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Each week, the Warriors stage their version of the scout bowl, a full-contact scrimmage involving redshirts and developing players. In this event, the quarterbacks are “live,” meaning they can be hit. And they were. Among today’s highlights:

> Genta Ito, a Japan-raised running back, has become an inspirational figure among teammates. Ito broke off consecutive runs of 24 and 13 yards, weaving under and through the defense. On his third carry, he slipped, and was tackled for a 2-yard loss. But teammates cheered “Genta!” on obvious rushing downs.

> Quarterback Cole Brownholtz, who appears to be redshirting this season, has dazzled with his speed. His long strides evoke comparisons to Cody Fajardo. He also has a unique side-arm-ish motion. On one play, he combined both assets — his speed to roll out of the pocket and that quick release — to loft a 25-yard scoring pass to Kalei Letoto.

> Quarterback Kyle Gallup, who is redshirting this season, has added value this week because he and Tennessee Martin quarterback Gunnar Holcombe were Marshall teammates last year. Gallup was involved in back-to-back breathtaking plays. On the first, he scramble away from pressure to connect with Letoto on a 33-yard completion. On the ensuing play, Gallup rolled right — and right into a defender’s grasp. But then Gallup pirouetted free, went to his left and dived into the end zone for a 7-yard touchdown.

> Quarterback Hunter Hughes just doesn’t know when to give up. He could have called it a career when he was not invited to training camp. But Hughes, who joined on the first day of the fall semester, continues to fulfill several non-glory roles in practices. He got his turn to run the offense on the last scout-bowl series. On the final play, Hughes scrambled to the left, where he was hit hard, dislodging his helmet. He kept going, absorbing another hit while his helmet was rolling on the ground. Hughes jumped up, his fist raised to the sky, prepared for another snap. Head coach Nick Rolovich then signaled the end of practice.

> Terrence Sayles had joined the Warriors as a wideout when he aced a tryout a couple years ago. Last year, he was not on the squad because he contemplated a move to Texas. But he found a way to pay school and living expenses, and returned to Manoa. He moved to cornerback in the spring. Today, Sayles made two big hits. He’s still learning, but he has speed, height and grit — qualities that eventually will lead to more playing time.


  1. H-Man September 8, 2016 2:37 pm

    Not that I don’t care about the scout team, but what’s happening with the first team offense?

  2. Stephen Tsai September 8, 2016 2:39 pm

    Chicken Grease:
    Question to Stephen Tsai: Stephen, conceivably, is it O.K. (i.e., ethically and/or morally O.K.) for you to wear Hawaii Rainbow Warrior apparel while you cover UH football games or any related news events regarding the team? Thank you.
    I don’t own any Hawaii Rainbow Warrior apparel. But thanks for asking.

  3. Stephen Tsai September 8, 2016 2:40 pm

    First-team offense is fine.
    No injuries. Sharp practice.
    No news is good news?

  4. Na Koa Mike September 8, 2016 2:49 pm

    Photos of the Michigan game have been posted:

  5. Boya_jr September 8, 2016 2:56 pm

    Please stream the game this Saturday. Mainland fan who loves UH football.

  6. Abunai September 8, 2016 3:03 pm

    ST? What’s the latest on Max H and D. Stubs?

  7. WarriorNY September 8, 2016 3:06 pm

    Boya—I agree completely…

    ST, Happy belated bday!

  8. NorthShoreFan September 8, 2016 3:06 pm

    Guud Afternoon Tsaikos…Bootiful Day!

    Wat!?!?? No mo hurricane!??

    Well den just be fine for the T-gate! can smell da smoke, can smell da grinds, can smell da … bread pudding?!@#?? definitely can taste dat cold green-lite…!


  9. WarriorNY September 8, 2016 3:12 pm

    I believe I read in one of the articles or interviews with Rolo that Hendrie is redshirting this year. He said “it’s not the worst thing in the world(for him to redshirt)” or something to that effect…

  10. (Jesse)James September 8, 2016 4:02 pm

    Good afternoon Tsaikos!!!

    Just a reminder. Football season is upon us and the first Tsaiko tailgate of the year is here. If you haven’t been to one. Please feel free to join us. Always good food, fun, friendship, football, etc.

    Northshore Fan…You coming this year??? 🙂

  11. H-Man September 8, 2016 4:16 pm

    Thanks ST for the update. Just needed to hear they looked sharp. Was little concerned they were out of it from all the travel.

  12. Warrior Dave September 8, 2016 4:42 pm

    I have to admit I’m a little excited about this home opener. Haven’t felt like this in 3-4 years.

    Pride Rock, defend the Ohana!!

  13. Rodney September 8, 2016 5:02 pm

    What’s the point spread?
    What kind of D does T Martin
    run?What offensive formations?

  14. z September 8, 2016 5:30 pm

    Hope to see a lot of players on the field this weekend. Saw some mean looking storm type clouds near stadium but no major rain. Not even minor rain. Just a few drops. Refreshing but worth watching.

  15. Scott September 8, 2016 5:36 pm

    If Max Hendrie was at any of the Power 5 schools, he would be eligible to play right away. The NCAA would have made it happen, but he’s at Hawaii, so what can you do?

  16. Inyoface September 8, 2016 6:15 pm

    We have so many QB’s I’m about to call it Quarterback U. 😉

  17. tom-warriornation September 8, 2016 6:58 pm

    I hope that Cole Brownholtz, does not redshirt this season, I want to be dazzled with his speed in a real game; and that quick release! He sounds like a diamond in the rough!

  18. Bryson September 8, 2016 7:02 pm

    Aloha A-House you still have the season tickets?

  19. jm2375 September 8, 2016 7:03 pm

    Howzit Tsaikos!

    NSF – TCC cupcakes this week, next game BP.

    BTW, got an email from my alma mater. The Hoyas will be playing in the Maui Invitational. Ticket price? $381 for 3 games. 👿 Seriously? To sit in that small gym on bleachers? Ainokea who’s playing, way overpriced.

    Go Warriors!
    Go Wahine!

  20. SteveM September 8, 2016 7:16 pm

    Interesting to hear there are “scout bowls” every week. Good move and opportunity for the developing players.

    Re: #2
    ST — I was curious about the question because I recall that in all the photos and videos we’ve seen of you at the stadiums–on the field, in the booth, or posing with various commissioners and VIPs– I have never seen you in UH attire. You haven’t even worn your Tsai-ko “Tsai” shirt at the stadium. 🙄 🙂

    I imagine wearing UH apparel could make interviewing opposing coaches and player a bit awkward…

  21. H-Man September 8, 2016 8:10 pm

    I see the team is at the Wahine volleyball match. They look relaxed, happy and energetic as they have an impromptu vb match.

  22. burro sabio September 8, 2016 10:59 pm

    SteveM – some people just partake way too much

  23. Ohana Hawaii September 9, 2016 12:25 am

    Looking really seriously great for the next years to come for the University of Hawaii football program. I know that there are a lot’s of players have to sit out this year for transferring from others division one school. Because of the NCAA rules. Like Perry, Gallup and other transfer from major universities around the countries. Come on down and transfer to the University of Hawaii football program or other sports program that the school have to offer you!. Because the no place like home and Paradise!. You don’t have to worry about the dangers weather in the state! Ask around the peoples that their face everyday of their lives in the Midwest! Because look what happening in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and other have to face. And like here from Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico and other. 100° or more in the day and midnight throughout the morning 95° or more! . Like one morning before leaving for Hawaii!. At 4 am it was 104° in Tucson Arizona. It never happen in Hawaii. Remember this Hawaii never get to 124° in the day and in the morning 105° in the summer or late summer also!

  24. Ohana Hawaii September 9, 2016 1:04 am

    Up here in the state! They are really seriously talking trash about the University of Hawaii football program! Rolovich!. I don’t give a crap whatever they’re saying about you and the team! You are not Chow and Jones. You should know you need for the next years to come! But you really seriously need a offensive coordinators staffs up in the coaching box!. Because look what happen to other major Universities! They got beaten by a unname Universities or have to come back from behind! Look at TCU their have to come from behind by 31 points from South Dakota State!. And like Richmond and Northern Iowa beating school like Iowa State and Virginia!. Because they got great and serious offensive coordinator coaches up in the box to call the play from up there!. I hope that Rolovich take it really seriously about it for next year’s to come! Because seriously look what he his next years at quarterbacks! A quarterback from Marshall and a group of JC transfer and high school. So UH fans don’t worry! Great things will come back to UH!. Rolovich knows what needs to be done at UH. GO WARRIORS!

  25. Maddog50 September 9, 2016 4:23 am

    OVC members have already played Purdue Illinois Memphis Troy State and Jacksonville State meets LSU this week. This will be a game-we will also find out what our opponents like Cal and Michigan are like as they take on SDSU and UCF this weekend. We did not come close to being our best against either one. Coach Rolovich and staff are on the right track evidenced by the number of freshman traveling and playing Taylor and Moala were both on the sidelines Sat, when they get experience and mature you have two young beasts and many More in the wings and on the way. Heres hoping for a great crowd on Saturday and a much improved all out effort with as many guys getting a piece of the cake as possible Go Warriors!!!

  26. Maddog50 September 9, 2016 5:28 am

    For all you fans seeking opponent info. Go to the UH football website and click on Game notes defenses is a 3-3 stack offense is multiple formation some empty some single back stuff which we have faced. They website is a game day treasure trove and well done. By the way the current spread is 9 with predictions ranging from 24-12 all the way to 49-14. Don’t care personally about predictions, do care about a full 4 quarters of all out Warrior football. The worst part of the travel is over and the toughest opponent and one of the top opponents are behind us!!!! Time to play Warrior!

  27. A-House September 9, 2016 5:55 am


    yes – will call you today — tickets at my office.

  28. Raider Dogs September 9, 2016 6:09 am

    #19 yes this for real. The price only increased by 6.00 from two years ago. But if you would like to ride with their shuttle buses that are provided to the fans you have to book with their travel packages and those are expensive and if your team is popular that is the only way to get your tickets. It was like $2800 for four days with the tickets. Kamaaina rate of course for Maui airfare was not included.

  29. oneseason September 9, 2016 6:40 am

    #28 … and back in the real world, Aloha Stadium public parking for football games went from $5 to $7 🙂

  30. CA Warrior Fan September 9, 2016 6:46 am

    Will there be anyway to watch this weekend game online. Are we out of luck in the Mainland?

  31. oldtimer808 September 9, 2016 6:58 am

    Ohana Hawaii did you change your screen name from BJ or something like that. The way you destroy grammar sure sounds like him.

  32. Ohana Hawaii September 9, 2016 8:02 am

    Hi! I not saying it you bad! But at this you guys were talking bad about Norm Chow and other former Head Coaches. Because how you are saying of Rolovich is the same way you did on others coaches once being here at UH. If talk so bad about the team and coaches? Why don’t you guys show up to all the years at University of Hawaii football games? And filled up the Aloha Stadium! Remember it holds up to 50,000 and more? Because it’s not a 30,000 or less seating stadium. Most of all help the University of Hawaii football program too.! Look around other universities their’s football jerseys getting better!. Look at UNLV the team that always been put down. They’re whole new looks are awesome!. From helmet to their shoes. But still the problems over there the money for the football program. But now a home game let see how many people will show up and care for the program? Like they say at largest universities football teams? Talk to talk and say show up to the games win or lose!. If not just keep your mouth shut!. Because us people go to the games win or lose! Because we care and have pride for the team

  33. NorthShoreFan September 9, 2016 8:29 am

    Guud Morning Tsaikos…Bootiful Day!

    JJ we be there tomorow…JM can taste it now!

    Feel da energy already! IMUA WARRIORS!

  34. Stephen Tsai September 9, 2016 8:37 am

    New post:

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