Reader is giving away a cap

Our own DPK is having another giveaway.

This time it’s this cap:


To enter the drawing, DPK wishes you to post: I mua Rainbow Warriors.

Enter as many times as you wish.

DPK will draw a winner.

I’ll try to post pictures or a story after today’s practice.


  1. walter August 28, 2015 6:04 am

    Good morning all. 6 days until game day.
    I mua Rainbow Warriors

  2. Shoko August 28, 2015 6:07 am

    Learned something new today.

    DPK has a lot of hats.

    Five more days!

  3. localboy18 August 28, 2015 6:36 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors I mua Rainbow Warriors

  4. Mile HI Warrior August 28, 2015 6:48 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

    Best of luck to the boys against the Buffs. Would be proud to rep this cap in the Mile HI City!!

  5. Akamai Okole August 28, 2015 7:10 am

    Great Morning All!

    Hats off to DPK…he a swell falla!

    I Mua Rainbow Warriors!

  6. Pcwarrior August 28, 2015 7:11 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors.

  7. Randy August 28, 2015 7:34 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

  8. Da Punchbowl Kid August 28, 2015 7:38 am

    Good Morning Gangeez! πŸ™‚

    DPK has aloha for the Warriors and for the posters here and for all of UH fans. Hats off to them! πŸ˜‰

    Let’s get that win out of the way on Thursday.


  9. PONO August 28, 2015 7:40 am

    Imua Rainbow Warriors.

  10. 3-Prong August 28, 2015 7:56 am

    Imua Rainbow Warriors….Mahalos to DPK.

    Great Aloha Friday to All!

  11. 3-Prong August 28, 2015 7:58 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors too!

  12. tofuzuke August 28, 2015 8:05 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors.
    Nothing but positive vibes going into the season, we believe in you!!
    This is it boys!!
    “Warriors come out to playyyyy……..!!!”

  13. seewhy August 28, 2015 8:20 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors!

  14. seewhy August 28, 2015 8:20 am

    Finally get internet again… How ya been ST?

  15. Stuart August 28, 2015 8:25 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors.

  16. chopsueyboy August 28, 2015 8:27 am

    I Mua Rainbow Warriors!

  17. Paki Parker August 28, 2015 8:37 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors.
    Can’t wait for the win on Thursday!
    Relentlessly positive.

  18. Maui Warrior Fan August 28, 2015 8:38 am


  19. jojo August 28, 2015 8:52 am


    You know I’m only doing this for the daughter who is homesick and her college doesn’t have a football team. Well, if they did it would be a D III. Oh well, Go Lakers…lol

  20. orioles4eva August 28, 2015 8:53 am

    Imua Rainbow Warriors.

  21. kaleiguy August 28, 2015 9:00 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

  22. amela August 28, 2015 9:07 am


  23. sfogate August 28, 2015 9:14 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors!

  24. iwonderwhytheyhateme August 28, 2015 9:15 am

    Aloooha Tsaikos. Long time, long time. I have a Kokua Kall for Ya’ll.
    – – –
    If you have the time, please consider helping out Tokoname’s Head Chef, Harry Jr., with his kidney transplant. Also another big time UH fan!
    How do you help? It’s simple EAT! And c’mon, tsaikos know how to do that better than almost ANY group on earth. I’ve seen it with my own eye balls. 0_o

    Events include:

    Friday 8/28 – Food Truck Frenzy, 11:00am – 2:00pm at The Social (McCully and Young Street)

    Saturday 8/29 – All-You-Can-Grind Pancake Breakfast at Tokoname.

    Sunday 8/30 – Dinner at Tokoname. Proceeds will go toward his fund on this night.

    Visit: for more info.

    Mahalo and Go Bows!

  25. (Jesse)James August 28, 2015 9:40 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

    Woot Woot…My false pordagee bruddah…

    I concur with Akamai Okole, he one nice guy…

  26. bowwar August 28, 2015 9:53 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors!

    I smell pigskin in the air…Starting to get a feeding frenzy for some Buffalo jerky…I hope they bring Ralphie over here for our imu. Kalua Buffalo, ooooh soooo ono!

  27. iwonderwhytheyhateme August 28, 2015 9:58 am

    I was told to clarify that the pancake breakfast is at the Tokoname MANOA location.

    Thanks again =)

  28. jm2375 August 28, 2015 10:03 am

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    jojo – my child goes to a school that doesn’t have ANY intercollegiate sports.

    Tanks, eh, DPK!


  29. UKU@LA August 28, 2015 10:33 am


    MANEO !!!

  30. Hilo-Warrior August 28, 2015 10:37 am

    Imua Rainbow Warriors

  31. ChinStrap August 28, 2015 10:42 am

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!

    I’m looking forward to an improved team this year…hopefully a winning season. See some of you in Vegas for the UNLV game!

  32. Dean August 28, 2015 11:03 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

  33. Kalani August 28, 2015 11:13 am

    Stephen, the online story about Shawley shows the text for the other story about the D-Line. Any chance you can fix that? Thanks.

  34. jack ray August 28, 2015 11:55 am

    I mua the Rainbow Warriors all da way from the Island of Nantucket!!!!

    Warriors …Nationwide…Worldwide….
    Go Warriors!!!

  35. Tarai August 28, 2015 12:02 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

  36. ML Warrior August 28, 2015 12:26 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors!!!

  37. SteveM August 28, 2015 12:30 pm

    Good noonish everyone!

    Nice to see so many long-time blog names reappearing!

  38. oneseason August 28, 2015 12:40 pm

    Let’s Go Bows! Buffaloes or bust!

  39. jeezy33 August 28, 2015 12:44 pm

    Troy Williams 2016!!

  40. warriorsanddolphins August 28, 2015 1:03 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors.

  41. hitman August 28, 2015 1:16 pm

    aloha everyone !!
    I mua Rainbow Warriors.

  42. Shoko August 28, 2015 1:19 pm

    I would like to think this is the first coaching casualty of the season, but the season hasn’t even started yet. Pretty sure this is headed to court.

    “The school said Beckman, who went 12-25 — and 4-20 in Big Ten play — in three seasons at Illinois, will not receive the $3.1 million remaining on the final two years of his five-year contract.”

  43. (Jesse)James August 28, 2015 1:36 pm

    Hope to see all of you at the T-gate on Thursday. Always good food, fun, friends, and football. Early crew gets there around 9 a.m. and parties until game time…or later…mWAHAHAHAHA

  44. (Jesse)James August 28, 2015 1:37 pm

    If you haven’t been to one…stop on by. All are welcome. πŸ™‚

  45. hitman August 28, 2015 1:39 pm

    jeezy33 yes Troy Williams would be a nice get !! do you think UH has a chance to get him ? he would have one or 2 years to play ?

  46. greg August 28, 2015 1:42 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors!!! Geev’um….yom yom buffalo jerky πŸ˜›

  47. jeezy33 August 28, 2015 1:47 pm

    41. In my opinion yes. He left Washington for playing time. Which is same reason Wittek left USC. Mel Davis played RB was a senior at Narbonne when Troy was a FR I think. Mel committed to Washington while Troy signed with Washington. The OC at Santa Monica works with Max Wittek and coaches Troy right now at Santa Monica. Mel Davis went to Santa Monica. The connections are all there. I’m guessing the ball is in Norm Chows court. Max Wittek is a senior. If he is enjoying it here and has a good season, everything is set up perfectly.

  48. tom August 28, 2015 2:23 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors.

  49. mauiwarrior August 28, 2015 2:47 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

  50. cocobeanj August 28, 2015 2:55 pm

    Mahalo DPK. I mua Rainbow Warriors.

  51. Boya_jr August 28, 2015 2:55 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

    I have a black “H” cap, an old school Rainbow with menehune cap (my dad’s); I can sure use a new hat to change things up sometimes. I’m always rep’ing UH here in California. Who knows how many prospective recruits saw that Warrior Nation is everywhere.

  52. Warrior Dave August 28, 2015 2:56 pm


    Illinois Administration not paying because Coach was fired for cause. I guess they have enough documentation to prove he was mistreating players and making them not report their injuries, etc.

  53. momo August 28, 2015 3:13 pm

    I mua Rainbow warrior

  54. bbopper August 28, 2015 3:22 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

  55. H-Man August 28, 2015 3:46 pm

    Last year’s Hawaii-UNLV game is on OC16 now (10:44.2ndQ)/3:45pm.

  56. Tim Pelton August 28, 2015 4:24 pm

    Southern Cal guy here. Moved to Oahu 18 months ago for my job. I am a Norm Chow believer.
    I live out on the west side near Kapolei. I tell everyone this is going to be an exciting year for Warrior football. What a schedule, what opportunity for our guys.
    I mua Rainbow Warriors!

    Go Bows! This is your time!

  57. Mark Samson August 28, 2015 6:12 pm

    Imua Rainbow Warriors

  58. A-House August 28, 2015 7:16 pm

    happy to see the hurricane track moving further “north” and taking it away from Oahu on Tue, Wed, Thur

    MasaBoy was wondering what contingency plan was in place if Ignacio came real close to Oahu at hurricane strength or even a tropical storm with much rain and winds blowing 40-70 mph on “game day”.

    would they even think that far ahead?

  59. 3-Prong August 28, 2015 7:58 pm

    Pheewww! 2-0 Wahine at the break.

  60. H-Man August 28, 2015 8:01 pm

    No worry.. Mayor Caldwell going make new bike lane.

  61. Warrior_Mom August 28, 2015 10:22 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors.

  62. oneseason August 28, 2015 11:17 pm

    Exciting match tonight at the SSC … kind of too exciting from Idaho. The new Wahine VB uniforms are different. It will take some time getting used to the asymmetry in the jersey.

    Got Mascot? Is that on AD Matlin’s radar, I wonder.

  63. el burro sabio August 28, 2015 11:23 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors!

  64. Paki Parker August 28, 2015 11:30 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

  65. SteveM August 28, 2015 11:32 pm

    RE: #52
    Food for thought, A-House.
    Lesseee… they play football in snow and 15˚ F temperature. Even in blizzards, as I recall. They play football in 100˚ F heat at field level and 100˚ heat and SPF 60 for the Aloha Stadium fans in the afternoon. They play football in the rain and I’ve never seen one halted for rain delay. But good question about wind speeds…is there a rainfall/wind speed rule? πŸ˜›

    Contingency plan for Hawaii game day hurricane is “Stay Home… the tailgate is gonna be junk”. πŸ™„

  66. Ipu Man August 29, 2015 8:21 am

    “He who observes the wind shall not sow;
    and he who regards the clouds shall not reap.”…
    Ecclesiastes :11:4

  67. beans August 29, 2015 8:22 am

    Why does posting to win a hat excite anyone? Seems juvenile asking people to post “as many times as you like”. and yet people do! I ‘m out of here until this is over. Irritating.

  68. Da Punchbowl Kid August 29, 2015 8:50 am

    beans –

    I donate the hats to generate excitement and a sense of community here among the posters. I love to see the many names of lurkers and posters pup up. Don’t you? Bringing the Warriors to the front of mind by any means is a good thing. It’s called promotion. It also gives the Warriors and family members a chance to see how broad and far flung their supporters are. Family members and former Warriors also enter. I am not certain how that equates to being “juvenile” or “irritating”. I give hats to Warrior fans and friends from the mainland too. They love it.

    I would prefer that Tsai not mention me as the donor or conductor of these give-a ways, but he does what he wishes. Because its not about me – its about our Warriors. Our Rainbow Warriors.


  69. Da Punchbowl Kid August 29, 2015 8:57 am

    BTW –
    All winners are selected by purely random drawing. The numbers choose, I don’t. If I had the means, I would love to give hats to every Warrior parent or grand parent and to all of our mainland Warrior Nation who requestS one – mahalo to all of you for entering. Unfortunately, I can’t afford that, so please enter these drawings for your chance to win.


  70. slenzi August 29, 2015 9:16 am

    Public safety first. Next is keeping the TV equipment and news media folks safe. Fans will sacrifice their bodies to rain and wind so long as they are safe. Gotta make sure that overhead TV camera on the cables is not up in high winds, we’ve seen what happens in the NFL with that. Next public safety on the highways, fan safety in the parking area and exits. If safety is there, then should be OK for teams to play. Not sure what the stadium has planned for power outages. My guess is nothing, but you never know. Aloha!

  71. Haleakala August 29, 2015 11:28 am

    I mua Rainbow Warriors

    Thank you for your contributions!

  72. lawaia August 29, 2015 11:33 am

    DPK: Mahalo for supporting The Warrior Beat with your donations and promoting the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Your heartfelt gifts are greatly appreciated. Imua Na Koa Anuenue.

  73. el burro sabio August 29, 2015 11:37 am

    Of course there are plans in case of large storms. Bob Wagner wrote about getting out of town for Iniki and I believe that a certain blogmaster was mentioned in that chapter of the book.

  74. el burro sabio August 29, 2015 11:38 am

    The biggest problem for any football game is lightning.

  75. IslandGirl August 29, 2015 11:40 am

    I Mua Rainbow Warriors!
    Thank you, DPK!

  76. wow August 29, 2015 11:46 am

    Why does posting to win a hat bother anyone? Seems juvenile to be bothered by someone asking people to post β€œas many times as you like”. and yet people are! I β€˜m out of here until this is over. Irritating.

    lol, jk

  77. st. anthony trojan August 29, 2015 12:03 pm

    k sera…k sera…. what will be…will be…the future is not ours to see…(except me) warriors 42…buffalo 17…k sera k sera..what will be will be…no get a hu hu with the cap…k sera k sera……

  78. SteveM August 29, 2015 12:04 pm

    RE: #62
    Right on, DPK!

    I don’t need a cap but it’s good to see some long-time blog names reappearing… and I don’t think they’re really in it just for the cap… just a good reason to check-in again until the season kicks off.

  79. IslandGirl August 29, 2015 12:05 pm

    I mua Rainbow Warriors!

  80. Da Punchbowl Kid August 29, 2015 1:06 pm

    Speaking of weather/on field conditions – it would seem playing at altitude in the Buff’s house has an impact on visiting teams. I know its been discussed here about our Warriors’ play in that venue. That being said, I wonder what the humidity and precipitation have been like in Boulder the last few weeks? Perhaps the weather will be our friend. Steamed Buffalo anyone? πŸ˜‰


  81. Stephen Tsai August 29, 2015 1:15 pm

    New post:

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