Wednesday’s practice

• Wideout Royce Pollard continues to make progress in his recovery from a stress fracture in his left fibula. The odds still are slim against him playing this weekend, especially since he has to wear a light brace.

• Safety/nickelback Richard Torres said he will attempt to practice tomorrow. He has a pulled hamstring.

• Lametrius Davis apparently has won the left cornerback’s job. He played 60 plays without a double minus. He came out of the game for 10 plays because of lower-back tightness.

• Quarterback Greg Alexander, who underwent surgery to repair two torn ligaments, is evidence of the price of playing football. His left knee is heavily wrapped; his left calf and shin are discolored. And he has lost 30 pounds. Meanwhile, the academic counselors have requested special assistance in helping wideout Rodney Bradley go from class to class. Bradley is recovering from a broken fibula and tibia.

* * * * *

With all of the recent rain, the Warriors are fortunate to have use of the new turf at the Cooke/Ching facilities. The thing is, the turf actually is too good compared to the worn-down FieldTurf at Aloha Stadium. The stadium turf makes for a faster surface. It also is harder, which leads to a lot of deep scrapes, which is why that turf was installed in the first place. There’s talk the stadium will install a new turf next year.

* * * * *

After an anxious first start, Austin Hansen is becoming a dependable right tackle. There’s no timetable for the return of Laupepa Letuli (injured left knee). Adrian Thomas (sore disk) has shown improved health, but he still has missed two consecutive games.

* * * * *

Happy birthday to Sweety, for being lovely and, most of all, taking care of DPK.


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  2. Kekoa (iPhone) November 4, 2009 6:35 am

    Good morning ST. Blog seems to be loading faster now.

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    Oh ‘Lex Brodie’ to you jmxxxx! Your text msg stopped my post from being numero uno!

  5. Slugger November 4, 2009 6:42 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Wonder if I should go to practice this morning? hmmm

  6. chopsueyboy November 4, 2009 6:47 am

    Good Morning Tsaikos!
    Another day closer to a Warrior victory!

  7. Pomai November 4, 2009 6:52 am

    Yes it does appear that the blog is back to normal.

  8. Pomai November 4, 2009 6:54 am

    Carried over from the previous blog entry:

    Who all is going to make the opening game for Wahine Softball?? Game starts at 5:00 PM this Friday.

  9. lava November 4, 2009 6:56 am

    Go Warriors.

  10. Buffoman November 4, 2009 6:56 am

    Top 10? Again?

  11. lava November 4, 2009 6:57 am

    What is “normal” in the Tsaiko ward?

  12. Kapolei Doc November 4, 2009 6:59 am

    Well is put up or shut up time.

    To be significant underdogs to a top ranked team in the country (Boise) at home is one thing. But to be an underdog at home to another WAC cellar deweller (Utah State) is another.

    If there ever was a time for us to live up to the “Protect This House” banner displayed at the stadium, it is now. This has to be a team effort for both the players and coaches.

    We have leaders. What we need now is someone who can inspire.

    Anyone out there willing to step up?

  13. uhbballfan November 4, 2009 7:32 am

    hello hello?????
    is this thing working???

  14. Pomai November 4, 2009 7:32 am

    lava good point!

  15. djmitcho November 4, 2009 7:37 am

    Good Morning All! Hope everyone has a good hump day. It’s getting closer to Game Day.

  16. chawan_cut November 4, 2009 7:42 am

    am i alone here?
    well, actually i am, but that’s another issue.
    5 days of UH sports! what a week!!!

  17. koakane™ November 4, 2009 7:59 am

    morning tsaiko country and warrior fans

    sun shinning bright, small kind drizzle so going to be a supa day in the 808

  18. A-House November 4, 2009 8:01 am

    Passed ST’s house at 5:35am and he was sitted at his dinning table busy working on his lap top!!

  19. Da Punchbowl Kid November 4, 2009 8:04 am

    Good Morning Gangeez!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Happy Birthday to the “Light in my Sky”, Kealohilani herself, my wonderful wife Sweety! 🙂

  20. Da Punchbowl Kid November 4, 2009 8:08 am


    Good morning to the good neighbor. I just got off the phone with Stephen and he didn’t even know that the new post was up. He was trying to post at the time you saw him, but was unable to. I guess the techs finally got the blog working again and his new post came up.

  21. tom mui November 4, 2009 8:11 am

    Well, good morning to all and a happy birthday to Kealohilani!

    Howzit DPK.
    BULLA: Out of the cold?

  22. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 8:18 am

    Good Morning all….

    Couldn’t log on to the WBeat yesterday. Kept timing out.

    For the next three games I wouldn’t mind seeing the injured guys rest up a bit and get healthy for the last two games. That is… if our second and third team can take care of business in the trenches and Win.. baby Win!

    Would be nice to have as many healthy bodies as possible against Navy and Wisconsin.

  23. jm2375 November 4, 2009 8:26 am

    Good morning Tsai-kos!

    First time I’ve been able to log on since early yesterday afternoon. Wuz going thru withdrawals. Soweee, Kekoa for messing you up.

    Scott Robbs gave away a great prize yesterday on his show – 4 tix to basketball, football & Sr Night volleyball. Too bad I couldn’t get through. The question was easy for me – where did Coach Dana go to HS? At least it went to a MidPac alum.

  24. uhwarriors November 4, 2009 8:48 am

    Na Koa lunch report (11/2/09) is now up

  25. (Jesse) James November 4, 2009 9:07 am

    Good morning gang…hope all is well….

    Happy hump day…

    Happy B-Day to DPK’s rock, Sweety…

  26. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 9:11 am

    Mahalo uhwarriors…

    As always, a good indepth report that clears the air as to what happened and makes one realize how complex the offense is while appreciated how far our players have gotten in their understanding of it. Can’t wait to see it all come together.

  27. Derek November 4, 2009 9:21 am

    If, If, If. What if:
    1) Paul Johnson became the head coach at Hawaii instead of Von Appen?
    2) Iuta Tepa signed w/ the Warriors?
    3) Destin Stewart was admitted to join the Warriors?
    4) The two bad punts by Dunnachie were decent punts?
    5) Kia didn’t hold on Salas’ touchdown pass?
    6) Hawaii didn’t beat themselves time and time again. (We would have beaten UNLV and Nevada for sure and would have been a lot closer against Fresno, Boise, and Idaho.)

  28. letsgowarriors November 4, 2009 9:35 am

    i hope the coaches still plan on moving hansen back to OG after the season is over.

  29. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 9:44 am


    “If” is a fact of life. “If” happens or it doesn’t. So what?

    We got a great bunch of kids playing their hearts out. Not one of them look like the walking gloom and doom I’ve seen during VonA’s days. We have two receivers who are consistent in their reads and routes, while the others are 75-80%. We have a quarterback that has thrown for two games but is well ahead of the curve and is a player that is capable of rallying the others but still makes a few mistakes. We have a defense that is young and developing but one that has also made considerable strides in the past two games.

    If you look at where they’ve been, what adversity they’ve had to fight through, all the negativity, and hours on the road, you gotta be excited about these kids and what looks like a rapidly growing light at the end of the tunnel.

    There’s a story in the making here. We have seniors from the Sugar Bowl team making their last stand while passing on the Warrior legacy to the next generation of gonna-be-champions. As long as every player with the attitude of doing better each time out, you gotta be encouraged.

    I’m excited, hopeful, and proud of our players.

  30. TYaiea November 4, 2009 9:47 am

    Pomai, Warriors 34 Aggies 17
    This is according to the Las Vegas Sports Center ( Their analysis is that Hawaii should win by 21 1/2…and their analysis is usually 50 – 50 and I hope this time we’re in better part of the 50 -50.

  31. al November 4, 2009 9:52 am

    hansen has been a shining light.

    had kia not held on that play, moniz would have been sacked.

  32. al November 4, 2009 9:52 am

    happy birthday sweetie!

  33. al November 4, 2009 9:57 am

    i’d like to see dustin blount with the ball in his hands a bit more. i hope that happens sometime soon.

    where is ryan henry on the wr/sb depth chart? he seems to have some happy feet.

    lefiti has quietly done a good job whenever they have slipped him in.

    and of course, top of my wish list is, “i wanna see chizzy make them dizzy!”

  34. FloridaTed November 4, 2009 10:00 am

    Happy Birthday Sweetie !!

    Make sure DPK is taking you to a nice place….

  35. A-House November 4, 2009 10:08 am

    Happy Birfday, Sweetie, the lady of DPK’s life!!!

  36. A-House November 4, 2009 10:10 am

    Don’t know if it was the “techies” or Oceanic for yesterday’s hum bug, but the blog and our TV reception was on the blink after the 6pm news – bummers!!!

  37. jm2375 November 4, 2009 10:17 am

    A-house – #36 – it was the HA “techies”. I didn’t have any problem with other sites. Dunno about the TV reception.

  38. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc November 4, 2009 10:21 am

    This Saturday’s HI-5 container collection drive will be set up by 11 am. This time, all proceeds will go to Dole Middle School’s after-school cross-country sports program fund set up to buy shoes and uniforms for participants whose families cannot afford to do so.

    I first read about the program in a Lee Cataluna feature story back in August, 2008. I’ll bring a copy of it to Saturday’s T-Gate. Another teacher, Barry Tanoue, has taken over the program from its initiator, Alan Inaba.

    Since more than 70% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch prices. this is definitely a good cause to support for budding athletics .

    NOTE: Most current and former Farrington football players over the past decade have taken part in the program. .

    The November 14 HI-5 drive will go to the Pacific Islands Athletic Alliance founded by blogger Doris Sullivan – more information on it a few days beforehand.

    Please bring us your HI-5 cans and bottles from work to these drives. DrDoc and I will sort and process them the next day and then send in a check asking that the recipient send Stephan a mahalo note thanking the Tsai-kos.

    Finally, we took over a dozen aluminum trays of various sizes back home after the last T-Gate. We’ve cleaned them so they’re available to use this Saturday. If any are left over, to take home for your person use.

    I’ll bring a smaller plastic sack to hang near the serving tables to collect dirty trays throughout the day and will bring those back the following week.

  39. Believer November 4, 2009 10:21 am

    Good to see da “Man in the Mirror” as a kine of theme song for dis team. Great message behind da song dat all fans too should follow.

  40. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc November 4, 2009 10:25 am

    Pomai – We’ll be going to Saturday softball games after dropping off the stuff at the T-gate. If possible, I’ll be at Friday’s game before meeting up DrDoc for the Wahine volleyball match.

  41. SteveM November 4, 2009 10:35 am

    Good morning everyone!
    I couldn’t get into the blog yesterday…wouldn’t load all day.

    November 2nd, 2009 at 7:13 pm
    SteveM, sorry about the no show on Sunday, but my spacecraft got stuck in the darkside and the goblins neva let me go home. Next time got to bring some holy water with me.

    No problem, whitey. Like I told everyone in email, my passing through is no big deal and it should happen again…maybe next time there will be a small group on tour. Of course, you can board with us in Honolulu and still run the Tsai-ko Maui “view the sunrise in Kahului” darkside tour. 🙂

    > > >skip if not interested in Hawaii Cruising

    SteveM aboard the M/V Pride of America

    Wednesday Nov. 4, 2009
    off Kailua-Kona

    Hilo Bay was beautiful as usual yesterday. Departed at 1800 and cruised slowly by the area (64 nautical miles south of Hilo — 19º 16′ N, 155º 00′ W) at 2200. The red lava paths could be seen coming down the mountain and the steam clouds almost reached the ship. Just had my small digital camera, but sj-macro would surely have a kodak moment.

    Currently station keeping off Kailua-Kona. Ships don’t drop anchor–better for the coral and the multiple side thrusters easily correct drift. No pier large enough for a cruise ship here, so the ship’s small boats (called “tenders”) ferry passengers to shore. These tenders hold around 100 and are fully enclosed with twin props for speed and maneuverability.

    I discovered that I had cell phone signals most of the trip–even hours out of Maui. This probably means that Tsai-kos with iPhones, Blackberry’s, etc. could still blog without added expense. ST’s wireless phone modem would work too. Better than paying satellite internet minutes 🙁

    If this was a Tsai-ko Cruise…
    The only listings for the Gold Rush Saloon today are the World Series game 6
    at 1430 and karaoke at 2100. Was too busy watching the lava flow to check out the karaoke competition last night. 🙂

    Elsewhere on the ship is Mojito Tasting, Hula & Tahitian class, Sarong and Kikepa tying class, and a Crew vs. Guests water volleyball match. Magician comedian in the Hollywood theatre, Beatles Salute in the Club Mardi Gras, followed by a 2300 Mardi Gras party.

    Tomorrow: Nawiliwili, Kauai at 0800 and staying overnight.

  42. LizKauai November 4, 2009 10:46 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    This Saturday will be the best ever!

    In the meantime, it’s HiHo all week long with a break on Friday for my first acupuncture treatment…. shiver… 😆

    SteveM and Mom- wish I could come by for a visit!!!

    Happy Happy, Errybodee!

  43. Slugger November 4, 2009 10:48 am

    Happy birthday, Sweety!!! Hope we get to see you sometime soon.

    Got to practice. Can’t wait to see the interviews that the Princess recorded this morning. The guys doing a good job at practice. Greg A. observing practice today. Lots of encouraging words heard, and the skies were not cloudy today…

  44. Garret November 4, 2009 10:56 am

    Wow, the blog was down for so long that I was surprised it actually loaded when I tried now.

  45. Garret November 4, 2009 11:03 am

    I know that I posted the 3rd quarter stats, but hilostorm on WSN did some research and found an amazing stat. Over the past 2 seasons, UH has lost every game against D-IA competition when it is behind at the end of the first quarter!

    UH was 0-4 last season and is 0-4 this season against D-IA teams when trailing after 1 quarter…forget about the 3rd quarter stats I posted before, this stat shows that the second quarter problems (which Pride discovered the other day) makes getting off to a fast start very important to UH. Unfortunately, UH only gets the ball first on offense when it loses the toss and the other team defers, since Mac always chooses to take the ball to start the 3rd quarter when UH wins the toss.

    So, I hope that UH comes out fired up and jumps out to an early lead against Utah State. That would really get the crowd into the game, and it would deflate Utah State.

  46. Garret November 4, 2009 11:06 am

    JJ sure sounds determined to get SMU to the Hawaii Bowl…and he is probably correct about the reason why the Hawaii Bowl would pick SMU over other C-USA teams.

    “Our goal is to get to Hawaii and play in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl,” said Jones, who was the former Hawaii coach. “I believe that if we’re bowl-eligible, we’ll go to Hawaii because of the possibility of selling more tickets and the ratings for the game if I’m going back.”

    To think that SMU would be talking about a bowl game at this time of year was almost unfathomable in the summer. At that time, Jones had to remove several players from his program that weren’t buying into his system and his way of coaching. He’s had to bring freshmen and sophomores along quicker than most coaches would have liked.

    While the Mustangs will continue to go through growing pains with such a young squad — of the 66 players who traveled to Tulsa last week, 48 of them were freshmen or sophomores

  47. Garret November 4, 2009 11:09 am

    I definitely wouldn’t rush Pollard back and try to get him to play this week. Give his body more time to recover and slowly ramp up his practice time to get him into the flow of the offense again.

    Looks like Lametrius Davis is the latest winner of a CB spot. Hopefully he does well this week–I have bad memories of a certain Utah State receiver making long catch after long catch last season.

  48. d1島 November 4, 2009 11:17 am

    and the skies were not cloudy today…

    Did the buffalo roam?

  49. d1島 November 4, 2009 11:18 am

    Happy Birthday Sweety!

  50. d1島 November 4, 2009 11:21 am

    As much of an impact player that he is, I’d be apprehensive about having Torres back so soon. It’s hard to imagine him “throttling down” once he gets on the field and thus risking further damage to the hammy.

  51. d1島 November 4, 2009 11:21 am

    BTW, how is Aaron Brown’s rehab going?

  52. Bulla November 4, 2009 11:46 am

    Sweetie: happy burfday

    Tom Mui: the cold was cold, but nice to see america. wish we could have won, but playing in Missoula is 2 steps short of being in ‘the devil’s house’…unreal

    aloha tsaikos, hope all is well. nice to have the blog running again, thought those evil people at SB had something to do with it….but i guess not, haha

  53. Slugger November 4, 2009 12:16 pm


    Sometimes it looks as if we have some buffaloes roaming on the field, especially the beeg guys with wooly bully hair. Paipai has a good head of curly hair, and lots of the D- & O-line have long locks. Contrary to what iwwthm would espouse, I don’t mind the guys having long hair. Blaze Soares has a mohawk cut now, while a couple of days ago, Jake Heun had none. That’s all for the fashion reporting today…

  54. Slugger November 4, 2009 12:35 pm

    From a friend:
    “I send my teams at work “Tuesday Tips”. I thought this was appropriate to share with you all.

    1. Practice persistence.
    Keep on keeping on … even if you don’t feel like it. So what if you fall down? So what if you make a mistake? So what if you lose a customer, a business, a home, a relationship, or anything else that is vitally important to you? [or lose a game? ~ my edit] It’s terrible, of course, but it’s not the end of the world … if you practice persistent courage.

    As essayist Herbert Kaufman noted, “Failure is only postponed success as long as courage ‘coaches’ ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory.”

    In other words, if you will simply hang in there, be patient, persistent, and courageous, more often than not you’ll make it through the tough times in pretty good shape.

    Michael Staver, an executive coach, puts it this way. He says COURAGE is an acronym for:

  55. Derek November 4, 2009 12:50 pm

    If SMU has a 6-6 record or better, I believe they will make it to the Hawaii Bowl. They have a great chance. They beat two of the better teams in C-USA, at Tulsa and at home against East Carolina. They should blow out Rice this week. At 4-4 they are looking real good. Further, they lost to Navy by 3 points in overtime.

    “Made in Hawaii” good to look to the future. Me too. But, you cannot ignore the facts. Look at the stats. One of the worst, if not the worst, Divsion IA football team on defense. We are also near the bottom in rushing offense. Care to figure out our net punting? One of the worst also. There’s a saying “today is a gift….and the gift is the present.” It is
    what are we doing now? Utah State is not a bad team. They lost to Nevada by 3, beat La Tech by 2 and lost to Fresno last week after giving them a tough time. Utah St. is favored for a reason. You keep dreaming
    and hoping and believing. Tip: believe what you see.

  56. Mrs. A-House November 4, 2009 12:57 pm

    Hello Everybody!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETY! Such an appropriate name for a lovely lady. Hope your special day is just that…very special!

    I have to admit that this string of defeats is disheartening…HOWEVER, my message to you, our courageous Warrior football team, continues to be the same as always…if you look yourselves in the mirror and like what you see…a person who has fulfilled his commitment to himself, his coaches and the fans who support the team 808%, to do your very best every game, one game at a time…then play on with your head held high. No need to apologize for defeats…it’s part of the game. Just play hard…do your very best…work to eliminate mistakes and walk off the field with your teammates knowing that you represented with pride. IMUA WARRIORS! JUST DO IT!!

    SteveM & Peaches –

    Since your seats are already in the yellow section, you might want to join us and HiFlyer in the yellow Section D, South Endzone. You don’t get the sun in your eyes, are sheltered from the rain showers and have a birdseye view of the field and sidelines. Which brings me to another thought…

    Sleeze and G-Nalo –

    Looking good patroling the sidelines at the last home game. Any advice for me and Mr. A-House re do’s and don’ts for this week’s game. Reminder to Mr. A-House…don’t pick your nose. Reminders to myself…don’t scratch your butt or adjust your underwear…that’s acceptable only for the “real” athletes. Any Warrior who runs or is pushed out of bounds…I will sacrifice my body to cushion your impact. Any Utah State player does the same…I will nimbly step aside…you’re on your own, buddy.

    Chawan_Cut & Lefty –

    Kudos and hats off to you both. I watched you defiantly wave your UH towel in the faces of the Boise State players as they walked off the field in front of you after greeting their fans. Now that’s bold-faced support of our team, despite the lop-sided defeat.

    BigHiloFan2 –

    You handled very well the unfortunate “bannah” encounter with security. I could almost sense that the female security person was charmed by your good looks and personality and felt the same way as did all of us fans, but just had to do her job…what the heck is wrong with waving a bannah that touches no one, blocks no ones’ view of the field, can in no way be considered a “weapon”, is not inappropriate advertisment/endorsement of any person/place/thing, BUT provided our team as they exited the field, with a positive symbol of love and support.


    I’m going to have my lunch now, so that’s all for today…hope to see many show up tonight as Coach Dana debuts as our new Wahine basketball head coach. She’s the total package…beauty, brains, talent and the heart of a winner!

  57. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 1:07 pm


    We gotcha! Also some believe what they see in the sense of a team that played better against a team that supposed to thrash us like 80-14??? 😉

    Should this continue, our chances against an improved Aggies team increase sans stupid mistakes.

    Unforced errors cost us a possible 10-3 or 9-4 regular season last time. As you said… “What if…”

  58. College Football Coaching Jobs November 4, 2009 1:11 pm

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    Finding a job is pretty much a job in itself and it’s all about how well can you market your abilities.

  59. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 1:13 pm


  60. iwonderwhytheyhateme November 4, 2009 1:19 pm


    Clean cut and no hair below shoulder…

    There is ONE exception to this rule..and that is “Jesus Christ Superstar”! hahaha 🙂

  61. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 1:21 pm

    How fitting that the UH homecoming weekend officially starts in 6.5 hours with a former Wahine coming home to correct the wrongs of the past!

    Can’t wait to see the Wahine in ackshen tonight!!!!!



  62. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 1:26 pm

    Hey Mrs. A!!!!

    See you and the ohana tonight at Coach Dana’s debut!

  63. Pomai November 4, 2009 1:27 pm

    Derek trust me the one thing we don’t have to worry about is this punter, I will give him this first year, forgive any and all mistakes (the kid has never played football before, nor punted a football before). I am sure you will see a continued improvement in the punting, this kid has a leg and I have seen him constantly boom punt 60/70 yards, plus his ball is very hard to catch with the spin he puts on it. He and Ingram(sp) are both freshmen so they will be a force in the future.

  64. Slugger November 4, 2009 1:36 pm


    I think “Jesus Christ Superstar” is Joshua Rice.

    See y’all at the Wahine Basketball game tonight!

    GO WAHINE!!!


  65. Stephen Tsai November 4, 2009 1:54 pm

    I like that line: Finding a job is a job itself.

  66. Garret November 4, 2009 2:04 pm

    It looks like no big-name team wants to play BSU in 2011 (Kellen Moore’s senior season)…even though BSU is offering to play on the road without getting a game in Boise in return!

    Several high-profile programs have turned down a chance to play a home game against Boise State in 2011, WAC commissioner Karl Benson said Tuesday.

    Boise State – with help from ESPN, Benson said – has been shopping for a game to fill out its 2011 schedule.

    Benson isn’t sure of the exact number of schools that have said no, but figures it is close to 10. The Broncos aren’t asking for any games in Boise in return, he said.

    “They’re running into a situation where nobody will schedule them, nobody will take them,” Benson said.

  67. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 2:04 pm


    Defense.. rushing? …. We lost 10 starters and still the defense got the ball back enough times in the last three games to give our offense a fighting chance to win. It wasn’t the defense that lost the last three games. They provided our offense with plenty of opportunities. Problem is, we were also breaking in a new QB these past three games and lost one of our better WRs.

    Net punt yards? The kid’s raw but we’ve seen what he can do when he’s doing it right. The mere fact of doing and doing again will eliminate those shanks. He’s gonna be a great punter. We get to see him go from A-Z and that to me is exciting! When he gets to that next level, we’ll all be talking stories about how we saw him when he used to shank balls and get 1 yard off of a kick. … and say that with pride.

    When you look at uhwarrior’s Nakoa lunch report over the past few weeks you can see how the pieces are coming together. We’ve had physical setbacks with injuries to key defensive and offensive Leader – players. Those are at best difficult, if not impossible, to replace in a short season.
    But to see our kids step in and play up… you gotta be excited for the promise that each and every one our our young athletes bring to the table.

    Wins are great and feel good … but I get inspired by the individual efforts. The David and Goliath matchups, the never-say-die efforts, and the pure “one-for-all” and “all-for-one” spirit of the players. They’re all winners in my heart regardless of a single season’s stat. I really believe the Defense has been playing noticeably better each of the last three games and the Offense has started to gel after losing Alexander and Bradley.

    Shoots! I’m excited about the next game… and the next.. and the next… Get those three wins and the whole momentum shifts….and then Navy and Wisconsin really start to look like the icing on a cake.

  68. Garret November 4, 2009 2:04 pm

    Benson also said the WAC has hired an Idaho public relations firm to do some research and arrange media interviews to help push Boise State’s BCS case. The WAC also hired a public-relations firm to push for Hawaii’s inclusion in 2007, he said.

  69. d1島 November 4, 2009 2:05 pm

    …but the pay is weak! (not weekly)

  70. Da Punchbowl Kid November 4, 2009 2:06 pm

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes for the better half. She truly is the BETTER half around here…

    Speaking of better halves- you can almost smell flowers blooming and hear birds breaking out into song whenever the beautiful Mrs. A-House posts here. Such a gracious lady. 🙂

  71. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 2:07 pm

    Gee Boise… sounds like the Warriors a couple of years ago… I’m surprised that they are still looking to fill a 2011 slot.

  72. Garret November 4, 2009 2:08 pm

    One thing that I didn’t see in uhwarrior’s Na Koa Lunch Report that I’ve seen in other reports about the lunch is that Ron Lee mentioned that he’s been talking with JJ this season and they had a long conversation on Sunday…hopefully JJ gave some advice that could help the offense with some tweaks.

  73. d1島 November 4, 2009 2:08 pm

    madeinhawaii=no ka oi!

  74. Da Punchbowl Kid November 4, 2009 2:09 pm

    Week and weakly? Hmm, sounds like my job… 😆 j/k

  75. Garret November 4, 2009 2:09 pm

    Cleveland’s coach mentioned today how David Veikune got some time at LB in addition to his normal specials teams play.

    David’s (Veikune) played a big part on special teams and he got some play time last week defensively.

  76. iwonderwhytheyhateme November 4, 2009 2:09 pm


    Thats a shame…that could be a year that they actually “mature” and can make a run for the National Championship.

    I think they already have Utah and BYU on their schedule so that’ll help their SOS numbers. I would love to see Boise St. play Ohio St or Penn St. in an away game.

  77. d1島 November 4, 2009 2:11 pm


    All he really mentioned about his talk with The Former Coach was with regard to the number of times SMU is running the ball this year and why that is.

  78. Garret November 4, 2009 2:12 pm


    Two years before the season, HF would have had 4 pukas instead of 1! BSU already has 12 games scheduled, including a some decent nonconference games (Utah, Tulsa). With ESPN’s help, they should be able to fill their spot…though Pac-10 teams are probably tired of losing to BSU.

  79. Garret November 4, 2009 2:13 pm


    Thank you for that information. I hadn’t heard the context in which Ron Lee mentioned his talks with JJ.

  80. Garret November 4, 2009 2:15 pm

    I just had the blog die on me when trying to make my previous post, so this is the last one I’ll try for a long time…hopefully the blog problems do not come back. I was going to skip the blog entirely today due to the problems yesterday, but figured that would be punishing ST for the tech people’s faults.

    It only took half a season, but Oakland’s coach finally has declared Samson his starting center.

    Raiders center Samson Satele lost the starting competition to Chris Morris in training camp. The job is now his even when the rest of the Raiders’ offensive line gets healthy.

    Raiders coach Tom Cable said as much when asked what happens when left guard Robert Gallery comes back from a broken leg. Morris moved to left guard when Gallery was hurt in Week 2, allowing Satele to start at center.

    Now it’s Morris who will go to the bench when Gallery returns, possibly as soon as next week against the Chiefs.

    Cable said Satele’s body of work trumps Morris’ and that he has bounced back strong after missing so much offseason time because of shoulder surgery. Satele is also doing much better making line calls and working the zone-blocking scheme.

    “It’s my job to lose,” Satele said.

  81. iwonderwhytheyhateme November 4, 2009 2:20 pm

    Boise is playing Virginia Tech at VT……sounds like a very interesting game.

    Ok so heres the thing, Boise St. is a VERY young team…I mean they might be even younger than Hawaii in terms of starting Freshman and Sophmores….and like 1 Senior this year.

    Let’s assume that TCU trumps Boise St. for a BCS berth but they still go undefeated and wins the bowl game they are invited too.


    TCU loses a game and Boise St. gets in and wins their BCS Bowl game.

    Where do you think Boise St. comes out ranked next year in preseason?

    Top 10 if they dont make a BCS,
    Top 4 if they make a BCS and win.

  82. Manoa Mist November 4, 2009 2:22 pm

    # Pomai:
    November 4th, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    Derek trust me the one thing we don’t have to worry about is this punter, I will give him this first year, forgive any and all mistakes (the kid has never played football before, nor punted a football before). I am sure you will see a continued improvement in the punting, this kid has a leg and I have seen him constantly boom punt 60/70 yards, plus his ball is very hard to catch with the spin he puts on it. He and Ingram(sp) are both freshmen so they will be a force in the future.

    I’m sure this kid has potential but if he’s kicking 1- , 7- and 10-yard punts he shouldn’t be out there. He should of redshirt this year or something so he could learn the game. “Don’t believe the hype. Believe what you see.” Especially in a game. Our punter and kicker (Mr. Out of Bounds) have really hurt UH this year. Bad enough we drop passed, fumble the ball and miss tackles. Poor kicking on special teams is frosting on the cake.
    Peace out.

  83. uhwarriors November 4, 2009 2:35 pm


    Ron Lee showed so much video and explained the X’s and O’s of so many plays, my mind got overloaded and I forgot to write about his conversation with June Jones. Ron Lee was talking about the ratio of passing and running plays of this year’s offense as compared to last year. He said last year they were doing different things offensively because of the quarterback situation. He then mentioned that June and he had talked the day before and June said they ran the ball 41 times the last game.

  84. GRM November 4, 2009 2:37 pm

    MIH, – Right on!!

  85. Long Time UH Fan November 4, 2009 2:40 pm

    Happy Birthday to Sweetie! and many more to come

  86. Garret November 4, 2009 2:48 pm


    I really, really appreciate your Na Koa Luncheon reports! It is amazing how much detail you provide and I just wanted to provide the one detail you might have left out.

    My posts keep getting rejected so hopefully this goes through.

  87. iwonderwhytheyhateme November 4, 2009 2:49 pm

    hey Kazz,

    what is the attendance count to Women BB on average?

    i was thinking of going to the opener.

  88. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 3:09 pm


    During Vince Goo’s era, I think it was around 3 – 3500. During Bola that went from 3500 to 2500, 1500, 500, …250.

  89. iwonderwhytheyhateme November 4, 2009 3:10 pm



  90. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 3:11 pm

    I think it was costing UH much more to keep Bolla than to part company.

  91. Stephen Tsai November 4, 2009 3:23 pm

    I heard attendance dropped below 200 a few times.

  92. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 3:47 pm

    I wonder if all the ex-boosters will show up for the opener? Would be nice.

  93. wafan November 4, 2009 3:47 pm

    Hi! The blog is back!!!


  94. wafan November 4, 2009 3:49 pm

    Go Wahine!!!

    After tonight Dana will need only 999 more.


  95. Da Punchbowl Kid November 4, 2009 3:58 pm

    Looking forward to seeing what our new Wahine B-Ball coach is able to do. In fact I’m looking forward to seeing how the men do as well. That one new post guys is a monster! It’ll be nice to see the gyms filled again for games.

  96. wafan November 4, 2009 4:26 pm

    Dang, I nearly forgot! A thousand pardons, Sweety, but, a very happy birthday to you!!!

  97. wafan November 4, 2009 4:27 pm

    Looks like our injured Warriors are healing up. Hope you all get back to 100% soon.

  98. wafan November 4, 2009 4:28 pm

    Shoot. Getting close!

  99. wafan November 4, 2009 4:28 pm

    Going for it!

  100. wafan November 4, 2009 4:28 pm


  101. wafan November 4, 2009 4:30 pm

    How did the treadmill test go?

    Did you stress the machine?

  102. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc November 4, 2009 4:35 pm

    At one game last season, I counted 91 people on the opposite of the court, 23 in both ends, and about four dozen on our side of the court. Am looking forward to a great winning season.

  103. RedZone November 4, 2009 4:38 pm

    I think the 7 footer is what the team was missing last year. Amis needs help.

  104. Mrs. A-House November 4, 2009 4:59 pm

    DPK –

    Mahalo for your nice compliment. It made my day!

    chopsueyboy –

    Seems you have more time now during your busy, busy day to chat with us. That’s great! Keep the posts coming…very enjoyable/informative reading.

    BTW, please ask azngamer808 to check his email cuz he’s got mail. Off to the SSC…laters.

  105. chopsueyboy November 4, 2009 5:36 pm

    Mrs. A-House

    Already advise our favorite son (only child) to check his email.

    ask Mr. A-House if my guess to his trivia question was 2/3 correct

  106. chawan_cut November 4, 2009 5:40 pm

    mrs a-house,
    thank you for your kind words!

  107. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 5:43 pm

    Wondering how HPU “travels”….

    Hope the UH fans aren’t out-numbered by HPUers tonight.

    At UH now. The Manoa mist is falling heavy over the valley as Bryant Moniz walks by and gives a quick nod to me… Anyway, I see the softballes still workin in the drizzle and some of the marching band is still on Ching Field.

    Waiting for the Ahouses, Midori, and Chawan to show up.

  108. whitey November 4, 2009 5:47 pm

    kazz, ok, defensive turnovers it is. total that uh creates for both navy and wisconsin. sounds good. and for tiebreaker, which players has the most.

  109. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 5:47 pm

    Chawan, stop blogging and get over here!!!!! :mrgreen:

    (Note to self: don’t stand in the middle of a hallway while on your blackberry typing… Almost got run over by the cheerleaders.)

    Looks to be abou 60+ early folks here for the game. Hope this triples at least by tipoff.

  110. Jason November 4, 2009 5:51 pm

    So am I an HPU fan or a UH fan here? Divided loyalties! 😛

  111. Kekoa November 4, 2009 5:51 pm

    It was the Sweet little girl from lower Papakplea celebrating her 29th Birthday today?…Happy Birthday young lady! DPK is a lucky guy and he knows it!

    Hope DPK treated you like a Queen today, Sweety. Hope to see you at the t-gate this weekend. Diana is scheduled to make an appearance. Looks like talk story time for you 2.

  112. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 5:52 pm

    Speaking of Kurtz. Saw the big man leaving lower campus an hour ago. Seems to be walking ok, but pivoting and going lateral on that bum knee in a game is another.

    Need him to challenge Balocka for the center position this season.

  113. whitey November 4, 2009 5:53 pm

    kazz, how would the wahines vb do if they started connie c or alexis f instead of ferrell???? right now both defensive and offensive production is better for both woman. i don’t think team chemistry will be affected because the big 3, kanani, aneli, and amber, won’t let the team slide. this is the shoji effect that stopped them in the past, where coach did not take out a player when she is not productive, but left her in and took the team down.

  114. Kekoa November 4, 2009 5:53 pm

    May the Gods forgive me!…Papakolea, not the gibberrish that popped up on the last post. Sheesh!

  115. Kekoa November 4, 2009 5:56 pm

    Oh great…now da boss is making me do penance for totally blowing up the word!

  116. whitey November 4, 2009 5:57 pm

    kekoa, with big pingers comes big misspelling!!! hahahahaaaaa

  117. whitey November 4, 2009 5:58 pm

    kekoa, that’s what happens when you try to sneak in a post. hooooooo

  118. whitey November 4, 2009 5:59 pm

    oh, oh, kazz’s storm is fizzling!!!

  119. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 6:00 pm

    LAME! HPU brought their band…. Them guys need sheet music… Amatures 😆

  120. whitey November 4, 2009 6:04 pm

    is it too late in the season to do a “ferd veeck” game promotion???? i like the idea that if uh loses, each season holder would get 2 free tickets to the next game (first come, first serve) till it is gone. for the navy game, whatever tickets that are not sold by tuesday of the game, they be given to all military personnel on active duty, 33% to navy-marine, 33 to army, 33 to air force. they deserve our thanks.

  121. whitey November 4, 2009 6:06 pm

    kazz, kazz, we on??????

  122. whitey November 4, 2009 6:08 pm

    going on brake. will check later

  123. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 6:10 pm

    There is a large group of people behind me, about 20 with custom “Dana” tapa UH shirts. Nice! :mrgreen:

  124. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 6:12 pm


    Whattabout the Mayor? Mufi? Is he there?

  125. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 6:14 pm

    Dita isn’t dressed but Kuehu is.

  126. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 6:17 pm


    No Mufi. Maybe he’s at “Anyplace” bar on King St? 😆

  127. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 6:23 pm


    On the left Kanani is more creative than Ferrell at this time. If anything Forsythe is a middle and not an outside hitter whereas Cascioppo was brought in as a OH. Cascioppo still looks like she’s tryin to get her timing down. She may benefit from a higher setter like Brandt but since Mafua is the starter then I don’t see Coach Shoji messing with the line up.

    Still would like to see some sets to the middle.

  128. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 6:40 pm

    Wow.. We might be able to pull off 300+ tonight. Chawan msgs me there is a long line for tickets right now.

    Nice vibes in the Stanley tonight!

  129. Garret November 4, 2009 7:28 pm

    The Hawaii Bowl sure planned for SMU to be there this season…

    One other note. If SMU earns a bowl berth, one of the most likely bowls it would go to is the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Dec. 24. How much would bowl organizers like to get June Jones back to the islands? Well, when the new Diamond Head Basketball Classic was created, at least the thought was already somewhere in the minds of the planners — who booked the SMU men’s basketball team for the Dec. 22, 23 and 25th tourney.

    David A.K. Matlin is the executive director of the Hawaii bowl and he’s also in charge of the basketball tournament. He admitted he had the thought the SMU football and basketball teams could be in Hawaii at the same time if the planets aligned…

  130. Garret November 4, 2009 7:30 pm

    I almost missed this column in the Advertiser today.

    Predictably, cries are starting to be heard for McMackin’s firing.

    Forget about it.

    UH football is the least of our problems in these grim times. With record budget deficits and unresolved labor issues, the state in general and UH in particular have far more important concerns than an expensive fight over who coaches the football team.

  131. duffer (iPhone) November 4, 2009 7:31 pm

    @ Kazz or c_c

    How are the Wahine doing?

  132. Garret November 4, 2009 7:33 pm

    This Honolulu Weekly column is a lot more positive.

    But as the drumbeat of invective rises, maybe it’s also time for everyone to get some perspective.

    This is not a professional team. Without slipping into naievity, these are college students. They’ve lost many of their leaders to both graduation and injury, and they’ve lost a lot of games. Instead of mocking the players’ oft-repeated statements that this season is about their love for another, and sticking together in the face of adversity, maybe we ought to be recognizing that for what it is–a life lesson worth learning, for college football players and everybody else.

    So maybe UH football has a few more lessons in store for us after all. The team isn’t winning this year, and that’s too bad, but the players are showing character by the way they stick together in tough times. Mock it if you like, but to some of us around here, that means something.

    Good for them.

    Go ’Bows.

  133. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 7:37 pm


    That last article was spot on.. except of that last line.. “Go ‘Bows.”

    Wonder what hidden innuendo was intended in that closing?

  134. Garret November 4, 2009 8:07 pm


    It seems that writer still hasn’t gotten over the name change, as he mentioned Rainbows at other times also.

  135. Garret November 4, 2009 8:09 pm

    I found this post about various UH coaches interesting…

    I find it funny that people find JJ arrogant. I can see why this may be the case, but sometimes, perception isn’t always the truth. I played for him and Mack. I also played for VonAppen. I never played for Jerry, but I met him at a few fundraisers while he coached for UH.

    From my perspective, JJ was the least arrogant coach that I had. He can come off that way for people outside because he has his way of doing things and he doesn’t let the fans nor the media, nor anyone outside of the program for that matter, dictate how he was going to run his operation. He had ideas that he felt would elevate the program which were unpopular but it was always for the sake of the program. To the players, he wasn’t exactly chummy with you, but he was easily accessable, honest, and fair. But what we respected was how he’d do anything for you if you needed help. None of this gets advertised but you ask any player and they’ll tell you the same. He was easy to talk to and a players coach, but he also was respected.

    I never liked, nor disliked Mack as a coach(until now). We always thought he was full of it because he’d say “hey how you doing?” and you knew he didn’t know your name but pretended like he knew everything about you. We just thought it was funny though, no one ever took offense to it.

    VonAppen could come off as being a a-hole, but to the players he really took care of us. He was always looking out for our best interest, and he was a decent guy. He wasn’t the best coach in the world though, and when he came up with plays for the offense, it was always horrible.

    Now Glanville was straight up arrogant as hell. What you saw in public was what he was. I always found it funny that JJ and he were friends but completely opposite of each other personality wise.

    I know I’m rambling on, but people always write how arrogant JJ was and I thought I’d add my 2cents.

  136. Ralph November 4, 2009 9:23 pm

    coach Dana wins first game, 73-70 in OT, 999 wins to go.

  137. djmitcho November 4, 2009 9:23 pm

    someone said the blog wasn’t working

  138. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 9:27 pm

    Congrats to the Wahine BB team on their first win under Coach Dana.

  139. Ralph November 4, 2009 9:28 pm

    it’s working very slowly, refreshes very slowly, probable reason for low count in post tonight

  140. Ralph November 4, 2009 9:37 pm

    Na Wahine live stats:

  141. Kazz (blkberry_storm) November 4, 2009 9:47 pm

    Wahine win in OT 73-70. Physical game. Wahine fought hard.

    Driving home now… Will post detailed report soon.

  142. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 9:55 pm

    From the stats it looks like they need to work on free throws (53%) and rebounds… (they got out rebounded). They took less shots (from 2 and 3 point land) but got 10% better production and fouled 3 times less (27 vs 30) which may indicate that at this stage the Wahine are a more controlled and mature team than HPU.

    Didn’t Vince Goo pile junk at one end of the court and have the Wahine go and clean in up in a frenzy to get them to scramble after all the garbage?

  143. Sweety November 4, 2009 10:07 pm

    Mahalo Nui to all of my fellow Tsaikos for your birthday wishes!!!! I’m having a wonderful birthday, see you guys soon ;o)

  144. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 10:08 pm

    Rebounds were UH 48 – HPU 52 … and turnovers were 26 for UH and 23 for HPU.

    All in all a pretty even game… Wahine could have won on free throws with a better percentage, even though they fouled less then HPU.

    I remember when free throws were the bread and butter of the Wahine game.

  145. madeinhawaii November 4, 2009 10:08 pm

    Aloha Sweety.. Happy Birthday.

  146. labrat November 4, 2009 10:24 pm

    Still need to work on the turnovers. When Dita comes back they will be stronger inside.

  147. chawan_cut November 4, 2009 10:31 pm

    1 game down, 4 more to go.
    man, do all refs suck or is it just me?? (i’ll let kazz express his opinions)
    wahine look like a completely revamped team. they are playing with passion and purpose. just need to get the system down and play with composure. that’ll limit the turnovers and fouls (although half were bogus).
    hpu did a good job.
    really nice crowd tonight. gotta be 1000+. hpu brought a lot of fans too including their band (they should’ve left their bass players at home though).

  148. chawan_cut November 4, 2009 10:32 pm

    duffer, sorry, was too busy yelling at the refs. i don’t have a fancy phone either. kazz was getting his blood pressure a little too high too to report live.

  149. chawan_cut November 4, 2009 10:38 pm

    oh yeah here’s tonight’s news

  150. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc November 4, 2009 11:01 pm

    From our seats sort of in the middle about six rows behind the two basketball teams:

    Na Wahine need to start clearing the boards mo’ betta & working on their free-throws; however, they hustled & bustled and made it very clear that they are here to take care of bidness. Assuming that injuries are kept to a minimum, this could be a great season.

    NOTE: The team returns to the Stan Sheriff Center on Friday, Novweber 27 – the night before the Navy game. Hope that the officiating has improved by then.

    Actually, there are five UH teams playing over these five days – women’s volleyball, men’s & women’s basketball, football, and ta-DAH!!! softball late Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Their regular season doesn’t actually start for a couple more months.

    BTW – any word of wassup with the men’s volleyball team? No schedule announced and no ticket sales yet.

    OFF-SPORTS TOPIC: The City Council will be holding a public hearing sometime before the end of the year on the resolution opposing any legalized gambling in Hawai`i. According to the people testifying in support of the resolution, legalized gambling leads to drug addiction, bankruptcy, crimes against women & children, unemployment, drop-outs and a decline in test scores as well as the quality of the educational system, unplanned pregnancies, and much, much more. Most tax revenues generated by legalized gambling and economic growth in the private sectorwill be wiped out by the costs of dealing with all kinds of social problems. One man said that Native Americans will assert their right to set up casinos here in Hawai`i. Huhhh?

    Happy Birthday Sweetcakes – and Liz – hope that you have a pleasant acupuncture session.

  151. al November 4, 2009 11:27 pm

    is there a game this saturday???

  152. al November 4, 2009 11:36 pm

    i say this because all of the talk around the water cooler, coffee stations, lunch rooms, and the media are centered around the “streak”.

    are we gonna break the “streak”? why some folks don’t even know that there is a game these days.

    yup, all the talk is about the “streak”.

    c’mon y’all let’s get back into the game week mode okay.
    heck, i haven’t even read about who the opposing quarterback is, etc, etc.

  153. al November 4, 2009 11:42 pm

    just look at the number of posts.
    78 yesterday and 150 today.

    what does that tell you?

    have we given up?
    has the air gone out of the balloon?

    warriors forever!!

    …nuff said.

  154. Lopaka43 November 4, 2009 11:44 pm

    Aloha Tsaiko Ohana!!
    Mrs Lopaka and I made a last minute decision and went to the Wahine basketball game.

    Good fun. Wahine had control of the game until the last three minutes and then HPU took advantage of some lapses and poor shooting and tied it at the buzzer. The overtime looked like it might slip away from the Wahine, but they gutted it out.

    They aren’t ready for prime time, but they sure looked different from the teams that Bolla led. I think a Bolla team would have lost tonight’s game for sure. Over the last few seasons, I watched them crumple numerous times under the pressure of losing a lead to their opponent late in the game. This team stuck together and did what had to be done.

    Key players obviously did not know what they were supposed to be doing at critical points. That will obviously improve.

    Keisha plays so tough, and carried the team at times. However she blew some key free throws that would have given needed breathing room.

    Shawna was not the second coming of Nani Cockett, but she showed the potential to get to that smooth, effortless domination level. Some of her errors came because she was forcing things that weren’t there. She is not there but you can see the possibility if she will slow things down and take what is given.

    The Wahine seem to have a good mix of bigs, middles, and small quicks, but they will have to get a lot better to play at the level Vince Goo used to regularly reach.

    HPU brought great energy to the game with a student section behind the basket by their bench, a band three times larger than the UH band, and many supporters throughout the rest of the arena. It made for a great college game feel with the two bands (and cheerleaders) alternating playing and performing. It seemed that over a third of the crowd was HPU fans and students.

    The UH crowd, unfortunately, was dominated by old futs like yours truly. The UH student body was notable in its absence. Saw Tsaikos in the exit but as usual, I lurked and was not noticed.

    We’ll see you at the homecoming tailgate. Go Warriors!!

  155. SteveM November 4, 2009 11:47 pm



    > > >skip if not interested in Hawaii Cruising

    SteveM aboard the M/V Pride of America

    Wed Nov. 4, 2009
    At Sea — somewhere south of Molokai just past Lanai
    enroute Nawiliwili

    Mom went ashore and found her avacados in Kona today. I attended a second cocktail party last night…so small that there was only one server but I could order anything from the bar (diet coke). It was the martini bar too. Captain was the host. I was trying to get some sleep today.

    Great magician-comedy show tonight and the couple doing a Beatles tribute in the Mardi Gras Club were very good playing and singing the songs. I skipped the Mardi Gras dance party. Entertainment on this cruise is the highest quality I’ve seen on NCL America.

    At 2300 we are in 4-8 foot seas with gale force trade winds hitting our starboard side. We’re feeling a few small bumps and hesitations. This is not typical, but as bad as it usually gets…if you’re not partying and not noticing it, best to climb into your comfy bed. Tomorrow morning we will be dead still tied up in Nawiliwili port.

    If this was a Tsai-ko Cruise…
    This is Nawiliwili harbor, Kauai and it’s another scenic harbor. A lot of excursions are going out…Waialua River, Waimea, Poipu beach, golf, etc. There is luau at Kilohana Plantation. We’ll be trying to figure out how to smuggle Liz aboard–maybe best she board with us in Honolulu in the first place! She could disembark Friday afternoon, saving a flight back from HNL the next day.

    Quiet day on board with a lot of Hawaiiana crafts and dance lessons. Will post again tomorrow.

  156. al November 4, 2009 11:52 pm

    on another note (albeit a very sad note)…

    this is off theme and should be classified free play stuff which i rarely do here.

    the maui land and pineapple, inc debacle has come full circle as it announced the shutting down of its pineapple operations by year’s end. you wonder how it is possible that such a huge corporation could come crashing down. dependent upon whom you speak to it sounds like poor decisions over the past decade has led to its demise.

    the finger pointing has started.

    but, lost in the shuffle are the hundreds and now thousand plus employees who have and will lose one of a kind jobs.

    what pains me is that a high profile politician is right in the mix of things. i don’t think he’ll be in the limelight hereafter.

    i hope someone will write a book on this sad story. i hope and pray that the folks in maui will be able weather this storm.

  157. Lopaka43 November 4, 2009 11:56 pm

    Re the count dropoff for the blog:

    I don’t think it is because the Tsaiko regulars have given up on the team; I thin it is because lots of people found it impossible to post on the blog.

    Tonight I had to find a different route to the blog then I usually use because the usual bookmark froze up and would not load. I backed out and went through the Advertiser site map to the Advertiser blog page and then when I clicked on Warrior Beat, the blog came up relatively quickly.

    I think those kind of problems would explain the steep drop off from the 300 to 400 posts that have been typical in the last week or so. Maybe we need to bring back the Alternate Site?? (Easy for me to say — LOL)

    Over and out for tonight.

  158. al November 5, 2009 12:00 am

    you are right lopaka, the molasses speed of the blog has brought the numbers way down. but, still, i think many are having the feeling of “blah”.

    i am just trying to drum up some “business” here and as well as getting folks to feel the passion.

    got to be warriors for life.

  159. Slugger November 5, 2009 12:08 am

    Night! Got to talk to Steve Stepter & Royce Pollard tonight at the WBB game. Both still very positive, upbeat about the game, even though Royce might not be able to play.


  160. al November 5, 2009 12:08 am

    so #2 texas lost to iowa state in wvb today.

    will the na wahine move up from #3 to #2 in the coaches polls?
    (did you know that based on rpi we are only #21)

    what that means is that we will get screwed again as far as seeding and hosting in the ncaa’s.

  161. al November 5, 2009 12:10 am


    you been hanging out at the lower campus so often these days. what with football practices, wvb, wbb, and mbb you might get mistaken for a staff member.

  162. Ralph November 5, 2009 12:39 am

    slugger is our ambassador, she knows a lot of players and I’m glad she goes up to the players to “talk story”, make these kids know people are back of them and appreciate their presence in Hawaii.

  163. Ralph November 5, 2009 12:55 am

    Iowa State played good defense all 5 sets, good serve receive and digs to the setter gave them chance. I watched Texas against Nebraska, Baylor and Texas AM and up to the 20 point the teams were close, but they couldn’t keep on digging Texas hitters and lost, but Iowa State was relentless and battled to the end. Hawaii needs to improve their serve receive and passing game to beat Texas and its very doable.

  164. Ralph November 5, 2009 12:58 am

    slow posting, slower refreshing.

    Whitey will be a happy Cyclone when he gets up to learn that Iowa State beat Texas Wednesday in wvb.

  165. Ralph November 5, 2009 12:59 am

    we were 22 in the RPI last week, we’re moving up

  166. Kekoa (iPhone) November 5, 2009 2:46 am

    165 post toasties! Ugly. Got to be tech problems ’cause there is no shortage of opinions on the WB.

    Lopaka43 ~ Mahalo for the game report. Betwix you and W/doc, I have a good idea of what this team has to work on to improve.

    Seems simple enuff. Put the ball in the hoop! Best time to do it is when the Ref hands it to you at the line.

    When you constantly work to block out, establish position under the boards, and fight for every rebound…you make things happen! Be agressive ladies!

    Even if your opponent comes down with the rebound, rip it away! Treat her like she stole it from you and ‘dog’ her! Be relentless!

    Remember that they are in YOUR house. Make ’em pay! Make ’em want to get out alive!

    Attitude is everything.

    …and finally, Tsaik the Refs. Tell them what they should be looking for. Get inside their heads. Some are so Bozo, they need a
    reminder! Play ’em like a violin, and you’ll get the calls in your favor most of the time.

    Good nite Wafan!

    Ok…now I wait until Friday for this post to come up…

  167. wafan November 5, 2009 4:02 am

    Good morning!

  168. wafan November 5, 2009 4:04 am

    999 more to go! Yay!!!

  169. wafan November 5, 2009 4:07 am

    Rain forecast for the next week. I think the longest we have ever gone with constant rain/heavy overcast has been 40 days. Felt like I should have been building an ark or gathering pairs of animals.

  170. wafan November 5, 2009 4:10 am

    Out the door.

  171. wafan November 5, 2009 4:18 am

    Happy 40th Liz!

  172. Bulla November 5, 2009 4:46 am

    good morning Tsaikos,

    glad the blog is semi functional, it all starts at the top 🙂

    have a good day,


  173. Garret November 5, 2009 5:35 am

    DE recruit chose Oregon over UH and others.

    Los Osos defensive end Tony Washington chose Oregon out of 12 scholarship offers. He issued a verbal commitment to the Ducks on Sunday, according to Los Osos head coach Tom Martinez. The 6-5, 225-pound senior was scheduled to visit Oregon State on Nov. 14, but decided to go ahead and narrow his top four choices – Oregon, Arizona, UTEP and Oregon State – to one.

    The 49th-ranked weakside defensive end in the country, according to, has 4½ sacks and 51 tackles, eight for loss, for the 4-4 Grizzlies this season. His other scholarship offers were from Arizona State, Hawaii, Nevada, Colorado State, San Diego State, New Mexico State and Idaho.

  174. letsgowarriors November 5, 2009 5:49 am

    whats the chances of us landing jamora?

  175. d1島 November 5, 2009 6:03 am

    Great Morning All!


  176. RainbowCliff November 5, 2009 6:05 am

    Good Morning Tsaiko Nation, A belated birthday to “Miss Sweetie” the GREAT wife to the Punchbowl Kid. When I spoke with Punchbowl by phone on several occasions Miss Sweetie will answer the phone and it would be a “VOICE” of kindness that you immediatley understood why she has been affectionally known to ALL Hawaiian Tsaikos as a “Wonderful Sweetheart” !

    Continue to be the essence of grace and beauty that you show to ALL when they have the pleasure of your esteem company.

    GREAT news folks as the DVD of my 17 year ceremony has been finish as I and wife Rhonda watched it last night and ALL I can say from viewing the hour and fifteen minute video it is by far the BEST ever ceremonial tribute that you will lay your eyes on and be captive with the editing, color, program and pure GENIUS of photo lyrics photographer Mr. Larry Warmsley.

    The music he puts to each frame color picture is AMAZING but the whole video it self with all performances of children, Rainbow baseball GREAT Center Fielder Ricki Bass interview, Hawaii being represented with the leis and my Wooten babies dress in their Warrior Green puts you glue to your set and just relishing the moment of so much joy and happiness that is evident by all who made this ceremonial day a celebration that will be remember for “ALL TIME” !

    The dvd video is a “limited edition” as I will have the HONOR in sending it to Pomai who has taken ALL of my photography and graciously shown to you great folks of Tsaiko Nation as I hope he will down load this “CLASSSIC” for your viewing pleasure as it will take you to my moment in which I brought “ALOHA” to South Central Los Angeles.

    Have a WONDERFUL day Tsaiko Nation and MAHALO for allowing me the COMPASSION of your polynesian hospitality as on the day of 10-28-09 when I celebrated 17 years of professional service I was able to move a capacity audience of adults and children that shared their emotions of appreciation, respect and sincerity to an old rainbow warrior who was humbled of the adulation and acknowledgement.

    Vaya Con Dios, RainbowCliff.

  177. d1島 November 5, 2009 6:09 am


    Tech issues aside, there’s not really all that much to say other than injuries gotta heal and everybody gotta keep improving.
    Expect the same amount of improvement this week as there was last week and it should result in a “W” and the start of a new streak.

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!


  178. chopsueyboy November 5, 2009 6:52 am

    Good Morning Tsaikos!

    Time for men’s basketball. Not confirmed if able to attend, depends on work, but just in case, is there a Tsaiko’s Nation section?

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