz K5/Oceanic has the contract for UH?

    Learfield Sports’ locally based WAC Sports Properties team has oversight of WSN through Learfield Sports’ extensive conference partnership. The company represents the WAC, as well as seven member schools: Boise State, Fresno State, Idaho, Louisiana Tech, Nevada, San Jose State and Utah State.

    Or are we included because of the “The company represents the WAC,…” stmt? Hmmmm…

    K, walking to the Stanley…

  224. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:33 pm

    Geez….I hope Army doesn’t come out in the camo-forms!

  225. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:35 pm

    Army is going to wear patches honoring the 25th Infantry Division.

  226. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:35 pm


    Bulldog LB just got laid out!

  227. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:35 pm

    Getting chicken skin yet?

  228. wafan September 9, 2010 4:36 pm

    Camo-forms on a camo-field with the cadets in their camo’s.

  229. Slugger September 9, 2010 4:36 pm

    ST ~ I hope someone talks to the team leaders/coaches re: the suggestion to have our team thank the young men for their commitment “to serve & protect” after the game.

  230. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:37 pm

    Army is going to wear patches honoring the 25th Infantry Division.

    Wow….not fair….will they also have a #4-4-2 on the roster?

  231. Slugger September 9, 2010 4:37 pm

    Mahalo for the pics! Helps with practice withdrawals…

  232. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:37 pm

    We’re waiting for Donovan. I hope he’s not still talking to Inouye.

  233. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2010 4:39 pm

    Sorry, couldn’t take action pictures because of all of the changes.

  234. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:40 pm

    Well, all the Warriors gotta do is show ’em what “Tropic Lightning” is really all about….

  235. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:43 pm

    Big finish coming up in Hattiesville

  236. wafan September 9, 2010 4:43 pm

    That is what I just do not understand. Why it takes so long for the UH to do stuff to recognize groups. Would be awesome for the Warriors to honor the military on a Military Night, or a Law and Order Night (perhaps fewer fights?), or a whatever else can be thought of. Heck, I have been away so long maybe they do these things now.

    The “H” products, etc. are a good example, as are tickets for home and away games.

    Glad to see Don is going to start work to fix those short-sighted philosophies. Yay!

  237. wafan September 9, 2010 4:47 pm


  238. Steve September 9, 2010 4:50 pm


    #204 Definitely do not want you to make the same mistake a TV station did last week. Keep it real hush, hush, now.

  239. Not an Expert September 9, 2010 4:50 pm


    Appreciate your adding of some positive solutions on what could be done to help UH to build their athletic program especially football. Although a big hill to climb to achieve the levels of the elite athletic programs, almost anything is possible if there is a desire and a willingness to attain the goals one sets out to achieve. Example BSU already having plans to look into membership in the PAC 12, within the next 10 years. Even if they don’t make it they are laying the groudwork to do so.

    With the information you uncover and if UH administrators don’t have these information and numbers, that is a major problem in itself. How can goals and directions be created not knowing where point A is first and what it will take to get to point B. Ditto for Benson.

    This is a huge wakeup call for UH. They know now that they cannot rely on others but must start doing the things to achieve the goals in respect to their athletic department. What will it be, to stay at the level they are now, step down a level or put the metal to the pedal and say we want and will set our sights to be one of the elite athelic college program in the country. They need to at least let the sports citizens of Hawaii know what direction they will take. Whichever they choose release the proper information so all who can support that goal and direction can give their best to it.

    The time has come for seeds to be planted for what fruits UH wants for their college sport programs. This is the wakeup call and there is no better time than now to make the moves to better the standings of athletics at the University of Hawaii. As they say success is just around the corner when their is adversity. Sometimes the greater the adversity the greater the reward.

  240. Steve September 9, 2010 4:51 pm


    Will you be able to take pics of the stadium, lockerroom, etc., tomorrow, when they have the walkthru?

  241. d1島 September 9, 2010 4:55 pm


    Whether or not we can see those pics may depend on our level of “clearance”

  242. d1島 September 9, 2010 5:04 pm

    Wow! The Wonder Boys take the lead back from Delta State!

  243. BigIslandkurt September 9, 2010 5:14 pm

    Hey Tsai! I didn’t know the Whispers followed UH football (and Chizzy). I loved their music from the 80’s!


  244. Na Koa Mike September 9, 2010 5:15 pm

    The Hawaii Bowl Beer Fest has chosen Na Koa as one of it’s charities. Please support the Hawaii Bowl Foundation and Na Koa by joining us on Sept. 30th at Murphy’s Bar & Grill.

  245. d1島 September 9, 2010 5:17 pm

    Delta St kicker nails a 48-yd FG and the Statesmen take the lead!

  246. Steve September 9, 2010 5:22 pm

    ST, did the Owls get to watch them do the Haka, if so, how did they respond to seeing it?

  247. Steve September 9, 2010 5:22 pm

    ST, you would make a good photographer, also.

  248. d1島 September 9, 2010 5:32 pm

    …as we speak, DNI analysts are surveying the haka photo to piece together a travel roster.

  249. d1島 September 9, 2010 5:42 pm

    Prayers for people in San Bruno

  250. badayu September 9, 2010 6:05 pm

    coach mack, please, please, please give sampson the kick return duties.

  251. RedZone September 9, 2010 6:12 pm

    ST has been reading my posts. Chizzy is going to make em dizzy. And watch out for the Polaris. I was thinking that against Army they should move a safety up into the box. UHs middle triangle should be solid. they will need speed when Army is forced to go wide.

  252. duffer September 9, 2010 6:15 pm

    Warriors playing Tulane in 2011

  253. RedZone September 9, 2010 6:17 pm

    Go Wahine.

  254. RedZone September 9, 2010 6:18 pm

    the Green Wave. I have to see that one. I want revenge.

  255. PONO September 9, 2010 6:23 pm

    Yeah I live near San Bruno and the fire is raging out of control. PG&E is going to have some lawsuits on their hands.

  256. protector September 9, 2010 6:53 pm

    Are any Tsaikos getting together to watch the Army game? Haven’t seen any mention of it.

  257. al September 9, 2010 7:05 pm

    duffer…should have gone to tasty crust. no flts for the next 1 1/2 hours. or should have gone looking for whitey on the darkside.

  258. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 7:06 pm

    Where is San Bruno?

  259. d1島 September 9, 2010 7:10 pm

    near SFO

  260. d1島 September 9, 2010 7:11 pm

    Live news video

  261. al September 9, 2010 7:25 pm

    tommui…now i get it. here i thought dan inouye was gonna tell the city of san diego that all san diego based military bases, ports, and training facilities would be closed down if san diego st university did not leave the mwc for the wac.

    …and wait there’s more.

  262. BG September 9, 2010 7:27 pm


    There wasn’t a real organized attempt…some folks going to Genji’s, some to Murphy’s, and some goin’ set tree alarm clocks to get up and crawl to their tv. lol

  263. SteveM September 9, 2010 7:29 pm

    protector — please check your aol email.

  264. duffer September 9, 2010 7:37 pm

    Hey Liz or any Kauai Tsaikos, any place besides JJ’s where the game is going to be shown?

  265. duffer September 9, 2010 7:44 pm

    Neva mind, just called JJ’s and made a reservations or the game………..

  266. RedZone September 9, 2010 8:43 pm

    I was thinking that Dan Inouye would contact the Commander in Chief and they in turn would order all the academies to create an Armed Forces conference including Hawaii.

  267. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 9:34 pm

    Hellllooooo…………. anybody home?

  268. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 9:39 pm

    I came upon this site while looking for insurance. Nah! Nobody hear so I making my own spam burger.

  269. duffer September 9, 2010 9:39 pm

    Did the wahine vb team play tonight?

  270. Hawaiianbod September 9, 2010 9:51 pm





  271. Hawaiianbod September 9, 2010 9:52 pm

    congrads ST on 20 years!

    looking forward to the next 20.

  272. Slugger September 9, 2010 10:22 pm

    BG ~

    #263 – Good suggestion…I’m going to set another alarm on my cell phone! Better go moi moi early on Friday night, after the WVB game.

    Hope the people in San Bruno are getting out safe. Scary news video.

  273. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 10:57 pm

    OK. Slow night on the blog so I guess I’m going to shake things up. Am I the only one that noticed Pilares dropped 2,3,4 balls in the beginning of the game? Would the outcome have been different had he caught those balls? Maybe it would have given us a lead, thus forcing USC into predicable situations. Maybe not though, as we couldn’t stop USC anyway. Yes, he seemed to redeemed himself, especially in the second half and also against USC’s 2nd team defense. I’m glad he did so and maybe it will give him confidence in all the future games, but during the game I was yelling “he dropped the ball again!” Its just that all the media is making him a hero, but I know and he and the coaches know he could/should have done a lot better. Nervous? We need you man. Get it together and you will definitely have some positive results.

  274. papajoe2 September 9, 2010 10:58 pm

    good nite all.

  275. chawan_cut September 9, 2010 11:06 pm



  276. 808gridiron September 9, 2010 11:26 pm

    ST-previous reports a week before USC game:


    Special teams coordinator Chris Tormey said Bubba Poueu-Luna, Siaki Cravens and John Hardy-Tuliau are among the players expected to shine.


    About how they have 4 new DBs (CBs Dee Maggitt and John Hardy-Tuliau, and safeties Darryl McBride and Bubba Poueu-Luna) have done well in camp and will be in the mix for playing time, Dave Aranda said:

    “The group that came is really strong. The talent is there. We’re set for the next couple of years.” (HSA)

    What happened to DM, DMc and BPL? Redshirting?

  277. Pride. September 9, 2010 11:39 pm


    September 9th, 2010 at 6:06 am

    #301 Pride

    I agree that we lost that battle on the end. A strategy might have been to line up wider to draw the OT out and maybe ‘juke’ to the inside. Someone told ‘me’ it’s all about the hips….speed, power, tenacity….3 required ingredients for success as aDE.

    Noga, Laboy, Stanley, all former great Warriors, how about having a closed door session with the current DL? or has the game evolved too far from their day? I don’t think so….. Just a thought…

    Did you say tenacity? Knowing all three of those former DE’s you mentioned, to some degree. All of them possessed all four qualities. But the there are three qualities that trumed the others. They all had tenacity, tenacity, and tenacity. Did I mention that they were also tenacious ball players who played with incredible intensity. They treated the game like a street fight.

    It’s hard to play with tenacity if you’re not sure about your alignment and assignment. Boys need to really lock that down so that they can play with tenacity and intensity. Those two things are hard to do if you have to think too much. When you lock down your alignment and assignment, then you can play like a crazed dog.

  278. SteveM September 10, 2010 12:02 am

    I am heartened that JD asked Senator Inouye for assistance. Inouye is not known to stick his nose into other people’s business …unless he is asked… and now a State of Hawaii institution has asked. No, I don’t think he can get us into the Pac-12, but he certainly could rally influential people in the state, and maybe beyond.

  279. LizKauai (iPad) September 10, 2010 12:52 am

    duffer- JJs is good. I’ll be at the Aloha Beach Hotel for the Rotary Conf. Plenary sessions and breakfast are scheduled during gametime and I may have to wait for the dvr on Sunday. Hopefully they have wifi.

    Nitey nite and sweet Warrior Dreams!

  280. Pomai September 10, 2010 1:01 am

    I guess it’s Murphy’s to watch the game with s/j , myki an Kazz, you can join us if you want protector. The doors open at 5:30, lord I hope they have the kopa ready

  281. Kekoa (iPhone) September 10, 2010 1:13 am

    Tenacious & Persuading were to be used in a sentence by *Julio* the Filipino 4th grader:

    He thought for a New York moment and then recited his winning sentence.

    “My mom bought me a new pair of tenacious! for my sister’s persuading.

  282. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc September 10, 2010 1:47 am

    We are not alone. Long article, but extremely important to read and understand. I plan to send it on to political leaders once the Primary Election is pau.

    Why Big Dan? As was pointed out, he done got de powa.

  283. protector September 10, 2010 2:07 am

    BG, koakane, SteveM, Pomai and others,

    Thanks for getting back to me. For a while I thought all the Tsaikos were all on the mainland preparing to watch it live. Didn’t realize it was going to be on that early. It’ll be a real challenge; the spirit is “willing” but sometimes the flesh is oh so weak./ sleepy, in this case.

  284. protector September 10, 2010 2:11 am


    Can you save a spot for me? If I get up, your venue at Murphy’s might be the closest. Mahalo.

  285. wafan September 10, 2010 3:24 am

    Happy Aloha Friday, everyone!

  286. wafan September 10, 2010 3:25 am

    Will tomorrow’s game be online anywhere other than the radio?

  287. Harland Winkle September 10, 2010 3:26 am

    every year there is a fire like this, now its our turn in san bruno, hope it stops soon

  288. wafan September 10, 2010 3:29 am

    Thank goodness it is Friday. Geez, it has been busy and crazy at school. Sure hope the Warriors are better organized than the administration here. Clowns cannot make up their minds.

  289. mctruck September 10, 2010 4:21 am

    I don’t know how this will work out, but I subscribe to Directv and I have located on Channel (613-CBSCHD), the Army/UH game; I have programed to tape the game… to see if the game is actually telecast tmr?????

  290. mctruck September 10, 2010 4:23 am

    Ofcourse, I live in east-Texas and also subscribed to ESPN-GAME PLAN…..don’t know if that has anything to do with the CBS-telecast?

  291. mctruck September 10, 2010 4:28 am

    Wonder if Senator Inouye can help put together a situation were ALL UH games are telecast nation-wide, for more exposure??, gotta do something with being tied down-with just local telecasts’……this ain’t high school football, afterall. Maybe partner up with BYU and their ability to telecast, etc.

  292. Garret September 10, 2010 4:45 am


    The Army home games are shown on CBS CS in HD. So, you have set your DVR to the correct channel. CBS CS has nothing to do with ESPN GamePlan–it is a channel you already get. They normally don’t have much programming…for example, they are showing JJ’s coaches show about *13* times this week. That is great national exposure for SMU and JJ, but 13x in one week (plus 5 or so times on Fox Sports SouthWest) seems like overkill.

  293. Garret September 10, 2010 5:17 am

    Mack’s coaches show is being shown on Fox College Sports Pacific, so that is nice exposure for UH in California.

  294. d1島 September 10, 2010 5:40 am

    Great Morning All!


    No, but it’s bighilofan2’s Birthday!

    Happy Birthday bhf2!

  295. Bulla September 10, 2010 5:53 am

    #278 Pride

    I hear u my brother, TENACITY, says it all. Like a D lineman in our Ohana says, ‘gotta let the BIG DOG run,’.

    It’s the gift of turning the switch on, to go from a football player into a maniacal, bone crushing, tenacious, rabid beast, with the relentless desire to create chaos on the field.

    Tenacity comes with confidence, confidence cones with complete knowledge of your assignment.


  296. Bulla September 10, 2010 5:54 am

    Comes not cones, fat fingers strike again 🙁

  297. LizKauai (iPad) September 10, 2010 6:02 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Hauoli Lahanau, BHF2!

  298. d1島 September 10, 2010 6:12 am

    Have a terrific Aloha Friday erryboddy!



  299. Pomai September 10, 2010 6:13 am

    protector will do, not sure how crowded it will be, but for that time in the morning I don’t think so. LOL

  300. Walter Hoffmeister September 10, 2010 6:13 am

    Kudos for creating the put up, a person other thing. I’ve discover your comment manager is having challenges, have you fixed it??

  301. Stretch September 10, 2010 6:32 am

    Good morning Tsaikos!!

    Do any of you mainlanders know what station will be showing the game tomorrow morning?? Or is there an online stream?? I have friends in Orange County trying to figure how to watch the game. Thanks

  302. Soila Lascano September 10, 2010 6:38 am

    Couldn’t get any greater then this, terrific function!

  303. djmitcho September 10, 2010 6:42 am

    Happy Aloha Friday Tsaikoland!

    Happy Birthday to bhf2!

    Stretch…it’s on the cbs college station.

  304. CoolEthan September 10, 2010 6:43 am

    Stretch, has their own net feed, $10.00 though

    CBSC will be showing the game ch.613 Direct tv. Will not be blacked out on the mainland.

  305. chopsueyboy September 10, 2010 6:48 am

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

  306. duffer September 10, 2010 6:48 am

    Eh Stretch, tell um fly back to Oahu or meet me at JJ’s. 🙂

  307. LizKauai (iPad) September 10, 2010 6:49 am

    Stretch- CBSC or possibly channel

  308. Stretch September 10, 2010 6:50 am

    Thanks guys. I will forward info to them.

  309. Slugger September 10, 2010 7:24 am

    Good Morning!!!

    Showers in Mo’ili’ili producing rainbows! One almost circular ending next to my building and a double rainbow. Good signs…

  310. Slugger September 10, 2010 7:25 am


  311. Pomai September 10, 2010 7:36 am

    UH vs Army – last day

    22    –    27    USMA BOW FAN

    30    –    27    Committed Road Warrior

    31    –    13    NCAA

    34    –    17    djmitcho

    35    –    17    Pomai

    35    –    14    MR. GIGI

    35    –    10    gigi

    36    –    21    LizKauai

    37    –    13    gmahoney

    38    –    27    Kazz

    38    –    31    Hilo Moon

    38    –    24    JaM

    38    –    21    WassupDoc

    39    –    19    A-House

    41    –    17    Tyaiea

    41    –    24    buger

    42    –    24    greethumb

    42    –    21    DPK

    42    –    10    tommui

    42    –    17    wafan

    44    –    17    Kev-1

    45    –    21    MP

    45    –    17    RedZone

    45    –    10    HNL

    45    –    17    bstunna2002

    45    –    17    al

    45    –    34    Curt

    46    –    38    SailorBlue

    47    –    20    WenatcheeWarrior

    47    –    10    OlDiver

    48    –    17    Steve

    48    –    21    madeinhawaii

    48    –    6    papajoe2

    48    –    20    808ike

    49    –    24    NYUH

    49    –    17    protector

    49    –    21    chopsueyboy

    51    –    20    Michigan Warrior

    52    –    17    Unkanesson

    56    –    14    d1shima

    56    –    13    Kekoa

    62    –    21    IpuMan

  312. Pomai September 10, 2010 7:39 am

    If you received a Na Wahine Booster letter we need your response ASAP

  313. mctruck September 10, 2010 8:06 am


    Just wondering if UH could workout a deal with the Indy-Channel on broadcasting their games…seems like maybe it’s do-able if all things come together…and it would be a 1st on an established channel network for late viewing purposes from Hawaii.

  314. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc September 10, 2010 8:13 am


    Are you referring to the November 12 event? Or the service project on September 18?

  315. BG September 10, 2010 8:15 am

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Taking Betty to see HeinekenHealer…last chemo was pushed back a week…dang, but all good.


  316. Pomai September 10, 2010 8:15 am

    Doc email me at pomai at nawahine dot com.

  317. Loa September 10, 2010 8:24 am

    morning gang!

    i’m thinking the game going be online same place where the wahine sb was?

    cbs something?

    hiya jojo!

  318. Da Punchbowl Kid September 10, 2010 8:25 am

    Good Morning Gangeez! 🙂

    Happy Birthday to the Big Guy from Hilo!

    Great pics, Mr. Tsai!

    Where is brew808?!


    BEAT ARMY!!!

  319. Da Punchbowl Kid September 10, 2010 8:26 am

    Hey Loa!

    Jojo says hi!

  320. (Jesse) James September 10, 2010 8:35 am

    Good morning Tsaikos….hope all is well…and everyone has a great day…

    ST…loved your pic of Grace Park…LOL

    Hope the Warriors are ready to battle….GO WARRIORS!!!!

  321. Slugger September 10, 2010 8:39 am

    Saw our fearless leader in the background of a news piece from the NJ practice field…KFVE news this morning.


    BEAT ARMY!!!

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  323. Kekoa (iPhone) September 10, 2010 8:46 am

    Aloha Friday to those traveling to West Point. Spread the spirit of Aloha to the good people in the NY/NJ area. Then…Beat those soon to be 2nd Looies!


  324. SteveM September 10, 2010 8:52 am

    Good morning everyone!

    Had time to watch the morning news today and saw a Honda Windward TV commercial….starring the First Couple of the Bullamobile line! 🙂

  325. Loa September 10, 2010 8:57 am

    DPK – hey to you too!

    (J)J – where’s grace park?

    Slugger – seen something on kgmb news last night too

    Kekoa, SteveM, Ruben – howzit


  326. Slugger September 10, 2010 9:00 am

    Oh, were the A-Houses going to be on the Today Show this morning? I forgot to tune in. Watching news programs and unfortunately there was tennis on the station I watch. Wonder if they’ll show the people outside again?

  327. (Jesse) James September 10, 2010 9:02 am

    LOA…Oopps…Sorry, different site….LMAO

  328. d1島 September 10, 2010 9:02 am


    Hey, maybe those “Butter Bars” in training will develop a case of “butter fingers” tomorrow…

  329. Slugger September 10, 2010 9:03 am


    KGMB probably used their sports news piece from last night on this morning’s show. I was at the WVB game last night, so missed the news & didn’t watch C_C’s video of the news. Have not see Bulla & his bride in a commercial yet…

  330. Ipu Man September 10, 2010 9:13 am

    Ten dollars for a peek at UH game via the armed forces link not bad.

    Wonder how much breakfast/popcorn/coffee/coke would cost?

  331. haka September 10, 2010 9:14 am

    Aloha Friday!


    Gameday Eve!

    Go Warriors!

    Beat Army!

  332. NCAA September 10, 2010 9:16 am

    I’ve seen Grace Park using google images.

  333. Dennis Halloran September 10, 2010 9:30 am


    UH 47 USMA 28

    While 2nd Lt with Maps may be dangerous, The Most powerful weapon i saw in the Army , was the Company Clerk’s Typewriter. I did wonderful things with that tool

    E-1 to E-5 in 20 months, Proficiency pay, TDY in Alaska, Germany and San Diego 7 month early out with GCM and letter of commendation

    Still proud of the 4th Infantry Division

  334. madeinhawaii September 10, 2010 9:35 am

    INDIVIDUALS (top 50)


    Stephen Anderson Tackles t-49th 10.00

    Alex Carlton Field Goals t-38th 1.00

    Donnie Dixon TFL t-19th 2.50

    Jared Hassin Scoring t-6th 18.0

    Donovan Travis Interceptions t-3rd 1.00


    Scott Enos Field Goals t-3rd 3.00

    Scoring t-22nd 12.00

    Bryant Moniz Total Offense 11th 307.00

    Kealoha Pilares Rec. Yds./G 4th 176.00

    Scoring t-6th 18.00

    All-Purpose t-21st 176.00

    Royce Pollard Rec./G t-24th 7.00

    Rec. Yds./G t-29th 106.00

    Greg Salas Rec./G t-13th 8.00

    Rec. Yds./G 17th 124.00

    Allen Sampson Kick Returns t-43rd 22.00

    Mana Silva Tackles t-49th 10.00

    Kaniela Tuipulotu Sacks t-27th 1.00

    We can do this! GO WARRIORS!

    (Army press release for this game)

  335. Ipu Man September 10, 2010 9:42 am

    Oh-Oh…buyer beware…

    I just forked over my 10 bucks to GoArmywhatever…

    got confirmed tho they did not tell me how much they charged me…

    and it took several attempts to log in…

    and when I finally did get in, there was no audio…even tho

    I hit the little loudspeaker to its max…

    And looking at the video selection, there was a little box that

    said “premium”…so I wonder if there is ANOTHER charge

    besides the ten bucks. I think my chain got jerked…

  336. Ipu Man September 10, 2010 9:52 am

    well, finally got audio…

    but no buffer bar, nor play/pause…huh?

    And it is like radio as the picture (of interview of coach)

    is mostly “still”…so probably going to be only “audio”

    if “premium” even lets me in…but I was planning

    to listen to BC RK at the same time. Darn!

  337. SteveM September 10, 2010 9:53 am

    Hmmmm… 1600 EDT and no new blog entry. I wonder if ST caught up with RK for some light snacking? 😆

  338. Ipu Man September 10, 2010 9:54 am

    Oh well, my poor little contribution to help our troops…

    down the drain as far as I am concerned…

    my advice—avoid this rip off.

  339. SteveM September 10, 2010 9:55 am

    Hi Loa! Still haven’t met you yet (I think)…come down to the next tailgate!

  340. Seaweed Lady September 10, 2010 9:56 am

    Uncle Pomai

    Green Machine – 41

    Green Berets – 20




  341. Slugger September 10, 2010 10:02 am

    I thought ST was going to tour the JETS facility today…

  342. Garret September 10, 2010 10:04 am

    Nice to see Sen. Inouye announce $36 million for UH in stimulus money. I don’t have a link yet–UH sent this to me via e-mail.

    As more than 200 representatives from business, community, labor and government gathered to discuss the importance of higher education to Hawai’i’s future at the University of Hawai’i’s Higher Education Summit today, U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye announced via video message at the summit that the U.S. Department of Commerce has awarded the University of Hawai’i System two broadband stimulus grants totaling nearly $36 million that will allow the university to dramatically enhance Hawai’i’s educational broadband capabilities, modernize and expand the UH distance learning network, and improve the public’s access to broadband throughout the state.

  343. Garret September 10, 2010 10:05 am

    Record Online has a nice preview of the UH-Army game, mostly from the Army perspective.

  344. Garret September 10, 2010 10:07 am has a nice article about Rich Miano and his trips to New Jersey.

    Miano, Hawaii’s secondary coach, says he’s made the trip at least 55 times, most recently for the Giants-Jets preseason game on Aug. 16.

    “I remember watching the Rutgers game against Fresno State last year,” Miano said. “They had a map on ESPN and they showed how they traveled across the continental United States. Well, we have to travel across two continental United States.”

    This is the longest trip (4,955 miles) to play a football game in the school’s history.

  345. Garret September 10, 2010 10:08 am

    “It’s nice to travel,” Hawaii senior wide receiver Greg Salas said. “It’s nice to be out there playing different teams. I haven’t played Army before and I haven’t been too far east. I’m excited to play Army. They look like a great team.”

  346. Garret September 10, 2010 10:10 am

    Villanova is going to go from D-IAA to a BCS AQ conference…at least they won the D-IAA title last year (beating Montana). They are already part of the Big East in basketball and other sports.

    Villanova is studying a proposal to join the Big East Conference in football, the school’s athletic director told the Philadelphia Daily News.

    “The Big East very recently communicated its interest in adding Villanova as a football member,” Wildcats AD Vince Nicastro told the Daily News on Thursday. “As a result, we have decided to embark on an in-depth evaluation of this opportunity.”

  347. al September 10, 2010 10:32 am

    channel 247 will show the uh-army game. you need the sports package from oc16. for some it came free with telephone services.

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